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Ok, since I publicly called the guy a f*cking moron, I guess I should also publicly follow up: it does seem Romney was joking. 

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what? He was f*cking joking??? Damn!
This reminds me of the entire Nvidia thing. I love that video. 
Ha ha, wife's plane makes emergency landing.  I get it.
Darn!  I was hoping he was serious...much finnier ;)
The problem, though, is that it's kind of telling when we can't tell whether or not he's joking when he says something stupid.
sounds like a "i said something stupid, may as well say i was joking"
It's okay, you don't have to take it back. He's just an unfunny moron, now.
Which, of course, does not mean that he isn't a f*cking moron.  It just means that he may be a f*cking moron who likes to make moronic jokes.
It is almost impossible to tell when the moron is joking and when he is not. His attitude at all times appears so tense he could play the violin without a bow.
+Scott Bishop that's a step up from Bush though! I mean with him we were CERTAIN he was serious and still a joke!
It's pretty hard to tell the difference of stupid Romney and joking Romney.
Might be best to stick to the issues.  Or we can keep flogging the opposing candidates for perceived IQ and character flaws.
You know, I kinda like the guy.  Not for president, I mean, but after the election, I kinda want him to go on TV and just say random shit.  Makes me smile.
What? He's still a f*cking moron, Linus. That part wasn't inaccurate at all.
Airforce One would still be at serious risk from curiosity...
Huh.  So what else is this guy utterly incompetent at, besides, erm, joking?
He isn't very good at delivering a joke, then. I think it suddenly became a joke once his campaign realized how stupid he came across.
[...] It seemed almost unthinkable that a guy as obviously intelligent as Romney [...]

I can't believe it :)
I don't buy the 'joking' angle.
He's still a f*cking moron...
Tim McGraw
Joking my ass. Next he'll claim he joking about the 47%. Maybe he's dizzy from all the spin required to cover for his incompetence.
It is enough to call him a moron, you don't need to add the expletive/profanity. Let's be more civil than they..
I'm sticking with f-in moron.
After reading up on the articles, that was my take as well (the joking part).
So now he is just an insenstive morbid prick who jokes about safety issues on airplanes after his wife was just injured on one?  
If only I could believe he was joking.
He needs to talk to his writers.  Next thing he will be asking about islands tipping over. 
+Tim McGraw sadly, nobody's joking about the 47%... It's a sad fact of current US demographics. All you "progressive" folk have a short, sharp shock coming soon, no matter who wins in November, because the laws of thermodynamics as applied to economies are about to let us all know who's really in charge. No amount of Keynesian doubletalk, doublethink, or double counting is going to save us, and there's not enough rich people to eat to feed this monster for much longer. Snide lefties are at their best in packs like this one, but at the end of the game, the real books will always balance. Hope y'all are still laughing then, because we're going to have a serious shortage of Teh Funny for quite some time.o
As long as we're clear that just because he (may have been) was joking here, does not preclude him from being a fkin moron. I think the jury has reached a definitive verdict on that.
I got a good one for you My wife Ann's plane had a fire "Ha Ha Ha" then it filled with smoke "snicker" wait, wait for this one it's a doozy she started choking (uncontrollable laughter) then it made an emergency landing. I want to know (laughing snort) why (another snort) the airplane window wouldn't open that's a real problem (bends over hyperventilating from laughter)
was he really joking or did his advocate tell him to say that :)
You are a real stand up guy to post that follow up.  I commend you, sir.
+Tyler Smith It would be un-American to apologize. Or at least that's what I've been able to figure out from the current Presidential campaigns.
+Margaret Leber, you sound like a Foxnews viewer. 

99.9% of modern economists believe in some sort of neo--classical keynesian synthesis and anyone who is not rejects peer review like the Austrian Economists, so you just admitted to us that you reject peer review, the scientific method etc and then lambastes us libral for not obeying the "laws of thermodynamics" as applied to econmies.  I have no idea what the fuck any of that means and this is coming from a person wtih two years of grad school economics so I can only assume you are some sort of manifold idiot who enjoys the constipated drivel of talking points from Foxness and just regurgiated them unto the screen like two cars covered in rabid right wing bumperstickers smashing into each other at high speeds.  
+Linus Torvalds publicly calls someone a fucking moron, news at 11! In other news, the sun rose in the east today and water is wet.
from the Olympics to the poor to airplanes, he just can`t keep his foot out of his mouth!
I'm guessing he retroactively was joking?
Proof positive: Even geniuses like Linus "shoot first & aim later."
You can still call him a f*cking moron though, I hereby give you permission on behalf of the US XD 
Does that mean if he gets into office, the American people who voted him in, can then say they were only joking?
I'm no Romney fan, but I must say this is the highest display of integrity I've seen in quite some time. Bravo, +Linus Torvalds.
It might have been a joke, but don't feel bad Linus, Mittens is still a fucking moron.
Yes, I do believe it does :D Ugh... US politics... 
he prolly a windows user so you was'nt too far off the mark imo
Linus,, now I know a genius nix geek must understand that the entire hill is a sesspool of incompetent morons filled with lies and ill intentions.
Who jokes about opening a window on an airplane?
Seems to be a lot of liberals here. Im out.
Oh lets be honest, who ever heard of a politician joking?
If he was joking he should have made it obvious on the spot. How do you know if he wins and comes to election promises he is not going to claim them as jokes :)
Yet he still remains a moron.
we have ++Fail in inoffice and we have +Fail running. Energy is sky rocketing thanks to ++ food is also now thanks to ++ you are now an enemy of the state for breathing thanks to ++ and you have lost every right to exist thanks the Fail that existed before ++Fail got in and discovered new spots to vacation at and eat bbq ribs and chicken n waffles.
Wow this thread is full of very intelligent people
Why did you need to call him in that way?
The problem Romney has is a problem everyone has experienced by now: irony is lost when there is no way to convey nuance. We see it in forums, email, comments, etc.  Someone makes an ironic joke and someone else takes it literally.  

What Romney needs is someone to hold up emoticon cue cards while he's talking.  Otherwise, there's nothing to cue viewers in to when he's serious, joking, or sad.
He's not that dumb after all... many people would come up with that "I was joking" excuse also.
Obama is the only fucking moron. I still can't believe after all of the anti American shit he's done that people still support him. For god sake he told the president of Russian to wait until after the election when he doesn't have to worry about another reelection. Everyone who supports Obama is ether not informed or just downright stupid. Romney still has a better record and more experience then Obama. His dam administration even labeled gun owning conservatives as terrorists. Obama is labeling Americans as terrorists, can you believe that? And all we here about on the news is Romney's 47%. I swear Obama supporters are nothing but sheep.
+Rich White Well, whats your other choice between the democrats and republicans? Oh, there isn't one.
Or is that a cover up on his part...?
That was definitely not smart of him to say that in a national forum, mediatized and on national TV. He was probably caught up into the emotion of that moment, the fact his wife was involved in this.
Linus, we love you for your directness :-)
+Kyhwana Pardus the only logical choice is Romney. He has a great record and Paul Ryan is an economic genius. Obama is a socialist that can't work in a bipartisan setting. Obama has also added 60% to our national debt and 3 years in a row has created record setting deficits. Seriously, the biggest deficit before Obama was roosevelt at 620 billion. Obama has tripled that 3 years running and this year its already double. What the hell has Obama done that's good. No one can answer that question because he hasn't done anything. So a president that floods us with debt and has doubled the unemployment rate has this much support. Its stupid and all it shows is that people watch network news. Face it no one can come up with one single reason why he should be reelected. Not one.
+Rich White "Everyone who supports Obama is ether not informed or just downright stupid." 

How can you imply you're informed or smart while you support Romney?
Truly informed people can see that, while there are some slight differences between them, overall they both reach the same conclusion. They also realize that those in control have set the 'game' up this way, and have us fighting among each other over which of their approved candidates is better, rather than working together to actually solve our problems. Until we rid ourselves of this 2-party system, we will only have the illusion of freedom and choice. 

