Hey, peeps.

My main desktop SSD just gave up the ghost. This is not a huge disaster, in that git is distributed and even if I can't make it come back, I lost perhaps three pull requests that I hadn't pushed out yet because I batch those things up and do things like full module builds etc.

But timing-wise it's inconvenient because we're still in the merge window, and I pretty much had all my pending pulls done. So if you're one of those three or four people who had sent me a pull request in the last day or two, and you don't see it on git.kernel.org, it's probably on my dead harddisk.

I'll re-do the ones I find in my mailbox archives (I'm using my laptop as my desktop replacement now) and push those out. But I get too much email, and since I already archived the pull requests I did, maybe I can't find them in the mess that is my email archives.

So please re-send if you think your request might be lost. But wait until tomorrow.
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