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Linux 3.2.10 is now released.
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Pham Ha
What's new and different to 3.0 :(
Mine is still
Unity cannot work properly with AMD Video card :((
fedora 16 just got 3.2.9. :-D back to the compilers guys.
Let the dance of patch rebasing begin on all ARM SoCs...
Pa Paw
nope, you're paying someone for the download time, lol
since when does Linux charge, and if they do, go with linux mint
I think i'll hang out and wait for 3.3.0 to compile again... Though i will be running the basic Arch version of this kernel, i always try and have a self-compiled kernel to play with.
Ahw man! I haven't even kexec'd into 3.2.9 yet!
Darn it! Why are you so awesome? I can't keep up with my custom kernels!
Nice! Maybe 3.2.10 will fix these odd kernel bugs I'm getting with 3.2.7 on my Thinkpad T420.
Hope this will fix my WiFi ap hosting bug
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