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Prediction: instead of Oracle coming out and admitting they were morons about their idiotic suit against Android, they'll come out posturing and talk about how they'll be vindicated, and pay lawyers to take it to the next level of idiocy.

Sometimes I really wish I wasn't always right. It's a curse, I tell you.
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Haha, they have to make their shareholders believe they will get there millions.
Time for He Whose Name We Shall Not Say to finally publish that home made adult video ;-)
Randy Sagoo
Getting fed up of all the patent fights, wish the companies would compete instead of the lawsuits!!!
definitely wouldn't bet against that. Especially not Oracle. Crazy Larry Ellison.
Thats not a prediction, that is a certainty! Sad as it may be.

What is even worse is that I am reading a book right now that quotes Larry Ellison on being innovative, when this was about the exact opposite and stifling innovation.
they did pay all that money for sun to do this didn't they?
Larry's read too much Sun Tzu to take this lying down.
Forgive me here, but if Alsup rules that APIs can't be copyrighted, then I think it's actually possible that Oracle may pack up and go home on this one. The loss would just be so big and so definite.
It is only a curse when you are right and you don't want to be right.
I really hope you are wrong, but I suspect their ego will get in their way.
That is called the Casandra Syndrome... when someone heeds your words... legend has it you will die !
Of course not. It is the innate nature of man to be right. We don't tend to believe wrong until told otherwise. It is indeed too bad that some will continue until no options are left, until there is no possible way one's point could be correct.

Of course, Oracle would look weak if they kowtowed now, and investors may leave if they took such a position. So be damned morals and sanity, Oracle has money to look after. It just seems to be the nature of things. As +Thomas Vecchione pointed out, it is a certainty.
I hope you're wrong but I'm not holding my breath.
It's just business; doesn't IV still own the Transmeta portfolio? No one will be surprised to see them loaded as IV's next ammunition.
I don't think there is any way Alsup will rule that APIs can be copyrighted. He's a programmer himself!
sad these idiots already ruined enough
Totally agreed Linus. Stupid, but true.
At least the jury came to the right conclusion. This could have been disastrous.
Patent suits aren't events any more, they're a new fact of life, possibly even a new standard operating corporate strategy. Isn't that why Google's buying Motorola?
There is a limit to how much of a "next level" is available to them on the jury findings. Unless I'm mistaken, an appeals court can't really disturb the findings of fact of the jury; they're just there to resolve issues of law.
That, posture is parallel to Oracle's in the most fundamental way, so in effect Linus you and Larry are quite alike
I'll just sit back and wait for Oracle to announce they hired Darl McBride as their SVP for IP
I agree completely; it's not like Oracle has any integrity to start with anyways.
Simon B
That makes 2 of us Linus..
The world is tired of these jerks...
The only thing bigger than the damage to the Oracle brand from this is Larry's ego. Sun opened Java. No takebacks, Larry. Linus is right.
One must always side with justice cuz sooner or later it has to be the winner, thereby your predictions can't go wrong... in the end.
Paco R.
see in this whole affair between Oracle and Google
Only on google+ can someone semi-famous say something and only get 39 comments
unfortunatelly the idioticy is the rule on our actual world ...
In which case, Oracle will try to get their appeal heard in a court with less tech savvy jurors and judge.
compered to an every day jeep it is a bugaty varon [NICE]
The only thing I kept in my mind about this lawsuit is that Oracle was waiting for the success of Android to make a fucking infringment patent. SHAME ON ORACLE
Nothing could stop Google Android evolution.
You mean common sense versus scum of the earth which is perverting the world? I think you are doing ok by being a normal human being, reacting to what can only be described as lunacy. The day you stop reacting, then i'll worry!
the Oracle failed them!....Larry probably consulted the cave-inhabiting "oracle", and she probably meant "bring me noodle"....and he heard "Google"....scenario fulfillment.