+Brandon Dowdy how is picking a businessman that created himself from the ground up and became a millionaire a bad choice? Romney not only understands business but he's also been a successful politician. Obama is nether. Obama has a vision of America being a socialist society, Romney doesn't. How in the world is that the same. Your not informed if that's what you think.
+Mark Henwood what the hell are you talking about. Your comment makes absolutely no sense. So you also believe that half of Americans are terrorists?
"is ether not informed or just downright stupid." 

Didn't realise the two were mutually exclusive! Ah well, you live and learn.

It does look like you guys may be experiencing what us Brits have had for years - no one to vote for. All parties essentially saying the same thing in a slightly different way, with a poor outcome for the populace whoever gets in power. Despite this, people still get very riled when supporting their chosen party, even though to an outside observer they are all but identical
I still see a lot of people using the 'moron' word. Just because you disagree with someone's political or ideological stance, does not make the other person a moron. Actually, jumping to calling people names is the very reason we can't seem to get anything done these days. Zero respect for another's views and beliefs.
+Rich White Somehow, I suspect you never will. 

What's the emoticon that indicates mockery?
+ice blue I don't think anyone's well served by that last comment of yours, least of all you. Yes, we know, the president is black. You don't have to make off-color remarks about it.
+Margaret Leber What's a sad fact? That retirees who've paid taxes for decades no longer need to, or that some people are so poor (due to Republican policies) that they are below the threshold for taxation? The "real books", as you so fetchingly call it, show that the Republican math doesn't balance, but the Democratic math does.
+Brandon Dowdy I do not agree with all that you said but I do believe that the current pseudo-democratic process we have is vastly hampered by the two-party system. 

I voted for Obama once and it won't happen again. There is of course no way in (the mormon or any other version of) hell, that I would ever vote for Romney.

Just thought I'd chime in as the token black guy :-P
That is what politicians do best. Say things in a very confusing and general manner such that you read into it whatever you want to hear in your mind. Mitt Romney is a pro at talking for hours while not solidifying his statements into anything concrete. 
Gary Johnson. If everyone disenfranchised with the two party system, "wasted" their vote on Johnson, you know what would happen? He would be president. Just a thought . . .
+Rich White If you think Romney is a self-made man, I have some swampland in Florida you may be interested in.
+Lew Bloch That's actual not correct. Republican policy has created the country’s most prosperous times. Reagan gave us a 30 year run alone. Its Democratic policy that makes people poor. A good example was Clinton causing the housing crisis. Democrats would like you to believe that Republicans are nothing but greedy rich people but that’s not the case at all. Republicans believe that hard work equals wealth. Democrats believe that if your wealthy you must be breaking the law so they take your money away and give it to poor people. To a democrat everyone should be wealthy regardless of how hard they work. The problem is spreading the wealth only makes everyone poor.
He's an anointed politician from one of the two major U.S. parties; of course he's a moron.
Alright people, stop being a bunch of mindless dicks! You may not agree with the mans politics, but I guarantee his IQ is double anyone on this post. Including Linus!
+Joe Langley your argument is "let's all stop arguing and agree that Mitt Romney is smarter than us?"

This hardly seems a settled point.
+Joe Langley Considering an IQ of 100 is considered "average" and I'm fairly confident that Romney doesn't have an IQ of 200, I'd like to utilize your guarantee and return my Romney.  Will I need an RMA?
Yeah, nobody gets rich, from mere hard work...creating's somehow a zero-sum game and you only have a dollar 'cause someone else doesn't.

(Wow! Democrats!)
That is kind of one sided.  To say that all of them are one way and all of us are another is total arrogance. Clinton era prosperity went away because what his administration was good at was balancing the fine line between free markets and regulation.  Those toxic loan assets would not have ever been given a AAA bond rating under the Clinton era regulations.  Bush came in, deregulated it and then put the risk back into it.  It can't be both ways. You can either have a government back market that is regulated, it does work, or you give up the regulation and then also give up the government backing.  Bush was an idiot and dump the regulations without re-inserting the risk. 
I am not an Obama supporter, but I do feel bad for him. People are screaming at him for the economic mess, which he didn't cause, he had to barrow money in order to clean it up, people hate him.  Any President, put into that situation would have looked terrible.  I'm a Ron Paul guy, but I understand the good intentions of most liberals. 
+Rich White  Regan bought time using money the US didn't have. It's easy to have a nice house when you buy it on debt. Regardless, the two party system is a terrible system, both mathematically, and politically. The United States needs voting reform. Preferably complete adoption of proportional representation, though plain old voting reform would also do wonders, opening up the playing field for third parties and depolarizing US politics. Clinton can't have caused the housing crisis, because the president really can't do anything to cause a housing crisis, that's just the natural push and pull of the economy. Clinton did do a bunch of other terrible things though! Bonus points if you can list those! lol. The conservative ideology is built on the idea that not everybody works hard. I think you'll find, 90% of those who can/should work hard, do work hard. What's more, I don't see what's so glorious about living off food stamps... Liberal policy is based around giving everybody an opportunity to get to a stable place. Don't you think all humans deserve that? We're not dogs, we can take care of each other's basic needs. In the 21st century, there's no reason for anyone to starve, or go without education. We have the resources to give everyone at least that basic level of comfort, it's immoral not to.  What's more, science backs this up. Scandinavia is the perfect example of how such a system works. 
Yeah I thought it was an overblown Internet rumor.  Glad to see someone admit when they are wrong +Linus Torvalds.  Probably why  you're not in politics.
Riiight. He's joking. But he only mentioned that after the whole world laughed at him. :D
lol, drones further proving my point!!
+Rich White Meanwhile, it was a Democrat (Clinton) that left office with a budget surplus. And they call the Democrats the ones that spend us into oblivion. Nothing like calling the Democrats the spenders, to take the attention and heat off of the Republicans failed economic policies. Reagan relied on trickle down economics. Most Americans felt more as if they were standing under a pigeon infested statue, since that is all they felt falling on their head as the pigeons took humungous shits. Only the wealthiest benefited from Reagan's economic policies, starting the widening of the inequity in the distribution of wealth in this country.
i still think he's a moron if its any consolation :)
And I think your a moron Liz :)
+Rich White you are so uninformed (or worse).
1) Obama is right wing, he is nothing like a socialist.  But you extremist right wings chaps wouldn't know the difference between a communist and a facist if they stod infront of you screaming in your face.
2) Romney is a self made businessman?  Oh, like Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian president?  He who is/was involved in numerous trials for corruption, fraud and sex offences.
Yes, there are differences running a country with nuclear weapons and running a company exporting jobs from US.
But I guess as an extreme right wing american you can't see the problems with that.

Yes, there are American terrorists in history before Mr Bush Jr started to missuse the word.  Like Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 by a domestic american nationalist terrorist. You might want to look up Timothy McVeigh for more information.
I think anyone who mistakes "your" for "you're" is a moron. That and anyone who calls someone they don't know is a moron.. I mean, er... Damn. 
I think you meant to say "he's a f*cking Mormon". Innocent mistake.
You better, because G+ may suspend your account for two weeks, under the first amendment!!!!!
+Joe Langley trolling actually :D I have no horse in the US political race, but i find it amusing how people over there get so caught up in one party and completely blind to anything else :)
All I see is a bunch of name calling. Once again, just because you disagree with someone else does not make that other person a moron. Resorting to name calling certainly says more about the one doing the name calling than it does about the object of the name calling.

