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Linux-3.5 is out, go get it.

Changes all over with almost 60% of the patch being drivers (mainly networking, GPU, media and sound, but it's all over), 20+% arch updates, and 20% being "rest" (fs, core kernel code, core networking, tools, docs).

It's been fairly calm, so there shouldn't be any huge surprises there. As usual, you can find descriptions of the new stuff on sites like H-Online or Kernelnewbies. Stuff like filesystem tweaks, CoDel, structured logging, firewire target mode etc etc.

Go for it!
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you mean 20% of the changes were dedicated to the Arch distro?
+Keith Patton: no. "arch" as in "architecture code". Mostly ARM SoC support as usual, but blackfin, m68k, mips, powerp, SH, sparc, tile and x86 shows up too.
lol thanks +Linus Torvalds , don't really know much about kernel structure, lingo, or development  :)

Feel free to add that into the noob hall of fame
Way to go, 20+ years and counting!! Version numbers seem to matter less and less now, with software development being as iterative as it can get, and rolling release strategies! Even so, 2.6.<large number> really was getting a bit ridiculous lol :)
lol nah I'm going to blame this one on the English Ales :)

Just seen arch (minus the abbreviation) and drunkenly assumed Arch distro haha
hey +Linus Torvalds , what is the news with the magical idea of the android branch fully merging compatibility with mainline?
or is that idea already dead in the water and merely rumor?
Great job on this 3.5 release, the patchlist seems pretty good from what I can see so far.
Compiling as I type this.
Wow linux build cool one....i hope can learn from you all... And i still newbiew...poor of me ;(
so I will built it instead of my Linux-3.4
I got it as an update for Fedora 17: it improved a lot energy consumption on my netbook!
Damn, gotta leave this birthday party immediately!
+Jean-Charles Leneveu  "8 out of 10 financial trades are running Linux" . +Linus Torvalds  Can't you guys introduce a glitch in the next kernel to make the world just a bit more fair ? Or solve the current financial crisis ? Or both ? :D 
My question is how optimized is Linux for ARM devices? What areas do you think needs improvement in this case?
What is prompting the large version jump so soon? Is the kernel playing a numbers game now?
This is a huge release. I'm quite surprised it hasn't yet received a lot of publicity (weekend, perhaps?). Personally I'm quite excited about the CoDel queue management system and TCP connection restoration (does that mean I can suspend my system while gaming, and automatically get reconnected to the game server when I resume?). SCSI over USB also sounds pretty awesome - for those who aren't aware, ASUS has just released some new mobos with UASP support and the results look quite promising:

However, still disappointed at the lack of a full-fledged fsck tool for btrfs. I heard +Linus Torvalds uses btrfs as his main desktop filesystem - is that true? If so, I wonder how he manages to avoid fs corruption.. :)
Fsck for btrfs would definitely be nice. I'm too scared to use it for anything other than a dedicated partition for non-critical I/O
linux is basically the base for several free operating systems. I'm not an expert but I've used one of the operating systems based on it.
If Ubuntu would drop Unity then the world would be a happier place.

That, alone, would be the biggest move forward with Linux never mind Linux 3.5.
Ubuntu until now has an ID crisis. On the otherhand, the kubuntu community is getting hard to beat when it comes to UI. plasma one is neat for tabs.
Makes me proud to use GNU/Linux, seeing all this awesome support =)
If something doesnt work with the distro you installed, tons of resource for linux. Start threading the needle. There are tons of distro that works for specific units. Its just a matter od finding the best for your unit.
Been using unix/linux since y2k. Don't like windows. its damn fast and you can mold it the way you like it. With windows or OSX, you're stuck in a box.
hmm you mean honeycomb 3.5 ?  wonder if it will hit the logitech revue or if we will even see any version of ice-cream or jellybean on the  revue...  As it sits 90% of android apps aren't compatible or lag it out horribly
They all burned that guy at the top of the thread but he got a personal reply from +Linus Torvalds, which I thought was a classy thing to do, I might add.

And where else but G+ does that happen any more?  
I'll be putting this on my laptop tomorrow. What differences should I actually notice and be on the look for?
I am not understanding this software stuff, I wont use what us to say. But so far it cost lots. and I am still not up. OK
Cool maybe I'll get around to testing my usb3.0 again.
All culture to me are beautiful which type. I see What part ? lol
can't catch up... stuck at 2.6.x
This is splendid news indeed!

I use Linux exclusively on my home desktop. However, I have yet to reach that level where I have compiled the kernel on my system.

