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Ok, so how do I disable the stupid event invites from showing up on my home screen?

Solution right now: stop using G+. I'm seeing zero actual posts, everything is just event invites from people I don't know.

Bye bye.
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They seem hell bent on reducing their user base recently. Maybe they were having load issues....
It's been deployed for literally tens of minutes!
Whatsthisshit anyway about? I wasn't asking for it...
i don't think that giving up on g+ is the best solution ... maybe it's just a circles thing. i enjoy your stories, please don't leave.
Mark Layton
Or you could just disable it in your settings......
Martyn Haigh
You don't want to come snowboarding with me?!
glad to see that i am not the only one frustrated with the direction google is going with G+
In my opinion the event invites should only be visible on the Events tab. Only events that you're directly invited to should be shown on the home stream.
You are just a cat HATER ! seriously, the point of this platform does not seems to be relevance. Hence it is irrelevant.
Yeah. I thought I will fail at least in one way.
I was right.
Noooo, don't go!! I invite you to stay ;)
What is your setting for "who can send you notifications" ?
Linus, you can control the notifications in settings. Dont leave the plus, id miss ya :P
I was close to giving up on G+ anyway - they've tried to make it "pretty" by encouraging big pictures etc so you can only see two posts on your screen even on desktop (never mind mobile). So one or two active people will totally hide all the other people you might be interested in.

This just makes that go the extra mile of uselessness.

+Joel Pomales: I am using my circles. It's set so that the only thing I'm supposed to see is people who are in my circles. The events notification ignores that, and fills my screen with shit.
Well, that sucks... Where will people pull Linus-quotes from now? :(
...que le pasa ahora ?. (mal traduzco un raye?)
You can communicate with the G+ dev team... they are pretty open to receive comments...
I just noticed this and found the additional settings to change.  Looks like it defaults to notify you.  Slightly annoying but better than the email recently.
Event> gear (settings> Events notifications from everyone to your circles.
I guess you're just a popular guy -- everybody wants you at their event. Frankly, I wouldn't think to invite you to something, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't be welcome. But more seriously, I imagine this will be like when they launched music sharing -- my stream was full of music for a day or two, and then things went back to normal.
Must be a famous person problem. I've never seen such a thing.
+Linus Torvalds you can change the options so you are or aren't notified of invitations. Not that I've tried it but the option is there in the settings.
I feel your pain +Linus Torvalds same on my side. I think its because the first thing that people see today when they fire up Google+ is a screen that says "Try Events Here".
good bye. i will miss some interesting posts (things like path resolution) though...
+Linus Torvalds you might have to narrow down your circles to those you actually want to hear from....not like it hurts your following anyways. Maybe once things are cleaned up you'll see a more interesting stream.
Hey Linus..I want to see some optimism today!
Go on stay, it would be good to have you around
+Linus Torvalds There are now Event Notification settings in the G+ settings page (via the Gear icon), along with the other notification controls.  They default to ON for email but can be unchecked.
rudy s
+Linus Torvalds, many Googlers have been quite responsive on feedback, I think people like +Natalie Villalobos would be interested in your critiques of G+.

I hope you decide to continue using G+, one of the things I've loved is the engagement of intelligent people that doesn't exist on other social networks.
Just give the time to google developers to fix this. A new feature in a software is never perfect (not even in the linux kernel, and I'm a linux fan)
There is an option in settings. I don't know if it works, but it's there.
Event's is working fine, don't hate on G+ 
+bhupinder jai mata di, +Tim Camilleri that does nothing. It gets rid of the f*cking email spam, yes (I got that too). But the events still show up on my screen.