Are we still in kindergarten? 
Linus, he is a f*cking moron, considering all that he has said in the past couple of years.
Because we all know Obama is a Linux fan. 
Yeah, don't think he was joking at first.  Sounds like after-the-fact spin to me..
The sad part is that politicians, on all sides, have gotten so bad lately making it totally believable that it wasn't a joke.
Doubt that he was joking but flip a coin on who is worse Obama or Romney. Think I'll go Gary Johnson
+Anders Jackson every single thing Obama has done has been exactly like what has been done by the prime minister of France. You know the european Socialist Party. However, I guess if you say Obama isn't a socialist it must be true. Its just ALL of his policies that are socialist. Also his parents where both socialists. They taught him socialism from a young age. But like you said he's not a socialist. Its just everything he does is socialist. I still don't see why this point is argued. It's already been determined that he's a socialist many times over. In his policies, in his life. He is a socialist. That's just a plain and simple fact.

So you also agree that HALF OF AMERICA is terrorists.
I don't even think he was joking, he's just a mormon uhh moron oh actually both
That's alright, your judgement could still be levied against him for a myriad of other reasons
I would still say he is a fucking moron, I dont believe that the amount of back lash levied against you is fair in any way.
+Bill Nichols actually it was 57 states with one left to go. However, he could not justify going to Alaska and Hawaii so that means Obama thinks there's 60 states.
Obama is the worst President America ever had. He really sucks! Anyone would make a better one! Go Romney/Ryan.
I saw the video, and I disagree, he wasn't joking. he was dead serious!
/facepalm there was this guy before Obama god what was his name shit i can't remember wait i no why i can't remember it's cause i blocked that 8 years out it was that bad.
All I want to know is how this guy is rich.
No way that he's a self made millionaire.
He doesn't seem to be very smart so how is it possible.
+Jerry Carswell you are certainly entitled to your opinion, even if you're incapable of expressing that opinion any better than a six year old.
does it have to be connected? :) 
I'm actually convinced that he didn't joke. In general, he strikes me as a person who has as much humor as a toaster.
I'm no Romney fan. In fact, i think he's a disgusting, lying, hypocrite. But if you watch the clip, it's very clear he was talking about the fire being "a real problem". Not that the windows wouldn't open.
I am an internet person, and I have important opinions about politics that everyone needs to hear. Those who disagree are of below average intelligence. Furthermore, I am an orphan with $27,000,000 and a good christian friend of mine said you would be willing to be the custodian, so give me your credit card number and security code.
Love you,
the internet
+Liz Quilty, your not even American??? everything you say can be disregarded, ease shut the fuck up, stay out of our politics, you have no right ass clown!!
+Robert Nix challenge for you dick, name one lie Romney said??? A legitimate one ease, not one the media spun..
Don't let it bother you..I woke up screaming it in my sleep last night!!
+Joe Langley  You're American and you don't know when to use "your" and when to use "you're" sigh... you are not the best ambassador of the people of the United States huh?

And also, you live in a globalized world, you should really care about what happens in the outside world the same way as we, everybody else living outside the United States, do.
+Anthony Gizzarelli  Romney already did, defending the first Amendment whilst Obama was trying to figure out if it was a terroist attack or a movie riot.
Anybody that says Obama is the worst president we ever had is brain dead!!!! Did you forget George W. Bush??
+Alejandro Morales Lepe
Hey dick, spell check setea takes over, and why do I care what happens outside of the US, were the greatest country in the world, your opinion of our politics should be discarded, much like your opinion..
Good to see politics bringing out the civility in all of us.  In other breaking news? Politicians are slim balls, and generally represent the worst of human kind.  Lastly, the people that support them can get irate over the smallest perceived slight of their 'choice'.  
You really seem to be a f*cking moron for posting this...Not to mention a partisan hack...
+Wendell Pruitt, history will show the 2 worst presidents ever, jimmy carter and Barack husein,, GW is one of the greatest in history..
git commit -am "Fix for airplane window operation. Allows passengers to open windows during flight"; git push; git commit --amend -m "Just kidding!"; git push
Bob, is this what you mean? "To be smart, you need to raise capital and amass a fortune."
+Derek Benson I think +Bob Hayes is saying something more like "To amass a fortune, one must be smart".  Though that doesn't make him any less wrong.
Its so fucked up how many times I have read where, airplanes have windows that can open for smoke evacuation (from pilots) at altitude. How many times Obama fucks stuff up and no one notices or jumps on the band wagon. Yet, people are still raving about this "Romney is an idiot." I'm not voting either as I don't support either, I'm voting Libertarian for Gary Johnson, but you don't hear me going around making idiotic sounding posts about how "dumb" someone else is whilst using shitty grammar and punctuation.

Let it die. Better yet, vote Gary Johnson and make it die. Or, you will all be stuck with Obama or Romney. I don't get this country anymore...
+Wendell Pruitt, really? You really believe Obama deserved a Nobel?? Laughable, you are the type of idiot the far left Feeds on:) lol!! 
+pavel, why? Cause I call you idiots out on your stupid emotional shit? Get a life ass toy!!
+Rich White you are so uninformed/uneducated/moron (select what you want).

First, if your reading abilities are as bad as you knowled about politics, then I clearly can see that you still accuses Obama of being Socialist, which he clearly isn't.
I mentioned the Oklahoma bomber as a domestic american terrorist, look up Timothy McVeigh, and from that you get that I wrote that half of all US citisenz are terrorists?  Are you for real, or are you this stupid?

Secondly, there are no singel "European Socialist" party.  There are different Socialist parties in Europe.  France has one, Germany, Spain etc has each a Socialist party of their own.
And no, there are more like European midle/rightwing parties would have done.  As making a common basic healt care system/insurance/whatever you call it that convers all citizens.  No major party in all Europe (or at least 95% of them) want to change to a flawn health care system like US.  A system that cost much more and isn't any better for most americans.
Most if not all of the politics reforms/decitions that he got past republicans in the US congress are not something a French socialist party would even try to do, as that would have been political suicide.  I mean, the "socialist" health care reform that he sugested isn't in par with anything in any civilized western country. So no, you have to find something else to compare Obamas policies with to make it a Socialistic policy.

+Jerry Carswell how could you say that there are no worse president than Obama?  He didn't started a war so that his friends would get access to Iraq oil and they could start selling lots of weapons to the army.  Earning big money while killing 1-2 milijon US soldiers and Iraq civilians.
All for a lie about "weapons of mass destructions" which wasn't and has not been found.
I kinda suspected when I could only find it mentioned in op-eds and on the particularly sensationalist/biased left publications.
You admit the truth. Takes character. For that you deserve respect.
+Jerry Carswell your spewing liberal opinion, not facts. None of what you yammer on about is factual ass hat!!
Romney equals no free ride. Obama can just say he's successful. That's all he can do indirectly. 
+Anders Jackson
Universal health car is socialism. U can't play both sides of the fence. It is or it isn't. 
+Joseph Walls LOL, your facts are much like the lefts.. No facts at all!!! lol....Try again ass sniff.... :)
+Joe Langley, I meant that as a compliment; you are doing a very good job making everyone devolve into emotional accusational tone with attacks on character rather than actual discussion.

The reason I said what I did is because the coherent information in all of your posts in this discussion are:
1) Mitt's IQ is double than anyone on this post.
2) Request for a lie Mitt Romney said that was not spun by media
3) United Stat is the greatest country in the world"
4) History will show that two worst presidents every will be: Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama
5) History will show that George W Bush is the greatest president in history

While the personal accusations and attacks:
1) Everyone is a "midless dick"
2) Linus's IQ < Mitt's IQ.
3) "drones"
4) +Liz Quitly is a moron
5) +Liz Quitly's comments can be disregarded, she should "shut the fuck up, stay out of politics"
6) +Liz QUitly is an "ass clown"
7) +Robert Nix is "dick"
8) "Obama is a fucking moron"
9) +Cliff Wells's IQ is half of Mitt Romney's
10) +Alejandro Morales Lepe is a a "dick"
11) +Wendell Pruitt is an "idiot"
12) Everyone is an "idiot"
13) I am an "ass toy"
14) What +Jerry Carswell said is "factual ass hat!!"

