Christ. What the hell is wrong with people who still believe in this craptrap?

Homeopathy is a scam, and people who believe in it are either uneducated or morons. Or both.

People, stop being gullible morons.

EDIT: guys, why are you talking about FDA, traditional medicine, or home remedies? That has nothing to do with Homeopathy.

"Homeopathy" means that some scumbag is actively trying to fool you into selling you proven snake-oil. It's not "placebo". It's a scam. A company that sells you homeopathic medicines is purely out to scam you. End of story.

Eat the shit all you want (or drink it, or slather it on your skin or whatever) to show the world what a moron you are, but don't put it on or in your baby, for chrissake!
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