And yes, I already did the "feedback" thing. But quite frankly, I think the G+ people should take a hard look at what the hell they are doing.  They are just driving people away.
Linus, Wow a little bit of difficulty and you leave?  Imagine if people did that with Linux ?
dijo bye, bye... porque no lo dejan ir a tomar cafe tranquilo ?.
el hombre no consulto como solucionarlo, no propuso una mejora, no quiere participar. solo presento su disgusto y dijo "bye, bye". (o me equivoco ?)
So my take is, he logged in and G+ flashed the new feature to him and he freaked out. I don't see any invites from any strange people, yet. 
+rodolfo sanchez  the whole platform is about irrelevant stuff appearing. what are the pretty faces going to do ?
It took me all of 10 seconds to figure out how to adjust the Event Notification settings.  And by the time I switched back to this screen to tell you, a couple dozen people had already covered it.
I expected more tech savvy from you.
Maybe you added them to your circles and now don't remember :P But seriously an event invite is basically like a post so it has to be people from your circles probably inviting you to events created by someone in their circles.
I have more than 300 persons circled and only seen a couple of events...from people that I KNOW...your case is really strange (or you have been circled by a really high quantity of people)
The new version of G+ should have a popup menu under invitations:
1. Remove this event
2. Remove this event and don't bug me about future events
3. Don't fuck with me, I'm Linus Torvalds.
I get a plethora of posts from a variety of sources, from blogers to my friends. 
Driving people away? Meaning just you? BFD. Look at the numbers announced today. Looks like growth to me.
Just trying google's new toy.
Google I/O Error right THERE! Kernel Panic
How can I prevent seeing posts from Linus Torvalds? I don't have him in circles or anything, yet it showed up....
Probably yourname > accounts > google plus
you can change all the notifications there. 
Linus I feel sorry for you. There is no way to disable it I think though. Back to Twitter maybe?
This is the most awesome comment I have ever seen on G+.  G+ is garbage for now, should still be in beta testing as far as im concerned.
Okay Linus, just do it and don't talk. Bye.
I wonder what Richard Stalman thinks?
Events has been "out" for less than a day, people are excited to try it out. Just give it some time and it will calm down.
Sorry to see you go.  I think you have become famous and that is why people keep inviting you to things.  Best wishes and keep up the great work on the Linux kernel.
Big fan of Linux and UNIX, managed over 10,000+ server farms. Many thanks!

I don't invite you to anything that you don't wanna have or know. I'm just reading the stuff that you post right here. And I find it useful, interesting and good.
Wait for a few days. By Monday the novelty will wear off and it will be much better. There should be way to disable events from showing up in ones stream though, something like they've done with games.
You need to follow more interesting people, if that's all you're seeing.
Wow.  Chillax, Mr. Torvalds.  You and +Tyler Adler should start a grumpy hangout.  :)
+Bianca Marie Spieker The point of whining is not new features per se, but the fact the every single one of them needs fixing from the day one on. These programmers kids with all their new technologies and paradigms, including unit tests and all that jazz, still lack the ability to get shit right on the day one, an ability still present in some rare old farts out there but headed for extinction.
Try putting all those people you don't know into a circle and then not putting that circle on your home page to monitor. Refine your circles a little.
you are talking this because you dont know use this.
I do not see any invites. It seems quite childish to quit a service after only a couple of hours with a feature you do not like.
And it's still way better than facebook, at least there aren't any ads for products endorsed by people you are following showing up in your feed.
rudy s
I'm willing to be patient with the G+ team because I think the content is good, there's just some teething that's going on.
Honestly +Linus Torvalds, if you'd only accept my invite.  I really do think we could be great friends...and who knows, you may even like snowboarding!
Think it could have been good if g+ had first thought about the impact, before releasing a new feature, feels a bit they missed that testing department had to come with their experience before releasing it.
+Mike Barone Facebook ads are cool. It's always amusing to mark forex trading shit as sexually explicit content.
Hmmm, I'm not seeing even one event invite.
You're just so damned grumpy. You are really a grumpy old man. You hate change so very much. Not that I'm complaining. These things are made so you can speak your mind. I'm simply making an observation. Is there a secret competition of the grumpiest gnu star between you and RMS?
Oh!? Linus saying goodbye to g+. Please open your mind, not only your OS. ohboi~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I understand your annoyance, but know that many of us find it interesting to hear your point of view. And we are the majority of your followers. Do not abandon us because of a few too intrusive ;)
Go to Google+ in a web browser, click profile pic, choose account, choose Google+, Scroll down and uncheck event notification from people you don't know. (mine were already off for the phone)
I'm not so sure, the feature works if you keep people you know in your circles as opposed to everyone.  No invites here yet...appears to be  a good idea to me though.
What about people here? They believe you, they follow you, they love you. Stop acting like a cry-baby!
just learn to use google+!
I only use Google+ for Google IO, they forced us to have an account to get here.
help i make space ships but how do you light a firework ... doh
There go all the Google+ users who run Linux.  Will Steve Ballmer incite his faithful, too?  No, I'm sure that Steve loves G+.
we need a STFU filter. even better would be a temporary one. dump someone who annoys you in there, and you're asked "for how long?"
and also perhaps filter by keyword?
Come on guys, Linus is allowed to express his frustrations. I'd probably be overwhelmed too if I got bombed like he did. He wouldn't be accomplishing the great things he does if he wasn't who he is. Give him a break.
it's easy to disable the invite notifications through the webinterface for Google+... but it's impossible through the android app! That kinda sucks, +Google 
+Linus Torvalds: Solution right now: stop using G+. Please don't! I know there's so many people here that appreciate your participation.  I wouldn't stop using Ubuntu because one thing "misbehaves" for a short time only, too, and Linux is probably one of the most valuables things in 100 years.
Google+ is great in many ways, too, but please be fair: They don't have the 73,000 man years it took to bring Linux where it is.  They're commercial, not open source.
I think it's the red X in the upper right corner.  Seems to eliminate most of the problems with the internet.
Jacob L
Crap! Most of the time I spend in G+ is because your stories and posts... What am I going to read after you leave? =(
wow... good on you for being so patient while other people try out a new feature.  It must be so hard to be as perfect as you.