Accusations/total = 14/19 = 74% = C on the troll scale.

Note: I am not discussing whether any of the coherent information you said is actually correct or not, just comparing the amounts of coherent information vs attacks.
Kinda like how Obama thought there were 57 states? Except he wasn't joking.
Wen will people realize more gov control. Means less control for us. That's why they made the constitution. 
... We all know the reason why we think his 'joke' was for real. Basically, doesn't change anything about it.
+Anders Jackson

The results of this administration prove Obama to be the worst president in modern history.... By his own standards by the way...

"We measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage, whether you can put a little extra money away at the end of each month so you can someday watch your child receive her college diploma."-Barack Obama

He's overseen the longest stretch of over 8 percent unemployment since the Great Depression. Moreover the median household has lost just over 4 thousand dollars in annual income during this administration.

By his stated standards, this isn't "change". He failed to build on a concept he ran an entire campaign on.

"George Bush’s policies have taken us from a projected $5.6 trillion dollar surplus at the end of the Clinton Administration to massive deficits and nearly four trillion dollars in new debt today. We were promised a fiscal conservative. Instead, we got the most fiscally irresponsible administration in history."-Barack Obama

His own stated goal was to cut the deficit in half by now. He failed miserably and instead added 5.4 trillion dollars, dwarfing the amount added by the administration he himself labeled the "most fiscally irresponsible" in history.

"If John McCain’s policies were implemented, they would add $5.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. That isn’t fiscal conservatism, that’s what George Bush has done over the last eight years. Not only can working families not afford it, future generations can’t afford it. And we can’t allow it to happen in this election."-Barack Obama

Today by Obamas own projections the number is just over 7 trillion dollars over the next decade. The CBO puts it at just over 9 trillion. He himself states that we can't afford it and in fact can't allow it.

"Tonight, more Americans are out of work and more are working harder for less. More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. More of you have cars you can't afford to drive, credit card bills you can't afford to pay, and tuition that's beyond your reach.
These challenges are not all of government's making. But the failure to respond is a direct result of a broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of George W. Bush."-Barack Obama

Today it's Obama's policies that have failed us.

Millions more Americans are in need of food stamps today than when Obama took office.

Americans have lost 40 percent of their net worth.

The average length of time on unemployment jumped from 20 weeks in 08 to 40 weeks today.

It's now Obama's administration that is overseeing the " broken politics in Washington" and have failed to address the economic crisis America is facing.

And all we have from Obama and the left are excuses, blame and explanations for the massive failure of this presidency.

His mantra has gone from "yes we can" to "no I couldn't". 
Thanks for the honesty at least :P
+joeLangley take some thorazine and shut the fuck up!!
+Pavel Puchkarev Brilliant! I applaud your math.. However, Since everyone on this post likes to take something that was said clearly as a joke and spin it to suit their politics and beliefs, I find it my pleasure to call them out and make them own up to their own stupid comments.. After all if your going to call someone who is obviously intelligent a moron, you may have a complex and be a moron yourself.. 
+Wendell Pruitt did I offend you boo boo?? :( Take a nap, when you wake up and have some clarity you will realize you have no place at the big boy table... Ass...
+Joe Langley, if that is the case, you should not go down to their level of conversation.  If they are truly a moron, they will just bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
Here some fun facts for the obama voters this year... examine these fun facts...

U.S. went from No. 1 in global competitiveness in 2008-2009 to No.7 in 2011-2012.
Average cost of college tuition increase from $6,591 in 2009 to $8,244 in 2012
The price of gasoline skyrocketed from $1.85-per-gallon in 2009 to $3.86-per-gallon in 2012
The Obama administration has added 11,327 new pages of government regulations
Federal debt has ballooned from $10.6 trillion in 2009 to $16.06 trillion in 2012.
Nope idiots are a way of life...If you like Romney vote for him and stop insulting people that don't share your political views!!
+Wendell Pruitt This has nothing to do with people who do or do not share my political views ass clown.. It's about people who insult others without merrit.. You clearly have merrit, so, insult I will...
+Dustin Jones lol, is this a Bush blame again??? Boring.. I have been hearing this for the past 4 years.. come up with some new material already.. zzzzzzzzz
Better stick to computers bud
So, even smart people can be stupid? At least you are man enough to admit it and for that I give you credit. Learn a lesson and don't be so quick to judge / comment. As a wiseman once said "A fool utters all his mind, but a wise man keeps it 'til afterward." A little restraint would have prevented a lot of embarrassment.
He was a corporate bigwig, you can't possibly expect to be at that low level of intelligence. Still, his comment on the "47% of the american people who rely on the federal government" was a damning statement to make on his own campaign...
But he's gonna b there for another it or not ...that's reality guys...face it...
Blake B
His jokes are as outdated as his ideas.
+Anders Jackson typical liberal comeback. You put someone down repeatedly and then quote made up facts. Seriously get with the program. The Obama administration has said that gun owning conservatives are a terrorist threat. That's half the fucking country. Forget to Timothy McVeigh and all the other individual terrorists. Obama said its half the freaking country not one or two people. All gun owning conservatives are a terrorist threat. I find it hilarious that Obama has gotten zero press for that but every network covered the Romney 47% and now the airplane window. Its sad honestly. Also maybe you should do some more research. The Prime Minister of France is part of the European Socialist Party. He's an open socialist he doesn't hide it like Obama. He has agreed as well as implemented policies exactly like Obama's. Don't take my word for it research it yourself. However, I know you won't. Why would you want to know accurate information. As long as your un informed you can support Obama and be a happy sheep.
Even the best of us do it. It's especially hard to keep your mouth shut during an election year.
What I do to help keep my mouth shut is I remember the last person who tried to change my mind with rambling and I remember how successful that was for them.
+Paul Arnote Bill Clinton can thank the Republicans for his budget surplus or have you forgotten that Clinton lost the congress during his first mid- term election and was forced to work from a much more conservative position which benefitted everyone. Unfortunately, Obama did not learn that lesson. Don't forget the contract with America that swept the republicans to their first control of congress in over 30 years.
About what, the airplane windows?  Or cutting the throats of the poor?
+William Carlson , +Dustin Jones, based on (pick 6 year period), the gas prices were:

Jan 4, 2008: 1.61
Sep 25, 2012: 3.87

But following are also interesting:
~Jun 15, 2008: 4.12

My conclusion would be that the prices under Bush were rising to be similar to those under Obama we are currently seeing, but due to crisis in 2008 they dropped significantly (to level of 2004 prices).  This is probably not a valid comparison.

A more appropriate comparison would be to look at highest price or trends.  Both trends are increasing prices, both rates appear to be the same (verified by using a paper put against the screen).  Highest price is 4.12 vs 3.87.  One has to conclude they both suck at controlling gas prices.
If you don't think he was joking, you haven't watched the video. It was a bad joke, but a joke nonetheless. Everybody continuing to call him a "moron" because of this statement is, in fact, a moron. Anybody remember this one? Obama Asthma Teleprompter Gaffe Who's the moron again?
You actually thought he was serious? This kind of stuff actually makes me feel bad for politicians
Every time Biden opens his mouth he proves he's an idiot, but yet no one says anything about it. I think this country is to far gone to be saved no matter who gets elected, the damage is done, Obama seems to have succeeded.
Top comment well technically last but oh well

Woah this comment is huge

Did you find what i said
Even if you don't like the guy, I am not sure how calling a Presidential candidate a fucking moron elevates the debate about the 2012 elections. I think that both of these candidates are flawed in their own ways.
A f*kin moron with $250 million of his hard earned wealth? I rather be that guy, where do I sign up?
+Pavel Puchkarev The data you provided proving +Joe Langley to be an ill functioning troll bot, although true AND funny, was overkill. Next time you see fecal material being thrown around in a G+ thread I suggest you simply drive around it... You appear to me to be the kind of fellow with more important work to do.. feed a cold, starve a troll...that's what Mom says... but you already know that ;-)
Clinton like Obama now ! Hope it works and he gets Hilary in !! Not !!!!!!!!!
Come on now you don't seriously believe that idiot was joking do you? He was dead serious. G8 job +Linus Torvalds on calling stating the truth. Something these Republicans in office don't seem to care about. Shame really. There's like 4 really good 1s too.
A moron who stands up to America's enemies and does not bow to them. A moron who said it was terrorism unlike the "transparent" prez. A moron who would not give billions of $ to foes. A moron who would not leave the USA un debt. A moron who would not sell out allies. Blind herd because u want to be PC.
+Linus Torvalds you know what I always say: "just parrot inept, in-the-tank, US old media outlets without taking so much as a cursory review of source material" ...

