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If I can get 4000 upvotes for a rant on security people, just imagine what a picture of a cat could do...

Mwahahaahaa... I'll get millions of +1's! Isn't that how these things work?
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Nate Cook
Cats>IT security rant.
The cat needs to be ranting about security policy/procedures, THEN you get millions.
Plus1'd for boldly transparent machinations and a Doofenschmirtz-worthy evil laugh.
I like to think my +1s are reserved for interesting posts, but in the spirit of facebook, I "like" this photo! :-P
Geez. Kiss your kids instead.
>Linus posting lolcats
>Everything is ruined forever
It'll work because of what you wrote, not 'cause of the picture. :)
That's funny +Linus Torvalds But, I had a cat, actually two, that looked just like that. The Black Cat (Siamese by some authors) is the best in my opinion.
I shall assist you in your efforts!
"plez tern dwn carpetz, I is feelin' quehzeh - ma kitteh nip waz spiaked :("

god I hate lolcateez
It has to be a cute cat... I'm sorry... :p
Need some good cat captions for post lvl 9000.
The other message even made a short appearance on, the austrian national TV's news front-page...
cats used linux before it was cool -.-
Your cat and my cat is more or less identical. :) Well, there black so I guess thats it. ;)

If this was Facebook, I'd definitely wold give your cat a "like".
héhéhé I am the first +1 of the millions of +1's.
Ray A
black cats are not really that cute...cats with multiple colors are cute..haha
Whoa! Thats my cat! Or, my cats twin! That looks EXACTLY like her. Scary. :P
Heh. I don't think Google Plus is that popular as yet to even have millions of users...maybe hundreds of thousands.
Ripples are interesting, aren't they ?
Security cat it's not amused of security bugs.
+1'ing for the thought process, not the cat photo.
OMG, it's a cat!
Must... +1...
Holy shit a cat.

Nice try, but today is a leap day. Try with a leaping cat.
Sorry not from me. If you want tonns of Kitty-Katty likes, try facebook.
Cats don't need polkit, they just work
Firing off the -1 extension on this also.
So cute! (PS! I +1ed on the Security post too)
Aren't you supposed to put a misspelled "captshun" on the picture too? also, kitteh!
I don't know. Does the cat work in security?
He's trying to remember the root password.
i'm the 337 +1 - 1K more and I'll be leet!
Is there an upper limit on +1s? I want to see if it if 32 or 64 bit.


How do the spammers create accounts so quickly anyhow... It is relevant to this experiment.
Layer -1 of the internet consists primarily of kitties.
I had one of those! Black cats are the best.
photos of cats is why the internet exists!
I was looking for a picture that represents this actual situation. I (believe I) was the first person to +1 this, I came back 20 minutes later and it has 375 +'s
i have a cat just like him in the photo ,, it's a bomaby cat very nice breed :D i give u all the million +1
The heart of a cat seems to be the seat of power in the home! Just ask my cat, Joey!!! He's not happy unless he has unrestricted access to all areas of our house. He does NOT like a closed door, unless it's the door we use to send him outside.
Try "man cat"... The full documentation for cat is maintained as a Texinfo manual. Ok cool...
Where was the security rant again? ... I definitely missed something good there,
as for the Cat pictures, can I claim an allergy?
Well Linus, my question is how many email notifications are going to cram themselves into my Gmail because I am posting a comment on your post with your Mwahahaahaa followers? Although I do think Joe Lyons comment about, "He's trying to remember the root password.", is very funny, the issue I see is how long will it take your cat to carve up that very nice Persian rug.
+Linus Torvalds I'm +1ing this post because you are THE MAN! but the kitty does rule the internet, as countless years teaches us all. The pic looks like my lil fluffie Salem.
even better a million people get spammed from the notifications.

Which is why I'm going to be muting this post.
Maybe a photo a little more cute would get you even MORE!
XD, evil cat, is evil and lazy cause in this universe nothing is perfect
well put, completely agree with your previous post though - totally ridiculous to be throwing around root password willy-nilly
90% of the content online by 2020 will be cat related
Unfortunately this is not Facebook, but do have my +1.
Hey! cat was written by Torbjorn Granlund and Richard M. Stallman... Think about it!
I think you need to tape bacon to it for real results.
want millions of +1's ? lol great idea! give you one from me lol
Linus I`m going to follow you a bit,to try and see what this is about ok ?
Skye T
upvotes are not karma, you know
Click on +1, this cat has to win!
.. and I was about to add you to my circles. Man, you totally blew it.
That looks exactly like my cat... I thought someone had taken a picture of her and uploaded it.
my cat fluffy used to do alot of sleeping
A cat pic always works!
im dead
maybe they DID :O
People - you're slacking. At this rate, it will take a year to hit a million.

To the moon!
Well you got so meany +1s b/c there is no -1 button... ;-P
I +1'd this ironically.

