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The people I dive with know that I love octopus. They are by far the most interesting creature under water - they are smart, they change color and shape, and they are just plain cool.

And up here in the NW, we don't exactly have an abundance of interesting things under water. The GPO (giant pacific octopus) pretty much singlehandedly makes up for the lack. Seeing just one will make a dive for me. Seeing multiple (particularly if they are out and about - most of the time they hide deep in some crevasse) makes for some of the best dives I've had.

The GPO only lives few years, and when a female is guarding its eggs, it will stop eating, just protecting the eggs and blowing water over them to keep them growing. The octopus then dies after the eggs hatch.

So the fact that there are apparently divers that catch these things is disturbing. Doing so while the poor octopus is guarding its eggs is downright barbaric. 
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"Update: recent evidence suggests that was (thankfully) not a female GPO protecting her eggs and that this statement was untrue."
Come to Eilat, we have tons of octopus here...
I saw that earlier in the week on Reddit, not just an inconsiderate diver, but an inexperienced one. Sadly he probably thought he was after doing something heroic.
Well that sucks.  The link claims that the statement octopus was protecting its eggs is (probably) wrong but it still a bit sad.
Good: "Update: recent evidence suggests that was (thankfully) not a female GPO protecting her eggs and that this statement was untrue."
I will never understand why someone would want to kill an octopus like that    : (
What on earth did they catch it for
I hope all of you are as vocal about unborn babies being killed in the thousands daily in the U.S.
I heard about this on the radio last night driving home. The wildlife department rep said this was a legal harvest, wile she thought the diver could have made a better choice for when and where, she said it was perfectly legal. Now the kid is being shunned from dive shops all over the area. 
If that is the case then the law needs to be changed and people should probably not take it out on the kid. The reporter said that the kid wants to be a rescue diver and now that is getting harder because a lot of the dive schools in the area are black-listing the kid. That sucks, one bone-headed mistake shouldn't ruin the kids life here in the Pacific NW. 
+Matan Peled you may have lots of octopus, but they probably don't grow to five meters tip-to-tip, do they? The GPO really is something else.

That said, I do love the small tropical octopus too. Plus, you can play with them. The big ones actually make me go "OK, lets not touch, I'm not sure I can get away without hurting it"
Disturbing and barbaric indeed, +Linus Torvalds .  Petition signed.  Post forwarded.  May you enjoy many diving adventures with these marvelous creatures.
Why should they catch them!!?? If they are no eating them, let them live. Octopus (cephalopods in general) are incredible animals. Smart and with highly evolved eyes.
Agreed - just leave the other inhabitants of the planet to their own devices and they'll likely leave us to ours.  Looking at the pics - the diver looks young and this may be his first (and last) time, while inconsiderate, he may not have known how his behavior impacts the environment.  (I like to think optimistically)

Also in the pics is that the harvested GPO was a male, so no generations lost on this one inconsiderate act.
+Josh Melling yeah, octopus is good eating. I realize that. But the GPO is a bit special among octopus, and taking it from a dive site where others go expressly to find those things makes it worse.
Stupid fuckers...probably don't care for anything.
Levy S.
Petition signed.

