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Guys, I just disabled comments (and deleted the ones that got through before that) on the previous posting, because quite frankly, I'm fed up with people who follow me and then decide that I must be a moron, and don't even bother reading the post.

So here's a hint: if you think I'm a moron who doesn't find "settings", please unfollow me now. Don't reply to this post, don't pass "Go", don't do anything else. If you really think I should go to "settings" and do something, just remove me from your circles. Or at least stop responding. Ok?

In the posting that you guys replied to, I talked about the settings. I very much talked about the fact that it's broken in the settings, because it seems to be per-device or per-app. And some apps don't even seem to  have that settings field. I mentioned this.

Just go look. You didn't read it before commenting, try reading it now.

I deleted all the comments so that your shame would be just your personal thing, and people wouldn't point and laugh at you in public. But you know who you are.

So if you then after that decided to be "helpful" and point me at the settings bar, just unfollow me. Please. We'll both be happier.

Because even more important than the settings thing is the fact that the new feature shouldn't even have been enabled by default in the first place. Who the f*ck inside google thought it was a good idea to let random people invite other people to events, first spamming their G+ feed, and then spamming their calendars too? 

So pointing me at "settings" was doubly stupid. Comprende? The whole setting thing shouldn't have been an issue.

Ok, this post is unlocked, so feel free to point me at the "hide declined events" settings all you want, just to get it out of your system. And to warn the rest of the world not to procreate with you.
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I don't think that the man who created Linux is a moron...
Well... sorry you have to deal with trolls. On the other hand, I'm glad to see it is not just me.
Well, I think you're fantastic. :] I hope venting that will help you feel better. If not, I hope you find a way to vent whatever vexes and feel better just the same. <3
I'm getting fed up with the "Add your birthday" Spam - Which also appears repeatedly, despite declining a number of times. If I wanted Facebook, I'd be on Facebook damnit!
Welcome to the internet.  For the most part, it's an avalanche of stupid.
Wow! This is....colorful. I guess you must have been quite pissed. Well, can I at least just read the post and keep my comments in my head? (except for this one, I guess). Cheerio.
Linus, simply BLOCK w/o warning or discussion and DELETE (take out the trash)  I have a ZERO tolerance policy for idiots, smart asses or trolls!
 _Buenos días_

 Decimos aquí : "A palabras necias oídos sordos". No merece la pena tener en cuenta ciertos comentarios :)
Right, +Benjamin Hoyez, but he sure seems to be annoyed with morons. One might even go so far as to say "cranky".

People. (sigh) What can you do? :-)
I think the rest of the world already got that memo :(
Aw, c'mon Linus, I was first to comment on your last post, and I didn't call you (or myself) a moron!
At the risk of incurring your further wrath, and not at all debating that the events are completely obnoxious, there is a setting in Google Calendar (on the web) labeled "Automatically add invitations to my calendar" which when set to "no...", to the best of my knowledge, will prevent any further events from being added to your calendar (unless you should accept them), and applies to your account globally.

It also prevents calendar events received by email from being automatically added (again, unless you explicitly accept them), which may be a further bonus.
openSUSE fixed your printer related bug and I am sure Google+ will fix the G+ bug as soon as they read your post ;-) As I always say when Linus sneezes the Linux world gets cold.
+Kinley Dorji: hate to break it to you, but you weren't first. You may not have seen some of the other comments, but with a million+ followers (hopefully much fewer soon), there's a lot of "firsts" to go around.
You know that there's a setting to hide declined events, right? scnr
No, I think you are absolutely right. Changing something, especially something personal like the calendar, without asking the user for permission is just stupid and should be stopped right now.
why some people think you are moron? I don't understand
I believe answering "no" will also put events on your calendar. 
didn't comment on ur post last time... coz I really dont care... but this one ... well this one made my day... really made me laugh.... :)) thanks for sharing... (though u said dont do anything on this post well dont know if posting a comment counts :P I post anyway)
Nice. Settings were first in my mind... I got all those spammy notifications in my calendar too, but they all ceased after I suppressed them from my settings. I haven't noticed difference between devices/apps, one fix cured them all.

That was huge mistake to enable event push by default...
Don't forget that is this man who said "f**k you" to nvidia in front of a camera.
So he will not being bothered for some comments on G+...
moron? if it weren't for you, 100% of cloud services and 99% of web servers would not exist. no, i think its more of the same issue google has with their atrocious drive service. overzealous project managers that forget to cover the small things too. a whole bunch of innovative services that hardly work. 
I agree with Mr. Torvalds. I too was "invited" to an event, by a stranger who is in my G+ circles, that I simply ignored, because I simply was NOT interested in attending. Days later I saw the event listed in my calendar (on my Galaxy Nexus). "What's this", I thought? It would be nice to be offered the opportunity to opt-in to these kinds of features, instead of having to delete them after they've been automatically added to my personal data.
+Sam Wronski I'm not defending the events nonsense in any way.  I'm merely pointing out what I understand to be a way to stop them from turning up in one's calendar in the future.
Nice rant, well done....
Haha, Linus says "SETTINGS BAR?! I'll give you a settings bar, I'll settings bar you right off my thread you little $#!%"
+Linus Torvalds in your previous post you talked about the family calendar in the kitchen. Would you mind pointing in the direction of what solution you chose for this? I know you probably have enough to do without showing around your gadgets, but I was looking for something like this for ages and can't find a reasonable solution.
I think it should be added to:
seetings -> Who can interact with you and your posts
Who can invite you to events: Your circles (by default)