...or did I...?
-1 (you may now all proceed to +1 this comment instead of the original post)
You need to add a caption that starts with I can haz to get more +1's.
+Nicole Riggs Bombay blacks are like that; they all look very similar and have similar mannerisms. Its uncanny sometimes with this breed.
Zon Saja
Linux / Unix Command: cat

cat - concatenate files and print on the standard output

cat [OPTION]... [FILE]...

Concatenate FILE(s), or standard input, to standard output.
Rants and cats. The base of the internet. G+ ain't dead.
Aw Fuck! Are black cats taking over rug companies now!? If so..... SAVE YOUR RUGS!!!!!!!
Another upvote, I love cats, it's my favourite animal.
Aaah cat jpgs, the lifeblood of the Internet. Keep up the great work Linus.
only if you add stupid lolcat captions. try again.

+1 just because it's a cat. And Linus. Can I plus +2?
Yes, Linus. Indeed, that is how it works. Now, if you can just figure out how to monetize that...
AWW BUT IT'S SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha plus one it just so you can reach millions haha.
Looks exactly like the tiny predators living in my house. Including the look where the one won't move for the 120lb dog.
i'm more of a dog person - and i like gnome 3.
no +1 from me.... :)
You'll have my +1 for that, sir.
Cats r my favrote love em :P
Cats r my favrote love em :P
This showed up as "hot on Google+" and I was like "oh shit, Linus Torvalds is a real person."
I hate Linux though....and technically you are the
you need to put some words in poor english on the photo linus!
spitting image of my kitten, litter mates separated at birth?
You got me, remind me of ma cat Tasha, so 9 hundred thousand and some to go :-)
+Linus Torvalds - Linus's responses to his little laptop time zone configuration problem, calling IT security people "Taliban", "mentally diseased", and saying they should "just kill themselves" has got to be troubling to the big banks and Fortune 500 firms that rely on his kernel to run their servers. I'm sure they are hoping that there's a steady hand at the helm of the ship, and not some 12-year-old whose idea of a good time is starting a flame war on Google+ with IT security wonks.
Caturday is on Saturday, you might get 2 million +1s.
hey i have a kitten like that his name is misty
Didn't expect that to be coming from you!
Well, 1350 is on its way to millions....
That is one patchy mofo you have there and I ain't talking about your kernel, captain!
Are you sure that isn't the spirit of our late Turbo kitty?
+Mark Johnson I think you missed the subtle point of Linus's post/point. He was "venting" frustration in a completely understandable way, whether or not you agree with it (I do btw).

In 1895, at the age of 17, Albert Einstein applied for early admission into the Swiss Federal Polytechnical School (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule or ETH). He passed the math and science parts of the entrance exam, but failed the others (history, languages, geography, etc.)! He had to go to a trade school before he was able to retake the exam and was finally admitted to ETH a year later. Now, maybe I should shun all major advancements in science today, as Einstein failed this entrance exam? I mean, the gull!!! (as all modern advancements are in some way connected directly or indirectly in large part to his contributions).

....just venting.
ur cat is cute so that should help ur plan :)
Reminds me of my first black cat... I miss him :*(
OK, I gave you a +1 just for the effort. Nice looking cat.
Each +1 should count as +9, you know 9 lives and all.
Nice looking cat ... but very ugly carpet :-)
If it was "Caturday", your internetz would surely have exploded. +1
Rob M
Sadly, that's how it goes. At least I respect your tech posts since you are one of the original Linux gods. :) BTW, what's your take on the 2 new "micro" computers, Rasberry Pi and the other one that's the size of a thumb drive? I'm excited for the Rasbery Pi as I'm going to load up a flavor of Linux on it and see what happens.
Oh for the love of god. I hate my country.

Herpa derp I'm famous! Aren't I quirky and famous? Check out my famous famousness. KITTYYYYTtTTttyyYYY!

How can I turn off this boot licking famous people crap from spamming my stream? Don't bother answering. Muted.
How the hell did u get a picture of my cat ?? And yes that's exactly how it works because I absolutely did not +1 or comment on your security post.
Okay, how many people +1 just because he said mwahahahahah?
Hey, where you've got my cat's photo?!
By the way Windows 8 sucks, just so you know...
CATS! i dont know why, but people are so attracted to cute animals....
O.O Me: finger,do NOT DO IT!
Finger: hits 1+
me: .........cuts off finger
Other fingers: *strangle me to death and keep hitting 1+
Ahh, the things you could do if you put that #celebrity power & starry-eyed #geek #fanboy street cred to good use... ;)

Y'know, other than posting pictures of cats.
Awe... Looks like my old cat Percy :(
Karl E
lol my cat looks the exact same
nicki s
That is how it works :)
Meow, Meow, Meow, where did i put those pawless mitts?
i didn't +1 it muuuaahahahhahahahhahaaa! (clicks +1)
Just imagine how it would blow up if you tagged it #pussy #cat . But not if you tagged it #lolcatz ... #SeeWhatIDidThere ?