Happens to the best of us
I highly recommend actually reading what this trial is about first. Ironically, one of the issues on the table is that Google did not follow open source provisions (GPL) in some of Java licenses.
Keep predicting Linus , who knows? When you live to be a 100 you may just be known as the world's oldest living authentic 'Oracle'...Lol...... That would man,,,,, that would do.....
Most ideas of and in Java where invented in Smalltalk. One can find a lot of prior art there.
The real winners in these matters are always the lawyers. They ALL get paid.
+Harish Kumar Who is holding a gun to your head forcing you to use their technology? If you are upset, go make something better. Or sit down and shut up.
Hello Stefanie you look pretty good and eloquent!!
Because the phrase "down with these jerks" didn't sit right with me. I'm cool as a cucumber, brother.
Oracle against the world (android, hp, ibm, more) I really hope they go bancrupt soon.
Reminds me of a company named SCO.....
Nail on the head! PS: love your alpha_ego attitude.
It happens when a company gets more Marketing and legal employees than engineers, they quit being innovative and start being shysters.
What we really need are more judges who write code. That was the best part of this whole thing. Did anyone catch what software the judge works on?
Just don't merge stuff from Oracle employees until Oracle stops! Might help.
This is how tech companies die. Oracle is an aging starlet desperately trying to reclaim its youth and fame, only to end making more of public relations train wreck until finally it ends up a smoldering heap to be pulled apart by the vultures.
First Oracle destroyed Siebel (my beloved Siebel :D) then Sun, then OpenOffice project, well, they must try to get money from somewhere hehehehe
+James Salsman, the judge writes FORTRAN and QBasic as a hobby. Not awesome but much better than nothing.
for a moment they had me thinking Oracle had a case.yep they did.
One day soon, Congress will realize that Legals/Lawyers are constricting the progress of the Nation, and take steps to control it.
Elimination of insane Tort and lawsuits is required
I wonder what's going to happen to Java, now that mr. Ellison said that he wasn't sure Java is free.
Is Oracle going to kill that baby?
maybe now they can concentrate on improving their Sun storage acquisition or just get out of that market altogether
Oracle wanted to milk some money from Google with insanity which did not work.
Why is it easier to wage war than it is to make peace?
Never underestimate the power of a stupid idea.
do you get only linux fanboys liking and commenting your posts or some others with good deep knowledge do also come? curious is all! (was called a linux fan boy for recommending ubuntu to a mashable writer on youtube)
most of the time,itz easier ta settle out,u got those whu owe lawyers $ an they figure a way ta pay them but not u!! whu care about $,we all should have wut we need ta survive & live life properly while enjoying it! i would if sum stalker woud stop finding me on every job i get an starting argumentz. but i guess i cant work an i'll look 4 other meanz of living a life i dream of alone!
+Ryan McCafferty I wouldn't say easier. When war is what you see all around you, it's hard to break those synaptic patterns. Once people see alternatives, then they may choose to follow them. Until then, try to realize that they cannot help it because of the rage blinders they are wearing.
Oracle sucks. they have no ethics like Sun used to. they don't deserve to have Java
Sadly, +Linus Torvalds I'm betting your right. Oracle wants some of that sweet Android revenue. But the question is, what's the profit on something given away for free?
Lawyers, can't live with them, can't drop them off of tall buildings... (Apparently that is still illegal.) :-p
You only want a lawyer in the bedroom, not on the streets.. Filthy...
If only this also meant that the mess which is the JCP would be fixed... Maybe Oracle will now realize that to continue having Java be "useful" and "accepted", it needs to really embrace the community.
That's the curse of being right all the time. You just have to keep saying 'I told you so' and hope that people will one day start listening.
And we thought Microsoft was the evil empire. Larry Ellison is making a run for the title!
Oracle indicated it will continue to push its case. “Oracle presented overwhelming evidence at trial that Google knew it would fragment and damage Java,” read a statement from the company. “We plan to continue to defend and uphold Java’s core write once run anywhere principle and ensure it is protected for the nine million Java developers and the community that depend on Java compatibility.” --
Is it actually Oracle or their greedy lawyers urging them to continue.
There is always one sure winning side: the lawyers.
What we really need is someone with a jet pack and a crossbow that fires rotten tomatoes to go around and shoot (tomatoes, not bullets) at people who say and do things that are either stupid or crule. Like these guys and that one preacher who supported concentration camps (I really wish I was making this up: Local Pastor Calls For Death of 'Queers & Homosexuals')
Don't like Java most of my viruses get into my computer through Java.
What to "Pastor who" and "Queers & Homosexuals" have to do with Linus Torvalds?????
Mark Maas
I "plus oned" this, then unplussed it, just so I could plus 1 it again.
it IS a curse, and I think you're right.
I think Oracle has taken the Apple stance. "Don't innovate, litigate."
ORACLE - they got C, they got O, now all they need is an S to make SCO
I plused 1 and if helps to get the fake Dalai Lama off the top of the page..even better.
loved this entire thread and brilliant comments! :)
I had been totally bemused when Oracle bought Sun. It just didn't quite make sense until there was a suggestion that Oracle was going to sue over the usage and deployment of Java. Cynics amongst us may even suggest it was all planned way back and part of the 'return on investment' from the acquisition.
Ironic that a company called Oracle has all the prognostic prowess of "a large squirrel predicting the weather" when it comes to seeing their own future.
100 some comments and we're declaring Google+ no longer a ghost town? Just the fact that this geek superbowl is "hot" makes me realize Google+ was dead before it started.
So those FB shares I bought will ACTUALLY be worth something soon?
Totally agree. I guess it's a gift and a curse.
+Linus Torvalds being right all the time is a heavy burden but one we as programmers have to carry. But how come when programmers become testers or managers they lose this ability?
Desperate grab to keep java a lasting product.
If they want to be the new leaders in technology they'll have to think of a different way...

