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Last -rc before 3.4 release! Go get it before supplies run out!

Because the limited-edition 3.4-rc7 release is out, and if you want your mom to be proud of you tomorrow, you'd better hurry. And if you are a mom, show your kids that you're extra special, and that your machines run the very latest and the best.

Because you deserve it.

And if you're a developer, please make us all proud by not sending me any more "fix compiler warning" or other pointless changes any more. So if you send me a pull request or a patch for the 3.4 final release, it had better be a major regression, oops or security issue.

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Better git that before supplies run out.
I don't know who writes these posts but they're pretty damn funny. Keep it up.
Hmm, I'm thinking that my latest pull wont make it to mainline. Darn it, I was hoping to fix this small regression before it hit a main release. Looks like I'll need to resubmit with a stable tag.
But How to upgrade 3.4 Version
No matter what we git out of this, I know, I know we'll never forget.
if I had to test every rc on my computer, it would permanently run gcc
+Stephen Allen of the Linux Kernel, that is the part of your operating system that sits directly on top of the hardware, if you are using a distro like Ubuntu however you won't get this version but only the one after that when they release again in about 6 months.
+Matt Byrne so you have a script that removes the whole Linux checkout then git clones it all over again? git does have the means to update a source tree you know, that is one of its basic features.
+Stephen Allen: Let me quote from "About": "Introduction: Linux Kernel project Google Page"
So what else would they talk about when announcing a new -rc?
+Didier Frick a matter of taste, i guess.

+Andreas Bombe I know that it's supposed to be, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do it. Believe me, I've tried pulling, cleaning, committing, rebasing, etc., but even though it'll build with those sources the kernel is unbootable with indecipherable errors (RIP x00..009???. So, maybe not a basic functionality. In any case this just works.

I really would appreciate your telling me a quicker that will come off. This is my script -
This is probably a dumb question, but I'm going to ask anyway. I have an older Mac and want to run Linux on it as the main operating system. Any tips? I'm planning on deleting the old Mac OS. Is this possible?
It's certainly possible but how hard it is depends on what kind of Mac it is, if it is from before the change to Intel CPUs have a look at Yellow Dog Linux, otherwise normal Linux should work, though the EFI implementation on these is severely broken so you will be better of using Boot Camp
Thanks. It's an old Mac before the intel cpu that I don't use anymore. I will check out Yellow Dog.
+Matt Byrne Find out if you really need those Canonical install scripts and make-kpkg. make-kpkg used to be Debian's script for creating distro kernels a long time ago. Debian's kernel team switched to other, more complex scripts a long time ago and make-kpkg has always had some small problems with the latest upstream kernels.

"make deb-pkg" straight out of the upstream kernel works perfectly fine for me on Debian. All I do to install a new kernel from upstream is basically "git pull" and "make -jX deb-pkg" (where X is a suitable number of parallel processes to speed up compilation; make oldconfig is automatically done by deb-pkg) and then sudo dpkg -i the created package.

I only had a problem trying to compile in the radeon driver instead of compiling it as a module, as the initrd creation scripts only install the firmware files required by modules so the driver can not start up correctly.
Are there more lines to make ATI video cards and microphones work better with Linux? (since I am not a kernel expert, maybe my question is wrong. Sorry if so!).
The PPC Lubuntu works really well in my testing.
+Andreas Bombe - thanks, but make deb-pkg failed for me. On the bright side, make-kpkg works with the ubuntu-scripts overlay directory after git add .;git commit .;git pull;make kpkg-clean
Sempre que compilo um kernel novo no meu notbook a partir da versao 3.0 minha placa de rede wirelles broadcom nao funciona mais, entao tenho que voltar a versao anterior do kernel, se puderem me ajudar meu email
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