(Just don't hit me for using word seetings)
That would solve the problem, right?
You don't have to goto settings, since you probably whouldn't have a spammer in your circles.
You are very plaintive guy... even so, u rock!
I always think the default action of an app is to do nothing but just notify what the users can do.It's really boring to have some permission by default
well  i love how you write about something that doesnt work , suse printing stuff , nvidia stuff , etc so i think you are funny 2 cents. have a nice day
I was irritated by this for weeks also. And, yes, I went through the f*cking settings, and, no, I couldn't find the "Tell spammers to f*ck of and die" checkbox (which should have been checked by default anyway) either.
It's stick two fingers up at Nvidia, troll-slaying Linus. He's going Original Hacker on us (just don't let him around ESR's gun collection at the moment).
Thanks, Linus, you just made me laugh :)
+Linus Torvalds , Why are people like that, why are there "dicks" whom want to screw it for everyone ?. I applaud your move outlined above & hope it makes a difference. [Oh & loved your comments about Nvidia & linux last month ] Cheers Linus.
Unfortunately Google is first and foremost an ad company. So spam is their business. They hate "do not track" and seem also to not believe in "opt in" policies. :-(
Jim Cox
+Linus Torvalds Unfortunately trolls are a fact of life just like BSODs, then again there are ways of dealing with both. Thank you for your contributions.
I wanted only to point out an imprecision you said:
But my wife is set to see my calendar read-only. So now she has to do it too - for each device she has. And our family calendar in the kitchen? Same thing. Except some calendar apps don't even seem to have that setting.
Huh? Nope, no sir. Not for every app and device. Just once for every Google account. And not from your calendar app, but from Google Calendar's web page. No need to do it once for every app.
Thanks Linus! I like the way you complain about nonsense stuff.
It makes it relevant among geniuses!
If the Linus Torvalds is a moron, what hope must there be for the rest of us?
I think everyone experiences this. I feel like I want to explode when it happens to me. If I ask something, or complain about something, in a public forum, and I explicitely mention that I tried X, and the next 5 people recommend to me that I try X, I want to both cry and invoke Ragnarok at the same time.
I really don't think he's saying that he has a problem with people disagreeing with him (I hope). I think he has problem with people disagreeing with him because they assumed he was an idiot and therefore neglected to read the rest of his complaint/explanation because it wouldn't have accounted for the obvious. 
I also think they did it wrong. I'm nobody and yet I've got my calendar filled with events I didn't want there. You, having thousands of people inviting you to useless events should have your calendar rendered useless.
I absolutely understand your point of view, but I like events feature and at moment I didn't have any problems.
Also I agree with you that Google should inform users when they have a new feature before and They should not use us as beta-tester for G+ features...
I'm new in social networking (I resisted to mySpace, Twitter, Facebook & co.) and I think G+ is finally a good alternative to FB and as often happens for new advance product, it needs sometime to be setup properly; As editor/administrator for G+pages of the Planetarium near home, maybe you should open a G+pages and keep your personal account for your circles, but I a rookie....
Have a Nice Week-end.
+Anne Onomoose Which part was unclear? I say you should be able to choose who can invite you to events. Not just 0 (noone) or 1 (anyone)
+Luca Zenari: you really do have to handle every app separately. Or perhaps the synchronization of that setting is done by a really slow carrier pigeon with diabetes.

My phone still shows the crap, because I hadn't gotten around to it yet. My tablet I had to set separately. And that was hours after I had shut my browser up.

My wife has had to remove me from her calendars, because she prefers the "CalendarPad" app, and couldn't figure out how to make it not show the damn invitations to me that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

If you only use the browser, you need to set the thing just once. But the calendar apps all at a minimum cache the things, and it really looks like there's a per-device (or even per-app) setting.

Or maybe that carrier pigeon died of consumption.
Do you do rants for hire? You could be very successful if you turned that into a business :)
Linus, sometimes when i read your post you seem like a mixture of BOFH and House MD. Nice.
Well since you joined to G+ i think that is a honor have a way to contact you directly.. You know, talk or comment directly with the Linux Creator it's amazing.

So I can't unfollow, you are great and no, I don't think you are a moron
from Costa Rica... nice answer!! I had read your last post and this, and to be truth, I don't have used the event's feature.  But if everything is just like you have said, google should fix that. By the way, excelent form to say a direct message to all of us... and like in here we say:"los mando a la porra jajajaja"
I'm so glad I'm not popular enough to get event spam.
I'd rather force-feed trolls via
dd if=/dev/zero of=troll bs=1024k count=1048576
and then wipe em
wipe -q -Q 1 troll
Pffft so what, you created Linux..... //surfing Google+ on my Linux powered router...on my Linux based phone... yes...your an idiot... //sarcasm for the dumb people who follow this great man
OH. So i managed to comment on the post after it was closed. 

YES - this is broken. Just as the google talk functionality within g+ is broken. I have yet to find a way to get people OFF my chatlist that i happen to follow and they follow back. I dont want to have them in my gtalk in the phone. Really not. I want my friends and collegues to be there. Back to the drawing board and fix them. Now. 
Ed Dich
Guys, let's follow the G+ guidelines and not turn this into Facebook. If all you got to say is "I agree with you Linus" why not just press the + button? 
+Linus Torvalds I just read your previous post and noticed that you were changing the settings on your devices.

I just went to the web interface and it seems that they have more settings available. One notable setting is:

Automatically add invitations to my calendar: yes | yes but no notifications | no
I haven't read your post, but I think you should take a look at the settings. Am I right ? :D
Perhaps not using phrases like "what the f*ck is wrong with you" and "get your shit together" would decrease the likelihood of the types of comments you mention. Also, similarly reasoned, if Google are such morons why don't you stop using their products...? :)
these kind of posts always make me laugh. It's a shure thing people are too lazy to actually read. 

for those a few simple steps:
1 read it
2 actually read it
3 didn't understand it? READ IT!
4 feel like leaving a idiotic comment? press your power button...
5 don't come back here!
You, of all people, are definitely not a moron. You are my hero.
Pär Eklund maybe they need to stop using his products ;-)
Ed Dich
+Pär Eklund I think in every community product, be it linux or google services, there is a person who is appointed to taking decisions and he doesn't always do it well. This doesn't generally make the product itself bad, or the whole team morons. The problem appears when he insists on the stupid decision he made, and that's where Linus and many others are forced to use words like f*ck and sh!t. Do you have a better solution? 
i know what the problem is! you have to go to settings!  

sorry, i just had to :)
I'm with +Linus... too many idiots around here. Just ignore them, but please don't stop using G+
i just love your attitude Linus, you have a peculiar sense of expressing a type of insults which pertains to philosophers like Schopenhauer or political geniuses like Churchill. it a great way to start the day!
Probably these Trolls are telling their friends: "I was writing on a Linus Torvalds post today, I even help him with a big problem he had, and you know what, he even answer me with a second post!" :)
+Emil Österlund It might be of use to you - under the settings for G+ you can customize which circles are included for when you post to "my circles". I believe that will also have an impact on who is included in your chat list. (don't quote me on that) I have several circles for various reasons that I'm just following and none of the people in them show up in my chat roster. Even the ones who have circled me back.

+Linus Torvalds I hadn't noticed the problem you speak of with respect to calendar invitations. That could be due to mostly being invited to events that I would have been invited to through calendar anyway. It could also be due to having already set all of my devices to not show declined events (mostly because my calendar managing technique is to just assume I'll go if it shows up, and decline the things I'm not going to).
Google have already dumbed down Gmail for the benefit of the hard of thinking, so it's no surprise that they think they know better than we do about how to manage our own Calendar invites.  I used to be a strong advocate of Google, but I'm starting to lose faith, thanks to all their recent 'improvements'.
This issue is only for 'famous' people.

The default behaviour for invitations is the same as it is in Outlook, (for me anyway).  The event is added to your calendar so that you can go and look at it in order to see if it conflicts with an existing appointment.  If it does, you decline it and it's removed from your calender.  If you accept it, then it stays.

The alternative is to manually make a note of the start time, end time and date, open your calendar at that point, and manually do the calculation.

For 'regular' users this isn't a problem as you won't be getting that many invitations.  The 'public' invitations that you do get can be quickly declined directly in your email or G+ feed without even looking at your calendar.

As a 'regular' person this is how I want events to work.  When a real life friend invites me to the cinema I wan't to be able to go directly to my calendar and make a decision on my availability.

