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I don't have the hi-res in-the-air pictures yet, but here's me looking cool.

Although apparently +Jim Zemlin was laughing so hard when I did the thumbs-up sign that the camera shake makes that picture a bit blurry. Thanks, Jim.
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Proprietary software doesn't stand a chance against this open firepower.
At least a different finger this time...
I've heard it said that the fastest you can accelerate a Mac is 32ft/sec^2, apparently Linux goes a little faster than that!
Awesome! Any Linux powered devices on-board? :)
He's probably setting up for an attack run on Bill Gates' house
"I had enough of the bullshit from Microsoft, time to take out the trash."
What airplane did you fly in?  Do you have a pilot's license, and if you do did you get any stick time?
You remind of the reason MSDOS was picked at the end..... Watch out!
Be careful. Maybe there is some kind of  anti aircraft battery ready to fire in Redmon or somewhere else. If It's the case, don't PANIC.
You should change profile picture since it is your hand that is in focus and not your face. Just my little 2¢.
Wonder how many onboard systems run Linux on there somewhere.
You would be proud to know that the F35 runs linux inside it.
So that's how you take care of Bugs in the Linux Kernel...
Hey, install the linux kernel on that jet's flight system. You'll be more motivated to keep bugs out of the kernel then.
Probably one of the most awesome things I've seen
Wah wahh waaaaaa. Daaaangaa Zonee <insert drunken Archer img>
Parempaa kuin tietokonepelit...
+Brian Perry​, I wouldn't be proud of an association with the F35, based on recent publicity.
Just remember, 88mph and nose all the way up to land on the aircraft carrier.

NES Top Gun
+Jeff Willard
Competitors often publicize the fact that their solution is "better". So I would not lend too much credence to a lot of it if I were you.
Can we make the KS gift a ride in a fighter jet please!!!!!
+Linus Torvalds well shaky, blurry makes it even better, pity you left the cock pit open you could have claimed it was taken in action.
That explains why the jets were trying to bomb Intel.
Are you drive fighter ? How could it be ??
Was that an incentive flight?
I doubt God needs a plane to fly. :P
As if you didn't have enough cred as a total badass already.... 
Linus Torvalds: Linux creator, scuba diver, NVIDIA flipper offer, and now, fighter pilot.
Tom Cruise would never wear such dorky glasses
Hehe " ©Linus Inside", "Powered by Linus"
I'm more than somewhat envious.... I hope it was as fun as it looks.
Free BSD kernel contributors can loop the loop apparently ...
You're lucky. Looking forward to your photos during flight.
Pilot of this plane shouldn't be worried if some software on the plane goes wrong, even if it happened in the air!
ps: +Linus Torvalds don't be too risky.
No manual entry for external_canopy_control
The professional shots will be so much better.   You still look good even blurry.
Looks like you are running for president of the US.
Top Gun material... sudo thumbs_up
This seems like the coolest thing I will see the whole week. We like you Linus.
Wonder what kernel runs the on-board computing?
Definitely not Microsoft type.
You should close the window before flight if you want to keep your glasses.
You are a very lucky and blessed man mister Torvalds. I envy your amazingly cool hobby. 
Jason S
Way to cool for school man :D
Craig D
Top Gun Tovalds... You need a seat and flight suit for Tux. I'm sure he would enjoy the ride too 😁
It is getting dangerous for Microsoft... 
OK, you got the plane....all I got was a lousy helmet 😟
This is ironic considering a comment in the post about gmail spam filters, in which someone said Google should buy you a fighter-jet to keep you busy :P
Linus is like Linux: everywhere! Up in the air, under the surface...
Getting your pilot's license?
More interesting than fishbutt's ;)
Apparently penguins can fly after all
Do you remember when Linus said yes when he was asked if NSA approached him?
That's their "thank you" :)
hmm what aircraft is that A-10 !???
Cool, maybe you can get Larry Ellison to loan you his MiG :-D 
TOP GUN : Goose = Linus Torvalds / Pilot = Tom Cruise
Finally he is put in the rear seat by the pilot (first release), in case he gets to bossy or too buggy  they can eject him ;-)
Looking good in that position, Linus.  :D
Are you the Ice man or Maverick?
Yes cool, but that's not the thumb of a fighter  Enjoy.
Ace KC
Om Linus Torvalds , hack smartphone saya donk om sekarang.. Soalnya disini smartphone saya ada yang aneh. tp jangan salah target om..
airjet is better than laptop ;-)
So that's the Linux Colonel everyone is talking about?
And now you have a nice profile picture that doesn't look like it came from the J.C. Penney portrait studio.  Excellent.
how else to fight the capitalist cause? :)
+ compared with Linus - Tom Cruise is still running over the sea with an Apple - non-encrypted +
Captain Linux !
Eres un hombre como agradable lastima que no se ingles no se si entiendes el español 
Ques est differentia el espanol inter el hispanol inter el esperanto ?! O esta es espanol malo ???... 
I love China wish only could Interpret each letter only as relict of the life as a biography of rice farmer too me still cryptic.
My son Xander says hi , he said once we get to the beach he'll meet at Miramar. His mom had me use my insurance card today/ She seems sad aboiut something and still mean at the same time:0
I have a couple bikes i'm finishing and here and there go through GitHub - She just came in and ran out of oil so out fixing and buying Xander game - chat later

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