Someone could just make the same with this men, while he is with his "eggs".
Nod, even when it's an ancestral dish and very popular in my culture, many years ago I made the oath not to eat intelligent animals unless strictly for survival. While the definition of intelligence is very nebulous and I have to play by ear, octopuses and all the cephalopods are certainly inside the category... It's a decision, however, that only makes my peers laugh... Well, you can only change the world person by person, so I won't lose hope... +1
I like squid myself. As in fried calamari. Beer and calamari are a must have while watching a hockey game. 
Also, eating it is good but if the female have eggs they will kill those hundreds of GPOs just for a dinner.
I don't know if they are cool... I did read HP Lovecraft....
Definitely barbaric. It should be a criminal offense if it isn't already.
My favorite critters: octopi, rays, and turtles, in roughly that order.
+Mario Teijeiro Otero and +Paco De Pascual this is exactly what I was refering to, I am from Galiza, but I won't eat 'em again, and I won't stop telling others not to... Those animals are best free and alive in the wild, there are so many other things to eat... Edit: I cannot -1 your comments, but I would...
+David S. de Lis No digo yo que te comas un gran pulpo del pacífico, pero uno de esos comunes, pequeños al estilo del pulpo paul. Cuidar de la diversidad marina es estrictamente necesario pero no olvidemos que somos seres omnívoros y que debemos por nuestra salud tener una dieta equilibrada.  Que aproveche!
Very sad that people can't just observe and admire. Humans develop all sorts of technology and mass produce it, mostly to make a profit. It's sad that in the consumerisation and mass production of such technology that idiots can get their hands on something they shouldn't and not only not contribute to the technology but use it in a way it was not designed for. And that is to the detriment of the decent people who want to just make things better.
It happens in all types of technology, not just the aqua lung that Jacques-Yves Cousteau developed. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that what is developed to make most people's lives good sometimes makes other people's/animals lives worse.
Either way, it's sad, sad, sad.
+Gimbus Freckles Certainly not blaming technology. I love technology if you look at my posts and profile. I'm just saying that it's sad when idiots use technology to do harm. Education is the only way forward in most cases.
+Gimbus Freckles Agree. Although living in the UK I don't think I can do much about American politics.
A sickening story indeed.

I must say, however, that octopus is mighty tasty.
If they're hungry and out of work they'd be better off squid jigging anyway.  Did they intend to sell it? 
Sorry +Linus Torvalds . When I was 12, I actually hunted Octopus at a secluded rock beach in southern Spain. With a harpoon. I just helped the local fishermen who were poking at them with tridents and basically hacking them to pieces to catch them. Of course I ate them too. 
What an asshole! This guy killed a magnificent beast and deprived other divers of the opportunity to see it (from a respectful distance).

I've seen about five, some of which were decaying at the end of their lives, and some of which were young, robust, and bright red. I swear they can hypnotize you with their eye.
Octopodes don't do nothin' single-handedly.
+Gimbus Freckles It's a shame that the cancer missed an absolutely humorless narcissistic blow-hard. But thankfully there's still time. 
Omar S
Ugh.  What kind of moron would kill a rare species, much less a nesting mother.  Sometimes, all too often, I hate humans.
For what it's worth, I have lost a number of close family members to cancer including my mother, and my grandfather (to prostate cancer). Thus, I almost certainly have a marinating time bomb straddling my urethra. Cheers! 
Aren't they a protected species? If so, isn't that diver liable for that?
Hmm, that's a pretty horrible thing to do to a creature just to sate one's curiosity, or ignorance.
All, the divers who killed the octopus told people right there that it was female and there were eggs in the den where she was taken.  Maybe they were lying just for shock value, but no one confirmed whether it was male or female at the time and without being able to check the carcass, there's no way to prove otherwise.  I would go with what they said; if it was a lie, the reaction was still valid.
This is a huge issue locally.  These aren't protected, people who live here just know that you don't eat our sea creatures.  No one who is from Seattle would ever think of eating or killing her.  Everyone was watching her (on a webcam) care for her eggs.  The water is clean enough that the fish and the octopus is edible.  Common sense and common courtesy aren't as common as they should be.  He says "I was hunting", which isn't technically illegal.  The problem is that the octopus is actually relatively rare, is protecting eggs she just laid that aren't near hatching yet.  A huge community of people is familiar with and very respectful of the fragility of the ecosystem there.  It's was her home, that's where she lived and she was supposed to be safe there.  The survival of her eggs is now in jeopardy because they are exposed to predators with no protection at all.  Their chances weren't that great to begin with.   The octopus didn't belong to anyone specific, so it's not stealing but she was part of the community and we were celebrating her life and her eggs.  Some people are such dicks.
I could see in a different evolutionary path, octopus being the dominant intelligence and communicating by color patterns rather than sound
poor octopus =( they shouldn't steal her eggs
wholeheartedly and sadly totally agreed
The octopus is my favorite animal!!! ^_^
Mind the little wee blue ring octopus though, it will kill you if you get too close (with its curare like poison).
+Gimbus Freckles --Far more dangerous, you don't even know you've been bitten till you start to die. Not a pleasant death either, you're fully conscious but can't move or breathe. It's lucky those little critters aren't aggressive.
octupuses: evolution or creation?
linux kernel: evolution or creation?
I live up the street from where this happened.  A tragedy.
Linux has tux, but does git have a mascot yet? Seeing how it is a tool ideal for branching, and how it is currently taking over the world, an octopus would be appropriate...
Yup, octopus will be nice for Git, but I don't know, what Github will have to say on it, since they already invented theirs own OctoCat ;)
What kind of people do this? This is why I spent countless dives cutting illegal nets in preservation areas, instead of just enjoying my dive. When I was lucky, I could get the animals released still alive, but even if not, I would cut the net in pieces to make sure they could not use it again. I miss diving.
things like this one makes me believe that intelligence in the human being was not a feature for survival but one of the biggest accidents evolution made on eart
+Gimbus Freckles Got a few more for your list (nature is never so simple as to fall into a spectrum).