bye bye.
i'm sure they just haven't gotten around to rolling out a filtering system for them yet...
I haven't seen any invites. I'm not surprised by this but just saying. I think people of status will see many more of them than others. 

This issue will probably subside for you shortly. It's a new feature right now and people are going crazy with it.... In a couple of weeks it will be all but forgotten lol
Maybe there is a noob forum that could help
I just got an overlay that those are available now. +Linus Torvalds be assured, I won't sent invites outside of applicable circles! 
Let's start a goodbye party event for Linus! Who dares to invite him?
+Christopher Klapp
They also «forced» you with a brand new smartphone, a tablet and some mystic Q-device. I'd be happy being «abused» like that! Or maybe you're disappointed by the fact you weren't presented with Google Glass? :D
Линус, не покидай меня без нужды!
Sad enough, maybe you should just stop using things you do not like, so stop using nvidia, opensuse and G+. I guess the last some 20 years you did find many things you dont like. There is an option down on the settings page to delete your G+ account, should be not buggy and work instantly. Maybe some people join the kernel mailinglist to read your comments.
Haha. +Linus Torvalds was added to everyone's circles and he to theirs. Is it April 1st?
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!
>> <<
maybe they should enable an option like 'this circle can invite me' otherwise they cant. 
a little CSS should do the trick
+Linus Torvalds  Don't go :( .... To stop events you have to go on Events/Settings and set up who can invite you or not. 
yes i dumped my fb account because of junk like this :{
+kody poff : I haz a skeptical...
Linus, I hate to see you go.  I've found your posts both amusing (your cat) and thought provoking (your more technical subjects).  Do what you must, though, to be free. :)
Don HO
Use facebook, Linus.
I have a feeling that everyone is just excited to try out the new feature. I'm sure the correct volume filters will come into play sooner than later.
I love your status updates about the kernel. And I never sent you event invites :|
yea, these invites are annoying
Amith F
Too bad it's not a ghost town, eh?
Mmmm love those comments eh, Linus? You can't leave now, you're getting allll this attention. Everyone, look at Linus.
Pretty new to G+, specially after todays conference...Is it me, or being that G + been out for a year, I haven't heard much from this social network (compared to Facebook, and Twitter) This G+ seems cool with many possibilities. 
G+ seems to be becoming like face book! 
Whatever, people! Let Google and Google+ users celebrate! Lots of awesome stuff is being released right now. Chill, pessimists!
If you put people in your circles you might just start seeing posts, as if by magic.
I had to disable the new settings under the settings gear. I got spammed with events. I detest this feature in FB and now G+...
maybe you should change your friends, because i ge zero event invites!
C'mon. Everybody received an invite from Gundotra (a guy everybody knows, BTW) and this rant is the adult answer?
Well, if all people following Linus click the "Send feedback" and write a line or two, you really think they can ignore it. Come on, this is not Facebook, they actually listen to people. Now, go do that!
I love a good Linus smack down. If if wasn't for him getting pissed at how bad things were, we wouldn't have Linux, Git, and the fantastic F-U meme.

