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My meds must be kicking in..

I think I just saw somebody sitting on the grass, texting, in a gorilla suit. With a unicycle lying next to them.

Clartitin - it's a helluva drug.
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Getting outa. Sorry for the grass bro.
Phil K
Must be the extra strength version. 
Next thing you know the Linux kernel now only runs on XScale CPUs and is coded in FORTRAN and Javascript.
As long as he is not texting you, you should be fine :D
Try one of the cheaper ones - I almost passed out from it..
Claratin gives me some of the worst nightmares. (Vivid dreams is what the spec sheet mentions)
Personally I think the "non-drowsy" part of it is a blatant lie.
I dont think that was claritin.
Maybe from staring at the new 500,000 x 350,000 monitor for too long?
I don't think you're supposed to smoke Claritin.
Feck... Some gorilla just stole my phone and unicycle!
Guys, I think I just saw Linus Torvalds walk by while I was sitting on the grass, texting, in my gorilla suit. I'm going to unicycle after him and make sure it was really him!
The drug must of enabled you to see one of the invisible gorillas.
HAH you unicycle stealing basket, +Dylan Boates ... Now I know what you really look like...

Wait there, imma come git you
+Arjan van de Ven , this was south of the border, outside the New Seasons market in Lake Oswego. I don't think they let the "keep Portland weird" people wander around free in LO. 
At least you could see him clearly ;-)
Wait are you the guy that's head of linux, the guy that was quiting was talking about?
oops, hope I didn't scare you, my bad.
so what feature are you developing right now ? :)
I'm waiting for some comments about gorillas in the next kernel release.
National Gorilla Suit Day isn't until next week - January 31. Maybe they got confused.
it shouldn't be like that... and it's not funny anymore
As long as it wasn't a penguin then you're probably OK. In your case once you start seeing those you're probably in trouble.
I also agree on the desloratadine recommendation. Much less side effects and it doesn't make my thoughts "foggy".
I had to stop taking the generic version named Loratadine. After about a year I would get migraines if I didn't take it. Then it started giving me ocular migraines when I took it. I would have blurry vision with zig zag lines like looking through a halo. Last Spring it happened about five times, a couple of times while I was trying to drive to work in the morning. I stopped using it and haven't had a migraine since.
+Diego Iastrubni I'm not very allergic, just seasonal allergies that I'm trying to get rid of. Normally i wouldn't take anything at all this time of year, but now I get an allergy shot every two weeks to try to see if that makes my seasonal allergies go away (will see in a couple of months when allergy season starts). And the day I get the shot I'm supposed to take an antihistamine to make sure I don't get too much of a reaction.

And normally I don't have any issues with claritin. This is the first time I see unicycling gorillas.
Are you sure it wasn't just RMS paying a visit?
It is when you see zombie penguins is when you have to start cutting back on the dosage, a elephant in a bannana suit told me this :).
Frank M
Ya know after living in the NW for so long, it's funny that when I head to downtown Vancouver/Portland and I DON'T see this, it feels strange! Odd individuals indeed, these Portlanders!
systemd bots taking over the world yet?
Clartitin! The main substance is "Loratadin" and i can tell you that this stuff is not working any longer for me in the last years.! Try out AVAMYS. Don´t know the name in other countries...but that really does what it is obligated to do. It´s a noise spray and works 100% agains pollenosis...have fun :)
thanks a lot for finding my unicycle. btw it wasnt a suit, i'm just really hairy. PS get well soon
haha ur so funny =)
one of the benefits of not taking non-generics xD lol
Somethings... you don't want to see more clearly.
You know you are in Portland when...
Linus, I think you need to come and hang out with the beaver and tell the gorilla to fuck off.  I have tequila.  He only has regrets.
Copenhagen, lunchtime, blond guy dressed as a Viking (with axe) strolling around shopping for pastries along the side of the avenue. Either your meds are kicking in or theirs aren't.
lol... you're not the first to take the claritin magic carpet ride...
I take my Claritin in the morning and it doesn't seem to give me any vivid dreams, but maybe the view that I've had from time to time are from the Claritin magic carpet ride
It really looks like you should avoid taking anti-histamine pills. If your allergies affect your sinus, take nasonex. If they affect your eyes, use suitable eye drops. If you have asthma, use an inhaler. If your brain is still affected, then take the suitable pill ;)
Are you sure that was Claritin?
Should I be concerned about the next build of Linux? :-) 
Yeah, if Loratadine is giving you these effects, there must be something seriously wrong.

