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It's been 22 years since (one of) the original announcement(s) so I wanted to try to come up with some interesting numbers...

But in the end, it's just that single number: 22 years. More than half my life, and things have certainly changed since then.

Now to be fair, today isn't the only birthday: Aug 25, 1991 was the date for that original pre-announcement, but there's a few other relevant dates that may be even more relevant as "birthdays of Linux".

The actual 0.01 code release was September 17. But while it was uploaded to a public site, there was no public announcement of it. So in that sense Oct 5 might be the true "coming out" date - that is when 0.02 was done, announcement and all.

But you know what? You can have cake on any of those three days (or eat it continuously for the whole range). Go wild.
Hello everybody out there using Linux -

I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, even if it's big and professional) for 486+ AT clones and just about anything else out there under the sun. This has been brewing since april 1991, and is still not ready. I'd like any feedback on things people like/dislike in Linux 3.11-rc7.

I originally ported bash(1.08) and gcc(1.40), but others have taken over user space and things still seem to work. This implies that I'll get the final 3.11 release within a week, and I'd like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions are welcome, but I won't promise I'll implement them :-)
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Thanks for changing my life for the better. 
I remember reading the original post, and thinking, "Good, we could use that." 
Happy Birthday, Linux! Thanks Linus et al.
My salutes to you great man! May your tribe increase in numbers.
Happy birthday and thank you for the best operating system.  

Been on Linux now for about 6 years full-time!!  Got on this OS after studying for MCSE and got to know all the security issues!!
I think I might have to do a cake marathon. :)
DId you have any idea what this would have started?
You changed the world. Not too many people can say that. 'Nuff said.
Ditto, thanks for making my life a more interesting experience Linus.  I pass it on every change I get.
Thank you Linus. Linux changed my life and since 1997 I am free from Microsoft and I use only Linux. Today many people use Linux without knowing about it (through blu-ray players, IP cameras, routers, tablets, cellphones, you name it). I bet the same will happen with bitcoin (in the future banks will use bitcoin to transfer money and people wouldn't even know about it :D). The real revolution is done by individuals like Linus Torvalds and Satoshi Nakamoto.
Thanks Linus! This thanks is personal. True, you changed the world. But, my career wouldn't have been half as interesting, were it not for Linux.
I'm sitting here geeking out with digital modes on amateur radio running your kernel and still loving it. I remember installing SLS back in 1992 or so when 4M of RAM was an extravagance and you had to put it on 30 floppies and hope all were read successfully.

Thanks for everything, Linus!
My son's birthday is today... Mine is September 17th. Only been interested in Linux for about 12 years now though 
I'm using your software to develop my software right now thanks friend
+Linus Torvalds That software you (and so many other great developers) created made my career, and those of so many other people around the world. I owe pretty much everything I have now to the emergence of Linux. So thanks. 
Thank you Linus and congrats! 
I'm not a hard core Linux user, but this is one of the projects that continuously inspires me in my own software career. That an entire industry can be created by someone working on a project in his garage is just mind-blowingly cool and encouraging. It's what makes me code, at work and on my free time.
How does it compare to Windows 3.11, though? Does it have a Program Manager app, yet?

Changed my life, for the better. Thanks a ton , i really appreciate the hard work :)
Thank you Linus.  I got on board in 1996.  Never looked back.
+Linus Torvalds  por tu culpa yo tengo trabajo sin terminar la universidad ;); because of you I got it working without finishing the college ;)
22 years later, posting to you from my favorite Linux distribution, +Slackware, which was released 20 years ago. Thanks for creating something great that the whole world has in some way or another benefited from.
As do I - profound effect on so many of us in so many areas.
But, but, the cake is a lie! Really thanks for what you did, and continue to do. Thanks to you, I can ban both Windows & OSX from my house. How long until the xbox runs Linux, anyway?
I shall eat cake on October 5th because it's my birthday.
We all appreciate your dedication and commitment to make revolutionary new software that has changed the IT industry. --
Thank you!
Incredibly amazing accomplishments. Certainly changed the world for the better. 
I can't imagine what my career or hobbies would be like if this little project hadn't taken off like it did. I'd probably be relying on UNIX to run databases exclusively, with all the extra expense that entails. I'd probably be relying on Windows for everything else, and hating every minute of it. And I'd almost certainly have little to no hope for PC gaming in a form unshackled from Microsoft's shenanigens. None of those thoughts are particularly comforting, so… a genuine thank you for starting it all. A true catalyst for change is always worth a thousand tiny iterations on existing paradigms.
Great job man ! It's just amazing to take advantage of your masterpiece :)