For 'famous' people, who are in a lot of circles, this will be a problem.  However, the issue is with your 'popularity' rather than with the system.

One possible fix for this is for 'famous' people to have either 2 accounts, (not ideal at all), or 1 account but with a 'public' facing side and a 'private' facing side.
If it's any consolation, you aren't the only one going crazy with some of the "features".
For whatever reason, I can't share photos directly from my phone. The pics are always synced to my account, no problem, but the phone just doesn't share them, I have to do that from my laptop.
And then there's the handling of the said pics. If the phone has been in an even slight angle when the pic is taken, they tend to be upside down. Okay, it's simple enough to turn them. Except it's not. I have to jump through freaking hoops, to do it. By common sense, I should be able to do that when I'm choosing which ones I want to share.
So, the point of this semi-rant. You are not alone. Common sense apparently isn't so common, when using computers or other devices.    
Considering how much I hate getting spammy invites from people I actually know on Facebook, I can easily imagine how frustrating it must be to get bombarded with them from people I don't know.
The Who can interact with you and your posts settings field should include something about events and default to the Who can send you notifications? setting.
I feel really unimportant right now because I have not once been invited to a spam event. haha. I hope Google does fix this ASAP, though.
I think you are in a special situation here because you are kind of famous, at least with people on G+. I get event requests, but not nearly as much that i would call it spam. So it might have been a good idea to ask you to enable the feature but most of the people (at least me) enjoy new features popping up unexpected.

That the settings are f*cked is a whole other issue and i agree with you on that.
Impressed that you're dealing with it like a grown-up.
LOL and breathe? You made a good point though, switching crap on without permission is normally a Facebook shenanigan. I hope Google aren't picking up bad habits.
"to warn the rest of the world not to procreate with you" - nicely put. I hope to one day develop writing/ranting/venting skills as polished as yours.
If I had it my way I would have never seen your pathetic ass in the first place.
+Linus Torvalds maybe start blocking everyone? it would take a long time i'm guessing but it would be funny, plus it would make for a great headline ... "Linus mass blocking marathon"
So much stupid in the comments thread... it burns.

(And yes, I agree about the G+ auto-events. Given that my phone hooks into Facebook's calendar as well, it's now a double whammy of pseudo-social spam.)
troll@retard:~$ man linus_torvalds
He's the father of computing platform you idiot!

troll@retard:~$ who am i
+Linus Torvalds , do you really have 1 million followers?

Peeps, we need to get him above 1.5 million, so he'll make it onto the top 100 list.  In fact neither of us should get any sleep until he takes the top spot from Britney Spears.

Linus, perhaps you could help out by shaving your hair and going a bit crazy?  :D
+Ed Dich I was not under the impression that whoever makes the decision over the functionality in question insisted on making stupid decisions. AFAIK, Google admitted to the spam-like problem of Events and set out to fix that. Regardless, I am of the firm opinion that a person like Linus should be able to use his influence without resorting to language and tone that does neither match his intellect nor his position as a leader and role model for engineers worldwide. Lastly, I strongly believe that lasting influence comes from setting examples and providing strong arguments based on what people do rather than what (you claim) they are. In my firm opinion, the latter just tends to solidify adverse opinions and lead to a climate where people focus on blame rather than improvement.
Well I for one am more amazed that you actually read all the comments, than that there are idiots that are posting them...
Post machine code / assembler with detailed comments, that should filter your followers nicely! :0)
+Linus Torvalds Here's an IDEA i don't know you, if you only want comments and replies from PEOPLE YOU KNOW .....DON'T POST PUBLICLY*  we have *CIRCLES for a reason. .... you might be a nice guy with some good views but this post makes you look like a complete fool. Posting PUBLICLY is just that and locking comments on a public post is just another form of spam . As for people not following you that you don't like , YOU HAVE a BLOCK button so use it. I personally block trolls and fools postings publicly with locked comments.  Sorry to seem so harsh but make CIRCLES
How can someone who created the most advanced kernel running everything from phones to super computers be a moron. I find you are a genius with a nice sense of humour. Just reminding myself why I haven't bought nvidia graphics for years (^_^)
+Michael Gardner but circles are for specific lists of people you want to outwardly broadcast to and you have to admin them if you want to selectively do this. Try this with hundreds of thousands of followers and see how log it takes you to send all posts as public.
+Richard Dagenais hmm your a compassionate intelligent man obviously. 

Speciesism is the assigning of different values or rights to beings on the basis of their species membership. The term was created by British psychologist Richard D. Ryder in 1973 to denote a prejudice against non-humans based on physical differences that are given moral value "I use the word 'speciesism'," he wrote in 1975, 

"to describe the widespread discrimination that is practised by man against other species ... Speciesism is discrimination, and like all discrimination it overlooks or underestimates the similarities between the discriminator and those discriminated against."

so you must be VEGAN?

 No! just another fool feigning intelligence . 

Lmfao you thought you'd take the intellectual high ground by reading my profile and attacking Veganism. Even more proof your a bit retarded intellectually and spiritually, as veganism is bullet proof, but feel free to try i'll love shooting you down

+Linus Torvalds sorry for the off the topic post but abuse must be responded to.
google own your calendar, you just have the password that opens it. one more in a million other people that think because they have a password its their right to bitch when google makes a change.
It is very odd that this behavior exists at all.

My guess is that it comes from Google Calendar existing in it's current form before the integration with G+, which means that the public availability of invites has always been there, but the ability to mass invite a person has not (because details of a person has not been available)

As was said by +Andy Higgins, this behaviour is precisely what you would expect from a Calendar in a business situation. What has happened, however, is the Google Calendar, long being used as a business solution (integrated through various means with desktop software), is now being made to work with the social media solution that is G+.

The problem, however, is that the bit that makes Google Calendar a good Business Calendar makes it a totally awefull social Calendar.

This leave Google with a bit of a problem. The natural, and apparently obviously, solution is to say "only allow invites from these Circles" to the Calendar. However, how will this affect current business use of the Calendar? as the Calendar is used by many business as their default Calendar, such integration could mean a change to the security stream necessary for adding events to calendars.

Thus, you could end up in a situation where you need to have your Boss circled on G+ in order to be able to add business meetings from him in your business calendar (this used by way of clarification example). I'm sure that none of us want to have to circle our co-workers, nor do we want to be forced to use G+ just to use their Calendar app at work.

What will need to happen, then, is that Google will need to offer several secure ways of adding events to the calendar, which is likely to be a bigger job that it may at first appear, because existing functionality must be maintained.

While in the short term it is easier for us to turn off automatic adding of events to the Calendar, this is not a solution, something that Google has already acknowledged.

I don't know how Google is going to solve this particular problem, especially as the current philosophy of Google is for tighter integration between it's web platforms (for easier management, and of course, better stream-lining, and cost savings).  Then again, that's why I don't work at Google.