Now the G+ devs just need to take some constructive criticism and add a setting so you can filter out invites from people that aren't in your circles.
You can write an OS with your great mind, but get pissed at a change on G+ that literally just happened?

I'd assume you've quit FB as they change stuff constantly.
Wonder what would've happened if people judged Linux so quickly! Within like a hour of launching something new!
Disable? Pfft, my rekonq simply crashes them away :P
For anyone knocking Linus, you probably aren't getting event spammed from hundreds of people.  This indicates there's something wrong with the feature.  The whole point of G+ is opt in.  That's what made it great.  

Not being able to even opt out of the new, broken feature is the mistake that Facebook makes constantly.  Stop decrying and start thinking about the letters coming from your finger tips.
Seriously? You people criticizing Torvalds for being complainy? If he didn't see and do something about the faults in shitty shit you'd probably still be using SVN. But hey, let's be Google fanboys isntead of critical thinkers
For everyone saying "go to your settings and uncheck the notification" that's not what Linus is complaining about. His stream is filling with invites from people that circled him but he hasn't circled back. There's no setting to fix this, yet.
Uhhh...what?? Event invites?? Learn how to use circles properly I guess..if that's not the problem I apologize.
I wonder how many invites you've got. ^^ But you are right, posts in general take lots of space here. But, the G+Android-App is fixed now; the posts are readable again. (o: But I think, Events make G+ a bit more useful.
I don't see G+ labelling as a beta but Google has everything in that for years.  I think they will fix this item.  I also think there will be something else later, and so on...
I'm going to invite Linus to a "Google employee bashing" party :)
+Nathan Bluteau, I find that the more annoyed I am, the more inclined I am to code a solution. I think being annoyed is a good thing because it means that things can be made better.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is a problem I've seen with more coming to G+. Can we go back to sub 100 million numbers. :(
It's broken? Thats weird, it works great for me. shrugs
Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.....
Lol no kidding. What a dramatic cry-baby. Seeya Linus, don't let the door hit ya on the way out... (or DO, I actually don't care). ;)
Why won't this stupid Linux machine work with my network adapter?

Solution right now: Stop using Linux.  I'm getting nothing done without internet.  I can't even post on g+.