...wait, I never say that, that would be completely ridiculous.
Doug M.
+Gary keeney  And a moron that sent hundreds of thousands of American jobs overseas to make his fortune and now campaigns on the promise of generating jobs for Americans. I'd be the moron for voting for someone like that. I'm no fan of Obama but at least I know my job is safe with him in office.
So it is ok for Reid to question his faith, make false accusations, Secretary of Health to violate Hatch Act, deny the murder of 4 Americans was terrorism, add billions to deficit, call Hawaii Asia, come on libs, look at Nobama and his agenda.
Yeahhhh I'm not buying it was a joke. It's like in school when someone accidentally fell on their faces and everyone started laughing and they burst out with "I meant to do that". Yeaahhh its a lot like that.
Yet Rachel Maddow believes o/w and she's got a point
+Jim Pauley So, does this mean you have a valid comment opposing my facts?? I believe you to be the troll in this debate!!
+Linus Torvalds you are very brilliant when it comes to code. Don't talk politics, it isn't your field of expertise. Linux needs you, not Washington DC
Im glad the creator of Linux has developed a sense of humor. However Romney, unlike the creator of Linux, has found ways to cash in on his businesses. This may elude the Linux sage for life.
Barney Frank and fannie mae....democrats in action. Jimmy Carter and gas prices...democrats in action. I find it funny how blindly people follow just to show they aren't racist.
See all this?  This is why politics suck: it really brings out the worst in people...or maybe just the worst people.  I can't really decide.  Do something bold this election: vote for an operating system instead of a human. :-P
+Victoria Chapman so you laugh at people when they trip and fall. That's kind of mean. Do you know how bad someone can hurt themselves from tripping. In the right circumstances it could be fatal and you find it funny.
Gosh, the cogent, intellectually stimulating comments on this thread are making a great honorary doctorate case for many of you...

It's amazing to see all the piss takes on Romney - a self made man. But, all the while a bigger joke is already in the white house. Obama refuses to meet with world leaders but will go on the view?!?! Seriously, if you want to laugh at blatant ignorance look no further than the white house.
Whoa Linus, I'm kind of surprised you welcome the tide of worthless opinion by opening comments on political posts.  In any case, yeah, he says he was joking, but I'm going to side with the people who say he's still a moron regardless of this poor joke attempt (And so many others) or not.
Republicans are joking when they nominated Mitt as their precious candidate he he he... joke only
Romney? Self made man?
The LSD is strong in that post. 

Reason you don't see Mitts on the View or any other unscripted show is that they haven't perfected an invisibility cloak that would hide the hand of his puppet masters. Those of us not on drugs see that hand very clearly. YMMV
+Paul Daggett & +Jim Pauley yes that's right a self made man. He gave away his inheritance because he wanted to succeeded on his own. When him and Ann first got married they lived in a studio basement with a concrete floor and used an old wooden door and two saw horses as a desk. I would say they where poorer then I have ever been. From that to a net worth of over 250 million. I would say that's a self made man. That's the definition of the term in fact.
It seems you all missed an "m" in that name you are calling him.....or....maybe not
Perhaps cashing in is not what the creator of Linux had in mind. I'm sure he's achieved a comfortable life for his family without selling out, enabling him to be more true to his morals and convictions.
How could anybody possibly have not realized Romney was joking?

People are clueless sheep and they are following clueless sheepherders.

At least you manned up and admitted you were wrong, +Linus Torvalds . I will give you a few points for that.
Did you see the video? he wasn't joking... he's only saying that now... so you won't think he's a f**king moron.
+Rich White Bully? Lol GTFOH could not be further from the truth. Also "not everyone doesn't laugh when ppl get hurt" <---that makes my point for me.

Listen troll, I know ur name. its rumpelstiltskin now go away.
Don't take it back yet unless he's joking again or trying the old steer into it, method were u disarm an enemies attack by going along with it "ya I'm so stupid I wonder how planes stay in the air duh doi" which could never work in this situation. He just complimented Hitler's Energy ideas. You can't compliment shit bout Hitler Michael Jordan is still trying to get his stache over and he looks like an Asshole. Romney is out of touch
Harry G
I think when there's so much at stake people have a right to be a little expletive. I'm amazed Romneys campaign didn't tank sooner with so many other stupid things he's said. 
+Victoria Chapman This is why women should keep their mouth shut when men are speaking.. now go take your shoes off get pregnant and shut the hell up!!
+Victoria Chapman I'm the troll but you laugh at other peoples misfortunes. Then you justify it by saying that some people laugh. That's sad. I just got done having a conversation with my daughter about bullies and I'm sorry to say that the things you find funny hurt other people. If you think other people's feelings are not important then fine you live in a free country.
+Rich White +Brian Griffith +Paul Arnote in Italy we had Berlusconi for three times, a businessman that created himself from the ground and became a millionaire. You know what he did? He made a lot of law to his own benefit, became the joker and shame of Italy, and eventually brought us on the verge of the worst economical crisis we ever faced since WWII. And every time he end up his mandate, the (democrat) successor had to pick up his ruins (wrecked economy and debts) and work hard to repair.
+Paolo Borsa So you want to compare some old italian from the 40's to mitt romney and most of the US politicians today? ok, kind of a stretch Paolo...
Haha, yes there are a lot of liberals here. Computer people tend to be overwhelmingly liberal, as with most professions that require a strong education. 
+kellen lask Your not accusing yourself of being educated are you? lol, if your voting for obama again, you might want to get a refund from that so called college of yours!! :)
+kellen lask well to tell the truth everybody know that people that vote left tend to be the very bottom of the social class. The average Obama voter depends on the government for food stamps...
And, +Mitch Johnson we're all still paying the price for all those Republicans getting elected. With Congressional approval ratings in the single digits, can you really believe all that Republican rhetoric? They've done nothing but raise Congressional gridlock to new heights. You really can't say that has been good for this country.
+Paolo Borsa that is EXACTLY why I'm so opposed to the Romney buffoon. He's a special interests candidate with nothing but special interest groups as his focus, funded by the thugs running the special interest groups.
+Paul Arnote Really? and what exactly got done when the Dems ruled all of the gov. year 1 of obamas term?? heres a hint.. Absolutely nothing.. Blaming the Republicans is nice and all in a liberal format, but it's complete bull shit ass juggler...
oh dude, he's eligible to be called a f*cking moron for far more than that one quote.
+Paolo Borsa the judicial power in Italy is too strong, keep in mind that any judge could have him arrested for anything, unlike most other countries where the judges at least report to the justice minister. As it is a known fact - at least they are transparent on this - the national judge association has the left as reference political party, he had to balance the situation. On the other hand we was voted overwhelmingly by the majority of Italians for almost years - that's called democracy, as flawed as it is.
+Joe Langley and it's attitudes like yours that turn voters off and push them away from voting for your Republican candidates. Obama inherited a literal mess from GW, who was the most fiscally irresponsible President of modern times. Of course it's going to take a lot of work to straighten out, and the Republicans have done nothing but to stonewall and otherwise obstruct anything he's done to set things right.
+Paul Arnote Blaming GW on the economy is unfair and dishonest. But I guess it is much easier to blame him then to focus on the one who is digging us into a deeper hole...
Wow, I can't believe I read through all that.  +Joe Langley tell me and be honest, you are a fellow liberal trying to make conservatives look bad by being every single stereotype of the right in America, correct?  Please tell me I'm correct, lest I might get just a tad more worried for humanity knowing that someone could seriously think they're going to sway anyone by being misogynistic and, frankly, annoying.
+Joe Langley Unfair? Dishonest? He put us into TWO wars and took no fiscal responsibility for paying for them!
The troll comments are getting old already, I'm not some random poster who is only here to stir the pot. A stupid and idiotic post was made, I disagree, you all disagree with me, so get over it...
+Paul Arnote not so fast, this is a democracy you know, there are others who voted and contributed. Any you bring up fiscal responsibility??? have you seen our debt lately??? oh brother...
Romney's IQ (either way), is kind of meaningless when coupled with WHAT A LYING ASSSCLOWN PIECE OF SH*T HE IS.
+Miles Robinson Yep, your right, and I hate them there blacks and mixicans, and can't live without my guns!!
+eric peacock I wasn't aware he had told any lies, can you be specific, and maybe provide documents or evidence? Oh, and don't try to include any liberal media opinion pieces, that crap dosen't fly...
+Joe Langley :( I like u better when I think that you're just out on riotous nite of trollin the I'm gonna keep thinking that. :)
+Joe Langley A Democracy? Barely. A vote for Mitt the Twit will bring democracy to all but an end, and replace it with the oligarchy that corporate America and the special interest groups are trying to turn it into. Most of that debt was either inherited from GW, or accumulated in efforts to bail out our economy, which was on the brink of collapse ... all thanks to GW's and the Republicans fiscal irresponsibility.
+Paul Arnote
Most fiscally irresponsible president of all times... Till Obama.

