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Hey, most people are probably tired of the Pixel updates, and I suspect this is the last one unless something special happens, because things are calming down, and it looks like there's just some small finishing touches left.

The suspend problems seem to be solved too. There's an annoying "feature" in the Pixel coreboot suspend code, but Duncan Laurie figured it out, and it's related to the resume code checking the TPM state. The workaround is to make sure that the TPM driver is active, which makes the coreboot TPM checks happy.

The touchscreen is also working, although my fingers aren't doing any better at it. I wouldn't be surprised if I found some more issues with it as I start to actually use it as my laptop, but at least right now it does seem to be all ready for that. 
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I'm sure Google couldn't be more happy to see you making sure the Pixel gets really good support. ;-)
Your Pixel posts are helping assuage my anxious waiting for mine. 
Also not tired of the updates. Keep them coming. 
Doug Fort
I'm very interested in your experience. Hope to hear more. 
Actually, I've found following this quite interesting, both from a development point of view, and as a 'hardware made to work for my purpose' view. I wouldn't mind an update one month down the line, to see if it's still great.
Roberto V
Keep them coming please!
Not tired of the pixel updates
I know I'm interested in how the Pixel is as a "real" machine. I'm pondering it versus a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition.
+Linus Torvalds we actually waiting for Pixel updates, because we are trying to understand, if it is worth buying for us. Naturally Apple with Retina would be alternative, but again Alternative.
If at some point, you would decide, this is it, large chunk of geeks, like me will jump on board. So far, for me at least, concern would be disk space.
You haven't called Google a bunch of fucking morons yet, so they must've done something right
not tired, I am assuming your no longer running chromeOS, what are you running on it?
I'm really tempted on buying one should it ever be available in Europe. But how well does it run gnome 3?

Oh, and please keep the updates coming.
Your updates are making me contemplate buying a pixel as my next Linux PC. Keep at it.
Yeah I find them very interesting. That screen!
I'm not sick of them.  Jealous, sure, but not sick.  :-)
Neither am I. I love the pixel updates
I enjoy the feedback. Curious about this machine. Have no dime or dollar to throw at it though. 
Thanks +Linus Torvalds! You've been a wonderful dogfooder.

I think we're most of the way there for driver support on all the fronts that you've discussed, but there are a few missing features left.

Audio support is incomplete. The Pixel uses this new Creative codec, and you may have noticed that it pops audibly starting up and resuming from sleep.  Also, volume adjustment isn't happening right now (though mute works).
I'm not tired of the updates at all. It's a bit out of my price range, but regardless I still enjoy hearing about it.
Keep them coming. I've always loved your no bs attitude to say it like it is.
Does this mean that you have changed (will soon change?) your primary laptop?
Looking very hard at the Pixel as Linux workstation, so your updates are invaluable. Keep them coming? 
Please keep posting updates. You may think it is mundane but I think they are interesting.
Agreed. Please keep the updates coming
32Go SSD, 5h battery, it's very weak for 1300$, you can have premium laptop for this prize and with still a good resolution ....
With chromebook pixel, you pay only for the screen....
It's for a particular use I guess
I agree with all the others - I am loving the updates, still on the fence if I should make room in my budget to purchase the Pixel. 
Time for another git pull and make...
+Benson Leung volume adjustment works fine for me. Use PCM.
keep em coming, I will need the documentation when mine arrives in 3-5 days
+Benson Leung: oh, I had forgotten about the audio issue. It does indeed pop, and volume adjustment is "interesting". The volume slider does kind of work, but the scale is wrong (it's basically at 100% volume any time the slider is not in the lowest 5% - probably confusion about decibel being a logarithmic scale).

+Peter da Silva: I don't have any use for TPM, but it looks like the Pixel coreboot uses it to integrity-check the machine at resume time. Which is understandable, since otherwise you might be able to fool the machine to boot into "secure" ChromeOS mode by filling memory with the right image and then "resuming" into that image.

The problem with that is that the apparently the coreboot resume code gets unhappy about the TPM state even if you're not in secure mode,, and turns the resume into a reboot instead. Initializing the TPM chip properly at suspend time (which happens when the TPM driver is active) apparently makes the coreboot resume code happy.