c)  Strategy Three: Make it incredibly slow and stupid, and not very many of them, but make it almost invulnerable and dependent only on sunlight and rain.  Notable example: trees.

d) Strategy Four:  Make it complex but perfect.  Tough, viscous, and stupid.  Not plentiful and definitely no behavioral modification, instead just killing things and eating them.  Notable examples: sharks, alligators, komodo dragons, and various other predators that haven't bothered evolving significantly in the past hundred million years (ie those that simply ignored major global extinction events).
We would be dead, but the plants wouldn't notice.
Having experienced them literally "first-hand" on an Alaskan fishing vessel, I agree that our Pacific Octopus is indeed an AMAZING, intelligent, unique creature. Perhaps I have damaged my Karma a tiny bit by killing these beasts as a job requirement years ago.
i was tricked once that these battered curly tings was fries
LOL boy i said they are awful stringy
+Paul Leddy , what about “Put every non-vegan in death camp” ? That would certainly work even /better/ !
Octopus is made for eating not for watching... How many  animal species are guarding their youngs and we eat them also?  Octopus is not an endangered species...
There's no need to kill any animals and eat them. There have been (and will be) people who think killing people is great fun. There  is no need to defend such behaviour.
+Gimbus Freckles, if by “obsession”, you mean “things that one mention once”, then please go look in any dictionary for the actual definition.
It was a male.  It was legal.   The whole thing is being taken way over the edge of reasonableness.  Sheesh
I always manage to spot at least one octopod during daytime hours on each dive trip.  I consider myself lucky - they are one of the coolest things that recreational divers routinely see.  And turtles.  And squid.  OK, heck, there are a lot of cool things under water!  Let's keep our oceans clean so we can share these things with our children and grandchildren!
I think that he is cool but needs to be given some sort of favor like all humans. he commits mistakes too
Octopi became some of my favorite creatures when I found out how intelligent they really were, as well as that they are capable of walking on land.
Oh +Vladimir Tomulić, I haven't eaten meat since I was 23 and I don't visit McDonalds so often for obvious reasons. I know many people eat meat, but not all, and if you appreciate animals, you can choose whether to eat them just because it is common or because you are used to do so - or not.
Wow, thanks for the info. I didn't know any of that. I hope the law can provide some protection for such a magnificent creature. Certainly, raising awareness helps.
I used to watch them prey on crabs in rock pools as a kid -> what else do we expect from a creature who's roots are close to 400M years old.
Look into the Seattle Aquarium about Octopus.

They had an exhibit on them once it was seriously awesome.

They had loads of them there some time ago.
They had tons of things for them to go through, just to show us what kind of shapes they can easily contort into & through...

The used lots of different types of them & even did a really cool display of them using black & other colored lights too....
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