Thanks a lot !
Thank you +Linus Torvalds you really contributed big to this amazing project called Linux that today we all enjoying not just as a desktop OS but in our Android phones as well. This is one of the most important OS ever made from Unix.
22 years already! Thank you so much again and again!
The big thing of all you are part of the history os on earth after we all past away
I can't believe Linux 0.1 is three days older than my brother.
Thank you +Linus Torvalds for sharing your creation with us. I've been using #Linux  for the last 12 years, eight of those, exclusively. :)
I remember those days.  I bought Linux on a Slackware cd and installed it on one of my machines. I still have a copy of the original O'Reilly book, "Running Linux" First Addition. Kind of feeling nostalgic now.

Thank you for then and now!
Sometimes, your hobbies get completely out of control. ;-)
Ill pass on the cake, but this round is for Linux.
Thanks for the excellent disruptive and world changing effort Linux. I'm happy to have been around since some of the earliest versions following the linux kernel mailing list. Fantastic memories!
Thank you for Linux, sir. Many times over.
Planning to eat cake, be grateful for the existence of Linux throughout, maybe even outside that range.
Your hobby has changed the world and my world too. You rank right there with those great inventors that changed our technology lives to the better 
Hell, eat a piece of cake everyday to celebrate Linux. I'm afraid that would mean a lot more exorcise as a result, but why not? I love cake.
This is Linux. You want cake, do a cake distro. 
Many thanks for the 22 years of your life... Wish you get it back many times over...
Thank you for giving Linux to the world. Thank you.
Thanks Mr. Torvalds, for your wonderful creation. What originally may have been your hobby now dominates almost every aspect of computing. Your creation has become of the most influential pieces in the history of computing, and will persist long after everyone here dies. Once again, thank you. :-) 
Mike A
This is what computing was meant to be I think the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Thank you for the global gift. 
Ouch, I remember that first announcement (as I was playing with Minix at the time).
Congratulations and thank you for your work!  (congratulations to everyone who contributes now, too!)
I still remember, back in 1993, trying to get gcc running on SCO Unix. Then I discovered Linux, the SLS distribution, on 30 floppy disks or so, and I never looked back. Thanks for everything.
Thanks.. you are a real hero. I wish world leaders and politics can learn from Linux way. Though it is beyond my understanding, I am sure there are lessons. Like electricity invention also led to  inventions in organization, Linux also has taught a great way to get self organized with you at the heart of it. Linux amazes me !!!
I proud Ubuntu user. Used SCO Unix long time ago and I love being part of Ubuntu family. You freed us from MS.
Congrats! Thank you Linus and all people who  answered this announcement:
  "That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind" :-)
Been running linux (in its many forms) for pretty much everything since 2006. I thank you and all others involved throughout the many great communities. Because of all of you I am able to tinker with pretty much whatever I want whenever I want and I am able to make things do what they may have never been intended to do. With a bit of curiosity, an open environment, and of course a brain, almost anything is possible.
I'd like to add my micro-mouse worthy endorsement. I had no idea what Linux was, I put my toes in with a Mandrake Windows-based EXE sometime in the 90s, went on to a Red Hat equipped laptop around 2001, and soon enough found out that I could do my job (math research and teaching) way more effectively on Linux-any-distribution than anywhere else! It's not the price: it's the features!
+Michael Russo I did the same thing. I believe it was Slackware 2.0. Seems there were several cds in the jewel case. Download speeds were so slow back then, it made sense to mail order them. KDE was so friggen cool.
I turned into a turd. When my friends asked for help with Windows, I would say, "sorry, but I only know unix/Linux." I'm much nicer now, I'll help anyone. Well.......... Apple, not so much. Never could afford one. :-( 

Linus, thank you for gift to history. You rock big time.