Wait a minute... to do that they'll have to THINK?!?!?! Scratch that thought :)
+John Lundell Would I rather discuss the Google/Oracle lawsuit with Linus Torvalds, or look at cat photos from someone I went to high school with? Hmm...
I swear Oracle only purchased Sun because they saw a potential lawsuit to pursue.

Oracle want Google's money? Sorry, you'll have to take a RangeCheck().
ba dum tish
Hopefully Oracle reads this first. Then just to prove that +Linus Torvalds can be wrong, they publicly admit they were just being greedy and idiots.
But I doubt they can read anything that doesn't have a dead president on the other side.
We Canadians are proud to once have had a birds as presidents!
Anil Das
+Linus Torvalds , the only person on Google+ who makes it to the what's hot page without posting some photo or video or an inane quote superimposed on an image.

Ok, may he and the Dalai Lama.
Sadly you're probably correct. "We have cash to burn so we'll spin the wheel of nonsense litigation yet again and maybe we'll come up a winner this time."
I don't even know what you guys are talking about.
who cares? why is this supposedly a hot topic on +? nobody gives a rats poo.
The copyright troll wars must end, innovation is being stifled, time and money wasted. If there was ever a reason to migrate to open-source, this is it!
If you can't beat them, either Join them, or simply cut your losses and try again. Suing someone over something that they can't obviously control will not help them gain the control back. It'll only cause google to do more sophisticated stuff. Oracle is in a lock down trying to prove Google infringed, while Google is coming out with new technology. Oracle, no pun intended, you should have seen it coming.
it won´t exactly be a bombshell when that prediction comes through

“Oracle presented overwhelming evidence at trial that Google knew it would fragment and damage Java,” read a statement from the company. “We plan to continue to defend and uphold Java’s core write once run anywhere principle and ensure it is protected for the nine million Java developers and the community that depend on Java compatibility.”


all this for 9 lines of code so generic the judge claims he could write them.
I know how you feel, Linus.
About being right all the time, that is...
Proof that Idiocracy is a documentary!
I don't know. I'm usually right about my predictions and I always thought that is was a gift... I guess it all comes down to you point of view.
Also I agree with you about your prediction. They will never admit that they made a mistake.
Patent lawsuits are the Blackjack Table of business. Unfortunately, playing can be addictive : )
If only you could open source your ego.
Unfortunately, I fear you may be right. Groklaw is also convinced an appeal will follow. It makes me wonder how Larry E can be so rich and at the same time so stupid :)
I agree. I have a strong suspicion that in the end this is going to be nothing more than wasted time and money. I suspect that next on the block is probably going to be Microsoft, as Google defends MMI by using the Xbox patents as a cudgel.
If anyone has the right to show off, its Linus Torvalds (sent from a computer running Linux)
It seems surprising that companies which made there name by innovating seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on lawyers. Still at least the Supreme Court has ordered reconsideration of one patent case. The Supreme Court seems to come down against Software Patents - in Diamond v. Diehr the court re-iterated that earlier holdings that mathematical formulas in the abstract could not be patented. In Bilski v. Kappos the Supreme Court affirmed the rejection of an application for a patent on a method of hedging losses in one segment of the energy industry by making investments in other segments of that industry, on the basis that the abstract investment strategy set forth in the application was simply not patentable subject matter. In 1978 United States Supreme Court decision that ruled that an invention that departs from the prior art only in its use of a mathematical algorithm is patent-eligible only if the implementation is novel and unobvious. In Gottschalk v. Benson. the Court ruled that a process claim directed to a numerical algorithm, as such, was not patentable because "the patent would wholly pre-empt the mathematical formula and in practical effect would be a patent on the algorithm itself." That would be tantamount to allowing a patent on an abstract idea, contrary to precedent dating back to the middle of the 19th century. The ruling stated "Direct attempts to patent programs have been rejected [and] indirect attempts to obtain patents and avoid the rejection ... have confused the issue further and should not be permitted.