Get your facts straight.
+Chad Hernandez my facts are straight. GW IS the most fiscally irresponsible President of all time ... Obama just had to clean up his massive mess.
+Paul Arnote Nice opinion, now maybe some facts to back up that crap opinion next time will actually make me think.. Geez libbys, I ask for a few facts to back up your hate of the right and get nothing but crickets. 
Joe Langley I assume Fox News facts would "fly" with you though?
+Paul Arnote The only thing Obama has cleaned up is the ratings on the View and letterman...
+Paul Arnote
Based on what?

Your biased opinion?

Obama disagrees..

"The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents -- #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back- 30, 000 for every man, woman, and child. That's irresponsible. It's unpatriotic."-Barack Obama

Do the math.

What Obama classified as irresponsible and unpatriotic is chump change compared to the 5.4 trillion added under his own administration.
What ever happen to our multiple choice?now it feels useless to vote with all the trash both sides have acumulated lets bring ross perot! 
+Chad Hernandez Now those are well documented facts, and, what I call bringing the HEAT!!! Paul? comments please...
+Joe Langley


Not likely.

Liberals fold when confronted with fact.

Unless it's excuses, blame, or explanation.

Just like Pee Wee Herman's "I Meant To Do That".
+Chad Hernandez Huh? what's that? sorry I fell asleep!.... So peaceful in here now... kind of feel all alone...
+Joe Langley

You're not alone brother...

Whatever Rachel Madow and Larry O may say.

Just keep spreading the word.

Come election day it'll be liberal wailing and gnashing of teeth we'll be hearing...
Yeah, but what's the shame is, it's SO believable as something he WOULD think and say ..... Doesn't instill much confidence in your abilities to lead when you are perceived ( and probably rightly so ) as an idiot. Vote Midiot Romney, we all want airplanes with power windows and trailer hitches .....
+Joe Langley i'm not comparing, they're both millionaires and they both care most to their own wealth.
+Paul Arnote the only reason Congress is in gridlock is because of the socialist policy's going though Congress. Its not Congress its Obama. Clinton was able to handle a Republican Congress why can't Obama. Is he so willing to not compromise that he needs a Democratic Congress to do anything. Remember the people voted in a Republican Congress because of Obama's socialist agenda in the first place. All that shows is he refuses to be bipartisan. We need a president that can work both sides not just the one that favors him.
+Paul Arnote GW was the most fiscally irresponsible president of all time. LMAO, are you kidding me? Has your head been in the clouds for the last 3 1/2 years? Seriously George W. Bush left the White House with an average deficit of 450 billion a year the 8 years he was president. He also started with a 6 trillion dollar national debt. When George W. Bush left office in 2008 the national debt was 10 trillion. Obama has not only a higher deficit but its also a record deficit of the country. He has averaged 1.5 trillion dollars per year. Last year the deficit was 1.65 trillion. Obama in 3 1/2 years has rocketed the national debt to 16 trillion. That's 6 trillion dollars he has added compared to Bush's 4 trillion in 8 years. He has added 150% more then Bush just in his first term. Also the bank bail out that Bush was responsible for wasn't a gift, it was a loan that has started to be paid back. Last year tarp was responsible for over 700 billion dollars that got added to the general budget. That makes the 1.65 trillion dollar deficit last year actually 2.35 trillion dollars. The highest deficit in us history before Obama was Franklin Roosevelt in 1943 had an adjusted for inflation deficit of 620 billion and that was during world war 2. I don't know where you get your information but Obama is by far the most fiscally irresponsible president the country has ever seen.
So he wasnt serious!

Whose gonna run against obama then?
Trying to pose a rational argument against irrational minds is ... pointless. Obama doesn't operate in a bubble ... he inherited a massive mess from GW that he had to clean up. GW inherited a budget SURPLUS from the Clinton administration, but managed to mangle and mismanage that. Peace out, ditto-heads.
Calling your opponents irrational is a great way to step around legitimate policy disagreements.
+Paul Arnote apparently when someone has facts you just ignore them and keep spouting your irrational rhetoric. If you want to talk Clinton then how about how he deregulated the banks causing the financial mess we are still in today. Sounds like sound liberal policy.
+Paul Arnote

Like I said... Excuses, blame, and explanations...

Then run and hide.


" My administration has a job to do as well. That job is to get this economy back on its feet. That's my job, and it's a job I gladly accept. I love these folks who helped get us in this mess and then suddenly say, "Well this is Obama's economy." That's fine. GIVE IT TO ME. My job is to solve problems, not to stand on the sidelines and carp and gripe . So, I welcome the job. I want the responsibility ." President Obama, July 14, 2009

So much for that...

After his policies failed miserably it's all about laying the responsibility elsewhere.

Total lack of character.

The result?

Undeniable, massive, abysmal failure.
Just 'cause he seems to have been joking this time, doesn't negate your premise.
Romney wasn't joking about the airplane windows. That's like Santorum telling us he was talking about "Blah" people. 
Of course he was "joking". A comment like that was incredible stupid! No president candidate could ever say somerhing like that and be serious! Right? Someone who believes in planets/stars that had never been found and the importants of magical underwear and polygamy can't be that stupid! Right?
But it was smart for obama to say the embassy attack was " just a bump in the road"? Great leader guys. Or when obama said he's visited all 47 states, o wait or, when he didn't know what the national debt was? Lol the only person that would make a great comedy pair is obama/biden the new pen and teller. Edit: 57 states, really tired lol
+Joe Langley I speak English even better than you, and I'm not even from the United States nor the United Kingom! and I don't say American, because Mexico is also in America just as Argentina and Brazil.  ;)
At least nVidia's card actually work and don't spontaneously catch on fire...
it was 57 states...he said...and either way, obama is an idiot.
J Ice
+Linus Torvalds Not sure you will see this with all the activity on the post, and I didn't make time to dig through all the nearly 400 posts concerning this, but I did want to commend you on your willingness to follow up on the same forum and at the same level as your original comment was made. Thanks.
I guess all the money in the world can't buy common sense or a sense of humor. You can only be sure that he isn't centless. <new word >
Guess this makes you a public f*cking moron.
Yes, Mexico is in North America along with the USA and Canada. 
Hey guys, sorry I'm late to the thread. Just wanted to say that Mitt Romney is a moron.
If he have had less hairs he would have remembered me Berlusconi...
So Canada and Mexico are part of America? That's a new one for me. So why do I need a passport again?
Neither are morons, but one has proven to be less fiscally capable of running a country than a grade schooler with a lemonade stand:

