So after a few weeks, I finally have something that is pretty useful for tracking my dives. I've never actually kept a real logbook, mainly because I'm lazy. But partly because my early diving was so disorganized and by the time I started feeling like I should really log anything, I was feeling silly because I'd not logged anything earlier.

And none of the dive log software worked for me.

But hey, now I have my own software, and while I'm missing the first 100+ dives or so, I'll just call those lost, and aim to generate pretty graphs for the ones I do have.

It's certainly not perfect, but hey, if there are any divers out there that want to play with something workable on top of Linux, give it a try.. Source code at


with a homepage of sorts at

and then you too can print beautiful dive plots. Assuming you have one of the handful of dive computers supported by libdivecomputer (or just want to import your data from some other system - it does at least partial imports of the XML from Suunto SDE files, uddf, Diving Log and Uemis).
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