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"First day of spring" they said.

"Heatwave in Michigan" they say.

This is some kind of cruel joke. 
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Are you in Michigan? It's nice and sunny outside :)
Yeah, the weather is pretty bizarre, for sure. Sorry that you got snow on the first day of spring :(
Welcome to my reality. In the last two days we had snow and freezing weather... and they just said it'll potentially hit 70 degrees today. It was 40 degrees this morning. :|

Heh, it's anyone's guess, these days.
Keep your cool - they might have frozen your assets? ;)
Gotta love the weather in Oregon. When I woke up this morning, I was surprised to see this much snow, I didn't think it would stick.
It's supposed to be 80 in NYC today. :)
Oh, how I miss actual winters. Denver gets snow, and then it's gone the next day - even in January. I wanna move back to Minnesota.
Well, we have been getting weather in the 70's and 80's in Chicago for the past couple of weeks when we should be seeing snow and below freezing instead.
I'm in Michigan. It's at least 80 right now. I'd offer to send some your way, but it's on it's way out for us soon too.
Man Made Global Warming at work in Great Lakes State.
and it's a similar story here in Salem, about an hour south of Portland.
It's Heatwave because everyone has to heat. Obviously.
we've had a deluge in oklahoma. glad it only got down to 44f here otherwise we might have that fluffy stuff too!
Ah Linus, there is nothing there that good big barbecue wouldn't cure :-)
Probably the burnt ash of the leaves you see there on the table....
oh wow! I don't envy you at all!...well.. not for this anyway :D
I'd love to have this sight by my window... (sorry for the W word ^^)
rofl...I am in southeast Michigan and there is definitely a heatwave here!! It is 75F right now.
... but looks familiar, doesn't it, Linus? :-P
Dan O
That's why we have Florida!
It's pretty much tradition in NE Ohio for mother nature to take one last shot before March ends.....I am next!
Looks like the sun even came out. Looks like a good deal for Michigan.
Woke up to a snow fall ourselves ! ...But it can be expected here !
We almost topped out at 80 in Duluth MN rainy and 60. Tomorrow who freakin' knows.
Haha, here in Germany we have 25 degrees celsius and bright sunshine!
I am in Michigan, the Detroit metro area and I can definitely attest to the fact that Michigan is having unseasonably warm weather.
lol that is sad considering it's been nice for the last 2 weeks here in Toronto - hopefully that's not heading here? :)
I'm getting the boat ready for the water! Lake Saint Clair here I come!
Kids had a snowfight during the 2 hour school day delay :-)
I dunno, it was 86*f in Lansing, Michigan yesterday and I am not complaining one bit!
great honor to see the posts from the pioneers of Linux that I use ...
we barely had that much snow all winter, our winter was the joke here in MN.
Which peninsula are you in? The LP or the UP?
Things are nice and toasty still here in the LP.
I might have to mow my lawn in Michigan this month...already had to trim one spot... Also the first winter that I have a 4WD vehicle to drive here, instead of the RWD V8 I had the last 11 or so winters..
Wow, here in Maine, it is 80 on the coast
Nah. Just think of it like a giant snow cone without the cone. Or, the flavor.
+Linus Torvalds luckily, we do have Spring here in Washington, DC... the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the Tidal basin area is buzzing with tourists :-)
Global Warming lol! Was Al Gore giving a speech close by?
Wow, sorry. 80 degrees for the last 3 days here in Chicago.
Meanwhile, 20ºC in Toronto. Yep, Canada, that supposedly cold country up north.
nice, i love snow =)
Yup, snowing here today too...Spokane, WA
My wife and I were just complaining that Chicago (where her sister lives) has been almost 80 degrees this week. WTF.

