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I have a zombie shuffling desk!

So normal people call it a "walking desk", but quite frankly, I have a hard time typing (or particularly using the mouse with any precision) at any speed setting over one mile per hour, so it really is more of a zombie shuffling thing than actually walking.

But even that should be better than sitting all day long, right?

Wish me luck. Or at least persistence.
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Good luck... I don't think I'd have the coordination either
When you type, you must be making it mad. It wants "space", "period". hahaha
Building version control systems, getting into 3D printing, setting up this desk... my my, you don't sit still...
Good luck, post pictures of your set up. 
Don't worry, soon we will all have Hardware similar to "Leap Motion" in our Computers and the Mouse will be obsolete and we will all make strange gestures when using the computer...
We have some public setups at work, but every time I pass by them they are empty. Never wished to try though. 
my buddy that codes at Cerner got one and said he likes it, but I'm not sure I could control the mouse very well either
Mice? Why would you need a mouse? (Okay, I accept cut and paste, can't live without that ... and I succumb to multiple xterm's open ... and multiple monitors ...)  grumble
You are a persistent Finn/Swede.You will either get used to it or you will throw it out the window.
I wish you persistence. It's the least I could do.
why a walking desk? got to fat? 
eat less and keep sitting :)
"zombie shuffling desk". It sounds like 3.14's name :)
Soon we all will have an wireless stick connected to our head and you will just have to think what you want to code...;-) Sounds horrable, doesn't it?
Could you post a movie? Additional points for demoing speech recognition while shuffling (in multiple languages).
I have an idea for that walking desks. To regulate the internet speed depending on your walking speed. The more fast you walk, the more fast your connection.
Trying the same thing myself +Linus Torvalds. In my case I got a fit desk which is basically an exercise cycle with a place to put the laptop. I find it works find for email and light activities, but even with my butt firmly planted its hard to get the precision to code.

Good luck. I hope it helps.
long term effects on your sense of balance from "zombie working"?
Watch out for those guys with shotguns and axes, we don't want to lose our Linus.
I tried standing at my desk for several years.. raised my keyboard / mouse / monitors all to appropriate levels.   At first it was great.. it resolved my lower back pain.   But after a few years I started noticing knee pain and now I try to alternate between sitting, reclined, standing.  I still stand at my desk for part of the day, but I work from my laptop when I get tired of standing.
+Brian Warner I'm not fitbitting yet. And I don't think it would work the way I shuffle in order to be able to type and mouse. It's pathetic, really. The first time the wifey saw me "walking" she started laughing.
This, as with everything, will take practice to get better at.

I would recommend increasing the speed very slowly over time until you can perform optimally at your desired pace.
Clearly you should only walk while thinking. Then take the "skiing stance" and get some code written. ;)
Can you concentrate enough to write code while walking?  Some people were saying No, but I thought, why not, with practice.  Been standing for a couple years.. this is next on my list.  
When I tried studying on a treadmill, I found that it was easier to increase intensity by raising incline than by raising speed. Speed made it more distracting much faster than incline did.
Walt B.
"So normal people ", that never sounds good.
Much luck, "walking" or even shuffling while I am working on my computer sounds like a peculiarly profound version of hell.
Walking at the desk has got to be the ultimate testament to the alienation of mankind!

Excercise ball & adjustable e-desk. Former you can sit and kneel on while coding - and moving. The other half of the day goes fine just standing. I swap between standing to sitting roughly every hour.
At least you will be walking 16 miles a day...
you are my hero Linus... I've had a treadmill under my desk for quite a while already but found it too difficult to concentrate to do anything so have been using it mostly as a standing desk.. but if you're shuffling, I'm going to start shuffling too.. and here's to both of us being persistent with it.. :)
Ed Dich
This thing lpoks dangerous, you'll end up sleepwalking! 
why not  work on a train
Let's see how you can use Emacs while you're walking. I wonder if there is a mode for that!
I can't use a mouse either when using those things. A trackpad or trackball may not be so bad though. 
Steve W
I use a treadmill desk. One thing that helped me was using a split keyboard made by Kinesis Corp (allows larger hand separation) and a ball mouse. YMMV 
+Linus Torvalds I've been thinking about getting one myself. Which one did you get and would you recommend it?
I tried it but found it impossible to concentrate on the screen while my head was bobbing up and down.

I'm going to try again using a 70 inch TV or projector...with the screen at a larger distance the change in view angle will be much less. Maybe that'll work better.
Does it really help?
I believe zombie desks are mandatory at Micro$oft. It assists with their coding apparently. 
I assume you'll be putting the distance walked into each commit message.
I love mine! Just wish I could work at home more often to make use of it. 
I have one of these as well, but I bump the speed to 2mph because I walk smoother than at 1mph. Having a thumb-controlled trackball is also helpful.
I wonder if we'll see an increase in typo-induced kernel bugs now. :P
gosh ..., what comes next,  toilet-desk? 
A trackball instead of a mouse helps somewhat.  But I've found that I turn the speed down when doing anything that involves frequent mouse movements, and turn it up when I'm writing a long email or something similar.
Hey Linus - have a picture of using your desk? I'm considering using one...
So, I'm curious if you still are using your treadmill desk over a year later, and if so, if have have any thoughts that would be useful to those wondering if it is right for them?
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