+Marco Hellmann  "Changing something[...] without asking the user for permission is just stupid" It can't be... After all, it's what Facebook does all the time *scnr*
It's funny going through all your posts and seeing complaint after complaint
Because the man that created Linux can't find the settings button? Really?
Dude You are Actually the Smartest Person on earth you are an inspiration to many no way people could think you are a moron
+Linus Torvalds 
The Problem is, you are a well known person.
Create an incognito account (something like Mr. Smith)., then you get rid of all the idiots.And you can create your private and wanted contacts there.
У Линуса с возрастом начал портиться характер ;)
It is pretty irritating when you are NOT going to something yet it shows up on your calendar. Why would you want that??? A calendar is not the place to share what your doing with your social circles.
+Pär Eklund you've obviously never been on the kernel mailing list. Also, you've probably never grep'd for profanity in specific source code. It's something that comes with the job. Also, Linus made it clear more than once that he doesn't mind offending people, which is a good thing in my mind.
I don't know anything about the previous post, but I thought this one was pretty entertaining :p
+Chester Moy, are you para-phrasing that setting description?
"Automatically add invitations to my calendar: yes | yes but no notifications | no"
... because I see the setting as:
Automatically add invitations to my calendar:
 ●  Yes   
 ●  Yes, but don't send event reminders unless I have responded "Yes" or "Maybe"
 ●  No, only show invitations to which I have responded [including moronic invite-spammers which I auto-declined???]

+Linus Torvalds, perhaps the problem (obviously the second problem, the one that shouldn't exist if there wasn't the REAL problem) is that auto-decline is counting as a "response" and even if you set the above option to 'No' you are still screwed.

BTW, how are you auto-declining? With the Labs feature and make a forever-busy event from now until hell freezes over? Or is there another way?

They need an auto-delete or redirect to /dev/null option.

No, I take that back, they don't need that, they just need to not be morons in the first place like you said. But given that most people are morons if we had some better tools we could work around some of the Google morons and avoid the moronic invite-spamming morons.
Ranting on the internet attracts trolls ?

Get the fuck out of here :P
Equality of infomation between people never makes sense, I'm one of them don't like to be tracked.
lol'd @  "and people wouldn't point and laugh at you in public." :-)
It's fantastic - people listen to you and things get fixed. If only there was someone like that on the facebook side (yes, i know, but my family won't switch).

I wonder when this will lead to a raise of the 500 comment limit (is it still there?)
And thus, the Elder $diety of Linux hath spoken, rending asunder the fabric of space/time and casting forth bolts of sharp scorn upon the foolish and unprepared mortal trolls.

Moral of the story: Beware the Elder's for they have more talent in their toenails than the rest of of us have in total. Inviting the wrath of an Elder is a silly thing to do :-)

(edit: apologies for the rather strange post here, i blame a lack of caffeine - brain in a very strange place ...) 
And those folks must rank lower than Nvidia.....
I share your opinion on the auto-add to calendar thing.  But when you complained about it in public, with that many followers, what were you expecting? You could have complained to Google directly, there's a feedback button. The other thing is: You seem to rant a lot, lately. And you make other people look like morons yourself at times. So some Google people thought it would be a good idea if events showed up automatically in the calendar. So it wasn't a good idea after all. So what? Does that mean they are complete morons? If enough people complain about it, they will change it or provide a setting. But there are ways to complain without being unfriendly about it.
i find disabling comments extremely annoying, but thats certainly a legitiment time to do it. now if you want to talk about broken settings... in the g+ app recently even with instant upload off my pictures still end up being uploaded
I love you Linus! Just a little bromance, it's okay.
Get a clue Linus.  When you don't like something don't fucking use it. Is it too "unstable" for you?  Too haphazardly constructed?  Get bent.  I get right pissed off too, and I send the hate where it's deserved -- to the feedback box w/ constructive criticism.  Whining about a social network and calling G+ folks names is just pathetic.  Like you've never made a mistake that pissed people off -- HA!  Grow up dude, and stop feeding the trolls.  I thought you'd have learned this by now. 

::gets popcorn::
+John Stone reading was really hilarious. Nice idea though.. I will also try to force such restrictions soon.. +Linus Torvalds you ( along with  Denis Ritchie, Strostrup, James Gosling, Ken Thompson, Bill and a team of motivated individuals)  are the father of modern computing we can't even dare to think that you are an moron.. You are awesome ..You are role model of millions around the world and I really feel proud in saying that I am one of them.
Yeah, your G+ must be really messy, when you have more than milion followers ...
But keep your head up ! :--))
+Devin Stewart Those two points illustrate perfectly what I mean. People on the kernel forums admire Linus and since he takes pride in being offensive, so do they. Just because intelligent people get stuff done doesnt mean that there isnt room for improvement both in terms of pure efficiency and in terms of how they treat each other. In my mind, rudeness is a sign of inadequacy, not the other way around.
F y my favourite
Hah, great rant. I mean, surely anyone reading your post and then associating your name with today's technology would maybe think for a moment... Guess not. I just don't get why people feel the need to follow someone then act like that. I'm a firm believer in being allowed to speak one's mind, but... Engage it first, huh?
I'm sorry you got bombarded by trolls.  Hopefully the rest of us can make it up to you.
it's kind of sad really, i'm a dedicated linux user and am in no way trying to diminish the things that +Linus Torvalds has done.  What's sad however are the people only post to kiss ass.  Linus wrote the first kernel but since opening up the license to gnu it has had literally thousands of developers working with and bettering it.  you can't blame the printing issue with suse or any other hardware problem on one single person.  I didn't really enjoy the rant, and i feel dumber after reading the majority of the comments to it.  If you read something on the internet you don't like there's really no reason to write out a giant flame post in retaliation as all you're doing is 'feeding the trolls'  and adding fuel to the fire.   You gave them what they wanted. a reaction.  I agree, you should remove the people that don't offer anything constructive, that's your right as an account holder.  I just don't understand the point of making a childish 'don't call me names' approach, when in reality no one called anyone anything.  They were offering advice, if unhelpful, then move on to something else. it's presumptuous to think they were being disrespectful in any way.  Alright, i'm done with this, it just seems redundant and at the same time counter productive.
I don't even understand anything ur saying but I still read what u wrote..
That was a lot of rambling about something that is REALLY not important.
But Google just wants to turn the world into a big party!
Angry Linus > Santa! Seriously though, don't let them get to you!
I just love the bitter sense of humor of you Linus. :)
I prefer to leave the stupid comments online - let the morons show themselves up.
+Linus Torvalds  You are as inspirational as one can be. You shown the world an option, an open one. I sincerely believe way of open source shown by you is the way to go. We salute you. How can we dare to think of you as a moron.
+Linus Torvalds you're just now popped up on my Hot! post from Google+.

And i've decided to start following you. Have a nice day.
morgs p
hahahaha people follow you then decide your a moron, you said it
morons usually think great people are morons... that's just because they are morons and can't understand sheet!
+Linus Torvalds ...and this would be the reason that I keep you in my circles. I find your posts interesting and "real". You are considered an icon in the tech arena, but at the end of the day you're a real person with real ideas and opinions. I think too many people forget that, let alone the fact that you probably have enough common sense to check the"settings" of an app before you rant about it being broken....

