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“It means he’s a dick sometimes, but he’s good at it.”
- Jeremy Allison
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Sreek Menon
+Linus Torvalds I think it is great that your first name is Linus, can't imagine how the world would have changed if it was something like Tony or something..
+Sreek Menon I don't know, Tonix might have worked pretty well too. I was a bit late with my open source Posix compliant OS so the world was spared Timix (or Lutherix)
:D Oh man that's funny... but there is something in that sentence.... It actually means that person knows what he/she wants.. If someone want's to play him/her they'll send them to khmmm :D :D ... So this is good for you +Linus Torvalds, it's cool that you have a strong personality :)
+Tim Luther Lewis Actually you are right. Tonix sounds pretty cool. But I can think of names that would have sounded pretty fun with an IX at the end.
+Todd McDonald: I went back to Hairbender.

It turned out that the bitter taste was something temporary in the new coffee maker - probably just some stale deposits from the initial factory testing they do. It was very annoying, but after three or four days of just making tens of cups of coffee for trying to test it out, it just started fading.

That said, I really did like the ZBeanz espresso blend too.
+Linus Torvalds have you been to Spella? They're two blocks north of Morrison on SW 5th. Small shop with hand pulled espresso and they roast as well!
You're freaking awesome, man. I switched to Linux 4 years ago, and haven't had a virus since. Thanks for changing a little part of my life positively. Puppy Linux user, by the way.
+Darko Vrsic Thanks for the link, that makes more sense now. I'm very glad you didn't go to work at Apple +Linus Torvalds, 90% of the machines in my house run one version or another of the thing you started. Thank you!
If only Hewlett-Packard had been instead named Packard-Hewlett prior to the release of HPUX.
If you're only a dick sometimes, then you're half-assing it.
Much better to be the 'King of Geeks' than a side-note to Steve Jobs. Anyone remember Tevanian? (not dissing Mr T)
+Zack Lucard: shut up, Zack.

Edit: Oops. Zack apparently took my answer to his "Can you teach me to be dickish?" question a bit too seriously, and removed his comment. Zack - I was just trying to teach you by example. I didn't mean for you to actually shut up.
Google+ Is worth using over facebook for these conversations alone (and for correcting your spelling in a too-quickly posted comment)
I guess dicks make the world go around.
+Mike Hanley Wait, I thought the world spun on Atlas' back. Boy, did I get that wrong.
+Mace Moneta: Atlas holds the sky up on his back, as punishment for siding with his fellow Titans against the Gods - holding Uranus (the sky) back from embracing Gaia (the Earth) prevents the birth of any more Titans.
Punishment for siding with the Titans? Is that the Real Readon Peyton Manning went to Denver?
+Linus Torvalds poor +Zack Lucard you scared him off you big scary dick
[is that better than a big hairy dick, I don't know].
Nah just pulling your leg Linus,
[& Not the big hairy middle one]
[Oh Dick Humor, is there nothing better?} :-P
+Linus Torvalds anything worth doing is worth doing right! Better to be a good dick than a bad dick :)
"People think you're a dick? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." ---Winston Churchill

P.S. I sort of used poetic license there. :P
+Linus Torvalds I partied with your brother many times in Bellingham, WA USA while in school. What a character.
YOU could Watch your language thank you!!
Linus Torvalds post sucks. I like Jimmy's though. THere's no call for that kind of language though!!!!! :(
just let you know, women are more vibrant shopping variant condoms, they call it a great gift ever.
Shopping isn't bad;though it can get dangerous sometimes though.
+Heather Cubit +Lizzie Casale , You would have known from the original post from +Linus Torvalds That the word "Dick" was going to be mentioned & more than once so coming into the group now to Bitch & Whine about the "Language" is just being a TROLL. so here is some news for you you are pathetic human beings if the best you can do is try to provoke an arguement over the use of the word "DICK" & it's various incarnations "dick, dickhead dicky etc..." in a post that quite clearly states that that word will be within it. We are not all as apparently stupid as you !.
He must've thought your name was pronounced "Leenus." Weird, i mean Wired.
It took on a slightly different meaning at first as the Wired article only mentioned an "Allison". But then I soon found Allison's first name...
Sid J
Dick Linux is the next big distro. Or maybe the next Ubuntu will be Expanding Erections.
I'm currently working on a Suse Studio Distro called strangley enough Dick Linux after Wil Wheatons "Don't be a Dick" meme, it's a bit of a stripped down Backtrack5 with a few things removed & some added- For instance Desktop is Xmonad & XFCE for lightweight-edness the whole distro is a little over 1.2 gb so needs a DVD or USB Stick to run or install. It's not quite ready yet but this motivates me to be the first Dick Linux ...even better Portable Dick Linux !!! for a Puppy like USB centred OS !!!.
Sid J
Puppy Dick Linux is so perverted
seriously make one comment on +Linus Torvalds feed and get 100's of notifications about Dick Linux! lol... THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!
pls send me pxe boot rom how to configure sir pls help me
Linus, you should run for US presidency.
I thought it would have been an even better lesson in being dick-ish by telling Zack to shut up desipte him not even saying anything! :-)
printf("Hello Linus -a greeting from China");
But your profile says "Creator of Linux and git", are you now going to change it to "Creator of Linux, and dick."?

I'm just asking...
You're such a dick, bitch! hahahahhahaha Keep dick for stupids.
Isn't the creator of a a product as prolific as Linux entitled to get his way concerning the direction his product takes? I hardly think that makes him a 'dick'.

After all, how much can you really learn from someone you agree with?
+Tiago Vieira he can't unfortunately :( one needs to be born in the US to be the president of the US :(
I saw that line in the article and started busting up. Its a a funny way. hahahaha
I think, Linus, you have to change your name to 'Se'. And rename kernel accordantly. Because it's so good like this.
Where would we be without your opinionated rants, Linus?
+Linus Torvalds , how about starting off new Linux distro - just a hobby - which is not going to be big and professional?
i noticed the press was misquoting your beef with SUSE
I read that quote, lovely compliment, clearly a good man, this Allison chap.

Same article educated me that Steve Jobs used to roll around in a fat white AMG Merc with no number plate in order to not be tracked. Surely if you wanted to track the geezer that is all the information you needed.
It sure is. Crashes do make things interesting, don't they? ;)
no game is quality imo as they are a waste of resources exceptions include winpeg32 and games of that nature
+Arman Kab Minecraft, Quake live, TF2, League of Legends, Left 4 Dead, Portal 1 & 2, Counter Strike, Half Life 2, CoD MW3, etc.
All of those have a gold or above rating on wineHQ, I've gotten most of them running personally.
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