- 6 trillion in new debt
- 3 rounds of quantitative easing
- Fed debt buy-back rate nearing 75%
- 3 national credit downgrades (one this month, another projected by year-end)
- sustained, stagnant unemployment that has radically missed the administration's own stated projections for the stimulus they demanded we pass
- no budget passed in almost 4 years, the last two the President sent to Congress didn't even secure a single vote from his own party
- use of executive order to directly undermine legislation passed by a bipartisan Congress, signed by Clinton, legislation that has been hailed by both sides as one of Clinton's greatest accomplishments
- after ACA (ObamaCare), health care costs haven't even slowed down, they've actually been increasing at a faster rate

Let's dispense with the uninformed, childish blather and instead engage on the issues - you owe at least that much to future generations who will face the Keynesian debt tsunami you created before they were even born.

And that's the Word.
Bush' deficit figures were wrong because he never put the wars on budget. He also never funded "no child left behind or Medicare part D. These issues were all funded under Bush with emergency spending acts. When Obama came into office he placed all of Bush's projects under the umbrella of the budget. if you think that the current deficit is truly Obama's you are smoking some pretty good right wing propaganda. Republicans like Cheney and Rove said " deficits don't matter" as they drove the country's economy off a cliff. I guess now that Obama is president, they matter. Go figure!!!
Are you absolutely sure he was joking?
you might be right anyway...
Nah you have not convinced me....he is still a moron:-)
to sum up, he is a fucking moron, who likes joking? am i right?
I would love to see where they said that +Arnie Rosemoff . So the democrats that controlled senate and congress during the last 2 years of Bush's presidency had nothing to do with that debt? Why didn't he try and pass some bills while he had complete control of congress and senate the first 2 years of his presidency?
+Arnie Rosemoff that is incorrect:

First off, you are confusing projected unfunded liabilities with deficit spending. Secondly, it is literally impossible for Obama to have included any payment for the liabilities you listed because he hasn't passed a budget his entire 4 years in office.

***rubs hands together, as if not even breaking a sweat, thinks "who's next?"
+Chad Hernandez Please pull up a calculator,... It is a fact that Obama spent less for running governmental institutions then most of the presidents before (also democ.), but if you now take your calculation ahead and try to find out how much it costs to pay back $ 9 trillion and add all the costs he had to spent to fix all the other holes former presidents (also democ., but poorly mostly rep.) digged (financial crises because of giving financial institutions to much room for speculation, starting wars which have so far cost not just a few bucks, saving the automotive industry from collapse,...).

If you add this all up, and take a look at how much less money was spent under the Obama administration and what projects actually he came up with to prepare the USA for a good future in which it is worth living, you will have trouble to bring up any comment on this/my statement.

Actually there is something that will cost the US a lot of money in short term,... the new health insurance. But this is in fact one of the great changes Obama came up with and it actually will save money quickly in the the long term on the other hand.

Actually to name just a few positive facts of the Obama administration:
He ended a few wars, saved the automotive industry, saved the financial industry (some what), killed Bin Laden, brought health insurance for everybody, ...

Have you ever asked yourself why most (75%+) highly educated people (and most Hollywood-Stars) what vote for Obama again? That's probably because they are able to see where Obama navigates the to in the long term.

And to bring yourself some peace of mind,... this/my statement is based on facts you can pull from public sources (also republican), e.g. congress statements, white house publications archive (also GW documents will help to prove), many university websites (GWU, etc. providing publications on political/society development during the last 25 years) and take a look at the archives of the newspaper companies (also repub.,) you will find many statements that make clear what democratic and/or republican action lead to what result.

As a conclusion I need to say that it seems some kind of educational problem and therefor a problem of people believing to fast what republicans try to convince or pray (we had this in Europe/Germany, remember?)!

Maybe Obama should spent more money for education, again. Oh, wait, he already did, but those little people are not yet allowed to vote :-(
+Erman Ozen  - All professional politicians these days are simpletons. They just do what their campaign funder's tell them to do. 
Michael Rogers: If you don't get that Mexico, Canada and the USA are all part of North America, maybe this "intelligent" discussion is not for you. 
Good to know that the presidential candidate has a sense of humor
Michael; 60 votes were needed to break the GOP filibuster in the senate. It took months after the elections in '08 to seat Al Franken. Then one of the Dem's was hospitalized for an extended period. Through in blue-dogs like Nelson and independents like Lieberman and you would see that the Dems and Obama never had a filibuster proof senate. McConnell stated that his only goal was to make Obama a one term president and conspired with his group to absolutely not give any thing that would resemble a win to the president to try to fulfill his goal in making him a one term president. In my mind, this behavior is un-American and possibly could be considered treason, as a conspiracy to overthrow a sitting government cannot be protected under the guise of free speech. 
+Jens J. Parrée you and others have mentioned the financial crisis was caused by Bush/Republicans - well you couldn't be more wrong, so let's examine what really caused it:

The 3 primary causes for the housing crisis were the bipartisan passage of the Gramm-Bliley-Leach Act, signed under Bill Clinton, Clinton's executive expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act, and inorganic, government-sponsored lending to unqualified buyers.

The GBL Act repealed key elements of Glass-Steagel, which prevented traditional banks from directly operating riskier investment banking operations.

Clinton's CRA expansion mandated a 400% increase in unqualified buyer loans for housing under the Democratic mantra of "The Affordable Housing Mission".

Additionally, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bought-off the entire Democratic leadership of the House Financial Services Committee headed by Barney Frank and Maxine Waters. They were presented with an investigation by the regulator OFHEO, and buried it.

All told the Bush administration made 17 different attempts through various levels of government to increase regulation and investigate the housing sector.

If you buy into President Obama's "blame Bush/Republicans for the housing crisis" rants, you're sadly uninformed and probably parroting contrived, partisan talking points.


Democrats in their own words Covering up Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac scandal
+Daniel Buchner (Thanks for posting sources)

That's why I say not only reps fucked it in the past, but mostly. Sadly Bush did not get this fixed. Sadly he did not "fix" anything ;-)
+Daniel Buchner oh yep. It will I guess.
Actually, google can you please improve handling of large threads like this :-)

I'm out! It sucks to update the comments and post on a mobile device (g+ app) when there are hundreds of comments.
What do you do after you made a comment which makes you a f*cking moron? Declare that you was joking, obviously...
+Jens J. Parrée word(!) on the large threads issue, a quick-jump UI element appearing when scroll is initiated would be awesome.
+Rich White Following your logic: Does someone who earns 1 million per year work 10 times as hard as someone earning 100k? If you think distribution of wealth should be according to how much hours you put into it that would be the only logical conclusion. Yet I have never seen someone working 400 hours a week.
Money tends to flow to those who already have money, because they have opportunities created by their possession of wealth. I think the government has to put a damper on the unequal flow of wealth. And this means higher taxes for the wealthier.
About the GOP: their initial ideas might be solid, but nowadays the worldwide consensus views them collectively as fringe lunatics. Hijacked by Fox News, the Tea Party, religious extremists. Mitt Romney is the best they can come up with? Seriously?? He has lied about nearly everything, keeps flipflopping on every major issue and can't distinguish front from back. And you would trust him with the keys to your country?
+Arnie Rosemoff wow people really do believe everything Obama says. My numbers are from the budget committee. There not wrong. Obama just likes to blame everyone else for his mess.
+Gerard ter Beke wow, and there you have communism. Maybe you can be in charge of the organization that tells people what the state would like them to do for a living.
Yeah, I can say somthing stupid and follow it with a "Uh, haha! I was just, uh, just kidding!" too.
+Gerard ter Beke Why does the government have to put a "damper" on what you believe is an "unequal" flow of wealth?  Who gets to decide what is "unequal", and what is bad about having unequal flows of wealth?  Someone else getting richer doesn't make me poorer unless they get their money from the government (or through government intervention).  If someone is making their money through voluntary exchange, I want them to keep that money so they can continue their betterment of society at an accelerated rate.  Taxing it and putting it into the waste machine called government is slowing down progress and funding the killing of foreigners in our endless wars.  Every dollar that a millionaire makes doesn't take a dollar from me, and taking it from him and giving it to me doesn't make society better (and I'm not even going to get into the immorality of it) because he was going to use it to further the investment that got him the dollar in the first place.  If it is given to me instead of earned by me, then I quickly learn that not doing anything is the path to wealth, while he learns that working hard doesn't get him anywhere.
+Gerard ter Beke just FYI: if you enjoy watching ridiculous market-ignorant comments get eviscerated by empirical explanations of economic systems, you're in luck...