Anyway, happy Friday and enjoy your weekend! I know I will, lake Powell calls my name... heh.
Omg!! That drives me nuts too!! Much like your wife I have access to my boyfriend's calendar and although those stupid invitation aren't showing up on his calendar, they're showing up when I look at it. And it does seem like its an individual app setting like you said with some not having a way to prevent them from showing up. Hope google changes those settings quickly!!
Seriously??!! 1. I think you might know a thing or two about "settings". 2. There seems to be a mass epidemic of people not being able to read anything more than 140 characters. ;-)
Sometimes people just look for a weak spot to have something to criticize over someone they deem superior, that's why they hurry and try to find Linus or whoever has made a stupid mistake. It's imprinted in human nature specially in social networks. But truth is we love you +Linus Torvalds and you will always be our favorite moron :o)
So +Linus Torvalds among your one million+ followers, is there anyone from Google who is responsible for this mess and who had the guts to comment on your complaints? Maybe they think that a complaint with 759/1e6 (and counting) +1s isn't significant ;-) You got mine, though. Funny how your rant's got more +1s than the real thing.
Linus, Please do what I do when Google screws up.  Submit a proper complaint to them.  They might just fix the problem.  I know some of these changes are upsetting, and I really do sympathize with your plight, but simply ranting does not convince the developers they need to change it.  Please also remember how much we are paying to be on this thing.  I believe  the price is $0.00.  That said, I Agree with what you said in the rant, and believe that it needs to be repaired, so Please Google, Help out Linus.  I am sure there are many others who are experiencing this as well.
Bravo, Linus!  Google events are about the stupidest thing I've seen from a smart company: it's a feature that pisses off and drives away celebrities and people with lots of followers (i.e. people with the most valuable content).  WTF??!  Are they trying to make a ghost town?
Well I just joined google plus and I'm hoping it's not as dramatic as some strange ones on Facebook. Glad you spoke your mind because half the people on here are thinking the same thing.
I had the same thing happen to me. People who didn't understand what was happening with events or weren't in anyone's circles who posted events arguing with me. Very frustrating!
[Rick R.] I blame your second point on Twitter... 
That said, Hey Linus, did you check your Settings Menu? - LOL just kidding - LOL   I love Google, but in their infinite wisdom to "unite" the world, I must say, there are a few people out there I would rather not be associated with... giving them access to my calendar, etc. just doesn't seem like something I would welcome either. 
Maybe I can be of some assistance in getting an ear at Google. Let me know what apps in particular you seem to find some of these frustrations with - I know you mentioned the Calendar and that you have it on a mobile device... any chance it is a app not associated with Google but that accesses your Google Calendar? I have found a few apps for my Droid that seem to "elevate" their permissions and have thus had to do away with them because they have taken advantage of other settings I would prefer to remain in tact. (I'll admit I haven't encountered the issue you are having, but I have a few friends at Google, who may be willing to investigate this from the "inside" - I found when I contacted some friends a while back about some Facebook settings issues, it was they who were able to assist in by determining it was a rogue app on my phone - thinking you may be experiencing something similar - just a thought)
My "settings" were on correctly from day one, and I never had even one event land on my calendar that shouldn't have been there. Granted I don't have millions in my circles, but maybe, just maybe...
I'm unfollowing you not because you're stupid, but because you're a whiner. Have you used Google+ to do anything but complain?
the guy who said you moron, must be from Microsoft.
Ed Dich
+Pär Eklund  I don't think +Linus Torvalds  is obliged to restrict his language too much here. Often it is more fair to name the things (or people) the way they actually are (in your personal opinion), and not search for a politically correct (=fake) wording. After all, this guy has put up a movement for freedom, and I don't think he's misusing that freedom.
The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits. Fortunately, +Linus Torvalds has proven that he is on the side of genius, in spite of its limits. Those that this (justifiable) rage is about, have just confirmed that neither stupidity nor laziness have limits. America is in sad shape because of this... :'(
Yes Google+ is stupid, even i'm getting unwanted post(google+ current).Thats why g+ is not killer app for facebook
G+ may not be killer but this post is rocking !!!
Contrary to last sentence, I am looking to procreate. Applications by comment-post only please.
LoL, i realize (as do most people) that all services and applications published by google are in BETA, therefore people should follow proper protocol and report the bug...  if devs don't know about it they can't fix it.  Events is brand new, maybe released prematurely, but give them a break.  These people who keep talking about the moron thing... no one actually said he was a moron.  Basically, someone is making a big deal about something that never actually happened.  If someone says they can help do something, they aren't necessarily implying that someone else doesn't know how to do it.  It just means they think they have some input on the matter.  Why else would you post about something if not to receive input from other users.  If the input you receive isn't what you expected or needed, then just wait for other suggestions.  it's not like someone sat down at the computer and said "Linus, you f*cking idiot, click this and do that how dumb are you?"  it was probably just a suggestion that someone with a huge ego (albeit maybe deserved) misconstrued into a negative thing and decided to complain to the millions of users who were patiently waiting for his next post.  This is why novice and curious would-be linux users are turned off and stick with windows.  elitist thinkers and arrogant jerks who think they are computer gods talk down to them and make them feel inferior.   Linux as a movement would be 3-4 times what it is now if it weren't for that particular attitude.   So, how about everyone just deflate your egos and try to keep each other grounded before you all float away.  +Michael Goodness you have made my day.
people are generally morons. don't take too much offence. For the record, in my opinion, you shouldn't have a calendar entry unless you accept and even if there is an option to "show declined events" the default should be to hide them.  Google Events are a great feature and a huge deal, but not so much I want every aspect of my life penetrated by notifications that they exist.  Annoying.
Yeah +Linus Torvalds  your opinion is very important! I love reading all your posts and I also think that Google is wrong and does not have that good control of their services or were not prepared enough!
I remember reading the Gnome 3 one you posted and half the replies didn't answer your question. (You should use Xfce!). It made me wonder if people actually read what you asked.
Ed Dich
Just to add my personal frustration with certain Google features to what +Linus Torvalds complains about - how do I tell Google to never, never, NEVER switch the language/location of their search pages based on my geographical location? It will now sporadically display search results from Germany only, or suddenly switch to Spanish (if I'm in Spain), in fact some of its services I initiated while being in Spain, and I still can't change it consistently back - it will eventually display Spanish text to me, even though I'm not there since two years! (placeholder for f* and s* words)
beny xu
Oh man, i missed the opportunity to troll linus :(
The issue in this post is NOT google!! People!! Can you read? Many of you are doing to this post what other morons did to the last one!!! This post is addressing morons who make comments with out reading the post first. Many of you have apparently done just that because you are STILL accusing the genius +Linus Torvalds of handling things wrong, and making suggestions that he submit a complaint to google. Submitting a complaint to google will unfortunately not result in all morons being expelled from google plus. (man, i wish!!!) The second issue that i have is that this isn't really about the spam. Its about google acting like Facebook and forcing changes on its users with out getting their input first. I have greatly reduced, almost discontinued my use of facebook because of the timeline. I hate timeline. Not because its terrible, but because i was forced into it against my will.
Now that just made ANOTHER reason for multiple personal shaming. Most people never learn. Every public Linus post goes like this.

