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Stable Linux kernels 3.0.38 and 3.4.6 are now released, time for everyone to upgrade!
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shouldn't that be 3.0.38? 3.0.30 was released a long time ago
Let see if it fix my high system load average on 3.4.4
darn it, i just moved to 3.4.5 two days ago. thank goodness it's not the weekend.
Somebody have a good tutorial to upgrade for Linux mint or ubuntu? I search google and mostly said I have to wait for kernel upgrade
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Is that so, the problem is that each distribution patches applied to the Linux kernel, if you will update the kernel from version probably will download the "vanilla" which does not work for any distribution. Too bad, it is expected that each distribution to actualize their packages :(
I Installed kernel 4.3.5 and it was so easy just downloading the .deb files installed it and reboot. Bam .. computer is faster all round and now my 6 cores work independently. meaning that the CPU scheduling works great. #Linux is Great!!!
nohz istn't fixed in this version for me. System loadavg is stil much too high. Event until idle.
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