This should be reason enough to go to the next level. ;)
:-) just compiled 3.4.6 yesterday. This one will have to wait until... tomorrow. Thanks to all the devs anyway!
:-) LOL this is so cool talkin linux dont knw what ur sayin but bet it true Lmao
V5,it's cool
we are running about 500student net books with Linux/edubuntu. works great! Getting ready to start our 3 year with the latest version.
I really love Linux up until my mother board crashed and deleted everything it was blamed on overclocling the system which I never did so until I get better at Linux and Ubuntu operating systems I think I'll stay with easy to use windows 8 ;)
Is it me or are these point releases happening a lot faster than I remember? Or is age catching up with me??
+Brian Cosgrove Unity is stupid, I use KDE on Ubuntu and it is much better
+James Bos they changed how they number the releases, before they were all numbered 2.6.x and they just kept adding new things and bumping up x till they got to 2.6.39, after that they changed to 3.0 about a year ago, since then they've been bumping it up to 3.1 3.2 ect at the rate of one release every 2 months or so
I've never experienced Linux, how can I get it on my windows PC, without lossing windows?
+Alessandro G Alba You probably have to re-size your Hard Disc, Then install it to run multiple OS feature.  Most Linux Distro will assist you to do that.  
Thanks to Linus and co and the community of developers worldwide
+Alessandro G Alba You can run many distros right from a CD. Play around with it as much as you like before you actually install it.

The latest version of Ubuntu is perfectly good as a desktop replacement for Windows.
You're new to linux and wanna check it out, the live disc method pales in comparison to running a virtual machine.
Sam Wronski: FYI, Ubuntu is almos 95% Debian and only 5% original work... All you can do with Debian can be done with Ubuntu.
sam ur motherr would be sexy send her to my home for 1 night iwll turn her to a pros
+ashok kumar That makes so sense to me whatsoever??

+Sam Wronski You make a good point and I happen to agree with you there. Ubuntu is starting to be pigeon holed as "Linux" to the greater population.

It's not specifically a bad thing as it does get the word out but I am quite often correcting friends and family that Linux isn't just Ubuntu and vice versa.

I think I tend to bend peoples minds when I tell them "oh, your Panasonic LED tellie runs Linux, as does your car" :)
Still prefer window system..
Want a good gui based and easy to manage? Go for a KDE. but for all type of work, go for Gnome. There are 4 main Distro that have been around for a very long time. Debian, Slackware, Fedora (RedHat) and Gentoo. Deb has the most variants. Ease of use, I'd go for Deb, Ubuntu, Fedora and Mandriva. Mandriva has good Gui for security set.
If you want a heavily encrypted OS, go for Fedora. Man, this OS is a nasty one. Windows are tfor those who wants a box that you need to stick something on.
I think the moderator is Mr. Linus Torvald, the Mr. Linux creator. Thanks for the 3.5
Anyone here running F14 with this new kernel? I hate F17 because of the stupid gnome 3, and after some attempts to use extensions, it's not the same thing, on fact it's far away to be usable and easy :(
upgraded from rc7 all seems to be fine only some firmware missing  (building the package debian way) W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/radeon/ARUBA_rlc.bin for module radeon
Cue the arch guys bragging about rolling releases....
Thariti bob can you define "FAIR"?
+Ethan Stauffer the point of Linux is that it's so customizable.  You can literally do things with it you would be called a pirate for doing with Windows or Mac OS.  Ubuntu provides SOMETHING of a Windows-like experience but Android Smartphones run the Linux Kernel and there is a Linux which runs the Sugar OS for One Laptop Per Child machines -- watching a kid play with that is fun but Gates complained that the Sugar OS is not a desktop so "doesn't prepare them for the real world" (can you say Fogey?)

Linux is not an Operating System like windows.  Linux and GNU/Linux Operating Systems are modular with different parts provided by different vendors, and when you use the web, whether you know it or not, you are usually using Linux.
lol, i built my latest -rc7 build about ten minutes before 3.5 became final. I think i'll just wait for a few more commits to go in before bothering to update again :P
+Sam Wronski Huh?  To my mind Linux is the best kernel out there for running this kind of program because it is so forgiving, but some of the older documentation on is about how to use it for an informational kiosk and I can't see how your post even relates to mine. 

The point of my post was really how far we can go from the desktop with Linux systems.  Have you ever tried Sugar OS?  It's based on Streams.  Of course I left out a lot in my post but Linux itself is just the kernel and the amazing things which even hobbyists are putting on top of it are things which EVERYBODY runs into.

I won't get into the Linux on Desktop debate but while the Desktop won't go away any time soon (Radio hasn't gone away even though many of us listen on the internet) it isn't as important as it used to be and the Linux kernel is just in so many things which we use.  Have you thought about that?
Running AWESOMELY now. I even reused the rc-7 config (after doing a make oldconfig of course: with no changes I didn't see any reason to do a menuconfig
Can you get this kernel update on Ubuntu?
As far as I've seen it has been a great kernel upgrade (for me :D). Intel drivers significantly got better for snbs. Probably the best since 3.2.
But .. why is 3.4.7 still listed as the latest stable on Has there been any problem?
+Will Rawlings you could probably compile and package it if you like.  And then install the package, if noone has don that before.
Just look at Debian or Ubuntu wikis for how to do that.
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