You know what's somewhat painful? People finding an annoying regression in what is supposed to be the final week of a release.

That's what I thought yesterday. Today it strikes me as a minor and unimportant irritation. After all, +Jerome Glisse sent out a patch series that looks to be all ok, and it wasn't really all that painful.

Because do you know what's really painful? Kidney Stones.

I have never really been sick in my life. I remember having whooping cough as a child, but that's pretty much it aside from the usual minor ailments. Not a single broken bone either. My "big" health issue has been basically occasional flaring of dry skin that is annoying.

Until this morning at 5am when I wake up in excruciating pain. Never felt anything like it in my life, and sincerely hope to never feel it again.

Fuck kidney stones. And thank $DEITY for prescription drugs.
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