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Little known fact: the Lynyrd Skynyrd song "The smell of death surrounds you" was written about my scuba booties. During a week of diving they never quite dry out, and "sink the stink" only goes so far...

Last dive today ;^(
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Actually, Linus, Frank Zappa wrote a song about your scuba booties. It's called "Stink Foot".
1ST!!! the last day has to be the worst day of a fun trip
Has to be akin to the son leaving his wet and muddy socks stuffed in my truck for a week in 110 degree temps....Wow, it smelled like a small animal died in there...
If you keep wearing those, Linus, you may have to have them surgically removed, as they become possessed by evil and try to eat your feet ;)
You've never experienced stinky until you're stuck in a van with 6 kayakers and their putrid wetsuits on a 2 hour drive out of a canyon. I still have nightmares. 
Tip: Fill them with rice and they'll dry faster.
If you can't expose them to the sun (if you are on a boat), you have no choice but trying the washing machine as soon as your are back home :)
When going on multi-day hikes and its wet, I stuff my boots with old news paper to help them dry. Like the rice suggestion but cheaper ;)
Hint: Buy two pairs. Let one pair dry and use the other one. Then switch the next day.
(It's almost as easy as installing and using a second kernel on a machine :-) )
When my father was involved in Holiday Magic (old cosmetics MLM -- they were joking about their plans for a new perfume called "Forty days on a troop train". I guess that must have been before your boots, though.
You'll need to nuke them from orbit.
Actually, scuba booties should be rather self cleaning, being in water all the time when they are used. But try hiking a day wearing Nokia Wellingtons (from former Suomen Gummitehdas Oy) and you will truly know the meaning of "Stink Foot"... ;-)
Whatever they make those things out of (spandex?) never lets that smell go either - even after going through the washing machine.
Mark Ng
One suggestion I was given, which worked surprisingly well for stinking wet footwear is to wear them in the shower, but squirt shower gel in them first. Got the stink out of my Vibrams very quickly.
Linus isn't dead, he just smells funny :)
thinking positive, it might cast away all the evil marine creatures that could possibly be a danger there :)
That's why it is always a good idea to have two pairs of boots!
Wasn't that (stink foot) an episode of Angry Beavers?
Dettol. Dettol does a great job. Nearest chemist/pharmacy should have some, as might a grocery store. I use it on all my gear when we get home....
Fuk Yu
Omg-omg-omg! The one and only Linus Torvalds is on Google+... Just like an ordinary person!

Could you please write a few words to me..? Like:

"6b616e, you are very talented. Sincerely, Linus Torvalds."
Quid pro quo:
Do you realy read all those comments?
Try drying them with your hair blower ;-)
Another example of why smell should not enter the digital age.
You should do like Ronnie Van Zant did, he went always barefoot while on stage. No odor problems, what so ever...
Celebrity: when more than 15 persons re-share a picture of your stinking boots.
if you had n pairs (n > it is now) (n=1?) then you could rotate. Then maybe the smell would have a decent half-life? .. :-)
I always stuff them with newspaper the night before I head home. They dry out MUCH faster that way, especially if you change the paper once or twice. 
Linus quoting Skynyrd.......OMG.......kill me now, I'm done. TOO awesome to handle.
hahahaha...dag that sounds nasty.
Y'know, my neoprene boot is too tight
I couldnt get it off last night
A week went by, an now it's july
I finally got it off
An my girl-friend cry
You got stink foot! stink foot, darlin'
Your stink foot puts a hurt on my nose!
Stink foot! stink foot! I ain't lyin',
Can you rinse it off, d'you suppose?

- Apologies to Zappa
And now imagine what would happen if he posts a picture of his dive computer :)
Greg F
Booties!!!!!! Thou shalt not dive without open heel fins :)

BTW Lahaina Divers has dunk buckets in back to cleanse your stuff. It does wonders to remove the smells. I also hang everything immediately letting it bleed out the salt water.
Useful hint, learned in the Navy. Don't bother trying to dry them. Instead - buy a bar of Ivory soap. Put those booties along with any dirty wet socks and other smelly items into a ditty bag, put the soap into the bag with them. I've seen nasty laundry keep for months, literally, without turning into a stink factory!
Greg F
Paul, I am not so sure you want to do that to neoprene?
Greg F thats me at 1st Cathedral where Linus went its awesome there.

I clean my gear with trashcans. I fill one with downey/water mix the other with simple green/water mix. The regulators and masks only go in the simple green/water mix and soak for about 1 hour to work all the salt water out. I put in the fins as well as any other objects like that.

Neoprene and BCD is cleaned in the downey/water mix dunked and plunged down and up with a stick of some form usually a broom handle. This forced water through everything if possible. I have never had smell or issues and I dive quite a bit. Upward to 4 dives in a day sometimes.
Greg - how do you clean those neoprene wetsuits? Eventually, they have to be cleaned, right? What do you use? Ivory soap can't harm the neoprene, after all!
It will, however, keep the bacteria from multiplying like mad, until such time as you can clean them properly!
Greg F
Hi Paul, 1) never release the urine in your wetsuit 2) never use only fresh water 3) always let it dry fully before storage.

Beyond that if I feel like it I will put my wetsuit in the washing machine use the ultra soft setting. This will allow no beating or what not like its silk. You can then use woolite to clean it and I have yet to see ill effects. I can say for my kitesurfing neoprene, that stuff never gets weird and I dont wash it I just let them dry salty.
1:44 AM and still not in bed?!?!?
I guess its nothing in comparison with my climbing shoes, if they are wet, its because of the sweat. And they are wet a lot of times :D
This Is Why diving shoes?
That Lynyrd Skynyrd song was about the ELF dynamic linking mechanism of Linux.
You should come visit the Philippines! We have very beautiful dive sites in different parts of the archipelago. And of course, the "center of the center of biodiversity" is also found here. We are not talking yet of the very active FOSS community in this part of the globe. :)
Super Linus sent des pieds bravo !!!! et les manchots du bec :)
You'd better be careful with those at the airport. They might be able to label that stank a biological weapon.
Don't check those in ... git them into the trash can ASAP!
"The smell of death surrounds you" +r feet
Linus, I kayak regularly and the inside of my wet suite booties is the only part of my kit that can stay wet for weeks and months. I feel your pain (i smell your shoes).
Linus, did you know you can go on a diving trip to the South Pole? I joined the 'Professor Molchanov' boat once to the North Pole, and it was amazing. But on the south pole, one can dive with the penguins. It isn't cheap, but if you go, I'll be compelled to join too! :-D

At least 50 dry suit dives required as experience...
Tool wrote the companion song about scuba gloves, Stinkfist.
Can't you drop em into a slightly bleached tub of water?
Why is every diver surprised by the stink of their boots? Every good diver instructor will tell you not to smell them. ;)
Neoprene is your friend, but it should burned after a single wearing. At least the stink makes you tempted to do so. Thankfully, once it dries out thoroughly, it's somewhat less "fragrant". But never store it in an enclosed space if you like keeping your food down. Just sayin'.
Come down to New Zealand sometime Linus, to dive with us at the Poor Knights islands, some of the best sub-tropical diving in the world.
you don't sink them in normal water everyday? no wonder!
I thought they only wrote "Sweet home alabama" !! :-)
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