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Linux 3.9-rc7: all new and improved. 

Look at this shiny watch. Just look at it, going back and forth, and feel your body relax. You can feel your arms and legs relaxing, and getting heavier. Your eyelids are getting heavier. You're relaxed, totally relaxed.

When I count down from three, you feel the urge to compile a new development kernel. You feel it so strongly that you forget all else. Just relax. Mmmm. Kernel good..

Three. You are sleepy.

Two. You smell the heavenly smell of raw herring.

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Come on, Tux; You know that I'm trying to cut back...
...Two. You smell the smell of raw herring.

One. You retch!
Dont let Gabe Newell count to 3, you risky penguin.
If I drop that herring sandwich one more time, I'm going to switch myself off.
Oh no, +Linux posted a POC for remote kernel compilation! Are there any known work-arounds yet?
Am I the only one who thought of Curse of the Jade Scorpion from that?
My computer is too slow to launch another kernel compilation.  It'll crash and I'll have to start over.
By the way, thanks for the lunch suggestion.  Delicious.
Does it usually make it to rc7 before stable release? I don't recall seeing it get so high before, but I could have just missed it previously.
+Brendan Foley: pretty much every single kernel goes to -rc7. The last exception was 2.6.35, almost three years ago. That one only went to rc6.

rc8 is not unheard of, but rc9 is getting unusual. And we've only had a single rc10 (during the 3.1 merge window) that I can find.
+Linux huh, well I must not be paying attention. Thanks for the reply!
Should this one support the ChromeBook Pixel out of the box or are there still patches to be made?
How do you complial a kernel? Microwave?
Which Distribution include this kernel? :)
It's in portage(gentoo) and in the AUR(Arch linux) but you can just get the source and compile yourself on any distro. Most provide a guide to compiling from source to make sure it's as compatible as possible.
But I have read than compile the kernel can give some troubles to the user, because for example, the kernel of ubuntu has been patched to their needs, so, a vanilla kernel, just cant run well there.
+Eduardo Campos
 Install slackware and you can use a vanilla kernel, but I don't think slackware is quite ready for 3.9.
I'm using 3.9 on Ubuntu with no issue. Besides if it doesn't work you can always boot an earlier kernel
Congratulations guys :) I'm too scared to be doing advanced things like compiling kernels just yet but I'm very impressed with it so far!
Good. The final version of the kernel 3.9 is already avaiable.
Why is Linux (any distro) an Epic Fail?

It requires the user to have a consistent Network connection (with unlimited usage).

Software installations require you to have a network connection.

If you have downloaded and installed a software on your system, you cant take the setup files (or packages, if you will) to a STANDALONE system and install them intuitively.

Even if you know terminal commands, like dpkg, make and such, the OS will still shoulder the responsibility to drive you nuts with dependencies and version issues.

Windows however rules because of the following:
You download the installer one one PC and take it to another standalone system and you install it.
As simple as that.
Download once, distribute freewares everywhere (without the OS getting on your nerves with its cryptic dependency and error messages).

Windows FTW.

Linux go FORK yourself. (pun intended) ;)
Thanks for the reply Kevin.
But i tried the .run, .sh and install methods.
It seems it works sometimes on a FRESH nstall of the OS and sometimes it does not.
And yet at other times it annoys me with a bunch of dependency errors.
+Kevin N. I'm aware of dependencies in Windows OS as well. Like we have Visual C++, Dot Net framework, and at times Java and Python too fot running a software.
I tried my luck with Synaptic Package manager as well as Software center.
Even the automated processes are showing version collisions of some dependencies.
Like atklib should be of at least this version etc.
I'm really trying to learn Shell scripting and have a fully functional OS at the same time.
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