How can I thank you for providing something that has helped me to make a living for myself. 
it will be great when it's finished.
Linux is as big an achievement as the lunar landings, if not bigger.
Knowledge itself is power but it is even more powerful if it is shared as it improves quality of life and helps to solve problems. So thank you not only to Linus but also to all the community for making knoledge open so humankind can benefit from it.
Thank you Linus for freeing myself!
... and the rest is part of human history ...
For all the years my little computer shop has fed my family and paid my bills, thank you! For every offsite, onsite, remote job that I was able to accomplish using Linux, thank you! For what I enjoy doing everyday, thank you. I raise my glass to you! Thank you Linus!
This announcement changes my (computer-) life. Thank you, Linus!
Thanks +Linus Torvalds , you already know you changed the world but I have to say you changed my life. Keep going please.
I am a late starter..started on year 2000 jan...with IBM Netvista A22p model ..wipe out other os and install GNU/Linux into it...whoa!! and the journey continues!!
I feel old. Probably because I have achieved next to nothing, in the past 22 years. Doh. Ah well. Onward and upward. ;-)
Happy b'day Linux (for this day and for the complete range :) ), the contribution is priceless !
Oh. You actually made that happen. I am sitting on restroom and reading this post on Android tablet. It is downloaded through Cisco WiFi switch. From Google servers :-) 
Happy birthday ol' penguin. And thank you Linus. Thank you a lot. 
Linux has been a game changer!
... and it still is!

happy birthday, little penguin!

Yeah, Android on mobile, Linux on everything! Thanks anyway.
Hi Linus ! And just thank you for your constant effort to bring Linux where it is now !
Thank you Linus, life wouldn't be the same without Linux, and that is no over statement. 
Few people have the chance to change the world in a way you did.
does it support the FPU in the 486-DX??
My fav system just after AmigaOS ;) remember using Redhat 68k some years ago.. And still using Linux today... Happy Birthday :) 
The great change in the world......
Happy birthday Linux!
thanks for all +Linus Torvalds ! Revolution for my work (path from the dark side to the ligth ;) and in my life too, because fredoom matters !
thanks +Linus Torvalds
happy b'day pinguin

linux has changed my life since 2005. i have to admit those old days when i screamed out suddenly i found i had to switch from xp & office to mandriva & open office :-p

but now i'm enjoying my better life with peace of mind :)
Thanks for posting that message in the first place Linus. I don't think there was/is a software similar to the way Linux evolved over these 22 years. Linux has been something phenomenal, isn't it?
Thanks and a happy birthday!
Thanks for bringing me so much happiness with Linux Linus :). You're awesome! I am a happy user and I am still making others happy with it :).
That announcement was in comp.os.unix, wasn't it?  I saw it, but I don't remember where...
Really, what can I write here that can properly convey the impact you had on the world. I bet there are versions of your code running in every company on the Forbs list, let alone most of the devices typing all of these comments. Very well done. 
Спасибо, Линус. Мы благодарны тебе за твой труд! Всего тебе наилучшего!!! 
Deep and sincerely, thank you Linus! 
congratulations from a happy user since 0.97
20 years to change the word of computing. That's faaaaast. Happy birthday.
I suppose that it was one of the most influential coming outs in the human history. Thank you for your  bravery!
Gosh, I feel old ... I started with Linux in 1994, it was running circles around SCO Unix on PCs back then already. I had even some commercial software for SCO running using iBCS faster on my puny 386 with Linux than on a big 486 server with SCO back in the day. Oh and it had colours in shell and actually an usable editor - elvis felt like space age upgrade over the primitive K&R vi that SCO shipped.

Those were the days - when downloading Slackware floppy by floppy over 64kbps line at the uni took an entire day :)

Good times! Thanks, +Linus Torvalds !
I ordered my first Linux distro on a bunch of floppies from a shareware house, probably around 1993 or 94...been using it at least part time ever since, and full time since 2003.

Thank you Linus, and the myriad contributors who make this beautiful mess run like mad.
Happy Birthday from Indonesia~!
You made the world a better place, thank you Linus!
Thanks for the Linux, you are my idol since 1994. From Brazil. 
since 2008 on linux, now I'm a windows free user, Thank you for sharing your work...
Also thank you community for every thing...
Thxs for the alternate OS to Windows and Mac.
+Linus Torvalds thank you for the freedom of choice!
15 yrs on Linux.. Alternating between the MS Giant and the many different versions of Linux. Starting with Red Hat , Fedora, etc etc..

