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Merging, merging, merging. The linux-next tree has something like 8600 commits, and I've merged about 5600 in the last few days. So more than halfway done. And not everything from linux-next tends to get merged.

I'm starting to feel like I've got enough..
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My goodness! You're a machine! 
Eli Sklar
5600 merges just in the past few days? :O

In two days we have 172,000 seconds, that means you've done approximately 2 merges every minute. (24hours)

Impressive! :)
keep up the good work, Linus. you're an inspiration to many. and that includes giving hard work the credit it deserves
I'm disappointed that there aren't over 9000.

But in all seriousness, keep up the good work! You're an inspiration to us all.
Thank's God (and to the programmers behind it) to Control Version :P
git version control is awesome! It allows to merge branches with several commits very easy. There are the occasional merge conflicts and thats what we have to thank him. Its a tedious work. Plus you have to code inspect everything looks good.

So big props for +Linus Torvalds for this tasks and for inventing git.
Not 5600 merges: it's 5600 commits. There's about 100 actual merges of mine in there. So we're talking "tens of merges per day". Which really says more about 'git' than it says about me.

Only 17 of the merges had any conflicts. And only a couple of those were annoying. The rest is all git doing all the work.
This reminds me of the fight where the Agent forked while fighting Mr. Anderson (Neo) in Matrix, but the good guy here is Linus ;) keep up the good work. One day we'll "unfork" all the bad guys in the world ;) thanks again.
Still large number of commits. :)
Hao Lü
When you merge commits, what things are you paying attention to? How much code do you need to read?
Thanks for your great work.
I use Linux. I love Linux. And I like you too.
@Logan Allen OSX Lion :D
just give it all up and play wow...
Linus how do you keep your sanity tracking all those changes? Impressive.
I expected a much larger load for the next kernel, but I guess that is why you built git, to expedite the commits and increase tracking.

Thanks to you and the other kernel hackers for your hard work.
I we ever manage to digitize the human mind, I recommend that Linus goes first. Should something happen to him, Linux will take a helluva hit. But if we have Linus "Headroom" Torvalds to take up the slack, perhaps it won't be so bad.
I am forever grateful and appreciative of the work you do, sir. True democratization of the very structure of this interconnected world we share. Fair play to ya, +Linus Torvalds
would not this affect security of the linux kernel? afaik now it is worse than in *bsd.
It'd be awesome if one day you'd set up a screen recording software on your computer to see how you merge so much code, see what tools you use, see how you use the command line, etc. We would all learn a little something.
Thank you for Linux and all your incredible work!
@Jeff Smith Imagine having Linus working alongside Hal Linus. Multithreading!
Koo Yak
Dang, what was that guy's name in that William Gibson book? That's what I was reaching for. Anyways, you're an inspiration, Mr. Torvalds!
5600 Commits? it takes me like a week to get a few commits in the door...
If I had to merge 5000+ commits in just a few days, My brain will be overheat.
Jon Lee
Your da man!!
Thanks +Linus Torvalds you gave me career =)
For me the most exciting recent change was one back where I no longer needed a lot latency patch to have professional audio quality, now as easy as a mac when i used to have to patch and rebuild kernel source before.
8600 commits , few days ,allow me to express my highest consideration to you , thanks!
Thank you for all your hard work in the last 20 years of Linux. Happy B-Day Linux!
Sounds like extreme-gitting... Did you know that Gitting is an (extremely^^) small village located somewhere in Bavaria/Germany? Ok, there is another strange village called Petting but that's a different story...
+Linus Torvalds I know you are probably too busy to reply to this but you saved my life today with git reset --hard. Thank you.
@Jeff Smith: There's no way we could digitize Linus first. There's no way that his mind will fit in a first-generation brain digitizer. Maybe a cluster of them... :)
♪♫ Just keep merging, just keep merging.....♪♫
Thanks for all your work. I love Linux and GIT !-)
Thank you for your hard work. Take a vacation you deserved it.
Iv'e worked with a lot of companies using supposed more productive languages with frameworks that make changes "easier" and it takes them months to get something stable with a fraction code changes. The kernel development process never ceases to amaze me.
I very much respect your work, Mr. Torvalds - thank you for making Linux possible.
When you start to feel having enough of it, please remember that there are thousands of 'Real People' who admire you and give utmost respect to you. Me included. Your work has powered millions of servers. That is something! And this is my opportunity to say "Thank You"
Tao X
I love linux, and wants to be kernel developer!!!
Juan Villa is a very perceptive person ;-) I was about to say something about "tarball and patches"...
Git my favorite source control. Thanks again Linus. 
Can you shortly comment about improvements and important changes in the new kernel?. Thanks
Just a user here...but damn proud to be part of it. Thank you Linus!
How did you get ~8600? I get less than that especially if you ignore merges

