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What do you get if you have three girls and a cat?

The thing that surprises me is how Minky could not care less. Apparently as long as we feed her, Tove and the kids can embarrass her as much as they like. Because Minky does love her food. That dress is looking a bit tight around her...
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A very angry cat.  That's just wrong.
Needs some helicopter accessories...
That is so true. It's amazing what our cat puts up with. Free food is a great incentive.
I guess the cat is simply too old for an infantile psycholgical trauma ;-)
I have a cat that is very similar to this.  She's the smallest, most vicious, sneaky, dog attacking, dimensional portal to the lost sock universe in our neighborhood.  

Clearly, the cat above has taken ownership of the small female minions in your home and instructed them to shower her with kitty treats and wrap her in a royal robe.  

Well played vicious predator, well played!
You get a cat with its brain replaced by a transparent dome full of green goo.  Branicat 5.
We had a long haired cat that our daughter would dress up all the time. Such patience he had!
I love how they also attached that flower arrangement to it's head..
I think tolerating dress-up is a trait particular to dark-furred cats.  I did the same thing to my cat when I was a little girl, and my daughter does the same thing to her cat.
$ cat dress

cat: dress: Permission denied

$ sudo cat dress

cat is now wearing a dress.
Your cat looks like it has a brain bubble on its head.  I just realized that's a basket handle.
+Eve Sullivan Our daughter dresses up our very tolerant light-coloured ragdoll all the time too.  Also the food doesn't hurt either :)
That cat has it easy.  My brother and I used to dress our dog up in army gear.  The poor guy had to really work to get upstairs.
Linus, that is all eat up with cute...
Well, at least its a female cat. If it were a male, it'd be different hehe
very cute :D , and sure ur kids :D
Still, not sure if pink is that cats color.
I have 2 cats and 2 daughters and they love doing the same thing to my cats and my wife helps, it always seams that daughters and cats mix like this, where boys we just like our Dogs.
As I said to a friend, this is what happens when you don't have a baby brother.
Someone that will do anything with their body as long as they are payed? I believe there is a word for that. I have some bad news about your cat. 
Hopefully, you have a very tolerant cat.  Or family members with a high pain threshold.
The flowerpot behind her head looks like if the cat was wearing a hat.
LOL! That's animal cruelty! xD Poor cat!! 
Oooooh, everybody's favourite geek and a cat... too bad it's not yet #caturday :-P
com certeza essa gatinha faz sucesso aí!!!muito especial.
I can relate to this cat, I put up with a lot for free food. Maybe not a dress.. well I guess it depends on the food.
The cat's name is Minky.  He is no stranger to embarrassment.
Hilarious Linus :P
Is that some sort of bonnet also?
Rich W.
Kitteh luuurves her hoomans.

