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Linux 3.3.7-rc1 and 3.0.32-rc1 are out for testing.

And here you thought there wasn't anything you should be doing this weekend...
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+Zak Kaufman If you test positive you better start calling everyone you have been in contact with over the internetz....
Am I the only Linux nerd who goes motocrossing on the weekends?
Law Yu
good work
Thanks guys for testing let me know when it is ready for deployment. Would love to give a hand, however family comes first on weekends. Who am I kidding ? Sigh.
Preston St. Pierre don't worry your not the only geek who gets into mx, I'm a bit of a noob but I love riding bikes plus I play sport Aussie rules and Rugby
compiling a linux kernal is for nigh time when the missus dosn't put out LOL
no I race motocross former pro still national A level. So no you are not the only nerd who races motocross
I also ride motorcycles. I'd say there's probably a lot of biker nerds out there.
How many nerd bikers, if any, /haven't/ read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?
I haven't, I grew up around factory teams and work at a performance machine shop part time, really don't have the need for a mechanical book just read the FSM, dad also owns a shop.
It's not a mechanical book. It is, however, kind of creepy.
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