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Geek cred.

And what a handsome young man I was.
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Is that snow outside the window? Reminds me of growing up in Michigan..only I never did crack that cube...I bet you did
I decided to preemptively embarrass myself before anybody in my family does so. My dad found this a couple of days ago.
How many colors did you get Linus?
and smoking a pipe no less. puff that magic dragon.
A guy who has Linux in gene
帅小伙 :D
+Inu Yasha Handsome? Well, I guess in that father of Linux sort of way.
he's a hyandsome young man..
And now he's a brilliant man... :D
"And what a handsome young man I was"??

In Spain before this type of expressions, we usually say: ' you have no grandmother boy ¡! ':-)
what time is the photo taken?
Yeah, what a handsome young revolutionary-OS man.
I just wanna say thank you: without linux i will never found a new world called Open Source. Thank you and thank to linux community!!! =)Nice Pics!!!
Al Rusk
That is class. Everything here. (Especially the pipe... mmmmm...)
agreed. Very classy. Thats one heck of a pipe.
If it wasn't for the rubik, I would of sworn that fine turtleneck gentleman was Steve Jobs.
Cute ;-)
I had a rubic cube too
The elder boy on the right is you.Am I right?
Oh, being a child in the '70ties!
All those high-neck sweaters, those flashy colors....
+Linus Torvalds I guess this photo were taken before your parents bought your #Vic20 am I right?
Yea, you know +Benjammin Miller is right. I think there are a great number of us who respect Linus all the more for the "DADOF3" being most important of all. It's very easy in corporate America to lose that priority if you're not very careful.
And so it came to pass: After mastering the secrets of The Cube, a new super hero was born! The manifestation of his powers would soon span the globe, but here we find his humble beginnings...
Does this cube run linux? (potato can run it, why not cube)
Impressive. Were you just trying on your own or were you using some kind of method to solve it?
I feel sorry for the other kid who's like "This guy is fast"
Nice. So this is the new picture that finally replaces the almost legendary one from 2002 that's still used in wikipedia and therefore everywhere else? ;-)
Hi, is that your mum and which year was the snap taken
wow ... the 80´s ... really better times manny thought that they could change the world for better
Those new instagram filters are awesome!
hate rubiks cubes, I never could figure the pattern out to solve them, my freind could solve one in about two minutes, literally.

I think I'm still envious.
I am getting one of those cubes! がんばります!ありがとうございますリナックスさん、
I'm pretty sure you've already maxed out on geek cred, sorry. :P
the small one is very cute! but you.. well, you got much better with age ;)
But that Sherlock Holmes Pipe is incredible :)
"Just for Fun: Wie ein Freak die Computerwelt revolutionierte." :-)
Hanser-Verlag 2001
Ojojoj! Nyckelknippa på byxlinnngen också! Farligt nära nördimplosion... :D
+Olav Dahlum I got PS3VICE, if need be, not sure I’d like to key in LDA #$07 STA $900F and those again or play Raid on Fort Knox or that Chessgame again though... I have 2 C64s, but not HDD :-( Would be nice if the C64s could mount a network drive though... I bet it wouldn’t fill the SAN.
I bet IT women still ask for your autograph.
Los genios se descubren desde niños. Lo que pasa que hasta que no son hombres, no son descubiertos por la inmensa mayoría de los demás, y sobre todo a través de terceros.
Awesome photo. Thanks for sharing :-)
You're working on the kernel while your buddy is developing the modules, right?
Just finished reading Just For Fun and saw this in my stream!
Oh wow..I'm just glad that I don't have any pictures of my childhood anymore
I don't think you need more geek cred than you have gotten for the whole Linux thing.
"Bro, throw away this pipe! Let's play with something more challenging!!"
holy crap I didn't notice what he was holding xD
You don't look anything like the Aryan boy in the IBM commercials! I feel misled :(
What's with the keys hanging from your belt? You look too young to have a driver's license...
Ahahaha and you finally solve the rubik cube? (By yourself of course)
And your sibling is holding a meerschaum pipe!
I like The Snow....from de window
I did "competitive cubing" as an 11-year old in the 80's when the cube first came out. My best time was around 2:30. Today, my 11-year old son +Ishan Murphy started with the book I learned from, but then improved on it with methods he found on the internet - his best time is around 2:00. I love it that my son can surpass me in my hobbies. He's also a programmer just like his dad (except I programmed in BASIC as a kid - he uses languages like Java, Scratch, and Mathematica :-) )
Classic! My "solution" to the cube was to take it apart and put it back correctly.