% git rev-list --no-merges |wc -l
% git rev-list |wc -l
There is a "real time" track of this here:
And I had to rebase my private bzr branch into svn once. It nearly killed me
I hope to one day contribute something very substantial to the open source community. Your work is an inspiration.
Proprietary World is dDoS-ing Linus and his Kernel with Commits for all kinds of Hardware they developed!
Axel H
Sounds like a lot of fun ...
Ha! It's not about the branching, it's all about the merging!
brilliant! Its sounds like merging is better than birthday ;) You need some more :)
Linux forever !!!
Thanks Linus, you & what you've started are changing the face of the world.
hey.. what you're doing is great, but watch your health.. nothing more priceless than your health
Why not sharing the burden with someone else?
You are the inspirartion of many (like me). Keep being awesome!!
Rembering the days before 1.0 and even 0.9 when things were quite uncertain i can only respect and applaud your continued effort and commitment. I hope you are a happy and wealthylike man by now :)
Many thanks Linus !
... and don't forget to snap some fresh air in between.
busy like a bee :D

Keep up the good work Linus!
its just good to see just how active a role you still take with the demon seed you built so long ago. its great to see your still on the front line with the code monkeys in the linux community and not just taking a back seat to it all now
thanks for the job that you've done and you're doing. really. take care.
seems like u r really working tired hard .
Thank you so much for all your work - words actually can't express my thanks enough.
Jay Ha
merge on!
one plays the fiddle, 'nother plays the drum
u won't stop merging 'till it's done :)

thank your for linux kernel :)
8600 copy-pastes!?!?!? im kidding! Go Linus go!!!
Take care man, we still need you.
Linux Torvalds is proof we live in the Matrix: He violates the laws of physics.
Thank god you have git.

Oh wait, thank YOU we gave git.
"Merging, merging, merging" is my Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies cover band.
How do you determine what to merge and what to left out?
All merge and no commit makes Linus a git master.
All commit and no merge makes Linux a branchless kernel.
8600 commits right now, maybe on the next release it will it the 10k mark.

Awesome work :P
Even god doesn't merge that fast. You've found a glitch in the matrix and exploited it!
starting to sound like a forest than a tree... :P
After the version bump, now a name change to mergux!?
Paul C.
Thank you mr. torvalds for all your work and dedication =)
I'll be sure to check it out as soon as it hits [testing] on the arch repositories :)
It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it :D
Agreed, +Jorge Toselli !

Although I may have some problems here and there with Linux (that can be solved easily, if I can't solve it myself, I have zillions of people to ask for help to :D), I love it! I still don't get why most Windozers say Linux is too hard. It can be a little complex to remember the command line commands, but that's it! :D

Better if the rest of the commits are easy to merge. Sometimes a single commit can turns into a headache
many helpful guys will come. you are already a good man ^_^
Running the latest git: Merge: 2271220 29412f0
No problems here.
Needs more My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic options.
Am I the only one who looked saw those numbers and thought, "NVidia graphics drivers!"?
Damn, in my job I merge only like 200 commits per month, 8600 pretty impressive, no wonder it takes days.
thank mr. Torvalds very thanks..

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Ram Mat
Linus pwnz chuck norris :-)
+ram matityahu Chuck Norris once got into a bar fight @ the OS lounge. The only Operating System that came out alive was Linux.
Linus very smart man... I am try to merge two file with conflict and have failed... So great developer... But I am think so smart is a problem for X11 look how many library it used? Need more eaze architecture... With plugable modules like windows-driver..
/ vt
I have a question - do you think that the new kernel can have support for the "Sandy Bridge" processors integrated graphic card? : )
What I need is the automatic switch between the two graphic cards - this will increase battery life. Can someone give insight about this?
Git, making development easier, one merge at a time.
Linus Torvalds can run kill -9 and kill Chuck Norris
/ vt
Hahah thumbs up for that ; )
Could not find mount media
Reboot with initramfs=shell(noprobe) to further debug the issue

I am using Microsoft TFS to merge something like 20 commits... I want to shoot myself in the nuts.
Linux is awesome, Git is awesome.

You are awesome. More power!
Merging is one of the most boring and annoying things in computer programming!
I'm still using SVN. Where's the best place to go to start getting into git?
how to save for a quantum computer an make Linux as the first running system on them ? (Kernel 4.0) :þ Its costs about only 10.000.000$ :-) (D-Wave One)
+Mayck Xavier Excellent, I am a big fan of Dropbox so I could definitely use something like that.
Quote: +Linus Torvalds
"<odd>.x.x: Linus went crazy, broke absolutely everything, and rewrote the kernel to be a microkernel using a special message-passing version of Visual Basic. (timeframe: "we expect that he will be released from the mental institution in a decade or two")."

Soo... how's life in your mental institution?
I do appreciate your works. thanks !
Question: Why does #echo $SHELL have to be case sensitive?
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