I, for one, will make some popcorn and laugh, since it's utterly  hopeless.
Linus, I figured you were interrupt driven anyway...  Have a great weekend with the wife!
ugh... trying to understand all the ass kissing is making my head hurt.  Linus isn't going to give you money, or come to your school and speak, and you aren't going to meet and become good friends.  people aren't going to hear the name linus torvalds and be reminded of his friend from g+. The original post, which was about google events, is what this one is based on. So yeah, it's kind of about google events as well.  okay, i'm seriously done with this now. Linus will you buy me a +Chrome Book and sign it for me?  <---- joke.
Sandy G
This post appears in my "What's hot in G+" stream. I don't follow you and mean you no harm +Linus Torvalds ? I joined G+ about July 1. I see rants from "influencers" Scoble Freaks Out on Google. As G+ grows, maybe G+ celebrities can please limit rants to their Circles instead of public, so that I can still learn public hot tech advice and filter out the negative?
Superb! It has to come only from Linus Torvalds :)
Poor guy...i hope you feel better after this...
+Ed Dich  i couldn't agree more with you.. i live in mexico but on the borderline, therefore my professional life is pretty much on english, even my career is based on that same language. But every time i go home i have to remind google my settings, as my default google on .com instead of i don't like using the mx version since the results are very reduced on the subject i usually look for.. i would like to go back to simpler times when google was less "smart"... lol.. i mean... usually when you travel to a different country.. you don't just "absorb" a new language.. unless.. we actually do.. and i'm lost on the updates of the world.. either way.. shame on you google... shame.. shame.. 
Hahaha. Don't ever change Linus. You are awesome.
Linus you moron, all you have to do is click settings... <-- lame joke.  Obviously a guy who wrote an OS kernel and became the founder of an amazing OS doesn't know how to use a computer.  People are pretty stupid.  I should know.  I'm people, I'm stupid.

Oh, and you must have warned the rest of the world not to procreate with me a long time ago.  Curse you!  :-P

Blah blah blah.  Awesome job!  Keep up the good work!  And I enjoy your posts, so I hope they will keep coming.  Have a great weekend!
There are just a few professionals out there that Google or really any internet application developer should take seriously. Linus Torvalds, Tim Berners-Lee, just to name a few. Let's not forget these pioneers for free information and openness. Why was the lead such individuals so valuable once now ignored. Sure Linus Torvalds seems to rant (ever heard Tim Berners-Lee speak publicly? seriously its amazing he was ever taken serious) , however its these kinds of raw unpolished public conversations that have the most impact on this internet enabled population. Google should be listening. maybe not observing every suggestion/ complaint, but listening. Such people shouldn't have to submit formal requests or complaints. Such statements deserve public space.
Have you tried checking the "settings" menu? I believe there is a way to disable invites.

Ok, ok, it was a joke; don't flay me.
The settings menu is the little gear in the top right.
i originally started following linus hoping to gain some insight into the man who created the linux kernel.  So far, however, i've learned he likes to complain. a lot. To anyone who will read it.  I'm kind of disappointed, then again you know how the saying goes "never meet your heroes" I know, my opinion isn't going to change anything, i would be even more disappointed if it did.  I just hope in the future you could try to be a bit more understanding about someone trying to give advice, when you clearly asked for it.  of course you would have checked settings, it's the obvious first step, but come on.  When you ask for public advice you're going to get public answers.
Linus Torvalds: The Don Rickles of the IT world.
+Joel Wilcox I always thought Linus was well known for being a bit caustic (often hilariously so, ask him about C++). Besides, do you really want all your heroes to be perfect?
Here's an idea: If G+ angers you again, just call up Eric Schmidt or some other exec and ask for a tour of the facilities, then when no one is looking access a server terminal and fix it.
I wish we could go back to the time when trolls were creatures under the bridge.
LOL, best post ever Linus. made my morning!!
+Gary Dillon  no not perfect, just more understanding of the common end-user.  I've done more than my fair share of tech support both in person and over the phone.  The one thing to remember is that you don't want to make the user feel like a moron.. even if they are.  i once had an old woman tell me the internet wasn't working because she wasn't getting the results she expected when she did a google search, and yet another who bought a wireless router, and didn't understand why they had no signal when they never took it out of the box because it was supposed to be 'wireless'   As much as i wanted to be evil about it, i calmly explained the problem and we went from there.  idk maybe i'm expecting too much lol
You are the Linus Awesome Torvalds. You are the one.
I have no idea if you are stupid or not, but I find it unlikely. Due to this post I MAY give Linux another shot sometime. Good luck getting morons to stop circling or following you.
Best post to read on a Friday morning!  Thanks!
i guess my point is, this isn't a tech forum, it's a social networking site, so you're going to receive some obvious responses, and with a million plus followers, you'll receive the the same dumb answers over and over and over, but you have to anticipate that.  try the google dev web site.  
wait somebody thinks he is stupid?  well thanks for the wonderful stuff you've made.
Anyone who has relinked a Linux Kernel ought to know that Linus knows a thing or two about settings.
I think some people have already forgotten some of the world's greatest innovators of our era, and that's sad. 
Only thing I can think of is maybe sending feedback? Although I lost track of where it moved to recently with all of the site redesigning. I know when they first rolled out events, there was some kind of problem with it that spammed invitations to circles, extended circles, etc. This seems like another thing they may not be aware of (or not think is a problem?) but need to work out.
I knew you were smart Linus... but I didn't realize that you were funny.
Well said :-D
Mr. Linus, never wary of the power of human stupidity.
The difference is that if the moron is the developer, as a result we get spam and undesirable content, difficult to solve on our own. However, if the stupid are the other, the result is the same, but reaches deleting comments ;-)
"And to warn the rest of the world not to procreate with you" LOL!
Google+ comments are dominated by the worst sort of fawning, attention-seeking drivel. See above.
"If you don't like G+, just use Facebook. It's so much better. GAHD"

I had to. Couldn't believe the stupid shit I read on here last week lol
+Dennis Forbes Pfft not just G+, "genius" is overused all the time pretty much everywhere. I think we've forgotten the meaning of the word.
I'm almost disappointed I didn't get invited to any events. Almost.
All this fuss...look, just go to "Settings", "Comments", and set "Block Morons" to "Yes". Then go to "Settings","Features", and set "Enable Moronic Features" to "No".

