The merge window being over, and things being calm made me think I should try upgrading to F21..

Not the smoothest upgrade ever, but it's not too painful either. Here are my quick notes to make it come out right:

The yum upgrade instructions suggested finishing off the install by installing "system-release-workstation", but that did nothing but conflict with the firewall rules.

Doing a "groupupdate" to "Fedora Workstation" seemed to work better.

Post-upgrade woes:

 - as usual, gnome extensions don't work, since the gnome shell "versioning" is a joke. But at least the Frippery panel favorites updated fine from And Gnome3 remains quite usable with that extension in place. 

 - The "Lock Screen Icon" extension by +Sriram Ramkrishna (highly recommended - yes, I know about cmd-L, but I'm just not a magic keysequence kind of person) apparently isn't up-to-date on, but editing the version information by hand to 3.14 makes it work again.

 - the new gnome-terminal seems to default into a new "Emo mode" (aka "Dark Theme"). I don't know who thought it was a good idea to make a terminal application have its own depressed theme different from all other applications, but I'm guessing they spend their days cutting themselves and listening to death metal, and thinking they are "cool". 

But after fixing that, F21 seems to be fine. Knock wood.
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