If it were not for your pioneering spirit, we'd probably be in a monopoly right now.

Thank you my Stranger Friend!
Thank you extremely Linus, you changed the face of Software and Computing the World over! 

From the first original post to what is out today...... If that isn't one hell of an inspiration I don't know what is.
Thanks ... no other words can describe it .... from Thailand (a Belgian) ... went through the motions and had a first system running (professional) in '95 (a front end supporting some Dialogic cards)
Thanks for giving us something I use and love everyday.
I guess there's room for one more thanks on here! Someone showed me Linux in 93 and I first installed it in 94. Like so many others have said, I had no idea how much it was going to change my life. It helped kick start my career at Big Blue for one thing! I still have "the Linux fish" on my car. I will also never forget the time I saw you walk into a sushi bar in Burlingame. I nearly spit my food out. My coworkers asked what was up, and I explained to them who just walked in. They were shocked that I could even recognize you cold like that. I simply explained to them that you, like so many others have said, made my life so much better. So, thank you for everything. It's been a great 20 years. 
Congrats. I installed my first Linux from 14 floppies (or was it 24?) a few years later...
This post all those years ago, changed my life.
Thank You +Linus Torvalds  I remember it took 5 attempts of 3 day long downloads via a slow dialup to get my first actual copy of REDHAT
Been a convert ever since
HAPPY BIRTHDAY +Linus Torvalds   <3
Not a lot of people can proudly say they changed the world so profoundly as you did. What you have the world is amazing. Thank you for your devotion and generosity with Linux. 
Thanks Linus, for your so precious work, of course, but also for your generosity. 
Is it still "just a hobby"?
I've been using Linux for almost twenty of those years. Thanks, mate!
Happy birthday to the Linux operating system. Never ever call it GNU/Linux.
Thank you Linus for everything you've done so far and for everything you will do in the future ! Same thoughts for all Linux contributors !
it was 1993 when i've found out linux, ....since that time, my life has changed definitely :), thanks linus
Congratulations and thank you master Torvalds, you layed the foundation for the operating system revolution (taking off my hat and making a deep bow)
Thank you, Linus. Enjoy all the cakes.
Hello Linus. I think you've started a new opinion about SO. I use and work with most of them. Your job made people think more about alternatives in software. Here answered by lots of people that used, still use and will yet follow your legacy. Congratulations by the great idea :) Best Regards, Germano.
+Linus Torvalds  Thank you for being there to defend the idea and maintaining huge endurance and reliability to carry on when the project was in real danger. Without your resolution at early stages, no other open source developer could have ever be able to participate and contribute.

Not to forget the role of so many great innovations in the last 3 decades, but I think Linux has the greatest impact on the technological revolution taken place in the 21st century since the internet is effecting people so directly.

Linux for sure will be the milestone for other millions of bright idea to evolve. 
I entered the family a bit later (2006) since in 1991 I was 6 years old :p Been a dedicated Linux user since then! Happy bday Linux! oh, and +Linus Torvalds, thanks! :)
+Otto von Metzger Linux already helps make your breakfast. I bet that many of the computers in what ever factory that it comes from run Linux! It will also be used somewhere is the whole supply chain. Almost everybody on the planet uses Linux every day and most people don't even know it!
one of the greatest acts of humanity ever!!!
September 17 is my father's birthday... May he rest in peace.
Got the t-shirt.  Passed it down to my son who was just two months old when you sent that e-mail.  He graduated GaTech this year in CS.  

And so it goes...
Thanks Linus, I've been using Linux since your original "distribution" of the boot and root floppies.
Yes, thank you very much for doing this. Linux has been and still is one of the major things in my life.
Loved it for 10 years...keep up the good work. Thanks for respecting CLI.
olli k
Onneksi olkoon! Kopioin 0.02 version Tietojenkäsittelyopin laitokselta korpuille. Silloin sillä ei ollut minulle käyttöä, mutta opettelinpahan Unix-komennot kotona. Pian koneeni käynnistyi kuitenkin Linuxiin ja niin se on tehnyt siitä lähtien. Kiitos!
3.11 doubly nostalgic. Funny.