Bye bye.
Why does your account still exists? Leave, and fast!
Agreed, and I certainly do not need to see every G+ Hangout I've participated in listed as posts, pushing down the content I am actually interested in
hmmm I don get any of those, didn't even know you could do that on G+
Events and Hangouts invitations should appear in their corresponding pages and we should be able to decide who's invitations we get as a notification. The rest of them should just silently be added to those pages and not show by default in our streams.
for the inventor of Linux, I see very little use of g+ or social media in general, I would love Linus to teach at a high school (not even University) this is a waste of time and entertainment
You whine too much. Go back to Facebook.
If I were such patient like you, Linus. I would not have used Linux until now. Some features need to evolve.
Settings. Notifications. Scroll down to events
I have a lot of respect for you, but come on.  You of all people should understand how software works.  This is an awesome feature, especially the part where everyone at the events pictures, etc get shared to G+ on the fly throughout the event so everyone there gets to see them.
I wanna know why idiots decided to send out invites to all thier circles (or cant use circles right). Stupid people ruin all the good stuff in life.
It's easier than the kernel's "make config"
for the spam thing try to to disable the "hot themes" features
maybe some thoughts should be an internal monologue, instead of standing on a soapbox saying how much you hate rotten tomatoes
I see no events at all. Everyone must be lovin you Linus. More than McDonalds
+Linus Torvalds If you are gonna be using circles the same way as you do friends on facepalm/book you can expect to get spammed with crap... especially someone of your public figure status... put the spammers in a circle and reduce their visibility in your main stream... simple as that
Linus, if you opened up a diaspora hub I'm sure the masses would come right in.
Just like every other piece of Google stuff, there appears to be settings for it. Specifically, the "notifications" section in your settings now has an "events" sub menu. Tell it to stop notifying you. Hopefully this will help
But sometimes it is helpful for event you are interested to go.... like presentations about linux.....
It's called settings.
I thought this guy was supposed to be some great mind... and yet his solution is just to bitch, complain and run away. Sad really!

Solutions and ideas are what Google+ needs not complainers!
Solution: roll my own social network with blackjack and hookers. It was the case with kernel, with a VCS, why not the heck with a social network?

linus+ post -s "A picture of my cat" -a ~/Pictures/tabby.jpg
linus+ whatsnew # new posts with no spam and that shit
linus+ whatsnew --with-shit # events and other shit
linus+ comment 2deadbabe5 -m 'This is stupid.'
With an attitude like this guy, no wonder fucking Linux remains unknown to the masses. lol. 
Holy shit, G+ should include a fscking signal to noise ration.... +Linus Torvalds - förstår dig... :/
What's this? Linus overreacting to software he didn't make?
+Scott Jarvie A great mind can be put to better use than sending unsolicited feedbacks all over teh internets. Life is too short.
I'm not even a famous person, and I am getting notifications about random event invites. It's broken :)
I never see any of these invites, I guess I'm just not that popular :(
+Wayne Smith: fdisk /mbr uninstalls it. Neither DOS nor Windows provides an uninstall for their boot loaders either. The reality is that uninstalling something from the MBR doesn't really mean anything. The only thing that is meaningful is installing something new.
If it wasn't for G+ I would never know what Linus Torvalds wants to share with "joe public". You will be greatly missed, or maybe not. Up to you mate.
That suck how are we going to know who to flip off now 
Hey Linus, don't go away, you're awesome!
Did ANYONE read what +Brandon Mitchell wrote? "For everyone saying "go to your settings and uncheck the notification" that's not what Linus is complaining about. His stream is filling with invites from people that circled him but he hasn't circled back. There's no setting to fix this, yet." - If this is the case, I'm more thankful than usual to be a G+nobody...
So hard to make happy. Just disable it in the settings
I don't know how to mount a disk in linux. Solution: stop using linux, because that's the kind of logic we should be using.

Bye bye.
los eventos deben ser mejor configurados

PS: supongo que todos son tus amigos...
He also says "Solution for now:"  This means that he's only temporarily turning it off to get other stuff done first.  Reading comprehension...
aaaaa... si, si, si... ahora tengo que "comprender" lo que escriben los "rayados" que salen "vociferando" su disconformidad poniendo como unica alternativa "un portazo"...
la verdad un genio el hombre pero sus actitudes impulsivas no son de las mejores. cosas que tienen los genios.
I hope you don't permantly disapear fro G+, your post are some of the best ones on here, may mean I have to. Revalute being on G+ myself.
IF you do go, so long and thanks for all the fish.
Es una pena, pero , intenta des-habilitar esa cosa

Igual de difícil es para mi el linux.
Christ people. Stop commenting if you have no clue.

The "settings" thing that a lot of people have pointed to (and many of you say "oh, it's so easy") was the first thing I looked at. 

It does nothing. Or rather, it disables the email/mobile notification. The home screen still fills up with those event things.

And don't talk to be about circles - I really don't have that many people in my circles. The problem is that I'm in the circles of a lot of people, and it's enough that a very small percentage of them then decide to invite everybody in their circles, and they show up as invites whether they are in my circles or not.