...because that's what I'm going to do to your comment when I wake up tomorrow.
Well, he said he was joking - or his publicity people said he was joking - are you entirely sure?
+Gerard ter Beke Not only does he know hes flawed but he is happy that you, " +Daniel Buchner " will not be able to respond to his inaccurate rederick. I love Obama supporters. They look so stupid and don’t even realize it. Its almost cute.
LMAO! This is the second Romney supporter (or at least Obama detractor) comment I've read in as many days calling others stupid while using the word "rederick", 
+Dennis McCaie maybe +Rich White actually meant Roddick - I don't know but maybe Andy Roddick's serve has gone downhill and has become inaccurate?
Linus, he might be joking on the window part, but i dont think on the oxygen part, because it is hardly funny.
+Rich White  Actually I'm looking forward to +Daniel Buchner  replying. He seems to be better informed then I am regarding economics. 
I'm still waiting for you to answer though. Unless you think you're not qualified and Daniel should do your work.
that's big of you truly. It doesn't change the fact that he IS a f#cking moron. Love what you've done with our OS.
Bullshit he was joking. I'm prepared to accept he knew that opening windows at 30,000ft is a bad idea, but he obviously thought it would be handy for them to open and clear out the smoke at lower altitudes.

Which just demonstrates he's terrible at thinking through the consequences of his suggestions. Of course, we don't need an aeroplane window scenario to demonstrate that - can just look at his retarded as hell 'go to ER' solution for those without health insurance. Because if you're not paying for it then the cost of provision must be zero, right?
So many people mis-spell Mormon that its understandable :-).
Flip-flopping on the "opening airplane windows at high altitudes"!
Even if he was joking, the Obama campaign should follow what the Republicans did with their "we built it" nonsense and use Romney's quote in everything.

Like so:

"Republicans won't allow gay people to get married. I don't know why they don't do that. It's a real problem."
That doesn't necessarily make your assertion incorrect.
Luke S
suuuuuure he was. 
+Jens J. Parrée
So what you're saying is that you have a nice sounding explanation has to why Obama failed ?

Whatever makes you feel better..
But make no mistake.

Your explanations cannot erase the fact that he did indeed fail.

"Today I'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office, Now, this will not be easy. It will require us to make difficult decisions and face challenges we've long neglected. But I refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot repay, and that means taking responsibility right now, in this administration, for getting our spending under control."-Barack Obama

Either through incompetence or ignorance, he set the goal. He came no where close to meeting the goal.

The very definition of failure.

And that’s by his own standards...

"If John McCain’s policies were implemented, they would add $5.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. That isn’t fiscal conservatism, that’s what George Bush has done over the last eight years. Not only can working families not afford it, future generations can’t afford it. And we can’t allow it to happen in this election."-Barack Obama

Now that he's president the number is just over 7 trillion dollars over the next decade according to his own projections. The CBO puts it at just over 9 trillion. On top of the 5.4 trillion already added.

Now working families can magically afford more than double the amount he said couldn't be allowed to happen when it was the other guy he was talking about?

No. He's obviously failed the working families he claimed he was running for.

Whether through incompetence or deceit or ignorance...

The results are contrary to his own statements and publicly stated goals.

In other words...

Despite your cute little explanation for the fact...

He still failed.
us politics is so strange ... (not saying europe's is any better ... ;-)
I suppose the fact that he was joking, but no one could tell should concern us. 
+Chad Hernandez

I don't mind re-electing a failure. The path to success is paved with fail. Romney has not failed yet, so he's further from success that Pres Obama. 
Total shite.. The guy wasn't joking.. He's just a dumb fuck..
A joke of is made complete  what is stated
I bet when (hopefully anyway) he looses the election he'll say that him running for President was just a joke too. Because believe me, everyone outside of the USA thinks it is.
 so he is a joking fucking moron ? Naw you can call him just a fucking moron. most Americans are OK with that. I am convinced that the republicans are not so secretly trying to garantee Obama term # 2
Now we all know that's not true..........but I guess it's ok to pretend.
So Emacs IS better than Vim?
John J
Seems you may have Foot in mouth disease. That's what happens when you are harsh
Exactly, can't always take text at face value. It might be intended as severe sarcasm
I think it's funny how everyone's ragging on the guy and calling him a moron. He's still making 60 000 a day. I promise you, Mitt might be rough around the edges as regards to public speaking and performance, but he's not stupid. Voting for Obama and expecting different results...that's stupid. This from a guy who bought his promis the last time. I think people buying into the propaganda machines of either party I.e. the rhetoric and 'slip ups' being reported, are stupid. Neither candidate is most likely to change anything, but if there's even the slightest chance for improvement and chance, it's with Romney.
Keep in mind that many people vote for someone, not because they believe in them, but because they truly dislike the opponent. Voting for "the lesser evil" such as it is.
I think that the system is completly wrong from it's basics. As humans we are not capable to rule ourselves.
@ Bryce Andersen : are you kidding me? Tells you what? I think it's funny how most liberal thinking people are incapable of measuring  success. Seems like making money is more of an offense than anything else. You can check out Mitt Romney's profile, if you will. I'd say the man has made a success out of most of the things he's put his mind to, not to mention having a functional relationship with his wife and kids, while at it. Being successful at the things that he's done, you'd have to be pretty damn stupid to think that the man is stupid. Yep, hes somewhat awkward publicly and not nearly as smooth as Obama. That's fine. I don't order comedian to fix my kernel panicking computer. I get me a socially awkward engineer who's dedicated his life in to understanding how computers work. I'm smart enough to appreciate their intelligence and abilities. Obama has absolutely no idea how the economy works. The man is a constitutional law professor, and incidentally, doesn't seem to have any grasp of the constitution either (as the NDAA demonstrates). Romney would have supported that too, I know, but at least he's not a constitutional law professor at Harvard. So many people practically worship Obama because of his image...that is so vain. Romney is a tool for the job. Sometimes he even acts like one. Like I said, I'm fine with that. 
I hope that all the other bloggers issue a note like this. Sarcasm can be difficult for the gullible to understand. :-)
I don't think he was joking until people told him how stupid it was.
It's always a good thing to react before having the facts. True Story. 
Romney pulled a Poe on us. In my opinion it is a dirty move when the fundies start making Poe's. It is already hard enough to tell if Romney really is that complete a moron, or he's joking.
+Jeffrey Hamby "It's always a good thing to react before having the facts. True Story."

Torvalds did have the facts. The facts just changed after his original post.
Is it a joke if nobody thinks it's a joke?
+Robert Garner It is a twist on the boy who cried wolf. If people are used to hearing BS and unhinged reality from a candidate, they don't know when they are actually just joking. And yes, if you can't tell it's a joke without being told it is a joke, the joker needs to stop.
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