Apparently where Linus goes, the penguins follow.
father christmas must not have got the memo
If this image was tinted yellow, you'd have our pollen situation in NC.
Looks a touch like Western Washington. My Mom used to put it this way: "Spring has sprung, the grass has riss, I wonder where the Flowers is" Just around the corner. Peace, Flagg
You do not want to see Saipan right now then. So hot people smell like fresh (and not so fresh) fried pork cracklins. So hot, to cook soup, you just pour your cup of water over it. And this is the cool season.
david w
in my garden all afternoon : sweet spring is here, but not everyhere :)
80 degrees in Pittsburgh, PA.
For what it's worth it IS 72F in MI....
+Linus Torvalds: This is a surprise? You live in Beaverton. It's normal for the weather to blow goats for TriMet fare, then walk home. (and only partly because TriMet's service is lousy on the westside).
Wish it was snowing in Michigan right now...
Winter is coming...
Saluti dall'Italia...
+Harald Geving: Snow is fine for downhill skiing, but it damn well should stay on the mountain where it belongs.
Call the west coast more often... we could have told you it was coming.
We were reading about the "heat wave" inside...
Looks like a heatwave in Michigan to me.
One summer vacation my sister and I went to stay with our Grandma in was June. It was snowing when we got there -- we had only packed summer clothes 0.o
No, I'm definitely not in Michigan, as that white stuff on the ground should imply. I'm just grumbling about much of the rest of the US apparently having surprisingly warm weather. Not so here in the NW.
81 and sunny in Virginia today!
ummmm.... i'm in michigan and it's in the 80's
In Finland we have this thing called "takatalvi". ;)
are weather is horrible first it snows then it rains IN MARCH!!!!!
Yeah, im in michigan, and its way too hot, i wish i had your snow
Its sunny in the U.K Don't you just hate people that do that? :)
In the middle of the state of Georgia (USA), "winter" in and of itself is a cruel joke.
Mar uh
austria: sunny, 20°C

We have light rain but it's 70°F in normally hot and dry Greenville, SC. I even saw a rainbow this morning!
+Linus Torvalds i would take snow over 85 in march. This weather is out of wack this year.
Crazy weather here, our flowers were all budding too. Hope the snow doesn't kill them off...
hahahah I have much better weather than that!!!!! hahahahahah LOL
Poor thing. It's 75 degrees right now in MI :)
It's been 85 in NC! I'd rather have snow! (You know, the grass is always greener! :))
That's some funny looking rain there.
Cologne, Germany, 20°C. Sucks. I want back my <10°C!
lol you want spring look at Canada/Ottawa it spring here no snow in view anywhere just green grass and birds singing plus warm weather!
It's was just under 60 (as in our high) in Phoenix... have fun when it comes your way
damn im from michigan and i love this weather its so awesome but i used to live in pheonix and tuscont...i can never spell it right idk why but im sorry for the snow!!! :) sucker
Last winter in the pacific northwest was unusually warm. One or two days of snow at one point. This year it doesn't seem to want to warm up even when we enter spring.
Its Warm here in Cheboygan Michagan :) Lovin it
mAi Hou
WAOU it's actually very beautiful ^^
Meh. It's just the rapid increase in temperature melting the ice caps which then cool the ocean. Happens every year. :)
I'd say I would prefer snow than 85+ degrees with pollen caked over everything you see.. 
+Linus Torvalds It's already been in the 70's and we've actually had to turn the AC on in Minnesota. Not sure if this qualifies as a lamb, a lion, or a platypus in terms of a month.
We're setting records here in Michigan for sure! Trees are budding, Mosquitoes are back, it's too hot to be outside, and it's not even April yet.
Dude, it's been 80degF in Ithaca, NY!
Isn't this what summers look like in Finland ?
It has been really hot in central Michigan. Currently it is 82 F in Lansing and the normal high for today is 46 F. I feel like it is a cruel trick to get the leaves out so it can snow and strip all of the limbs off the trees!
+Linus Torvalds Im not in Michigan, although I once lived in Gwinn outside of Marquette I currently live in NH
Same weather in Calgary too !!! Fantastic the last 2 weeks and then snow today !!! . . . and +darkestkhan khaganate precise dates are not necessary, it was just a comment and its just a day or so late, its still the 'start of spring' and the snow should be gone !!
Ahhh pretty. You should be so luck. We skipped winter altogether here in Houston, TX. :-(
Actually took the pool out last weekend. Pretty early for a pool, but we did have temps in the 80's last week.