So please stop being "helpful".
It's very strange that google didn't decide to only allow people you have circled as well to event invite you. Must be tough being the creator of the world's best OS.
In this case, Linus is absolutely right. The design itself is so obviously horrible SPAM for people with a lot of followers, I have to ask myself how that could pass quality-checks. Come on google: where's the "don't want to participate at all" toggle?
It sure has become pretty hopeless, Something changed in the last couple of months to start a flood of "circle" advisories. Not interested!
+Kevin Keijzer: That has always been "my circles".

Guys, if you think I'm a moron, please just remove me from your circles now, ok? I'm not a computer newvbie. If I complain about something computer-related, you should just assume that I knew what I was doing, and the thing did something wrong.

Seriously. That whole "let's put all the invites you get on your home screen" feature had clearly not been thought through. It may work well if you're not in the circles of random people, but it's a completely and utterly moronic thing otherwise.

The fact that the new feature also defaulted to then spamming your mailbox or cellphone even if you had turned that off for everything else is also a sign of the G+ people who did this not really thinking it through.
stop sending Linus event invites, that you wouldn't send me please.
openSUSE, Nvidia and now Google+
That's because you have to be ACTIVE on G+ to get activity, instead of getting a world of shit DUMPED ON YOU, LIKE FACEBOOK.

Get involved; you'll start getting more...and more-interesting...input than you know what to do with.
He has a point ... I was startled when that popup came up ... So I promptly hunted for the "X" to close it ...
Wow you have some annoying people commenting on your stuff. :)
The silly thing is, there's a much better events listing (denser and better laid out) under the "Events" tab. 

So showing the invitations in the home stream doesn't even buy you anything. It's just annoying.

Just showing them in the notifications (but please please don't email me unless I ask for it, for chrissake!) and then you can see it in even events tab seems to be a much better model.
Dear mr Torvalds,
I have also been very frustrated by all the changes in the Google plus. Knowing that you are also frustrated by the extremely large useless imagery they are pushing up our asses when people go to our profiles is a breath of fresh air for me. I finally get confirmation that it's not only me.

But what frustrates me even more so is the fact that not only do they not read or reply our feedback, or any mail sent to them, they have no phone numbers that I can find anywhere to contact them. They seem to forget that community is about communication. And any lack of possibility of communication renders a community site totally useless.
Further more isn't google supposed to be an IT company? People in IT tend to forget that it's ( or IT's) Information Technology and they need to open up channels to gather Information as to design as well as flexibility.

Where's the open source community site ? Well maybe this might be a hole in the market SLASHDOT could try to fill in ?

ps.Check out my RIP g plus cover photo. Maybe a nice way of protesting ?
… but G+ Event invitations from unknown people are.
+Linus Torvalds i think the solution should be you cant invite people who do not have you in their circles / or at least those do not go to the stream and only to email/notifications so it can be turned off by the recipient.
sigh...more Google stupidity. Please don't leave, Mr. Torvalds.

It's the same sort of stupidity as a few months ago when TPTB thought stuffing "what's hot" in my face (well, Stream) was a Good Thing(tm). It cheesed off enough people that it made it to the "known issues" page and took several weeks to remedy. Same thing when I logged into G+ today; they will never learn not to pop 5#!+ up and obscure the page (ostensibly standing between me and my Stream). "They" just HAD to tell me RIGHT AWAY about their latest misfeature.
Let them roll this stuff out and find out by feedback that it wasn't a good idea to let everybody notify you. 
sorry to see you so fast... I thought you were perseverant... I am proven wrong.
there are settings that specify who can see and post you stuff ,maybe that's a good place to start, probably getting events from all that follow you
I throttle my settings and its now reduced by like 95%. Since the changes I have had 1 public post.
Crusty old fart isn't he?.....even though he isn't old. I liked the NVidia gesture the other day.
The newer mobile app is horrendous too.
Why should we have to Disable 
"Ok, so how do I disable the stupid event invites from showing up on my home screen?"