So to put it bluntly pure software patents cannot be valid. Thing is even as a UK developer one has to be aware of this silliness - US lawyers have deeper pockets than me :(
That's what the good ole US of A is all about Linus. Lawsuit here, lawsuit there, taken to court for this, taken to court for that, and spend a tumultuous amount of $$ on court fees. The crazy world of corporate America.
Judge William Alsup was right to call this lawsuit a fishing expedition. The "rangeCheck" (the nine lines of code that would've taken Oracle's lawyer over six months to write) part was just hilarious.
There is nothing in it for the attorneys if they see sense and stop the court case
Not hard to guess that one... they should team up with SCO if they really want to drag things out, though.
The judge can program: he's obviously biased by having relevant knowledge of the facts.
If the judge rules APIs not protected, Oracle will have done us all a huge favor. Fingers crossed.
Google should make up with Oracle.
Maybe Google should send Oracle a cake.
A cake on top with the 9 lines of codes.
Prediction: This post will get more attention than it deserves.
The one thing you can be sure of is that Morons either don't know they are Morons, or if they do know, they won't admit it.
I count the Oracle litigation staff among high paying jobs created during this administration, nothing more.
Have Gnex, RAZR MAXX, wife has white RAZR and iPhone 4s. Yes I have too many but Android so far ahead and they did not copy anybody. BlackBerry should copy somebody for survival. Two reasons for all these patent suits. They are either afraid of Android or they know they have deep pockets. Maybe both.
+David Oliver : "Woo! Free money!" or "Hey, they're doing better than us. Let's sue them out of business so people come back to us!"
more to come. see how bad 'scott' 'tiger' can stoop down
Patent trolls need to get squashed.
Yeah. Imagine the improvement to tech if the money that wen't into this court case went to R&D instead.
LOL, Oracle is such a joke of a company.
Predicting Larry Ellison will act like a pompous egomaniac is like predicting tomorrows sunrise...;-)
Sadly, this prediction may be correct.
Ever get the feeling that Linus doesn't suffer fools well.
Time to uninstall java, it's a piece of crap with a broken auto updater that pops up annoyingly daily anyway - does this mean oracle need to sue themselves for generating bad publicity and fragmenting java's install base?
+ahmad peivandi He's the guy who created the Linux kernel. I suggest you look him up by performing a Google search.
I think James Goslim should talk to Oracle..they are destroying his legend but thank God Google Won..Android OS is Awesome.
@Jared, not sure the lawyers think it is a waste, they are smiling all the way to the bank
LoL I want to see my own eyes how judgement conclusion is written there... sure Google will have the payment from Oracle..
I think they enjoy seeing their money slip away. The amount of money they spend in lawyer bills, is going to end up being more than they ever would have got from google.
"Sometimes I really wish I wasn't always right. It's a curse, I tell you."

Well +Linus Torvalds, there was that one time.....

" I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. "
I also read "The design of the Unix Operating System," but I never thought about actually writing one. Okay, yes I did.
Prediction: Larry Ellison is secretly (openly?) a James Bond villain.