-- sent from a linux based system
Does it still run on 486+ AT clones?
Thanks Linus! Big thanks to everyone who's contributed to this awesome project, too!
Posted from my Linux Mint 13 system :D
Thank you.
Humbly yours, Sergey Vetrov.
I remember this post. Thanks for building the future!
Congratulations, Linus, on changing the world.  Here's to the next 22 years; may they be as successful and influential as these past ones.
I remember Linux 1. I remember how long it took me to get the CD writer to work. It was back then that I realised that if this OS continued, it would quickly become a very important part of computing in the future.

Thank you Linus, for the dedication, insight, and I want to say, the brave pursuance of excellence, which I also believe has changed the world for the better. It is my opinion that, comparing your contribution to society, to other actions and contributions which has earned people Noble prices, that you should also be able to lay claim to the Noble prise. Considering the possibilities that became available to so many millions of people, which was obtainable due to Linux being free and accessible, is a feat that only a view people throughout history can parallel with their contributions to society.

Great work, and may the next 22 years see even faster growth!
Thanks Linus! - For everything done on those 3 days and since then, and assuredly the future as well :).
Thanks for all you've done for us. You will live to make many more announcements
I know it's inappropriate to address you like this, so with due respect:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Torvalds,
Happy birthday to you!

I know I missed the day, but I've decided to eat a cup of ice cream to make up for it. Cakes are rare and expensive here, so please bear with me.

And regarding Linux: some companies decided to sell a shitty implementation of Qt for industrial controls at a very high price. Please, dear Torvalds, wipe them off the Earth for me.
As I type this on my cellphone running Linux I can truly say it was probably a mistake to write a monolithic kernel in 1991, but hey better luck next time ;-)
Thanks to you and GNU/Linux I enjoy my computer, best...........
Congrats!!  I'm a freebsd user myself but I know that Linux has done amazing things for the entire ecosystem.
Happy Birthrange and thanks for starting such a fruitful project!
Jhon T
Happy Birthday... forever thankful to Linus for Linux!
Linus, I hope you win a Nobel prize for services to humanity.
All of them!

And he should get an Oscar too and whatever else is going!
you are the guy . Thanks for the linux
Thank you for what you've done. 22 years of devotion to Linux development deserve great respect.
Thank you for all your hard work Linus!  My life is drastically different because of Linux. 

Also, my birthday is September 17th, so I just learned a new fun fact. :-)
Masha pabien ku 22 anja di Linux.
Is what we would say in papiamentu.
Thanks for giving us the one OS that rules them all...
What a historical message. Thanks!...and don't stop having more cakes ;-)
thank you for the efforts you have put into this awesomeness. keep going!
Merci +Linus Torvalds grace a vous je gagne ma vie correctement et peut subvenir aux besoins de ma famille.
God bless you!
Having installed my first linux in 97 still makes me proud. Although I was a little late ;-)
Technology would be a whole lot more boring without you. I first got Linux to boot on my Cyrix 486 clone when I was 12, and I was hooked. Suddenly I could play with the inner workings of just about every part of my computer...
So in that sense Oct 5 might be the true "coming out" date

Some in my circle would have a grin, for the complete story they might have a headache :-) Thank for doing this Linus, I made some money enjoying it ;-)
Thank you very much Linus! I love your work! Happy birthday Linux! 
Thanks Linus! Without your hard work and the efforts of people donating their time from all over the world, I wouldn't have a career. Much appreciated! 
Thank you very much: without your sharing kernal first code: how would the internet look like with old tries under WIN :)
Thank you for writing the code and then sharing it. It has restored my joy in computing.
You change the life of many, with your contribution to the computer technologies you change the computers world as we know, now you're part of the history, Congratulations Linus.
Linus you are my hero!  I love open source and I want to thank you for your part in all that. :)
Thank you, +Linus Torvalds not just for decades of kernel wizardry, but best of all for being the magic spark that united all the elements that make up Linux!

And Thank You, Richard Stallman and #GNU for giving the kernel something to do!

Another big Thank You to +Patrick Volkerding for putting together the oldest GNU/Linux distribution still in current production.  (I remain a bit disheartened at how few people consider +Slackware a viable distribution.)