NOTE: I didn't do any of the debugging. I just used it and reported it. Duncan Laurie did all the actual debug effort, I just used the machine and reported the problems..
+Linus Torvalds  Did you actually push anything new to git? I'm not seeing anything since the timeout fixes earlier.
It probably doesn't matter but what distribution did you put on it?
I love updates that mean enhancement and maturation of the Linux ecosystem 
+Ardian Yuli Setyanto Depends what you use to code. If you use an online IDE like ShiftEdit, yeah probably. If you use Dreamweaver or Sublime Text, probably not.
+Pablo Cholaky: ChromeOS is basically Linux with a custom windowing system and the Chrome browser.
+Brock Tice Thanks for the tip.  I would probably want to put pure Debian on it or Centos since we use Redhat at work.  But I also love ChromeOS so would probably run them side by side.  For now I'm going to put some money away and maybe get one of these in a few months.

It's great to see Linus jumping on this so quickly.
There may be a lot of people eagerly awaiting these updates.  Linux on the Pixel would be great!
Awesome! Keep up with the updates.
And here I had been wondering if this would be a good piece of hardware to run Linux.
Have you tried running Steam on it yet?  I think Steam compatibility is going to become extremely important in the next couple of years.
Steam works even in crouton.
Keep them coming. And I am sure you are tired of hearing of how awesome it would be if one could run Linux distribution on it. But that option would push me to write a check day one. 
I'm sure I am not the only one enjoying the Pixel updates.  For a few people I'm sure its a tipping point on whether or not they should get it.
The more Pixel updates the better :)
As someone who would like to buy the Pixel and install a full Linux distro, I really appreciate these updates. I can't really afford to buy a $1200 laptop unless its something I am really going to use. So any quirks/criticisms you point out are very interesting to me. 
Another +1 for Pixel updates.
Is it really worth the price tag?
Lots of people are watching your pixel updates, keep 'em comin'. :)
Does the 1 TB Google Drive work with linux? 
+Jari Vasell Google Drive is a web based platform, so it will work with anything with an internet connection.
This is brilliant Linus. Keep it coming :-)
Comparing Pixel LTE with Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed), I should say that many would go for Double RAM, 4x SSD, A better CPU and lighter body (For the same price).

Hight resolution, LTE and touch screen are good but not appealing to many.

On the other hand, most devs would like to use a Desktop with a hight-res monitor to keep all windows and developments tools open at the same time.

Both laptops are really good and it is hard to choose...
Linus which distribution do you use on your Pixel? Did you try Ubuntu?
+Linus Torvalds Did you manage to replace the SSD ? 32/64 GB seems very little and I fear replacing the drive is not an easy task. 
Hey ! +Linus Torvalds  U seem to be very popular in the IT field!. Our Computer Science Textbook (10th grade) in my school (In India) also mentions your name as the inventor of Linux!. I am going to learn programming soon! Can u give me any suggestions on how to go about it? How to learn to code, and from where should i do it? Your help is appreciated
+Kamalesh A.P, if you want to learn programming fundamentals, just forget Linus and C / C++. Buy a good book about the Pascal programming language and, when you feel really comfortable with it, then come back to Linus and C / C++.
+António Pedro Neves duh, why learn a dead language? there are perfectly good language for education that are also useful in the real life, (as +Python), C can be learned as a first language if you have the right material, even if it's a bit harder.
The finishing touches will ultimately decide whether it will become my primary machine.  Popping sound, broken suspend, and a bunch of little annoyances are tolerable on a toy, but not on the machine I use for everything, everyday.

So, scream about the little annoyances.
I'm hoping a Pixel descendent will be available for sale in Australia for my next laptop refresh in 2 years. Fingers crossed for something almost as light as an iPad.
+António Pedro Neves
well in India they start teaching C/C++ or Java from the ninth grade and by the time we are done with our senior secondary we are quite good at the fundamentals of one of them and hence are ready to take up a professional course at grad school. and by my experience i can say that for all this we did not feel the need of pascal their but yes BASIC was taught from 2nd grade till 8th grade before Java/C/C++ started
+Ramkumar Ramachandra I'm willing to put up with the glitches for now, they're not huge, and given that all of this hardware is already working on Linux 3.4 in ChromeOS, it's just a matter of time until it all gets ported. But then, this is not my main machine, just my main portable now.
+Brock Tice Yes.  I'm hoping a couple of months, at most, before all the glitches are hammered out?  I'm half-considering buying it now, so I can experiment with it (just found David's repository with the basics).
Cool, didn't know that it used coreboot, which I could get my desktop to run with coreboot.
That is nice when such people start using some device. Users get proper support much faster. Maybe make sense to provide new laptop for Linus for free every month just to get proper hardware support in kernel? :)
Fat fingers? Would one of these capacitive pens be any use?

