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Tag-line reflecting that I did it right this time.

Now I just need to figure out how to delete the "Linus" page.
Linux - doing it right
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We can do this all day. You can't win. ;)
i think i preferred "you know you want it"
You could have just renamed the first page.
i like how you get 500 people already on the first one
Hi Father of the Linux Kernel, write something on the Linux page. like "hello world."
Too late - you're already got 400 #1 fans there.
best page I have ever joined! Your a God sir!
Pretty sure this page should fit into my "People who care about Linux" Circle :D
"Manage your pages" in the drop-down under your icon at the upper left
Under your profile photo & name, there is something "1 page", click the down arrow, then "manage your pages"
yeah.. Linus... Fill you profile!!!!! don´t delete you page
Click the dropdown arrow in the upper left by you or your pages name, select 'manage your pages', delete the offender.
I think you should let the first page alive, just for fun.
This had BETTER make it onto Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me this week.
Better than 1000 requests for circles...
How to delete a page? Follow the "manage pages" link. The rest is obvious.
And THAT is why you should not name popular software after yourself :P
Well, it's deleted now. Now nobody will know I'm a moron. Whew!
Already a bug report and a patch submitted and applied... that's Linux for you...

Some can call it #fail, but, I call it #win BIGTIME!
BTW, Linus, Hello from a Linux Box (one of several) in New Hampshire.
You could have just renamed the fist page.
I'm going to have one million gmail updates in the morning. Time to mute this thread.
So how do we now tell who is the official pages to the products we love?
Looks like you found the delete button. "The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know."
Useful tip - it's way cooler to use "Share" feature to share page than to just paste the link :-)
<<Now I just need to figure out how to delete the "Linus" page.>> - did you mean "backspace" it? :)
+Linus Torvalds In the dropdown next to your name, and above "Stream" you'll find a link for "Manage your pages". Delete is available there.
+Juliettà AilèN has usado linux ? Es un command para borrar y rf son los parametros para ejecutar rm :)
As creator/owner of the 'Linus' page, you ought to be able to delete it. Google's software maintenance coders will get to it soon. Maintainers always have a list of work to do and they keep on working on the highest priority item(s)...
I say keep it. Then chop the one that has less followers :)
Linus, you should have both. One for the official Linux stuff and one for the personal stuff (DiveLog, etc)
Sweet .. I like Google + . It is a nice way to stay updated.
Your diving stuff and whatnot is ok, no need to delete your personal page.
Can't Thank You enough, Linus!
You have followed your passion, and made the world a bit better :~)
Gracias a Linux por fin tengo la libertad de elegir y usar lo que yo quiero no lo que me imponen por solo usar un S.O.
Would love some help: Installed a Ubuntu 10.04.2 on a vmware virtual serve via ninefold can anyone help me setup LAMP etc to host websites/databases/ftp access on it? I am a first time LINUX user. What do I do with the Ubuntu login: prompt?
+Nico Courts this must be the first time it has booted... the dos prompt says "ubuntu login:" maybe I should private message?
This went under Brands circle for me, think about it ;)
Yes, Linus, keep both your personal and linux pages. Some will want one or the other or both.
Linux is far better O.S then any other O.S. Linux rocks
I use Linux whenever I possibly can. I have Arch Linux on my desktop PC and have two Android devices: Asus Transformer (tablet/netbook) and HTC Incredible. I have to use either Windows 7 or OS X at work though.
Funny! The mobile g+ client doesn't catch the URL and is opening a browser ...
avì vést c'l'icauna 'd G+ l'è cambiè ?
Just put personal, family, and scuba diving stuff on the Linus page. And Linux only stuff on the other.
Linux is in my 'friends' circle now. ;-)
Linux is very close friend of mine :)
I would think the tag line is because Linux is doing it right. Accept no alternatives.
Don't delete it sir we need you :)
Now I'm sure your name is more popular than any politician around the world :)
Need to change the tag line on this one to match the Linus one. "You know you want it" is SO much better :)
My blog Futiquity ( ) is on a Linux box. I could have had it on the Windows server, but my hosting account came with a Linux box I decided I wanted a blog that would not crash. And that = Linux.
don't delete the page just make it personal..
you don't know how many people inspire & look for you.
+Janmejay Buch Ubuntu is probably the most windows-> Linux transition aimed distro, mint too. People all want different things and having one district would destroy what makes Linux great for many people: variety. I think, currently, there is a district out there for every user :) 
Oops, I meant "distro" not "district" (auto correct :D)
no, don't delete it. let it sit there unused if necessary but don't delete it. save it.
I think i better follow you on this profile. it's much more interesting then kernel release stuff. LOVE your posts and LOVE scuba diving :-)
I really like this operating system, because it really works! In contrast the lives Ruindows giving problem! Who does not know how to choose it suffers in the decision to use what does not work!
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