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Hey, Linux 3.8-rc5 is out, so go get it. 

I'll be traveling for LCA next week, so I'm hoping things are quieting down. They did not quiet down much for rc5, though, we still had 300+ commits in this rc.  Not that they look all that scary, but there's more movement in btrfs, f2fs, ptrace and module loading than I'd really prefer at this stage.

Sure, there's also the usual driver updates - i915 and radeon, usb, serial, yadda yadda. But the drivers actually accounted for less than half of the patch this time around.

Go forth and test.
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I do not have time for all these kernels... - I guess I wait for Linux 5.2-rc7.

I appreciate all the good work done so I can have my favorite distribution on my ca 10 boxes and ca 200 virtual machines... (at home)
+Greg Kroah-Hartman Thats weird steam and video drivers are working fine with previous kernels. My GPU is ATI, ur too?
Bcs as I know, saddly NVIDIA drvers alwys works better in linux than ATI. Maybe that could be an explanation...
My ath9k card has not worked after 3.7-rc6 to 3.8-rc3. It started working (but less stable) with 3.8-rc4, but then suspend stopped working instead. Hoping for rc5 and final! 
When Arch linux has tested it, I will have it. For now I'm lovin' 3.7.
Will get this kernel...
My first kernel build was just some days ago on a fedora box, kernel 3.8-rc4 :-)
Just an irrelevent comment.  I compiled this one without ccache and (I like big kernels) instead of four hours it took overnight.  Worth the wait though.  Definitely.
What is the best (low cost) video card for Linux ?
I have Nvidia Geforce Fx 5500 video card, and in xUbuntu my maximum refresh rate i-ts only 60 Hz.

Thanks in advance !
I have Intel onboard video card. I-ts better like Fx5500 ??
+Echo Smart I believe refresh rate has nothing with performance ;)

FX5500 was AGP/PCI card so you have to buy it from ebay and they're cheap now.
And I believe that your onboard card is much worse than FX5500 :)
I've been Google'ing around without much luck.  Did RAID5/6 for BTRFS make it to the kernel yet?
no idea, but the 3.7 kernel is fsck'd up. acerhdf does not work any more, and hda-intel sound works perfectly for selecting the right output on headphones connect, but the sound is still comming on analog stereo, so i have to switch back manually to hear something. that's maybe the right way how to tackle it, but it's 1.) not done 2.) not thought to the end. i think the kernel 3.7 was a mistake to release yet, because it's still testing-beta quality.
I have not any good luck with the 3.8 kernels.  They all break.  I am using the Old config + make localconfig.  I use the default choice for all the extra choices.  :(
First kernel I compiled from source. Works like a charm :)
Download it.  Put in a folder.  (to make things easy ~/build) then either copy your original config (either in /boot, or /proc/config.gz) and then put it in you kernel folder. make it hidden (.config) then run make oldconfig.  (may want to run make mrproper first. Before copying the config file.) It is all in the README.  OR your systems DOCUMENTS SITE.  For example WIKIS or FORUMS for your system.

Glad to see more people building from source. ;)
bullshit, you just wait until your distro has it in, or put in some additional repositories that have the newest kernel in. i wouldnt advise ppl to compile it by themselves just for trying it. is a waste of time...
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