If you're as confused as I am, you probably have your fingers and brainstem trained for an editor from decades ago, and you simply can't get real work done with anything else.

But decades ago, nobody used UTF8, and if US-ASCII was good enough for 'murricans, it was damn well good enough for you too.

If you were some furriner with odd characters (but not too many of them), you would remap such useless characters as '{' '}' and '|' to be your odd foreign 'å' 'ä' and 'ö' characters, which made C programming with your Finnish terminal look really odd.

But yeah, I still use the same editor.  And yes, if I do a case-insensitive search for '{', I'll also find '[', because those are obviously the same things as 'ä' and 'Ä' respectively, right?

But hey, times are changing, and we first moved to Latin1, which made C programming look sane again, and now we have all those other furriners that have really odd characters so everything in the kernel is UTF8 these days. Well, supposed to be, at least.

So what to do? Update to a modern editor? Hell no.  My fingers know what they know, and aren't changing.  So for the other three people out there using "uEmacs/PK" (not to be confused with real emacs, which is the tool of the devil), you can now get a shiny new version of the same old cruddy editor, but now it actually edits UTF8.

There's a few odd corner cases left, so it's definitely not perfect, but it's almost quite usable.

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