If you don't see, those options it's probably due to a bug and should be reported to Google, perhaps repeatedly, until Moronicity can be avoided properly.
Linus seriously, Google+ should be a service, getting this service to do what you want and make you happy should be an effortless part of the user interface and experience.  I suppress my own rage on the almost impossible to use user interface that G+ presents, and I worry that by abdicating this anger the G+ developers are not getting the proper feedback.  So great fear is that in this abdication I force you to waste your ++very++ valuable time in doing so and that is not good, because when you are not thinking about the Linux kernel and how to make it better, I suffer, as I am a Linux user.  BTW thanks for everything, and I will resolve to bitch at Google (and NVIDIA :^) ans try to do so as eloquently as you do.   
Right on Linus. I'm always glad to see someone tellin' it like it is.
Linus, (which by the way, my android phone wants to auto correct that to Linux) why don't you just go to the setting bar and hit "disable moronic posts by illiterate d-bags"? Doesn't have to be rocket surgery or brain science, bro. The setting is right there. Use it. What? You can't find it? It's there on my app. Why aren't you using the same device and app that I am? Stop liking what I don't like, Linus.
I read all your post 'till the last line, since I thought there would be a bunch of idiots out there to make hungry a great person like you. :)
I share your thoughts and your boring about useless answers and most of all i really laughed at last row of your post: "And to warn the rest of the world not to procreate with you."
Really awesome! :)
You are too generous.  Anyone who thinks you're a moron deserves public ridicule, and should be removed from the gene-pool.  I read your posts and feel like a booger-eating neanderthal by comparison.
Have you looked at the settings yet?
+Michael Sammels No one wants Facebook. I thought the quotes and laughing gave away the jokeness of my post. I didn't think real people said "GAHD" either.
Linus, you're funny man. I think there should be a pill for pre-mature posting
Hmmm... invents Linux in his bedroom, must be a moron.  Ignore the haters.
Yeah seriously let the children think whatever they want. In my eyes your still a hero to the open source community.
Thank you for Linux, Linus.
Ah man this made me lol. I'm sure there is a setting for this too, lol.
Fanboys, can't reason with 'em, not legally allowed to beat the shit out of 'em.
Quite frankly I'm surprised you've got time to even read the comments on your posts. I follow because I appreciate your work and gift of tech, but also because of your "yes i'm smart, but this UI sucks" honesty. Sometimes we nerds need to realize that just because it can, doesn't mean it should and that common sense should also prevail. Keep it up! 
Problem with trolls is that they love negative attention. Tell a troll to stop sending you invites and they will send you even more. The most important thing is that a lot of people respect you on Google+. So, don't worry about them trolls because trolls are a fact of life.
There seem to be a lot of situations the google developers didn't think through with events.  I felt the same way about the thought process behind buzz.  At very least, google seems open to feedback and these are correctable errors.
Linus, I respect the products of your work WAY to much to think you're a moron. Thank you for all you do, and I look forward to seeing your future projects in action.
You are, as usual, quite correct Linus....
I do however find your intensity amusing.
You were defiantly not made for the world of cubicles.
This is the cost of fame (and evidently Google's poor design decision or oversight).  Fortunately, no one cared to invite me to any events, so I didn't have to deal with the related spam.
So glad to find this post and the original one trending on G+ because a) I didn't know Linus was on G+ until today, and b) it validates that it is okay to rant passionately and profanely about tech issues that never should have made it out the door.

If there really was a setting to fix this I would be amazed if someone at Google hadn't already reached out to Linus and told him what it was. Since that obviously hasn't happened I'm sure there will be soon such a setting or change in the default behaviour.

Sometimes it just requires a person with a loud enough voice to shout 'the King has no clothes' and get people to realize the obvious. Spam is bad ummmkay?
"And to warn the rest of the world not to procreate with you." This has to be the most bad-ass response yet lol.

I totally agree with you on the "we shouldn't have to disable it" thing, and the per-device settings, that's just a pain, especially if you flash ROMs often, or have multiple devices.
Wow... People trying to insist Linus doesn't know how to use a computer. Guess they never heard saying:
"ne uchi ot'tsa yebat'tsya" - ask russian friend to translate if you're curious.
For me, being a sysadmin with 15 years of experience, if i have to think more than 2 seconds how to navigate UI and setting - someone screwed up. End of story.
:D Linus you crack me up man! I'm so glad that with all this BS with the events and "forced feature" sets going on with G+ you haven't left. Keep telling it like it is. Peace!
I wonder if +Linus Torvalds rants this hard when someone gives him a stupid email about Linux. Those would be fun to read!
That's just too funny, suggesting you may have difficulty switching a 'feature' on or off! And you dealt with it so gracefully, too. Lol
look at the response from a personal rant against your followers. I just felt like I needed to post something as well. a new rule: thou shall never instruct Linus Torvalds  unless you know what the f#$! you're talking about or face his terrible swift sword which proceeds from his mouth to smite his enemies "the idiots, fools and, trolls - mysterious creatures that roam the social internet sites. 
Vahe G
don't pay attention, we hid from stupid people in internet, now they are ALL here, we need a place..
We have lot of different people out there. If we cannot live with them, the best thing is to keep them at hand's length. It'll be better for them and specially for us.
What are you doing to end the long September in our lifetimes?
I think Google should make man pages of all their products.
...and man pages should be written in Original SGML! :-P
U r one of the most important man in the story of Linux. Why u spread your time with useless people ?
Linus you're the man, that's why we follow you. Take it easy. I hate Tux though... is time to kill him.
This is completely unrelated to the problem you're experiencing with events but I just wanted to chime in on the ranting thing. I'm not much for drama but I'm much more annoyed by 'celebrities' who pretend to be someone they aren't because it's expected of them. I like the idea that you aren't afraid to rant about your frustrations and I think it connects you to the rest of the community. I think it gives people the 'well, if +Linus Torvalds can experience these problems, then I'm not doing to bad' feeling and that's a good thing.

