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So after a few weeks, I finally have something that is pretty useful for tracking my dives. I've never actually kept a real logbook, mainly because I'm lazy. But partly because my early diving was so disorganized and by the time I started feeling like I should really log anything, I was feeling silly because I'd not logged anything earlier.

And none of the dive log software worked for me.

But hey, now I have my own software, and while I'm missing the first 100+ dives or so, I'll just call those lost, and aim to generate pretty graphs for the ones I do have.

It's certainly not perfect, but hey, if there are any divers out there that want to play with something workable on top of Linux, give it a try.. Source code at


with a homepage of sorts at

and then you too can print beautiful dive plots. Assuming you have one of the handful of dive computers supported by libdivecomputer (or just want to import your data from some other system - it does at least partial imports of the XML from Suunto SDE files, uddf, Diving Log and Uemis).
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stats for everything...
Can't believe this project only started a couple of weeks ago. Great work!
Kwan Lowe
Sir, you are truly a Renaissance Man... BTW, thank you for providing me a career. :)
You went diving on my birthday. I feel so honored.
Funny, no one finds it peculiar when a professional carpenter builds his own stairs, but if a professional software developer writes his own software, he's got NIH syndrome...
Sean Dwyer
Quick, what other software can we trick Linus into making for us?!
+ewe too someone should give him i NIKON so we would get a decent pictures manager for Linux! :)
Is there a Windows version? #justkiddin :)
Linus, have never think to create a new OS based on IA?
Now you make me want to start diving again....
Linus could sneeze, and the snot would make a better program than I could.
I'm not sure why exactly, but this seems more exciting to me than the Will/I/am hangout happening now. Just sayen . . .
I guess now there's an app for that!
Where I work, 'diving' is spending time investigating a bug in software... so I was a bit surprised to see that Linus meant scuba diving. Very cool!
oh my godness, not using the International System (meter, celcius, etc..). I'm shocked!
Doing all those conversions takes so long. :-P
It's all in sane units internally, and even the output units default to metric. But it also has a unit preferences setting where you can set individual units to whatever you want.

And I have been diving mostly in the US, so my settings are for imperial units.

But you can do whatever you want. It doesn't do Pascal (I did that for a while too, and decided that was crazy) but if you want bar and meter, you got it...

From the screen shot its not Ubuntu the buttons are on the correct side, its not fedora 15 there is a minimise button. It kinda looks like my Debian install but has a more glossy look to the title bar and buttons. Its not green so not Linux mint. That leaves...
+Dick Thomas FreeBSD! Seriously, guessing a distro by such an easy to change thing as appearance seems a bit daring... ;)
I can't swim either but definetly want to diving only to try this out :D
Mino M
Apnea computer like mares, sporasub?
A coworker and I were just lamenting the lack of good dive log software. Checking it out now.
I have no idea about the German error messages, but if you built libdivecomputer with libusb support, then you need libusb for the final link too. See the Makefile - there is a comment about it.

I guess I should make sure it's in some readme or something too.
Seems like I should buy a dive computer, finally.
Linus, the English use "Imperial units". The U.S.A. uses "English units"---they're different in small but important ways (!).
+Linus Torvalds I used to dive ten years ago when I was living in Tahiti, but never did 4 dives per day...
Thank you Linus, now i'm fighting my urge to get a dive computer. (I don't get to dive that much so i don't really need one)
The real litmus test of course will be what people who are primarily divers rather than computer nerds think about this one :)
Linus! A lot of people talk about it: can you share your desktop?
Vahe G
I think this could be done with Google Apps Script... do you want me to try?
Never knew you where diving! And yes, I am going to try this :-) Just another cool tool :-)
Why not use Glade for designing UI. Slow startup?
Linus should try Java Swing... :-)

*/me runs away hiding...*
Checked out the libdivecomputer support before I read through the comments and saw that Linus provided the link. Unfortunately it does not support my Citizen Hyper Aqualand.
Nice! I would like to start diving, just to be able to use the software :)
On complex systems of units vs. 'simple' metric, someone remarked (it seems to be gone now) that SI was easier, therefore preferable over Imperial or English.