heck I live in Tucson az and it snowed a couple days ago
Looks like Michigan to me. I'm from the strange as it sounds, I MISS that snow! I'm living in the middle east now. Sigh.
It looks as if the floor is made of glass thats cool!
Well if you will pick a penguin as an icon...
Here, I thought you were a Finn! Just like home!
how can u say this , with lots of snow the first day of spring.............does spring come on any specific day of a yr
+Linus Torvalds oh admit it, 20 years ago you would've thought 'ooh warm vappu weather' about that sight a month later
Give us our snow back! Today, it's 25'C here in Toronto - normal day time highs in March is 3'C. So we're only 22'C above ...
Here in Lamia , Greece the sun is bright and with a very nice weather.....
That definitely doesn't look like spring ;-)
I Kentucky within a single week we had tornadoes, 75 degree weather and 3-4 inches of snow.
Global warming... I can feeeeeeeel it working! xD
Yesterday, in Madrid (Spain) was also snowing. The weather is crazy
6 inches here is Lebanon, OR. Would have been nice in December. Now it just sucks.
wow!!! spring????? what???? its like 99 degrees here and its STILL the like somthin day of Spring
That's not ice. It's warm ash from all the hotness.
It was in the 80's in St. Louis. Clue... get out of Michigan.
I like the cold, lets switch!

Hunter College, Upper East Side, New York, New York at 2:38 PM EDT on March 22, 2012: [Temp: 77.6 F / 25.3 C Clear] [Hum: 48%] [Wind: Calm]
Irony : Post about snow made it to "What is hot".
Ok, this doesn't look like spring to me, too.
Snowball fight!!! It's warm in IL, but I wouldn't mind playing in the snow some more.
I sympathise with you, I can't stand being cold, but you have to admit it does look lovely.
we were really hot here in Fargo ND, now we are going back to cold again :(
I have you beat - for the last three years we have had snow (lots of snow) on May 1. I live in New Mexico - go figure.
HA HA!! I live in Grand Rapids, MI its like 80 here had to turn on the AC.
i cant imagine wat da hell dat umbrella is doing there
Sorry dude but our beginning of spring was fairly normal for the Bay Area. Not warm but not cold, not sunny but not overcast, and if you didn't like the weather where you were, just drive 10 miles in any direction and you'd get a different version of it. It was even nice enough to ride my motorcycle into work, but of course you wanted to hear that...
welcome to la nina weather ...
welcome to our world Mr. Torvalds :)) hahahahaa
+Francois Demers It's only "leftist" if you believe climate change to be influenced significantly by human activity. Geologists will tell you climate change is inevitable, the only question is whether or not we're speeding it up. Personally, I look forward to the day when the Gulf of Mexico reaches into Canada. I love the ocean. Not so fond of square states.
yes, look like a joke jeje.
But....but...but....I wanted snow toooooooooo!!!!!!
Give me the snow any day Linus, over the sweltering hot, sticky, humidity we get here in Memphis.

I say, it's easier to stay warm than it is to stay cool.

You can always put on an extra layer of clothes; but only take off so much till you start getting funny looks.

Just sayin'. ;-)
pc cp
"Come to L.A. they said...we'll have some good times, have a few laughs" -Bruce Willis, 'Die Hard'
Isn't that a Finnish summer?
oh my gosh, it is like that in Oregon too! Lame, isn't it?
Weather forecasting is one of the only sciences whereby the scientists cant agree on the result of the same set of inputs. Kinda defeats the 'repeatability' component of all the REAL sciences.
N Tripp
LOL they tell the truth in Cincinnati Oh. And you think that's cruel? It's 82 out here
Lol take that weather peoples :-).
lol, not shocked,,, ;} 80 somthing today forcast 50 degress in a few days
hehehe...Nice! This is exactly what our first day of spring was like over here in Boise.
Well I can tell you it's pretty much the same in Moscow. Not sure if it's of any relief though =)
I am proud to own the same patio furniture set as Linus Torvalds. Does that raise it's value if I sell it on e-bay?
actually, it is seriously like been 70+ degrees in Michigan.
Lol here in WI, it's in the 70's. But actually, in Michigan, that IS a heat wave lol jk.
You just need to embrace weather relativism. "This weather is warmer than ____"
But, here in Michigan, if Mother Nature wants, it'll snow in April!
come to Canada....its like the tropics up here! love it!
LOL, sorry, we are actually having a heat wave in sunny southern cali :P
27C here, previous record for the day 15C.
are first day of spring it was 80 something out lucky us
I went for a bike ride in the 70 degree heat today. And yesterday. And the day before. And the day before. And our daffodils have popped.