My wife uses one on her Nexus 7, and it makes things so much easier for her.
+Linus Torvalds I hope you keep doing the updates. Your insight on the product is great to follow. (fwiw Your prior messages on the Nexus 7 were part of the reason I got it) Thanks! 
At least we know that running Linux on the pixel will be well supported.
About that storage - no google drive for linux yet! There is Grive - which works ok, but does not support everything (have to sync manually etc). Please, do keep on discussing your experiences +Linus Torvalds  - it's really interesting. 
+Linus Torvalds At least once now I've had the laptop go to sleep, stay there for a minute, and then wake up with the touchscreen freaking out until I unloaded/loaded the chromeos_pixel module. I may re-try that hack and/or increase your timeout.
Here's the problem with people complaining about Mir.

This is *NIX.  Choices, options, and various avenues both well explored and dimly lit have classically been available in such a profusion that it really comes to a point that there is nothing similar with them at all except the ELF format

For example, we have Nano, Vim, Emacs, and umpteen billion other options for something as simple and seemingly straightforward as text file editing.  For audio, we have OSS, Pulse, ALSA, and hundreds of wrappers, servers, clients, to confuse the issue.

None of these options are truly bad, but that does not stop people from arguing about their relative strengths and weaknesses, from having a favorite, or from finding some use in any and/or all of the options.

So while people are complaining that there is something "wrong" with this move here, I say that this is exactly par for the course in what makes Linux great powerful and flexible, but also what makes it less popular than "other" operating systems.
+Linus Torvalds trying to determine if the pixel or even just chrome os is suitable for developing android apps or even chrome os apps. without having to use things like crouton or separate os systems. Any thoughts
+Linus Torvalds Last I heard you were running Mint's XFCE.  Are you planning to test it on the Pixel?  I've been quite pleased with Mint XFCE as well, and I'm considering procuring a ZaReason Verix 530, but maybe a Pixel would be a better choice.
OMG Pixel Linux. You should have to add a weather modification drivers in kernel space for possibility to extract your personal google drive from cloud as a real 1Tb storage. But prepare to fight in low earth orbit with a google marketing trolls )
Man.. In germany the Chromebook Pixel isn't available yet. Btw. is there a way to install Fedora 18 on the Chromebook? I've only seen guides for Ubuntu yet.
But damn I want the Pixel thing too... My Laptop before had 1366x768 Pixel, now I have a Dell Vostro with 1920x1080 and I wouldn't even go back to 1366x768, but damn 2560x1700 is even more amazing. I hope Pixel gets available in germany soon.
+John Vilsack, the flagship machine is a zEnterprise box, IMHO.  At least, it strikes me as more the aircraft carrier between the two.  But YMMV.
Hi Linus, you changed my life, I'm on LPI-1 and am passionate about Linux system, I intend to specialize more and more.
Hello Linus, You have really done a good job by introducing the Linux System. I want to learn something for developing a shell for linux based operating system. I want to  know how can I create my own shell? What's the way to develop it?
Thank you...
+shrishail subhanappar  АААААРГХ!!
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sorry Linus, but seriously: why wouldn't you just favor a Macbook (with the OS you prefer)? Your praise for he pixel really irritates me. I'm baffled.
What distro do you use?
I suspect that +Google doesn't mind the attention lavished upon the pixel. For that matter, I don't either. 
My question is the following: is the 32GB SSD storage enough for everyday use?
+Nathan Nutter I am in the same boat. I can't decide between the Pixel LTE and XPS DE. Anyone have experience with both?  
+Steven Guillory if It was my money on the line I'd buy the Pixel if ONLY  because Google has a better history of supporting Open-Source software than Dell does.
+Linus Torvalds Not sure if you mean updates on G+ re your Pixel experiences or updates to the kernel to support Pixel.  Either way, keep them coming as long as you care to... people who don't care can easily ignore, and there are a lot of us who do find either or both interesting.
Greg S
I have a 2013 Pixel and I still have significant problems. I wonder if you still use yours and whether you have similar problems. I'm running a 4.3 kernel with recent drivers and X from Debian unstable.

The GPU still freezes for a few minutes occasionally. Less often than in the past but I can still reliably trigger it by opening a bunch of Chrome tabs.

The audio microphone still doesn't work (despite the model=... parameter on the driver). And I occasionally get noise from it when resuming or when pulseaudio restarts.
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