Guys, I just disabled comments (and deleted the ones that got through before that) on the previous posting, because quite frankly, I'm fed up with people who follow me and then decide that I must be a moron, and don't even bother reading the post.

So here's a hint: if you think I'm a moron who doesn't find "settings", please unfollow me now. Don't reply to this post, don't pass "Go", don't do anything else. If you really think I should go to "settings" and do something, just remove me from your circles. Or at least stop responding. Ok?

In the posting that you guys replied to, I talked about the settings. I very much talked about the fact that it's broken in the settings, because it seems to be per-device or per-app. And some apps don't even seem to  have that settings field. I mentioned this.

Just go look. You didn't read it before commenting, try reading it now.

I deleted all the comments so that your shame would be just your personal thing, and people wouldn't point and laugh at you in public. But you know who you are.

So if you then after that decided to be "helpful" and point me at the settings bar, just unfollow me. Please. We'll both be happier.

Because even more important than the settings thing is the fact that the new feature shouldn't even have been enabled by default in the first place. Who the f*ck inside google thought it was a good idea to let random people invite other people to events, first spamming their G+ feed, and then spamming their calendars too? 

So pointing me at "settings" was doubly stupid. Comprende? The whole setting thing shouldn't have been an issue.

Ok, this post is unlocked, so feel free to point me at the "hide declined events" settings all you want, just to get it out of your system. And to warn the rest of the world not to procreate with you.
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