I'm so sorry for you.
It's sunny and no snow in North Dakota. Last year I had 4-5 feet outside my door which didn't melt till late May (which is normal for here).
its ridiculous how warm it is in michigan, it was like a full year of just summer!
wow a poet get away from google + people get a life
That's Michigan for ya... LOL
I got my doors and windows open in Alabama
Oh sad. I am here in MN, and we have 65 + degrees! Shorts!!
Ellen T
well fells like it
Sorry Linus! We got a little in the northern Seattle area Monday...but that was it.
You should move to California just remember to bring some sun block. Its great out here!
Just why I moved to California, from Dayton,Oh
In New England I feel like we skipped winter and went straight to spring.
That's what you got when you left California
I can honestly say I am not enjoying our "heat wave" here in Michigan. It's way too hot for my comfort.
I'd LOVE one more snow storm, or at least an overnight frost to kill off the bugs that are already out for the season.
Warm enough to dive this weekend in New England \o/
You seem to have stole our weather. Where I live, March usually comes in like a lamb, but leaves like a lion. It's starting to seem like our snow is over (but we have had snow in late April before). I live in upstate NY for what it's worth.
Ah, Austin Texas! Had a lovely bike ride in my T-Shirt.

But of course, Summer follows Sprint ....
I know how you feel. They told us Windows 7 would be secure.
i love a white spring
i think you mean Caucasian-Spring. :P
Amazing, its 70 degrees in NJ!!
It is over 26C (80F) in my part of Florida today. You could really get sunburned ;)
Hmmm. Climate change, you say? :-)
its been in the 80's here in upstate new york this week?
terribly hot in Chicago.
high is around 80 F or so and low around 70 F
no it's not here in portland maine it's been in the upper 70's for most of the week today it was 82
I am in michigan and loving it!
Heat wave.... at this time of year... in Canada (Toronto).