Since when has 'easy' irrevocably translated to 'good'? It is easier to steal someone else's work/goods/money than to make them yourself. Maybe it is time for some critical thought about the benefits that come from slightly more complex systems of units, like minds that become trained to deal with complexity, rather than seek 'easy'.

On the other paw, in many parts of the world, civilized or otherwise, we grow up dealing with even more complexity. I still find many optics (although not many photonics) references which deal in Angstroms instead of nanometers. It hasn't broken a single instrument on my bench yet, though.
Thank you Linus, finally I can use my expensive Suunto data-cable together with a sane dive log.
+William Brohinsky We have systems of measurement like this for a reason: Enabling people to communicate and think about eg. potentially complicated engineering problems with as little impedance from the system of measurement itself as possible.

Yes, if we're talking about simple problems people are forced to think more about how to perform measurement conversions with a more complicated system. But that same thing would also happen in situations that are complicated on their own merits. And in that situation forcing people to think about how to convert may simply cause them to give up, rather than attempt to understand.

I'd much rather have as little barrier to entry for people to think about these kinds of math problems as possible, thanks.
Certainly makes me hope +Linus Torvalds would start exercising and getting a Suunto T6c Heart rate monitor. :) The situation seems the same there, proprietary software-hell and all Linux software I've found has been very crude and barely-working. A Linux app that creates beautiful diagrams and PDF:s, let me export the data in various formats for further analysis.. Yummy! :)
I thought he'd misspelled "drives".
COOL!! Great Idea. There are all sorts of fitness programs for logging workouts
The only thing that remains now is to publish on github If you want to....n :)
thank you, Torvalds, you are a very great anda entusiast men ! lool
Nderakore Linus, mortal..!!!
Those first 100 were "pre-season" anyway.
Is that arch linux that you are using? Looks like it from the screen shots
My gekko works perfectly, unfortunately the vytec i had has just been confirmed as dead following a battery replacement so i cant test that but I'm pretty certain its the same as a gekko as far as libdivecomputer is concerned
Exactly what I started a few years ago and never yook the time to publish or finish. Great work. I'll definitely try to contribute.
+Justin Reid That's a mark of great software. A readme that's both informative and hilarious!
hi Linus , sorry i have a question ,,,, i working by fedora now , but now i & my friend's working a national project Linux and development at the Linux ,,,,,,,, what you thinking ? for software at the Linux red-hat distribution ,,,,(python is better or gcc or another program ) please help because at the iran we don't have lot of tutorial about Linux ,,,,, but you must know many of the student at the university want change and doing a revolution and teach Linux to peopel,,,, you know many of people thinking wasy to use (windows ) is every thing but goverment hack the people for get a information of people and we want change this and learn peopel to use the linux becuse by this people can improve the security their life and goverment can't hack people ,,,,,,, we want a make a easy software for amatur user ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks and we love you
+chad foley I think it is literally diving into water. The data is from a watch-like device recording conditions, unless anybody would like to correct me.
Like GPS? Interesting stuff; what else is tracked. I assume depth, shark to human ratio, /etc.. I'll have to DL and check it out. Is it all based on a wrist watch? Maybe some cool apps would work with this in day to day non diving life. Would love to see a port to Android. 
"...bu sadece sen ona yanlış yönden baktığın için problemdi..." Linus Torvalds
random non dive related comment, i just got a new computer and i finally put a big boy OS on it, and by that i mean linux :D
Hello Linus, I'm called Italo Lima Peru, it is good that we can send messages through yours because you have helped many people with this wonderful heart called linux.
I hope you visit us soon, plus I like that in the not too distant future LINUX is in every computer in the world
+Jakub Narębski It is true that Angstroms are based on a similar measurement to nanometers. There are few you will get to admit that Å are the preferred measurement to nm, though, because they don't fit into the engineering habit of 10^(multiples of 3). Such is life. This makes Å a deprecated unit, but when I started in optics and holography, I had to deal with older physicists and holographers who still thought in Å and younger ones who were all over nm. The latter disliked Å because they were a tenth of a nm, and SI no longer uses centimeter-basis, as it used to, so why put up with any other measurement outside the mgs approach?

