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First weekend of divemaster candidate done. Six newly certified divers. Good luck.
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So, you plan to retire and be a divemaster and/or scuba instructor :)
There'd be precedent. Ken Thompson retired to be a flight instructor.
There is much in common. Be wary of leaks. BC is your friend. Floats are good to have.
Yeah, and I heard some guy called ESR because a sex instructor or something.
You say good luck, that made me curious, does diving have anything equivalent to 'break a leg'?
I thought I was too old to do that, but if not I may be in for a career change myself. Scuba diving and slack key guitar sounds like a nice retirement.
Next weekend you get to chase whatever kid is the hot air balloon. I think I lost 10lbs on that last dive. ;-)
it was about time to see a brand new version step up! :-) thanks linus!
Awesome. Next up: Linux Aquafest!
Congratulations! Want to do a tour next week? (: My wife and I are taking a vacation near Aptos and are planning a few days of shore diving during the week (with boat dives out of Monterey lined up each weekend).
I didn't get it correctly..... You ( Linus Torvalds ) are training divers and giving certificates ? wowowowowow...
Hi Linus, would you like to try free diving (diving without SCUBA)?
+1 to Free Diving. If you haven't tried yet I recommend doing so. 
Divemaster Linus - Dj'ing at the Scooba Lounge
I'll be right on your fin tails... I'm taking my open water now, I'm sure I'll be going for divemaster in the near future.
You have to admit diving is just great.. Now you need a diving computer running a linux kernel and your rig is properly set..
Aw man, I was totally expecting this to refer to immersive virtuality, but it was just a typo. I wonder what you'd add to a kernel for that, anyway?
Wow, you have actual interests other than computing? I'm impressed! ;) You'll need to fork over your full-geek card endorsement, though. Tsk.
If you're in Vancouver for LinuxCon, check out the diving at Porteau Cove, and Whitecliff.
It's been over a year since I went diving. I think my gills are drying ;)
I want to learn linux from basic. Please help me Sir.
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