"No, Mr. Page. I expect you to die!"
Oracle join the isheep revolution on sues

very pathetic that this big company's don't compete with google and try sue them instead all isheep and orasheep the new sheep revolution
Linus, You are part of my Life..
Devoted to Linus..for the Best!
Gratitude. SophiaFine
Lawyer enrichment program. Got to give them work as the US has a glut of lawyers.
Yep. They should focus on doing something new rather than fighting over old stuff.
It's time to the era of responsibility to begin
Personally I think everything they're doing is only going to hurt their bottom line. Already developers are moving away from their technologies for fear of repercussions - stupid, stupid move by Oracle.
Maybe apple is paying their lawyers
Ada M
I have a bone to pick with Oracle. They basically kill Solaris, and with that they kill lustre, and now this...
The higher it is appealed, the stronger a precedent the result becomes. Let Oracle and Google spend the cash on appealing it all the way to the top, if it means the rest of our industry gets a clearer legal picture of where we stand and has to spend less on bickering lawyers ourselves. (But maybe that's a naive hope.)
Layers are a dangerous specie indeed... most of them are completely rotten and without principles at all... I'm pretty sure you will be right, unfortunately.
Oracle should've taken the settlement aka Free Money for BS. Instead they went for "Curtain No.3" and got Zonked. Google should give them a case of Turtle Wax and gift Certificate from Spiegel, Chicago 60609. Buh Bye and Thanks for Playing...
Worst +Linus Torvalds sometimes they will try to mantain our mouth closed so we dont tell the world the sad truth behind all the wall of lies this world has constructed -.-
It was a hell of an entertaining/thrilling few months nevertheless.
+Mikhail Garber - Actually this trial had nothing to do with the GPL'd version of Java. Google had already finished Dalvik before Sun GPL'd it. Groklaw has all the details.
There's hope, that one day software patents will die. We would all live a much happier lives.
Well, you aren't always. It's just less advertised. 
Sean G
Everyone wants to be +Google ... It's sad, but Rad. Lil ol Search company. Turned the world upside down. But doubt could happen without Linux. Open source & Free. Just cuz Google seems to understand ... Build it & they will come. I think when Google sat on board of Apple. Android was based off those meetings. Oracle what? Sun deserves something for Java. Not oracle
If Oracle was wise enough, they should just embrace Android as it is, there was a trend of decline in interest in Java before Android went public.

IDK, but I guess 'do not feed the hands that feed you'(feeding developer interest to Java) should be said.
Just look at all the harm Google did to Java. So many more developers using Java for Android as of now whereas right before the language was fading quickly into legacy use. Those meanies.
Let's not forget that open source software licensing depends on copyright law. if the APIs are find to be copyrightable it says more about the Java licensing than a threat to open source software. What Google did was much more than traditional reverse engineering.
I wonder what oracle would think if you sued them for using the linux kernel's source code in their linux kernel.
Greedy Larry will surely do just that - spend money on lawyers instead of spending money on technology innovation.
As a more positive note, perhaps this will kill Java.
Java will not die, just like COBOL is still around.
Oracle should just check have many +1s this post has. Maybe it would give them an idea about how people feel.
Cong Ma
SCO, Oracle, and who's going to be the next?
Always right, ans always modest... You're right once again, must be a curse !
Better being cursed always being right than always being wrong :-D
The Larry Elison's pursuit of gold is endless... But I am clueless why they are continuing to sue Google. They are harming the Oracle's reputation this way.
+Georgi Stoyanov: they have to continue to sue otherwise they will face a law suit /class action from their shareholders as explained on groklaw.
Of course, Ellison needs to honor the memory of his friend and idol by continuing his legacy of ludicrous litigation.
I am with +Georgi Stoyanov about this. Perhaps they can't walk by other way. This matter may have unpleasant consequences whatever its final outcome.
There is no way Oracle is going to win this one. I mean even if they do, that's a real bad move from a PR point of view. After jumping the shark after the Sun buyout, it seems they are shooting themselves in the foot more and more every day.
I think the Dunning-Kruger effect is quite strong with Larry Ellison.

Naming your company Oracle is no guarantee you're always right..
The jury is already in - voted in googles favour oracle are losing.
Well - I'm on other side - I think that WORA should work on Android too, and if Google adds Java to Android - they should consider adding real JVM - not some custom Dalvik
damn right u r linus ,these idiotic idiosyncracies of such big companies,fighting over patents and suff,bunch of cry babies..andriod isnt awesome, mysql is no less powerful that oracle..phew! But again everyone is not man enough to upload their codes on an ftp server and let the world download that for free....
+Linus Torvalds (without reading previous 301 comments - so I'm sorry if someone already came with this)
You are probably right with this prediction - but don't worry too much about this curse of yours. Even the best curses can't work 24/7 ;)
Try to predict somethin not so totally obvious - might even cure your predictitis.
And my database professor always doesn’t understand why I hate it when she talks about how Oracle did this and that and revolutionized our world …
Just wait 'til everyone (except SCO) will have to yank everything even remotely posixish, because cloning APIs will be considered a copyright violation, too... ;)
The first sign of sanity coming out of this mess for ages.
It's good their's no confusion about your foreign birth, or you know you'd be press-ganged into the Presidency, Linus.
Oracle, please stop this nonsense! It's really bad for your image and it's not good for anyone...
Um, Oracle is represented by Bois, Schiller and Flexner. I think that if David Bois can take SCO v. IBM as far as they did, they can sell the same action to Ellison and Ellison will go for it. Sometimes I wonder if Ellison and Darl McBride have a psychic connection.
Now is Microsoft turn, they are making money form Android, lets say what is true and replace it, or as with Oracle if they have no reason.

