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Oops, I made the lkml post, but forgot about G+.

Anyway, 3.9-rc4 is out. And we'd all love to get more testing coverage, so especially if you do odd things that you don't think kernel developers tend to test (special devices, non-developer apps, your know the drill), please do get it...
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By special devices I assume that includes android kernels as well? I have a nexus 7 and the kernel is based on linux 3.1.10. However that version hasn't been maintained for over a year now. It doesn't seem to have a maintainer at all. So what I've been doing is back porting patches from linux-3.2.y which is still maintained by Ben Hutchings.
Tee hee.  I'm doing make modules.  I was wondering where the announcement was.
Its better for you to know: First: G+, then every other social-site - because G+ > all :) :)
You forgot G+!?!?!?!?!  

Quick! Make Linus use Windows for a Week as punishment!
If windows users were forced to use Linux for a week...they would never go back old friends..//
I don't know.. I tried using Linux for a week, and went right back to Windows, mostly because I'm a gamer though (the games I play don't like Wine). If it wasn't for that "single" reason though, I'd be on Linux.
i work with linux !
my idiot side use windows for watching videos and playing games ... and other stuffs
I only use Windows for games.  But so far I'm quite content with Linux in gaming. Thanks to +Humble Bundle and +Steam , I play HL, TF2, HL2:DM, Serious Sam BFE, and a whole lot of indie games (only my favourite, Killing Floor, which is based on UE2, s**ks on Linux).  I alternate between OSes every weekend or so now.  Put the whole HL2 series and Portal 1 and 2 and I'm not touching Windows for 6 months. If I would have been into A Tale in the Desert like my bro, no Windows for a year. Port a couple of good MMOs like +Vindictus  and I'll seriously ponder ditching Windows and not think of Windows 8 at all.
There are really only two games keeping me on Windows; Guild Wars 2, and Path of Exile. Both "run" on Wine to an extent, but offer far lower performance than on native Windows :/ (PoE's issue seems to be because of AMD's drivers however)
One week? Minutes. Was trying dvi to TV and opensuse. Failed hard. Text was unreadable. Googled with no solution and gave up. Sorry.
Well ,the kernel upgrades so fast ~~~~~
I'm just here wondering what all these people who only used linux for five seconds are doing following this page.
Well...I am wondering as well...Maybe they only think using Linux is an
amusing or a cool thing but not regard it as an outstanding OS for
Microsoft makes computer users lazy when using Windows..........

Andrew Junzki
LOL~I agree~Well,I think,we use Linux in our way and have fun.That's
enough.However others regard us or Linux and however others use Linux
are another thing and we just ignore them.

Andrew Junzki
I like to follow the page because although we're not working with the latest kernel, I still like to know what's going on and what the latest and greatest is. I work with ARM chips day in and day out. :P
I am just student and the only reason on my using Linux is I love it.What's
more, the speed of the Kernel's upgrading is amazing.

Andrew Junzki
driver development is years behind and/or buggy. if hardware vendors would write linux drivers of the same quality or better as they do for windows i'd have no reason to use windows anymore.
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