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Hey, this time I'm raising a thumb for nvidia. 

Good times.
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Good for +NVIDIA. Apparently your prior message to them was received and understood.
Yay! I'm hoping to see more of this in the future.
+Paul M Edwards any pointers to the "prior message"?

[I can well imagine, but ... I'm curious ... 😅]
Nvidia have jumped leaps and bounds in past year. Impressive to see a corportion takeing Linux more seriously.
Ovi Pop
It seems your other finger did the trick.
Shawn S
Not the middle finger? Because that was awesome.
Heh. Someone had to say it. I do like NVidia though, if only because their drivers actually work for me. I've struggled getting the Radeon drivers to be stable.  
Seams Like you're warming up to Nvidia.
Hope to see more :)
After years of being very pro-AMD, I ditched them when I had nothing but problems with drivers on Linux. I've had such a better experience with Nvidia and glad that it will only improve.
They aren't there yet, more middle finger recommended.
They are at least trying. Between lawyers, developers, company management and the public eye it is very difficult to go from what open source is and what they have indoor. This stuff, even if it looks like a simple decision is not up to one person or group. Overall Nvidia has donde a pretty good job helping the Linux community (They sure can do more for the love of god) but as an Nvidia user I can't complain much seeing as the worst thing would be that they completely bailed Linux as a whole.
I would be happier about this if nouveau wasn't such a horribly badly behaved subsystem. There is NO reason to switch from VGA mode before you've started X11.
Given they said they're only contributing on the kernel side, I guess this means they're trying to get their proprietary user space driver running on top of the open source kernel driver?
nouveau still needs a lot of work (maybe "crapton" would be a more accurate term), but this shows a definite step in the right direction. thank you +NVIDIA
+Alexander Diana: I'm basing my guess on the part where he says "we do not have any plan to work on user-space support".

A kernel 3D graphics driver isn't very useful without the corresponding user space driver, so if they don't plan on improving Nouveau's user space to talk to this GPU one conclusion is that they are using some other user space component.  Nvidia clearly has such a user space driver, so it certainly seems plausible.
I remember the famous "hey, Nvidia, fuck you (mlm)"
Who says negative reinforcement doesn't work.
As a long time user of Nvidia's binary driver I have to say thanks Nvidia. Their devs got me going on IRC in OPN with the beta version of their driver way back when I had an MX200 video adapter.

Sure in a perfect world Nvidia's driver would be open source but this isn't a perfect world. Far from it in fact, and I can think of plenty of other things I'd like to see changed sooner than Nvidia's binary policy too.
+James Henstridge - There's no reason to believe they're not using the stock nouveau userspace driver with the kernel driver in their testing. It's not like they're doing this for their own use, they have a superior driver of their own.

Edit: it seems they're using open source userspace libraries to test their kernel changes.
What's the big deal?
A finger is a finger!
Glad to hear that things are improving :)
I'm sad with this news... This shouldn't be great news but a normal thing for all GPU makers.
Have been for years extremely happy with NVIDIA.

Every time installing a new kernel just need to compile NVIDIA drivers - they distribute the kit. (Compiling lots of out-of-kernel drivers like SCST)

Have had problems i.e. drivers did not compile. Informed NVIDIA and they sent some source, patched it and sent patches back to NVIDIA.

I hate nouveau.