The point of G+ was that we would turn on the things we want. Unlike Facebarge which assumes we will want the waffle/hammer/pie/ball that someone is passing to us. 

Looks like Google is forgetting the defining feature of G+ 
This is weird, I have invitation but none of them are showing in my stream. They are in notification (which you can turn off in settings) and inside events section but no on my stream. Anyway I guess you will be abel to configure settings for who can send you invitations.
Take a look at your stream now, the issue should be largely resolved.  Let me know if you're still having problems with event volume in the stream
You can just disable event notifications. No dramatic exit post necessary. No leaving your fans in the dark.
Google is working on a fix. Embarrassing bug for sure.
+Matt Steiner: if there's a fix, it apparently hasn't rolled out to all the google hosts yet. I still see all the invites.

But if they end up fixing it the same day they rolled out, I'll at least give kudos for quick response time.
+Linus Torvalds I'd be rather amazed if they were to fix much of anything during I/O.  Sure, queue it up and release, but not really have the management to get people working on a fix.
rudy s
Wow, everyone disrespecting Linus in his own post, and him needing to remind everyone that he knows a thing or two about computer, lol...just lol.
They are all just friends you haven't met, yet.
Mr Reddy am trying to get green as an anagram of your name - oh better something that rhymes with your first contribution
Linus, did you try to set "Only you" in the 'Who can interact with you and your posts' -> 'Who can send you notifications?' account setting? Or do you mean smth else?
How about stop using facebook completely and use G+ exclusively.
+Michael Howald The point I'm trying to make, is don't just add random people to your main stream if you don't know whether or not you are going to get something constructive out of them.
I guess that's why they call this beta testing.

I think your celebrity status magnifies the issue quite a bit making this bug rather high profile.

At least the Google people noticed the problem.

Yes I'm a rabid fanboy btw of your linux work but at least I know better than to spam those I follow.

I wonder if spammers should be required to spend 2 hours answering their own fan mail.
I haven't yet seen any event stuff. Maybe I should consider myself lucky?

Apparently everyone else has seen only those as there is no comments on this post. :-)
So Linus how DO you prefer us average joes interact with you?

Also I'm not sure if their fix is going to retroactively "unpublish" errant invites or merely plug the hole and prevent more of them from happening.  I hope they take a broom to the floor in addition to closing the door against a duststorm.

Googlers?  Are you going to be able to clean up the spillage after you plug this?  I think you should.
Hi +Linus Torvalds, so sorry for you! Maybe they'll implement some filters or wathsoever. Keep on google+!
My family likes so much to read your posts! We have lovely chats about your car plate, your cats, and the hilarious "C-L-A-S-S-Y" post! :D :D :D Thanx!
Linus, try to raise your middle finger, maybe google will respond. *just a joke.
Looks like google has recognized it as an issue, +Wil Wheaton posted he has same issue and Google assured working on it.
Can't you just make your status "Invisible"?
It is garbage.  They must have hired the people who make printer related applications for HP.  Annoying as hell.  Google, stop the push content.  We want to drive.  The Internet is made great by the rich contributions of ordinary people, it is not feature presentations by companies.
You can post a feedback to google, at least in the Android version. Just use the menue and select fedback...
Have a home brew, relax dude!  Keep on using G+, come on you figured out Linux, you can figure out G+.
yeas, please, keep on going, Linus! 
(We are in the same age, bro! And, I am one of the biggest fan of you, and Linux OS, use Debian!)
Hi +Linus Torvalds -- there were two parts to the fix.  One fixed the issue for non-celebrities and rolled out yesterday around 5PM, the other fix (for celebrities) rolled out around 2AM.  Let me know if you're still having problems. 
+Matt Steiner: I'm still seeing it. Is there some setting I'm supposed to do in order to get rid of the invites in my home screen?

The normal circles I can set on a circle-by-circle basis how I want to see them in the home stream, but the ^&%& invites are there regardless, and don't have that kind of slider, because they have no circle associated with them.