Anecdotally, in the fall of 1993, I built a 24x7 High Availability cluster on two nodes using Slackware as a starting point.  Doing real work in a corporate data center, I occasionally wonder whether it was the first Linux-based HA cluster in such an environment.
Linux is just awesome indeed... thanks for the dedication to it...
I used Slackware from ... oh ...  about my second Linux install, I think, up until about 2005 or 2006.  It worked very well for a long time, but as common applications became more and more bloated and grew ever deeper and broader dependency trees, I eventually grew tired of recursively installing entire dependency trees by hand.  The Gnome generation seems to have forgotten how to write tight code with minimal dependencies — or never knew.
"Hello everybody out there using linux" >>> "Hello everybody out there using minix" 
And now it runs on everything from desktops to supercomputers to wristwatches & eyeware, and runs on devices all over the Solar System.
Yo Linus! I think you are on to something there. "Linux" it could realy kick. 
I stumbled upon Linux back in 1997 when I was working on my undergraduate degree in Computer Science. At the time we were using Sun workstations in the lab for our projects. I wanted to be able to work on my projects at home, but Windows 3.11 just wasn't going to cut it. I downloaded Slackware on a dozen or so 3.5 inch floppy disks in the lab, took it home, and went through the install (a few times). Very few people I knew at the time had any experience with Linux, so I was on my own.

It took me nearly a month to figure out how to get my modem to dial in to the campus network. I'd go to the lab to scour the Internet to learn what I could, then try getting it to work at home. I remember the day I was able to finally connect to the Internet; I stayed up all night!

I've been running Linux for personal use at home (I'm typing this from Linux Mint Debian Edition on my laptop) and for development at work ever since.

My experience configuring modem/ppp paid off. In the late 1990s I worked in an IT department at the local newspaper, and Associated Press started installing Linux-based photo servers at each newspaper to allow reporters to access syndicated AP photos. The servers would periodically sync content with their central servers. We didn't have high-speed Internet access at the time, so when the AP guy came to install the server he was pretty impressed that we could hack an expect script together to establish a dial-up connection.

Thanks Linus for the many years of enjoyable computing!
would you please try to do something towards minimalism !
( most i would like that with distributions )
voisitko yrittaa tehda jotain minimalismin ja askeettisuuden suuntaan !
( eniten tuo olisi tarpeen kokonaisten jakeluiden kohdalla )
and yes, i am old - been w this since 1.2.n
Thanks. You changed the world.
Thank you Linus and everybody else that has started to make the world a better place
One of these birthdays is also my birthday :)
Linus, I want to say to you just THANKS. Your work was, is, and will always be, one of the most important things that happend to computers.
Thanks, thanks, thanks from Patagonia Argentina!
You opened the open source doors inspiring the world !
Thank you for sharing your hard work with us, truly remarkable OS. I remember my first distro and also can recall spending couple weeks trying to compile speed touch drivers without any knowledge of shell. It was fun :)
It's not like windows, Linux forms not only a os but a cult. 
thank you for giving me a job about linux
The first Linux kernel I ever compiled was 2.0.36 I believe. Ahhh. This were the days when I had time to play with things like that. Those were the days. Happy birthday Linux!
Hey +Linus Torvalds, Congratulations on the success of a hobby! Who knew the name Linus Torvalds and Linux would be a universal house-hold name way back when? I want you to know, I really appreciate everything you have done to change the landscape of computers and now many handheld electronics. You are truly a blessing to all of us!!!
My university has Einstein's mega poster on first floor. On second floor it's Linus and Grasshopper!
Thank You for open ing up our minds. We have this tremendous choice now.
I echo the sentiments of everyone here, Over the years, we have come to love Linux in whatever distros we use.  Over the years, it has gotten better and better, in fact I last week I discovered a new feature that beats my Mac's finder. -
To do: improve participation, consolidation of the code allong with the GNU project; stop waiting for hardware vendors to make good device drivers and do it inside the GNU/Linux community; catapult HTML5 or do a real flash player and Java free, open-source substitutes.
Thank you and GNU. Changed my life and like how!
I am thankful for those that had the vision to give us choices . Linus, Bill, and Steve and the visionaries yet to be declared.
Thank you, my hero. Linux is my favorite OS.
I love you Linus.  Thanks to all the incredible people behind Linux(and thanks GNU too.)  You Linus, are a brilliant teacher and clear-thinker, even though I don't actually do kernel programming.  I use Micro Emacs and Git: love it!
You have changed my life! I cannot tell you how many times Linux made me proud to myself. And also, I am so happy, because I am user of such a good thing for the humanity as a Linux.
Thank You for all your hard work!
Almost the same year I installed the first linux and gnu based distro: Slackware in my city. In UAA. Since then Im a linux evangelist. But is not the past what amaze me, but the future... what about Bill, you and Win9?
no binary blob in kernel pleases and reverse engine pleas and is kernel is  running os-like if nome software  and is only hardware
I'm using Linux since 1999. You don't have idea, but your work change my personal and professional use of computers forever. Thanks a lot. P.S.: Sorry about my english. I'm brazilian and my english isn't so great...
I still smile every time I read that ....
Happy birthday all Linux end-users/Developers/Admins.
you give support to new ideas without the necessary of a license for that. and beyond that you was not afraid of share your work, your idea and the most important, your time. I just can say...thank you
I'm taking a moment to personally thank you for your generous contribution to the world of computing. In 1995 I had a choice to learn NT or Linux and, without much thought, began downloading Slakware onto a stack of floppies. It remains the best decision of
my professional life. I owe you one.
22 years ago only in 486 device now on my phone too....Thank You.......
Hi linux, i saw you are recolecting ideas and opinions about your kernel. 
At the moment, you have done great work with linux, but I'm a little disappointed with the jump from 2.6? to 3.0 kernel because a lot of old modules (2.6) were not ported to new version. 