So, by all means, keep ranting and being real. It's a much better alternative to being fake. 
And with a few flicks of the wrists, Linus shows the now massively obnoxious internet he'll always have the power and will turn off the internet if anyone dares insult him ensuing that he doesn't read. Muhuhahaha. -A supporter.
if he had thought like you that there are " useless people " would not create Linux, but only thought about his college career ....
se avesse pensato come te: che esistono " useless people " non avrebbe creato Linux ma pensato soltanto alla sua carriera universitaria ....
Slobodan, somehow, I seriously doubt that your not-watching Linus rant will have any positive effect on linux marketing.  Personally, it is these kind of RTFA rants that keep Linus in my circles.
Some lonely nerds at Google thought maybe they'd get invited to more parties if they could be invited to parties to which they were not technically invited at all.
its true g+ developers should think if all the cases the people that spam our calendar with some random event invitations could be a security attack to person in self or google in the last case
Sorry Linus i create an event and put you inside, it was a joke.
And that is why you should use Facebook, to not let everyone add you except googd people. :D
Ah yes, "read the furnished materials"  As a consultant who works with Luddites on a daily basis, I can assure you that the layman does, in fact, not read anything that is not stapled to their foreheads.  Clearly man pages and o'reilly books were written only for the Gods.  :-D
So you're saying you don't want me to send you an invitation to my birthday party? It's not going to be Project X by any stretch, but we'll have ice cream cake. 
Well I personally get a lot of your frustration .. I also get annoyed out of my skull by software doing things I never asked them to do and especially when they're not giving me an easy way to fully disable whatever it was they're doing, e.g. facebook has no "block all apps" checkbox that I know of .. and then everyone keeps telling me how I'm being "too negative" or something when I go on a rant about the things that really annoy me ;)
+Mark Vander Stel feel free to share if you know where you can block any and all app activity, including all the stupid requests sent from any and all apps you have never heard of or used, such as "SimCity societies" .. so far I've had to block each and every app one at a time, or block all invites one person at a time
I don't use Google calendar and other services for the same insanity, where all new ideas are applied as default without asking the user. Thank God for alternatives.
Well stated rant! Now to figure out why I have the opposite problem.. lol
People don't read what I type either, at least not in my emails I send at work our in trouble tickets I save... I think it's the fault of the ”omg I need to hurry up and skim so I can get to the next twenty posts in record time so I can go watch moar teevee....” Syndrome...
You know linus, you're probably the most interesting follow i've got. And that's a good thing.
Ever since G+ released the Event Invite, I decided to simply treat each one as an invitation for the event organizer to be deleted from my circles..... Luckily I'm probably not receiving as many event invites as you.
+Jason Schulz  quote "At very least, google seems open to feedback and these are correctable errors.". I haven't seen any sign that G+ reads its feedback and whips out much needed redesigns.
Basil thrashes his car - Fawlty Towers - BBC
Wow, really, Linus is one of the smartest man alive. Whoever calls him a moron, is a moron. I love your posts Linus, keep them coming!
Alright who started a flamewar with Linus? Such things are stupid and pointless. Though what would probably be funny is if they irritate Linus enough that he would cut off Google's Linux server kernel updates lol
+Linus Torvalds You need to do two things to workaround the current problems:
1. Don't tough the event at all. Just ignore it. Declined event will show up on calendar, which is by Google Calendar design. It may get changed later on.
2. Turn of event notifications. This is pretty much true for all new features. New features come with new set of notifications, you have to deal with them all the time.

That should get you over the current bug phase. Google clearly rushed out to hit Google I/O deadline and came up an incomplete feature.
Yesterday I almost cleaned facebook and polished Google+. This morning while having my tea I read your post +Linus Torvalds , starting comments and wondered ... back to the roots :)
I just wish the Events icon would stop trying to tell me it was new. sigh
Hey got a great idea +Linus Torvalds why not write your own social network model with all the features you like? Then all your real followers can do just that and us plebs can muddle on with google commenting on Public posts.
It's a world full of idiots posting from Windows machines.
Lol I was thinking the same thing! Windows morons!!
While many Linux distros are good, Windows is the only selection if you are serious gamer on pc platform :(. OS is a tool, you use the one that best serves your needs. Doesn't make you a moron..
We are prisoners of the corporate world
It doesn't matter if there are settings if (a) they are too hard to find or (b) they don't work as they are supposed to.
Linus, you are awesome! 
Default settings on Facebook and probably Google are certainly 100% political and 0% tool/ergonomy. We as users, and certainly much more G+ users than Facebook users, want real effective tools. So it is sure that there will be some confrontation at some point.
I love reading your posts haha I agreed with you on everything, ps I despise gnome 3
Did you try checking inside the Settings, Linus? ;-)
I don't think it's half as embarrassing as the people who were commenting on your dcache optimization declaring that they'd never allow such premature optimization in their projects. I honestly have no idea how any public figure can stand to read the comments on their public posts.
Linus, these things will just grow more frequent as the internet grows to cover all aspects pf our lives. Some of them are honest (you can say stupid) mistakes. But some are  deliberately done by big corporates to gain more profits from their customers, by extracting finances (eBay/PayPal is a master on that), or private information as is the case of G and FB. Since the technology is so new nobody regulates those tiny details that big companies do, but we need voices like yours to help protect the public, as technology becomes more integral to our lives.
How many here are actually interested in talking to Linus, and how many are just starstruck by his awesome factor as the linux ubergeek?
Actually, I confess that I started following because I was curious about 'the man'. Now that's sated and now he just seems to like taking up a bunch o' space on the G+ feed. Of course I like feeling a bit superior when 'the man' bitches like a sissy over everyday shit, but I'm gonna stop following before nexus get there and the the next wave of self absorbtion takes over... ciao.
I have the exact opposite reaction, +David Connell . I really enjoy Mr. Torvalds sharp criticisms and ranting - warranted or not. It's refreshing to find someone more jaded than I am. By the way, how exactly does one "take up space" on G+ in the first place?
You can select "hide declined events" in settings, you moron. :-) (Sorry, something you wrote forced me to do that.)
PS. Thanks for your insightful posts!
I consider it a mistake. Looking forward to a fix. I like and respect you and hope you stay and continue to post.
So I know you have thousands of comments on your posts already, but whoever the idiot was that trolled you, must have never heard of your achievements, Linux in general, it half the advances in general computing. I lost count of how many articles I've read over the years that mention you in some way (all positive). You my friend, are from a "moron".
he's from a moron? i think he's talking about your parents .... sorry couldn't resist
Linus, for every person that thinks negatively about you, there are millions that think positively.
wow... but generally i just think flamers negate their own validity whenever they're so dismissive...
I'm your fan, so I follow you...
Once I got this statement from a key user:
"If this new feature is enabled by default and cannot be easily disabled, then it's a bug."

This is just so true...
80% + of people never read past the first 3 lines 
thats the problem with todays world, i dont see why not
Linus always has interesting things to post :)
+Draveyn Zoul , I don't understand it either, as the first insult will typically be found in line 5 and the more interesting swear words in lines 8+ :-)
Linus, I agree with you. I invite you to a party for all those who hate creepy-default-settings. LOL Just kidding.
Shut up, Linus. You, sir, are and idiot... Brb, gotta go administer my Linux cluster... wink j/k
+Carlos Zubieta I pretty much did that, though not about event SPAM, rather the public visibility of invitees. The lack of controls to hide peoples' names is both a privacy and security threat (as in you don't want either the burglars or your family to know you will be at the AA meeting (or worse) for the evening).

Events have the potential to be awesomely useful, but only if Google can get their heads around the way PEOPLE work. Something they're notoriously bad at. :(
To google:

Having a "setting" for a new option isn't really all that great when it has a stupid default of "spam me"

And I still don't think treating celebrities as a special case in the G+ source code is wise.  Let people manage which circles can send you stuff the same way.  Anyone in the "public" group (someone who is not in your circles OR your extended circles) should default to OFF.
ROFL!!!   Go Linus!  It clears the circuits now and then to let the gene pool know it needs cleaning.  :)
I hope your not the reason I can't comment on any of my friends post
Linus is one of those fine folk who think things should just work.  So naturally they don't.
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