It would make much more sense to consider the invites to be just another circle, so that I could mute them - or not - as I see fit. This kind of "put invites in your home stream without asking" thing is fundamentally wrong. 

Since you seem to be in the G+ team, can you please try to make it part of the G+ rules that you don't do crap like this. The whole "don't be evil" should mean that people have to explicitly opt in to new features.

So the whole "you get them by default and we also enable email notifications without even asking you" was in my opinion a f*cking mess, and it was a fundamental mistake to even think you should do things like that.

Don't do that!
The celebrity fix isn't retroactive, unfortunately, but you shouldn't be seeing any new events shared to you today.  (Caveat, third fix rolling out in a few hours, but it only fixes some extended circles edge cases).  As someone who writes software, I'm sure you understand that bugs happen, and the only thing we can do is fix them as quickly as we can.  I apologize for the inconvenience though.
+Matt Steiner: I still see new event invites as this afternoon (there's three that have a time after 2PM).

Also, I'm serious about the "events should be in their own circle" thing. Making the logic for whether event invites show up or not be somehow about "celebrity status" (I presume you just compare number of followers to number of people in circles) sounds just wrong.

What if I'm a really lonely celebrity, and I want to see those invites? Or maybe I'm just a grumpy loner, and I don't want to see invites even if I only have one single person following me (and it's the fake account I made for my dog to make it look like I have friends). Whatever your heuristic is, it's going to be wrong. Why force your decision on people who actually have brains can can choose on their own?

It would be much better to have that slider that you already have for the other circles, so that people can decide on their own whether they are "celebrities" or not.

Or just an outright explicit setting. "Do you want to see invites in your home stream".
:)  I'll have someone take a look at the invites you're still seeing.  We'll fix the bugs first, then we'll think about changing product behaviors.  But I do appreciate the feedback and debugging hints.  Feel free to let me know if continue to have problems.
+Matt Steiner: it does seem like I'm not getting new invites any more. The last one was at 3:50pm, and that looks like it could have been an edit of an earlier one - the last non-edited one is from almost two hours earlier.

So I've been invite-free now for almost two hours, and depending on how the "edited" thing works possibly longer than that. Not quite the "we fixed it last night" you said, but maybe it just took a while for the fix to percolate out sufficiently.

I'll see if this lasts, but I'm getting quietly optimistic. The top posting in my home stream is now a real posting from my cicrcles, and if it stays that way I think you can claim success.
+Matt Steiner: I take that back.

The two top posts in my home stream are - once again - invites from people I don't know, and aren't in my circles.

So no, the bug is not fixed.
...sure wish someone would invite me to an event. :-/
And this is the sort of collaboration between developers and product users that we need to see more of in general.

I almost guarantee you that if this was a microsoft/facebook product (excusing the irony of torvalds having an account on it in the first place) that this bug hunting would be taking place behind closed doors.
Also, with linus on this one.

I don't think its wise to have special cases be the norm.  That way lies madness.
I wonder how this was tested prior to rolling out...  Were some high profile people used as testers...
One more bug fix made it live yesterday at 10PM -- +Linus Torvalds, tell me if you see more invites you don't want.  Thanks for the feedback, too.
just make a youtube video where you give google the finger and it will get fixed.
sorry I put you on my linux groupso invite peoplke from that to lug events,  maybe i need to move people around a bit
They auto-added events to my calendar which is publicly available on my website. Some guy I don't have circled invited me to a "sex toy hangout" and it was displayed alongside my work events, even though I didn't respond to the event. The CEO of our company flipped his shit and now everyones abandoning G+.
Yea +Linus Torvalds this is truly the spammiest anti-social feature of all major social networks.  Tired of uncircling spammers every day.
Agreed. The UI for G+ trumps FB's, but both suffer from spammy aspects.
dear Mr. Torvalds,  please be aware that I most sincerely respect and admire you... keep the good work !!!

greetings from Costa Rica :)
+Mark Layton how do you disable invite in your settings? I can't figure out how to do it and it's driving me NUTS!!!!
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