Of course, the other side of that argument is that the only real difference between Å and nn is a conversion factor (.1), and, in fact, the only difference between C and F is a conversion factor (9/5.) Does that make C and F part of the same system? I think the fact that no one in academia or photonics or, dare I say it, physics, acknowledges Å as an SI unit in the mgs system is sufficient to support my point. I could have used Lumens and Candles and all the other irradiance/luminance/luminescence units (many of which have differing definitions for the same name!) but I wasn't really looking to make things too complicated for +Floris Kraak to follow...
This was pretty much what kept me from buying my first dive computer.
Now I'm out of 250 euros.
Sometimes sharing hobbies with you, Mr. Torvalds, can be expensive...
+William Brohinsky Å are preferred IMVHO because (for the domain where it is still used) it is natural size, i.e. measurements are of the order of few Angstroms i.e. tens of nanometers. A bit similar is high-energy physicists using eV (electronvolts) to refer to energy and mass (usually as MeV or nowadays GeV).

The difference between degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C) is not just a conversion factor, but also a matter of different point of reference (zero temperature).

But now that's entirely off-topic...
Mmmmm, GConf has been deprecated for ages, why not using GSettings? Also, why not gtk3 instead gtk2? would you interesed in a couple of patches?
Thank you for creating and sharing, i will definatly try it :-))
Just gitit, and there is best README ever!
<q>"Just edit the makefile directly. autoconf and friends are the devil's tools.</q>

My new sig, definitely :)
Thanks Linus :)
Looks good! I have been on two dives ... both in lakes ... boo
Very good, in Brazil for World Cup 2014!!!
Linux Yes!!!
BTW now we have problem with UEFI :/ (bye, bye, grandpa BIOS)
You are great. Nice tu meet you.
Google+ a pleasure to share with you.
Eternally grateful for linux.
I want to learn linux from basic. Please help me Sir.
I am also a diver Linus, great to know you are too! Where do you do most of your diving?
.oO(decohacking instead of decobeer?)
Does it work with the Suunto Nemo?
Howdy! my name's Arturo, from Houston, Tx. just want to say Hi, Linus, I'm a Linux freak. I use Ubuntu at work and at home and android mobile when I'm on the go.
Awesome! I've been looking for something like this! Actually, I've been diving since my 12th birthday, but I haven't had much opportunity for diving lately... Sigh

Which dive computer do you use to capture the data? And also, what dive computers is it compatible with?
I always say to people, it only takes once to make a great open source tool and then it's something the world can use forever! GPL is my hero.
I hope some day, i'll be like you. Thank you for everything you do for us!
Mulla on myös jo vuosia nyt ollut linux kotona ainoana käyttöjärjestelmänä ja kiitos siitä Linusille. Fiksu systeemi ja niin on alullepanijakin.
In my school my Nickname is "Linus Torvalds" is an honnor for me you are a damn legend for me
in my job.. my nickname is "Borreguito" and.... it's an honor for me. Sorry Franky... is a JOKE!!
Hi, maybe this is not accurate but as a diver and linux user, I used for storing my dive datas. I also worked with André Shenck to help him debug the Vyper Air communication. We hope this will be avaible in the next release.
+Luc Bégault: jdivelog never worked for me. The rxtx serial hackery was horrible at least on Fedora x86-64, and I never got my Vyper Air to work. And even without that the Java windows were just ugly.

I really wanted to like it, but every time I looked at it, I just died a bit inside.
What about a OS X version? ;)
Will it work with Uwatec/Scubapro computers?
agreed. And i think that the non gratis sales will go up soon. As next gen of servers are here soon
Hi Linus, nice day, (I'm sorry for my english is not good), but I comment you, I'm a teacher of technology and computing at primary school (or elementary school?) and we teach Open Software (EdUbuntu) and your softpack. I feel free to teach, thanks for giving us freedom in teaching. Bye
Hail Linus!!... (regret from newbie... :D)
Always jealous at people who can fulfill their software needs themselves. (And make a nice GUI too)
hey it's high time too sleep Linus !!! turn off your computer and go in your room !
As a writer, I am sorry that has not kept records, and as a fan, I despair ...
I am your fans, nice to meet you
Love your work sir, though linux seems to still lack in front ends for usb modems...
or is it just me?
First it was Linux, then Git, now diving software... What will be next?! :)
hello sir i am your fan.i like linux OS.this is a freeware but why some company like red hat take extra charge for it?
Linus Torvalds, I'm your fan since 1994 !
Om... yo coga om...
salut awak samo om..
meski om dak tau apo yang awak kecek an...
rancak diam selah om..
dak katamu dek om walau pakai translate google dow...