It makes me sick, as well as the fact that we didn't even have a winter.
Snow in Vancouver today. Minneapolis last week was wonderfully warm.
What? A Finn complaining about snow? lol. ;)
We had several inches overnight in parts of Oregon. Spring is lagging.
We got 6 feet of snow over the weekend. The snowboarding was awesome!!
You got all our snow. Two tiny storms all winter in Upstate New York.
Head over to England.. It's been a really toasty couple of days now..
Ohio's been 75-85 F these last few days...
up in New Hampshire its been in the 80's!!!!!
I hear you Linus. We got 7" in Eugene yesterday morning.
Wow! Yea its so the first day of spring!
Snowed in NZ twice this Spring. Fill the hotties up :)
Global warming is BS! Just follow Joe Bastardi and you'll get the all picture.
How does come that one who understands how complex pc architectures are, and who knwos what random bugs can happen (i saw horses vomiting) thinks that we could predict with these machines an even more complex system...and relays on that?
That why its weather. Weather it is hot or cold rain or snow sunny or cloudy that's what u get. Just like Michigan to flip out on a little bit of spring.
wow, I think I will stay in DC : )
yo fucking gay bro
That sort of thing happens when you live north of I-10.
you should see vermont it was 89 yesterday
I live in Michigan and it was 87 degrees out! Haha take that Florida
What the... While it's snowing there, It's 25 degrees Celcius (77 F) in Ottawa... The world is getting crazy...
I've used Linux for many years now. Love it :D You rock, Linus!
What part of Michigan are you from? I'm also from Michigan and got a sunburn today in the 80 degree weather.
How big is the planet uh? Meanwhile here at Rio de Janeiro, I'm sweating!
The Portland OR part of Michigan...
+pauly hart I can second the rain in Oklahoma. My front yard looks like mudflats in one place and the Everglades in another. 
Trees are actually growing leaves in Madison, Wisconsin. I will probably have to mow the lawn this weekend :(
It's going to in the 80s in Kansas City this weekend. Have fun shoveling!
I miss the snow. I'm stuck in Houston's yucky weather :(
Wow, we have been getting spring weather in the 60s and 70s in Wisconsin!
Don't worry about Michigan's heat-wave, we'll have an ice-storm about mid-April to make up for it.
just be glad you aint it colorado that would be about a foot or two
Chan Li
LOL,same here , The "old saying" no longer true in nowadays
I mowed my lawn in VA today!
It sure looks like spring... on the North Pole!
+Linus Torvalds come down to Houston. I moved a year ago and enjoying the beautiful weather (though I miss the mountains!).
Linus, you know you have to be superuser in YaST with OpenSUSE to start spring -- it's like accessing the printer!
if you can see it happen in less than a day it isn't climate :P
climate is the patterns of weather over a long period of time.
in this case the la nina we had last year/are having does a lot of the opposite of the very strong el ninos we've had the past few years. if someone points to any individual weather event and says it's global warming they are guessing wildly at best.
you dog, we didn't get any snow this year.
I'd like a spring like that over here.
it's hot here..i mean;s 35"celcius.... H_H
Welcome to Finland@USA... This looks just like in here typically would be :D
Imagine the sun and the snow will melt.
+15*C, sun is shining... Welcome to Warsaw, Poland :)
It is just a matter of calculations. Some parts of the world don't see any spring or summer, that is, based on our spring and summer definition. Few degrees rise in temperature may be all the spring or summer they get.
jajajaja "quite ironic!!" they say..
LOL.. u made me watch again!!! :D
wow what great image snowy in spring is common nowa days its 21st centry typical weather
We've been breaking heat records all week here in Ohio, and I can't say I like it very much. Too hot for March.
As someone in Michigan, I have to say haha!
It's finally sunny in Switzerland.
Linus, the heatwave is in Boston, you're on the wrong coast.
Your loss is my gain. 83F three days in a row here in Ohio.
I'm here in the Caribbean, I'm from Michigan, grew up in California; but that winter scene is a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful, man! Just beautiful. Don't complain, cuz what you got there appears to be an awesome place hang yur hat. Enjoy it.
+Sherif Kholeif i was in hawaii on the big island a couple years ago in late august and it was 68F on the hielo side the whole time i was there :P they don't get any variation at all unless they go to another part of the island XD
It's been 50 the last four days...that's summer temps in Michigan
84 was the high yesterday here. If you don't like the cold, you could move ;)
It was really beautifull here in Quebec, Canada. We broke a heat record. It went over 20 C in mars... Move to the north!
Raining here in Philly. By the way, I seen today your license plate "King of Geeks". I actually own that domain name and have sine 2005. It's under construction, but was wondering if you'd be interested in purchasing it. I'd rather it go to you then anyone else.
Hi Linus,
I live in Howell, MI; and it has been great here. NO SNOW and 80 degrees!
I've had hail storms during my spring break before... It was depressing.
jon c
That looks peaceful, why is the umbrella not responding.....
Yeah, it is more like Spring down here in Texas. 82 degrees today.
You could've moved to practically anywhere and you chose almost exactly the same climate as in Finland :}
The temperature reached 75 F last week in Connecticut. Impeach Punxsutawney Phil!
-20C tonight in the eastern townships. Down from +26 last week. Sheesh! Freezing my kernel's off here....
That looks similiar to lake placid last year. We had fog and snow.
Haha, it's Finland
Looking on the snow I could say that it looks similar to the view on my backyard...
Linus, I will have a special thinking for you while I cooking my steak on my BBQ. From a Canadian friend in Serbia.
Same view otside of my window... Nature gets crazy... T_T
Michigan will be punished for this in July, rest assured. :/
Soon the snow will be replaced with mosquitoes the size of sparrows...
De har lovat värme i Sverige med, men det snöade rätt så duktigt i helgen, till och med hagel!
Dear Mr. Torvalds, am have question
Are you 1 of great grandson of Einstein
Are you Jew ? considering most of bright and smart person are Jew

Am sorry for the questions
best regards
Dear Linus, I understand you well. They never get the weather forecast.
I hate the snow, not at all have come to live in Sicily when they first lived in Milan and there the winter is long.
You're from Finland and worried about a little snow? My Finnish grandmother used to take sauna and then go rub herself with snow...
Hey Linus! Were you actually in Detroit? If you get back out here again, maybe I can finally pay back some of those virtual beers I started promising you in 1992.
I would have gladly traded the Michigan warm spell for the snow you received!
Petri L
Like in Finland :)
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