And make them return that money in that case as Barnes and Nobles one.

Android 5 must be free of patents totally Open Source.

And iif some feature is lost add it as an app, free or low cost.
Since we choose a form of society where money is everything in one way or the other, people will behave accordingly. Corporations will waste incredible amounts of time and resources on yapping at each other in court, people will lie, cheat, steal and kill to get more money and so on. We get the result we deserve depending on what system we choose to employ and how it's designed. Capitalism (indeed, any money-based society) is a pretty hideous approach as far as our options go and we can easily see that in every walk of life.
How much money does Oracle have left? Does anyone run their databases anymore? I am hoping they go the way of Novel
Well, if your products are crap, you need to sure the crap out of everyone in order to earn some money.
+Ralf Koch funny you should mention SCO, David Boies was their lawyer, too, when they launched that piece of legal idiocy. "Nobody ever went broke suing IBM! Wait, what do you mean 'buy'?".
When there is money involved and people seek positions for money and power this will always be the outcome. If not the first generation, then surely the second. Second generations are rapidly taking over the powerful tech companies and in most cases the little bit of morale or ethical values left, will be lost. If they survive the eventual fall they may return to a valuable company again.
Just a bunch of idiots running after making more money.
Why can't the Larrys just work this out over a beer or coffee? Cause they're pussies, the whole lot.
How are you ?
How about you?
and good sir, we bow to your perspicacity!! ;D
I guess Larry might have to sell one or two yachts to cover the next level of lawyer's fees.
Larry just can't believe that he bought an open software stack, and is frustrated he can't close it. He'd be better off, trying to buy the Internet and charging 1$ for each connection. 
yeah!, this madness have a name: copyrightidiocy
Money for a few instead of progress for all
Take a look for this copyrightidiocy-makers:
Oracle, Marvel, and so on
I may be wrong here, but isn't oracle the plaintif here? Thereby making google the defendant. Can they be tried for the same crime twice? Wouldn't that be double jeoperdy?
Oracle microsoft and apple are all threatened by androids meteoric rise, and now that motorola and google are joined, the falloff of each in the mobile market is a certainty, just like with RIM. These companies compete for money, google has a better indirect method toward that end. The iphone 5 is going to be a joke in comparrison to android 5. Let's high five, linux devs! And an extra 5 high fives four Linus!
Love Oracle for its being ridiculous
lawsuits are the last resort for those who can't innovate
Another reason why the patent system should be completely thrown out. Getting rid of software patents isn't enough.
+Peter Wang If you get rid of the patent system, you are against the revolution of the computer technology.
There's been a lot of talk recently about how corporations get treated like people, some people arguing that corporations are people. Some argue no, corporations are not biological entities. If they were, then Oracle might have an actual brain to reason with.
+Viju Kantah and exacly how is that? Don't you mean patents most likely always slow down technology dev.?
+John Biederstedt
People forget why the law treats corporations as people.

You see, way back in the day there were no corporations, just businesses run by people. If the business did something wrong, like stole money or didn't provide a service, you would sue the owner for damages.

Unfortunately, with the rise of corporations, there are no longer clear distinctions on who exactly is the owner and thus responsible for a corporation's actions. Effectively, corporations became immune from an legislation or consequences for their actions. This was solved by treating corporations as "people" in the eyes of the law, who can be sued and legislated directly.