I take it all the time in OTC doses.  It's a pretty tame antihistamine.
Well if you're in Venice Beach you might not be hallucinating. Nothing beats amphetamine induced sleep deprivation btw, the shadow people are a trip...
+Leslie Sox thank you! It's the Claritin. Has to be. I get migraine flashy aura thingies on rare occasion. Must prove theory. Where'd I put that stuff?
I was just me. No worries.
Sorry, I am little behind your time zone, isn't this the foothills of the headlands?
Isn't that just part of a regular Portland day?
If he starts dancing gangnam style and tells you not to give into astonishment, then you are most likely wasted to the point of being one with the universe. Congrats! :)
+Scott Linford I haven't had migraines or blurry vision since I stopped taking loratadine. I looked at the side effects after reading this post and blurry vision is one of them but I had ocular migraines. I couldn't read and would have to move my head to find a clear spot to see out of and saw black and white zig zag patterns. I even wondered if I didn't keep them at recommended room temperature.
You must have been in Portland, OR
Where's the poorly lit, out of focus picture to prove it?
That is not drugs. That is called "living in Portland". 
I thought this was a regular sight in Portland.
Welcome to Portlandia!
Dont mix with energy drinks! Feels like reality splitting apart in your head.
If he also has a bagpipe, then it's not the drugs, it's just Portland. 
Linus, you should see if Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein want to do a segment with you for Portlandia.
I would almost hate to see what would happen if you took acid if you have that kind of a reaction to Claritin.
+Robert Shea Was the engineer who went home early riding a unicycle and dressed in a gorilla suit?
The rise of the Apes has started ... beware.
That's not Claritin, that's Portland.
I like  Linux,but I do  not,I  was honest Windows8
I feel a lot safer just knowing that he had the good sense to step of his unicycle when he started texting. :-) 
Another nice trip Linus, you are used always to trip a lot!
Shit! I've seen this guy before in a google search )
I take Claritin for over a decade now - nothing like this happened to me :(
Ed Dich
"Take a picture of that imaginary ape" is a function clealry missing in your android phone, +Linus Torvalds !
Remember to take it easy..and do not code while hallucinating.You might do something wrong like try to make a kernel module in java or you might try to use Emacs.
omg well it could have been worse how about a guy in a panda suit o.0 or a bear suit =P
Benadryl is a better antihistamine. Could be those shots you take are changing your molecular structure (good thing) and in the process changing the way you react to over the counter drugs.
I think you just discovered BigFoot in your garden. But you don't believe it and blame it on the drugs. Yeah, BigFoot's gone technology, too.
My pharmacist wife frowns on your shenanigans. ;-)
Just another day in San Francisco.
You must be visiting LA or DC. I would say that's about par for the course.
is there some other drug, couldn't find clartitin doing anything like that, it might be combined effects, slept well? could be real but it could be blood vessel contraction effect on heart, and something like insomnia, dizziness 
Quick! Do:

echo -e "\\033c";tput is2;stty sane line 1 rows 30 columns 100

and you'll be back to normal!
Are you still in Portland? It may not be the meds.
They may have simply been texting the pink elephant.
My bad, just browsing my G+. I'll leave now...
Noooo!!! Linus, they've slipped something bad into your box of Claritin! 
you sure that's claritin? it usually takes percocet and some red bull and vodka to get me to see gorillas sitting on my yard texting.
how shall non native english speakers learn the language when reading phrases like this: "it's a helluva drug"  ... i assume it should read: "it's a hell of a drug" ?   thanks god that you Linus did not create your own "slang" when creating new kernel parts in computer languages. You won't have had the success You had, due to imcompatibility   LOL
I wish you took a picture of it...that would be epic!
Apparently, the text message said, "The cake is a lie." 
I think that falls under the "Keep Portland Weird" category.
Hey, I know that guy! His name is Graig - really cool dude.

Well, maybe you just see that, what if that person was working for a campaing than includes a Gorilla mounting a unicycle.
Yes, Allergy Asthma and Dermatology. In my Allergy History past I used Claritin. I have a hard time drinking water. 64 oz a day? WTF! But, the first time I went in they suggested Zertec. (Sometimes would get headackes with Claritin. When I was dehydrated.) Since I got onto shot maintence on the shots I have been using Zertec. I have liked it better. It comes on a bit faster (better when I cant get out of that QA meeting.) and even when I am dehydrated I do not get the headackes. But you know I could see a Portlandia episode that has Linus in a gorilla suit sitting in a park in LO being hastled by the cops. And him just trying to explain he is doing it for a tv show. Unicycle optional!
I'm no doctor but I don't think antihistamines cause hallucinations ... what else have you been ingesting? :D
Luckily I don't have to use those allergy drugs anymore, but back in the 1970's Disofrol made me sleep half the high school.
You need better drugs for better hallucinations.
I've never gotten hallicunations from Claritin - are you sure there WASN'T someone in a gorilla suit texting?
I'm visiting Portland in March. Are you going to be doing any sort of speaking engagements in the area? I would LOVE to hear you speak!
some people would shot a real gorilla in a public place,however if you want to dress as a gorilla then i could see that you have a imagination if women were involved. 
You might want to have your doctor modify your prescription... just saying..
Hey L.T.,
Concerning your Hay Fever, allergies, etc., you may want to try a holistic approach by using honey thats been harvested in YOUR immediate area instead of other sweeteners. I found a local grower that I've purchased from and I use a little in coffee & teas everyday. The results have been surprisingly positive. Look at it this way, if it works, it would be one less contribution of yours to the pharmaceutical empire and their control over our lives.
Where did you get this particular dosage from?
It's surely the start of the zombie apocalypse.
thanks, an invisible gorilla zombie apocalypse is just freakin me out right now
Hey Linus.. you're Linux's Medicine but other people's headache ;-)
แวะมาทักเพื่อนก่อนค่ะ ไปแล้วค้าาาา รอหน่อย ถ้าไปแล้วหลงช่วยๆแหววหน่อยแล้วกีนะค่ะ ที่จะมาบอกนะค่ะ
I take that drug. Doesn't make me delirate. I'd better check the coffee purity state :D
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