Mainly i use your system at my netbook (HP mini 210), and the major issue is that is impossible to work with it because i can't dissable my touchpad manually, it isn't  precise and when i write, the small touches puts the cursos at random (not really) place breaking my work all time. This touchpad is working great at OpenSuse 11.4 with 2.6 series, but recently novell was upgrade that system to 3.0 and it stop work. 

So if you want to do an great job with the conmemorial kernel 3.11 for workgroups, i think it will be an great idea, to include all modules (including the old ones) you have at hand at this time. And it will be an really good  "LINUX for Workgroups kernel"


I was born in 25/8/1991. Nice to know that i was born on the same day as your anouncement 
Linux killed Nokia. Gooood.
There is Linux and many hardware manufacturers still learn from it. This is no kernel bug. :)
A Kauts
Thank You so much +Linus Torvalds, lot of people in the world bring linux everyday in their pocket :)
Great! You've helped more people than you would never expect! Thank you ;)
Hi Linus, I wish that you will incorporate a code for the Hybrid ATI/Intel, the kernel 3.11 works but the temperature is higher than the vgaswitcheroo method, Thanks for all Linus!!! Good luck for you and your team!!!
Thank you and thanks to everyone else who made it possible. Linux is the best operating system available. I'm sorry to say there's still a use for those other operating systems as long as they're popular and developed for. But I am most grateful for Linux. It's the backbone of computing, today more than ever :-)
Stay on open source, put our intelligence together to built a better world.. 
I utilize Ubuntu. I haven't seen this Anywhere.
it s starting to drive me crazy.


I know: it s a hardware problem. right? it seems computers would be full of joy to divide-by-zero! Asymptotes.

Conrad Tatge
+Conrad Tatge Dividing by zero is a mathematical impossibility. Zero represents the concept of nothing. Dividing by nothing doesn't make sense conceptually.

I'm not a mathematician. If you want to explore the concept (assuming you haven't already), here's a Wikipedia article on it:

I googled "represent infinity in python" and seem to have found something that might work, but since I'm not really familiar with any languages including python, I don't know.
As a new kernel developer (hobby), I would like to write a driver (module) for kernel version 3.8. My question is :
1. It is any big differences between v 3.8 and  2.6.
My reference (for study) is the great book : Linux Device Drivers
2.Can I use the book to develop drivers for newer version as 2.6. Thank you.
I think that best way to compare the ways of kernel driver making is that you download some 2.6 kernel source and compare the SAME driver on 3.8 kernel. Then make a diff so you can see clearly what has changed. Of course some dev has propably happened, but you can also see the difference between essentials of 2.6 and 3.8.
Happy birthday, Linux, and a big thanks to Linus for its creation and the humongous community that has made it so incredible! 
Happy birthday Dear Linus !!! Best wishes!!!
Linus. You changed the world. Thank you
everyone keeps asking on forums if you still homebrew but most say your a fedora fan because they pay you.
I say your still homebrewing as well but it would be nice if you put the controversy to rest.
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