But don't worry, you don't have to blow up any of my posts #tit for tat...
more than 2000 maybe.. :D
show us a cat with a sardine in it's mouth. That's hard to photograph. Cats lying around -- that happens all the time.
I gave it a + because I have an identical cat
Epic, just epic. This post is so epic that I cannot describe it with mere words. I have been enlightened by this great discovery. I believe that this single image shall lead us men into a new era, from now on we shall know the secrets of the universe and live like gods!
This looks like a cat that keeps running into my house.
yay! im the 2012th like ^.^
One of my cats looks EXACTLY the same as the feline in the photo! WE don't have a carpet with all those 1's, but our cat has other important things in his life.
I have a cat who looks EXACTLY LIKE THAT CAT
Ken D..
all cats look alike
Oh wow Linus. Your black cat looks just like ours. She is the most affectionate and loving critter I've ever belonged to. When I pick her up or hold her, she vibrates all over and purrs like a soft little compressor motor. All I have to do is touch er or hold er and I feel better. Can't beat that right? Here's hoping that ur little beauty does the same for you. Life's Looking Up. I have my cat by myside.
why does it seem that all black cats look exactly alike?!! Because that looks exactly like my cat too!
Not sure, but possibly the "Creator of Linux and git" thing earned the plus ones... I have a feeling that even if I posted a picture of a cat riding on the back of a dog, leading a band of smiling babies down a street paved with candy, I would not earn even one +1. I guess the I will have to invent some cool technology first.
... since girls don't code, maybe cute animals will attract them?
added a 1+

u can thank me later when you start the revolution
Looks just like my cat. But not my carpet.
How about a big fat zero!
nice cat!! but i have a qusetion for you hope you can reply.. got a problem with my pc being remote when i get connect on internet.. dont know how to fix it.. do you have any idea how to fix this?
thanks Mr. Linus
I wouldn't really consider that a rant on security people. Maybe a rant on poor security practices by overly paranoid security people, but I wasn't offended :-P
The final user is most obviously the art; more than the food, or else.
It's official, we need downvotes, in fact screw it im just gonna go get on reddit
why did you get a cat u should of got a dog
aahhhhh ahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhchooooooo cat alergies ttly worth it...
Did the cat get friskies-ed by the TSA? Part of their effort to not profile by species?
It does not seem to work as well :)
A good social experiment :). +1'ing anyway.
Funny thing is that is true. I should post cats more on my blogs.
No, that is NOT how these things work, dip head.
i love cats. i saw this and just had to give a +1 :3
P.S. It is a very cute cat though, so... +1...
great cat! what's his favorite distro??
I love seeing +Linus Torvalds on the top of "What's Hot." Proof Google+ is an alright place. Congrats beating whatever crap Paris Hilton is posting.
Tested this on facebook. the thought provoking post gets no attention on facebook but the cat gets tons comments.
I was # 3,000, let it be known - this is a day in history.
That's my cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quit with this useless nonse....awwww, cuuute kitty!!!!
+Linus Torvalds Not so, Linus. Some are clearly more special than others. Our Turbo kitty was a feral kitten that I trapped who was my constant companion for nearly 20 years.
no u actuually got 3199 +1s just sayin
I remember when you started this whole thing.
Whether it is a black cat or a white cat, it is a good cat if can catch mice.! 不管是黑猫还是白猫,能抓到老鼠的就是好猫!
You're almost at 4000 1+
Cats are awesome! I wish my kitty was still with me. :( She died a few years ago. :'( I have a crazy, psycho Australian Cattle Dog now..... he is cute tho! <3
If its an attack cat, you could have it maul the security people. That would probably result in millions of +1s...

...That might just be the first useful thing I've ever thought of for cats.
imagine, more than thousand per hour plus 1 from me :-)
There's no -1?

(this should get more +1s than your post)

10k +1s? Sheeple.
Ковёр прекрасен! Котэ доставляет =)
wahhh so cute.... meow meow .. **i speak meow*
at the current comment to + ratio you only need just under 38,000 more comments. Good luck LT. :)

and yeah , cute cat
What YOU"d have to do of course would be put that cat on a keyboard.
You are absolutely correct, that is how the caternet works
what do you mean four comments left?
btw, that's a nice black cat you have there :)
Where's a Security Cat when you need one?
Imagine what you could do with a Security Cat?
I dunno but I bet they taste nommy.
I mean I bet they look cute in the uniform. 
Hey! I have a cat like that!
Domestic cats have slit eyes, feral cats don't!  Which means they are a reptilian species from the the Pleiades who control the earth and even +Linus Torvalds 
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