A good caption considering the Eluzabeth II diamond jubilee:
"Princess Minky readies to go out onto the palace balcony to grace her loyal subjects and observe the flyover."
loooooool I have named my Cat Linus and he has his own Linus Penguin to Play :)
How can the kernel acquire low level optimizations for the display of cat pictures?  With the growing importance of social media, cat pictures are main feature of the "killer app" of the future.
An obese pet cat manages to kill less for fun. :-)
Cats if live together with people they do not care what the do to her as long as it get food... Where I study (Lamia - Greece) thers is a cat and whenever i coddled het it just sitting and looking on the othrt way like I did not existed...
Ed Dich
+Dmitry Malikov why in the world would you choose a (former) celebrity name/avatar and post in a Linu[xs] thread?
Man, I have a cat named Tinka and she looks 99% identical! :-)
We lost two old friends (cats) in the last few years, both of them over 20 years old.  One was named "Minky".  Our Minky was a small-framed grey, very loving but silly.  Cheers to your Minky, may she brighten your days the way ours did for us!  (And be sure to tell her that she looks nice in that dress.  But she needs a hat and shoes.)
Hey, that looks like my cat Macy Grey!  And yes, she loves her food.
 by the cat's face I can conclude that she is a bit embarrassed. I bet she's thinking:"It's not funny. If I'll be still maybe nobody figures it out." :)
Maybe she tought "I will kill you for this ! mouahahahah " xD
Eloy D
$ cd /home/minky/wardrobe
$ tar -xvf wardrobe.tar  
$ cat /dev/meow
Too much purple tint!
My cat would despise me and hate my guts if I dressed her up that way!! 
Why won't she let me dress her?! :(
+Linus Torvalds What do you expect? You're nothing more than "the can opener" anyway. Your beloved cat pet will just swallow the humiliation to pay you back when least expect it. Muahahahaha :)
All cats would kill you and eat you if they could. What do you think they're sitting there thinking about? Calculus?
Incidentally, Minky was our first cat's name too. Followed by Joshi, Toshi and Leeloo in the last 32 years. Never heard it anywhere else to be honest. Then again it's rare at best here in Germany.
That brings back horrible memories for me.
I bet my daugther's cat named Mei could understand Minky's situation..If they could communicate along continents, of couse.
+Linus Torvalds I thought the joke was the plant-brain in the background. ROBOCAT. You are also lucky, my cats don't like the dress ups, they will wiggle out of anything.
Ah! Paulo but They actually can... :P It's just we can't see them.
Did you take the picture ? I imagine the cat saying: "Oh Linus, you were in it too?"
I I heard that the more feminine the more likely to embrace Google+ ... maybe it's time to give the cat an account!
I never expected to see Linus post dressed up cats to a social network. I guess the worldview I formed so long ago needs some adjusting.
Cats are very smart. they have classified everything in the world into two basic elements: food and non-food
哈哈, she is other girl
"What? I'm Pretty. Get over it."
Voi miten sopoa! Kiltti kisu. Hyva ruoka motivoi;)
terv. Susa, Sebun vaimo
same my fat cat. She will do whatever i tell her as long as I keep feeding her.
My cat will kill me if I just think about doing something like this. :)
Great picture. Not to mention the flower hat.
I wonder if you get more responses for cat-related posts than for kernel-stuff?
Moh Sel
+Marco Domann I don't know why everybody on the internet love so much cats, I really don't understand what is it about :s
What you get is a new kernel name.

--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@-3,4 +3,4 @@
-NAME = Saber-toothed Squirrel
+NAME = Curiously-clothed Cat
What you get is decidedly more SFW than two girls and a cup.
just ... thanks for your great work 

thanks to people like you, the world is a little less bad
Hi How are you?
Who is this?
Hahahahahaha!!!! Poor cat!
"Does this dress make my butt look furry?"
Aivan mahtavan söpö kissa ja vaatekkin ihan kohdillaan!
Can I be good programmer if I don't find this funny? :)
My kids always say - "daddy - all cats are girls, you know that"

yes, yes, i guess i do
Hahaha yeah, I like it! She looks exactly like my cat Maurice - minus the dress, of course :D
Jajajaja,  I love soo much cats... is beautyfull
The really tragic part is that the dress fits perfectly! I do love the ingenuity of repurposing such objects, however. 😄. 
Being a linuxoid I have a cat too. He is red and his name is... Linus. :)
Surely a penguin would make a more suitable dress up pet
LOL, shaving a gecko... what do your kids get up to :)
Lol cats have interesting lives ... All 9 of them.
Strangely (or not), I read the BBC interview on you and have a lot of respect for someone I never knew the name of ten minutes ago.  I wish as a child I had the access to information to help me start coding/messing around with my 286 - the best I came up with was being a mildly adept user of DOS.  For shame.
fecilitaciones por Premio Millennium de Tecnología, desde chile
I don't have three girls but I have 3 kids and a cat and this same thing has happened at my house.  There hasn't been a dull moment in years around here.  
Does Minky play with those penguins stashed above your fireplace? Any curiosity?  :-)
look like a hat on her head :)
Nothing to do with your cat, although I liked your post... but I found out that you were here in G+ and couldn't help it but thank you for developing something that changed the course of my life (I'm in my ninth year of using Linux and I love it more everyday)... But I must say that the Lord changed it even more... ;-)
o.O wow, if i were that cat, perhaps i would be dead... O.o
The bubble hat matches her eyes.
i don`t cats
but i like only wild cats
The cat is telling you "You know, you will have to sleep at some point. And then, you die!"
is it a single, married, or divorced cat? they say that you can tell by the way they dress..
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