+Linus Torvalds you didn't tell us if you ever solved it (the right way), but I bet you took it apart at least once. It's definitely the hacker's way to do it.
This is truly amazing. Kiitos jaosta. 
You're wearing the same glasses I was back then.
very nice... we all were at one time...
Nice to see the man behind all this computing evolution.
Youngsters might mistake your window for a big screen TV. :) I know I almost did.
I thought that was young Bill Gates. Until I saw the Cube ;)
Mirá Linus, ese joven de anteojos es igualtito a ti!!
I actually find the ~4 year old with the pipe funnier than anything in this photo
What a coincidence, bought my daughters Rubiks cubes this weekend.
We all looked like that once. :)
Nice ... And back when a baby could smoke a good pipe and relax ... Oh how times have changed ... 
my 15yo daughter can solve it in 90 seconds.. pretty scary.
+Colin Griffith, the article that you linked says that "Despite its daunting appearance and greater number of possible positions, the Megaminx is not much more difficult than the standard 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube." so that may not exactly be a one-up.
The handsomest one! He looks exactly the same you can't tell? :P well considering the geek cred, might be the non-smoking one D:
This is absolutely nice. Kernel in his hands.
+Sabrina Shemet, I can say quite certainly that it is a bit more complicated than that. I admit to looking up online for guides when I first started with the standard Rubik's Cube, but I was only able to get anywhere with the Megaminx when I actually learned and wrapped around in my head how the moves on the 3x3x3 cube worked, and what they actually did in solving the cube. And even then, I had to manually tweak each move to match the Megaminx.

I'm proud to say I've not yet looked up any strategies in solving the Megaminx, but I can say that this bottom layer of it I have not figured out yet. None of the moves from the traditional cube are helping me with it, and I am tempted to look it up.
What books behind your back? Do you remember?
Linus Torvalds with a rubik's cube. That's some kind of epic :P
ya clearly a shoop, no way torvalds could of not finish this rubic cube.
You had glasses those days ?!?! Bah!, you got eyes man!
I saw this picture and remembered the book "just for fun" :)
+1 +dan collins "What do you think of this new colorful UI, Steve?" - "Keep smoking that weed, Boy, and think about the kernel. Leave the UI to me."
Nice keychain pilgrim!
Was? Oh Linus you well always be beautiful to us geeks.
My parents were dyslexic and bought me a cubic rube. I never did solve that.
хорошая, годная фотография...
welcome to the anciente group ;)
We are very glad to see you here
Too big to play rubik, too young to smoke a pipe
Trevlig Första Maj och Glada Vappen ! I wish everything goes well.
it looks like a instagram pic Linus :)
This reminds me young Ben Linus in Lost. Is there a connection?
I had "english style" (like John Lennon) glasses, but it turned out I do not remember anything of that
You are still handsome, Linus !~
The rotary dial phone caught my eye and made me a little nostalgic. Then I noticed something next to it that looks like an hourglass! Is that right? That too brought back memories:)
¡Amazing geek! ¿Rubik cubes are harder than the Linux kernel?
A photo with you first pc when you were younger ?
I can`t believe the cat got more +1s than this.
We all was cute back then... and now... well... only to our wifes.
not OS kernel kernel OS consists of a kernel and other stuff
Figuring out a Rubik's cube LIKE A BOSS
ja rubikin kuutio juuri ratkeamaisillaan:)
Did you solved that cube? Or just for the pic? :-)
You are still  handsome.indeed :)
who is next to you holding that pipe! LOL
Rubiks cube AND some keys attached to the jeans, that's pure 80s. Guess I still could solve the cube to the 2nd layer ... but never got the hang of that keyring thing.
compilando desde tiempos inmemorables.... jejejeje
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