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Linux 3.3.7-rc1 and 3.0.32-rc1 are out for testing.

And here you thought there wasn't anything you should be doing this weekend...
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+Zak Kaufman If you test positive you better start calling everyone you have been in contact with over the internetz....
Am I the only Linux nerd who goes motocrossing on the weekends?
Thanks guys for testing let me know when it is ready for deployment. Would love to give a hand, however family comes first on weekends. Who am I kidding ? Sigh.
Preston St. Pierre don't worry your not the only geek who gets into mx, I'm a bit of a noob but I love riding bikes plus I play sport Aussie rules and Rugby
compiling a linux kernal is for nigh time when the missus dosn't put out LOL
no I race motocross former pro still national A level. So no you are not the only nerd who races motocross
I also ride motorcycles. I'd say there's probably a lot of biker nerds out there.
How many nerd bikers, if any, /haven't/ read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?
I haven't, I grew up around factory teams and work at a performance machine shop part time, really don't have the need for a mechanical book just read the FSM, dad also owns a shop.
It's not a mechanical book. It is, however, kind of creepy.
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