(HP EliteBook 8730w, 1920x1200, 17") #NVIDIA
Unfortunately, that will not fix my +NVIDIA Optimus powered laptop that I intend to use with Linux a few more years.
I'm not raising my thumb yet.
See what +Linus Torvalds' magic finger can do? I call it a miracle. If only that finger had the same power over AT&T and some other things worth fixing... 
Could be because valve is moving to Linux? Suspicious
+Fireicer Cooper scientific computing would benefit widely from this gpu, and its built for virtualization. Most VMS are Linux. It makes good businesses sense :)
I hope that nvidia realises how much simpler this is for them than managing a proprietary codebase.
+Peter da Silva
 They inventing another bicycle now - "Mantle". Perhaps, it more  efficiency for their videocards, than OGL.
Alsooo, let's discuss about it ( future Mantle  in Linux), instead Nvidia torchlight %).
Yes it's a good thing for us.
More and more hardware firms joined The Open Source(Not only Intel anymore)
I wonder if the rise of Steam on Linux has anything to do with this.
Anyone gaming on Linux is using the nVidia drivers anyway.
I guess there's only a couple of inches or so between a thumb and middle finger ;-) but yes, a good sign :)
I had hoped that the original finger would remain in position until the optimus issues would finally be fixed properly (nouveau or the proprietary drivers). Still a step in the right direction...
+L. Bradley LaBoon Not necesarily, remember that the these processors they are aiming at are built for virtualization, and GPGPU purposes. This is a buisness move to make sure there are no growing pains for massively using these in any VM environment.
Mantle has been released, so nvidia made its response.
Mark W
As a loyal Linux user, a Professional VMware Administrator and a nVIDIA fan boy ... My heart just melted and everything once again became right with my world . 
I imagine a roguelike game, a nethack variant, perhaps, featuring a powerful artifact, the Finger of Linus. Invoking it would, say, tame nearby monsters, except, maybe, cats.
is your own head less worth, than a fin-fingr, slave?
Marc Jr
Keep middle fingering companies, please! is down ( at least from France ). Linus, so many people are following you, perhaps freedesktop  detected a DDOS attack ( a buzz-kind one ) after this post ;-) Thumb's Power !
Suspect this is due less to middle finger and more due to impending steam machines
We have been selling Android min PC for almost two years and saw a lot of requests for Linux. GPU driver is always the biggest drawback. The move of Nvidia is very positive but we still have to wait and see how this actually led to the open source GPU driver. 
Dear Linus, pls pls show your middle finger for the AMD's Radeon Graphics driver for Linux.
Ahmad S
Obviously, nvidia just realized that Linux is the future.
What thumb Linus? Just in case... :-) 
First a finger, then a thumb. Hopefully next year it'll be a fist bump or a high five.
Great, although I'm still waiting for the specs of the card I have here that crashed Nouveau more than 3 times a weak last I tried... and to write an Haiku driver or port Nouveau to it (yes I do love Linux, but there are other FLOSS OSes out there  that also deserve hardware support, and it's not their binary blob that will work there).

So, it's nice to see nvidia post source code for the chips they need supported on Linux, but it'd be better to get the specs, which in essence is the "user manual" for us, to all the hardware they make.

Sadly things didn't change much since 2008... cf.
It's good news. The GK20A android driver also contains some useful information about the card that's useful for us nouveau developers. Now I need to get my hands on a GK20A. :)
jose pa
Yeah, of course, we are Linux!.
+Peter da Silva : Are you really criticizing KMS? You are such a troll! What is your excuse for not liking this feature? Are you so resistant to change that even having a TTY at your screen's native resolution is a problem?
+Jethro Rose : Actually, thank google and android. They have been pressuring nvidia to make their code upstream for Tegra. Valve doesn't care much about a low-performance kepler.
AMD's Radeon open source driver is all thumbs already.
+David Gerard RadeonHD SI open source driver still sucks on my RadeonHD 7470M...but its better then year before, so this time, next year - will be millionaires ;)
Ohhh the power of a well placed finger... Wait, what?
Zlatan - this'll be bigger than Dogecoin. TO THE MOOOOOON!
The way I see it, you are giving them a finger, once again. :)
But... What consumer device will actually have a K1 in it? As far as I know the only K1 that "we" can currently use is a perpetually out of stock 600USD development board. And tegra devices then all end up being tablets. Will this actually change at some point?

Last I knew, to even make a tegra based device required a substantial amount of up front (think 7 figures) payment to nvidia, and you're just not going to make that kind of money back making a desktop-ish system... I would absolutely love to use a K1 system as my every day desktop, at a reasonable price, but I just don't see that possibility coming to fruition at any point in the near future.
Screw tegra .dumping support for tegra 3 so quickly .why would I buy anything with a K1 in it.
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you KNOW that the publicity from the popular FU Nvidia video clip had to have spurred Nvidia to get off their arses and into the kernel. well done, sir!
my first time here.  good things and good moments, everywhere you are
+Linus Torvalds, please tell AMD to fully open source all their drivers, they were doing some great progress with that when AMD Fusion was new.
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