"Corporations are people" is a good thing, it protects consumers from otherwise, as you pointed out, brainless entities.
Why do we still let lawyers run the world with their complete bullshit parody of logic, and their 1-dimensional focus on "property" (a word that has barely had any meaning since 1990)?
Linus, you've changed the world and while many want to take over and monopolize their creations will always be someone like you to do better and FREE!
En una de las fabulas en que, a través de los siglos, se ha venido cristalizando la sabiduría popular, leía de un anciano que, cansado de su suerte, en el camino por el cual regresaba una tarde a su casa y una gran carga de leña sobre su hombro, depuso ésta un momento en tierra para lamentarse y desear a gritos la llegada de la muerte. Pero cuando ésta se le apareció de repente y le pregunto para que la había llamado, el buen anciano, al verse frente a la posibilidad de abandonar una vida que un rato antes le parecía tan poco atrayente, respondió sencilla mente: "para que me ayudaras a echarme nuevamente al hombro este haz de leña."
Well Linus by doing this prediction you have become your own worst nightmare, an oracle. Thank goodness you will also be know as the oracle that pointed the finger to Oracle.
Let's hope Oracle will follow the advice of other oracles like you.
It could be an attempt at reverse psychology, but one would have to be as idiotic as Oracle to assume that.
if i were google i 'd surrender and offer the remarkable sum of 100bucks for those seven line of code, just to piss 'em off
Good evening Mr. Linus Torvalds is a pleasure to greet and I'd like to invite you to join me on Wednesday to my cimpleaños is a dream to have you on that day because as I will not celebrate anything like him in person and see the person who who invented the OS and kernel I use (: only invited him to see whether my dream to meet him in truth is in Mexico, Puebla, Teziutlan (: the 30th of May in America that happy to contact you and thank you for your care (:
Open source will stay on ,Open source will win
Bo Lan
The only thing what their lawyers have to do it to convince (cheat) Oracle that they can win the case and make money, but actually they cannot.
Yeah! Also Android does not support also AAC decoders native, because of copyrights or royalties or whatever makes progress stop. I wish everybody does really know the meaning of freedom! Do, build, test and share with others. How long will it take to most of people think Linux?!
I agree completely; it all seems rather idiotic if you ask me. Writing a killer piece of software is like writing a great novel. What's the point unless someone can read it?
+Linus Torvalds 
"Contrary to Oracle, copyright law does not confer ownership over any and all ways to implement a function or specification, no matter how creative the copyrighted implementation or specification may be. The Act confers ownership only over the specific way in which the author wrote out his version. Others are free to write their own implementation to accomplish the identical function, for, importantly, ideas, concepts and functions cannot be monopolized by copyright."
-Justice Alsup, May 31st 2012, (Oracle v. Google)
Larry Ellison won't be sending a Christmas card to Judge Alsup this year! :)
No +Linus Torvalds, tell us how you really feel. No BS as usual. In all seriousness though, I wonder if the 'APIs can't be patented' ruling gives the Mono project more breathing room. It's hard to see the development team do such great work only to be treated like the smelly kid in the room because of Microsoft's 'covenant not to sue (successful open source projects)' bullying tactics.
Oh poor Linus, we all have our crosses to bear I guess....
Maybe they just do not understand why ppl hate them. (or don't want to or they think the market could be all theirs). Frankly.... I don't care! Also tired of these news & stuff, Is there any chance that they can develop something new instead of suing ppl?
I can understand where Linus is coming from.The problem as I see it is, that they push out a new version every 6 months. There are bugs that don't get worked out with one release, they get carried over to the next one. Then they change things up like changing GUI's without addressing the bugs in the first place, then it still makes an unstable system. There are too many forks of distributions, too many half assed attempts at creating DE's with the same unstable or obsolete GUI's underneath, that everything has to have extensions, patches, etc just to work reasonably well. Never-mind the fact that what worked on your computer with one release, will not work with the next release, because they changed something that made your hardware not compatible anymore. In my opinion, what needs to happen is this. If they want to stick with gnome 3, make it stable. Make it customize-able, and give us options by default. For example, if you want to use gnome shell by default on your desktop, make it select-able after install. If you want to use more of a Mate / Cinnamon desktop, make it select-able. You should not have to add ppa's, sudo apt-get installs, etc, just to have a half assed attempt at the desktop you really want. You shouldn't have to add gnome tweak tool, or Ubuntu tweak, just to change themes, fonts, etc.  
Yo  Linus  u r my hero and You remind me to Jaco Pastorius ,my other hero.....u guys the greatest
Google should make android compilable with alternative version of Java, not Oracle's.
Larry Ellison = Steve Jobs of the databases. Hard to get over with because of so many blind followers calling him a genius while he is taking a bath in their money?
Your wish has been granted.  The Wise Men of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit just proved that you aren't always right.  The curse has been lifted!
Looks like the "curse" of always being right was just paranoia on Linus's part. The Supreme Court has spoken and it has spoken clearly.
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