Overall rating
Linus Torvalds can u build a system for auto-install of any .deb, rpm or any package like fully automatic(auto dependence solving) and installing any tools (source pack) like charm.......people like linux
+sandeep naik What do you mean by auto install ? The existing package managers like apt-get/ aptitude are pretty good in handling dependencies afaik. Why make something that is already there ?
i know dude. i have Ubuntu 11.04 on my HP Pavilion DV7. but the point is when a new user (non-geeks) jump for a distro & wan2 install a package & face prob.
we have to make stuff simple for every one. well i am not a win or apple fan......that's it.sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install is simple for us....not for rest!!
It's hilarious to me how the discussions for every one of Linus's posts fill up with feature requests and chats about Linux. At the same time, they are equally full of comments sharing gratitude. I too thank you, Sir Linus!
do you keep track of copyright? I can only find: "copyright", "Linus Torvalds 2011" in the code.
hi linus! i am an iranain user of arios- a distro powered with ubuntu-. i just wanted to know if you could make a way that when u shutdown a gnu/linux the kernel go to hibernation. this is what win8 has already done and in a video they booted a laptop with win 8 in only 3 seconds! i think if gnu/linux does not have this, it will be a very bad point to it. unfortunately i am not a programmer, if i were, i would made myself help u in that.
oh i forgot sth!
you are my heroooooooooooooo!
AFAIK, there was a security breach, and as a result all Git trees have been taken down until accounted for by developers. They should be up within a few weeks
What distribution of Linux are you using? Seems you are using GNOME desktop! I'm a KDE fan.
"I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones"... thank you linus for your small hobby that turned into something truly amazing
and mikhail i concur i really despise gnome 3 as well
how does it feel to be on the first page of a googlesearch for "google" xD
Sir, Thanx for gifting us an amazing OS, n thanx 2 google dat help me to get in touch wid u(virtually though).... Its mean a lot to me
I second that suggestion. I use ROX desktop w/ Openbox + PyPanel.
Hi Linus, what command or program do You prefer to undelete in ext3 filesystem?
whatever 27% of fish alive, all frogs dying in South America.....
I first learned C from Herbert Schildt's "How to program in Turbo C", which contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate, but scores over older more pedestrian works in that it actually teaches C and doesn't assume that teaching you C++ somehow accomplishes anything. ("I want to learn to dance." "Great, here's a bicycle!") The current version covers C99:
C is hard for me
Wow, thanks, this was what I had been looking for for a long long time. Thank you Linus!
+Igor Cananea thanks for the pointer! :) Either I'm getting old or too cloud centric, but it's amazing how lazy I've become to try anything new that is not in the cloud. It's probably the former I'm afraid ...
I'll have to take a look at it. I am a software developer building great software down here in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands which also happens to be a dive mecca. If you ever want to do some amazing diving with some fellow development minded folks drop me a line, we'd love to have you!
Hi. I installed it on my Mac. I didn't find my dive computer which is a uwatec tec 2g. How can I import data from it? Can somebody help me? Thanks.
+Linus Torvalds Nice!
I run an online diving logbook site (the worlds largest to my knowledge with 20+ imports for all kind of dive software and currently over a quarter million dives logged) and wrote an import for your XML files too. Feel free to try!
Are there any changes planned to your XML structure? Thanks for the sane and clear structure, I've seen so much worse... :-)
Latitude and longitude of the dive sports would be sweet...
Kind regards from another diver
Linus, What sort of dive computer do you have?  I have used a Sunto Cobra for over 10 years.  It provides an electronic dive log in several formats.
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