Ok, since some people continually seem to be confused about the point of higher-resolution screens, I'm doing a small example of why you want it, especially if you're working with lots of text (ie email or source code).

One of these two pictures is a part of a real screenshot from my pixel, using a font that I actually use and find readable on that screen.  Yes, it's a smallish font, but it really is readable, and it's small enough that I see about 50 emails at the same time (it's a crop of my lkml folder in gmail in the "compact" view using chrome, in case people care).

The other one is an approximation of the same kind of setup with a 1080p screen (it's just scaled down using cubic interpolation using gimp: actually redrawing the fonts with a smaller font-size would result in slightly different output, but it's fairly representative).

Remember, this is the good kind of screen some people claim is great. Most laptops actually have a 768p screen, which would just be unreadable.

And you know what? Yes, you can actually read the 1080p version. But compare the two, and ask yourself which one you think causes less eye strain because it's clearer and easier to read. And if you still think that 1080p is "good enough", I can only say that you're either (a) stupid as f*ck or (b) in deep denial.
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