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Minky has gone from catching shrews to catching (and bringing inside) this thing.

It was adorable, but compared to shrews the young ground squirrel was (a) fast as heck, and (b) much smarter.

Which made it much harder to catch-and-release.

Dammit, Minky.
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OMG it's dang cute :) stuff it and place it in your mantle. (as a warning to other squirrels)
Awww :)

It would make an awesome software mascot.
Good thing it wasn't dead! My parents' dog is a sweetheart with an unfortunate penchant for catching and killing. 
My cat did that once and the chipmunk lived on top of the kitchen cabinets for a few weeks until I realized why the cat was suddenly interested in trying to get up there. I had to buy a live trap to catch it.
"(a) fast as heck, and (b) much smarter."
You're setting yourself up for a Linux joke, my friend.
You didn't chase it with a tennis racket or a chainsaw did you? :P
My cat so far this year has brought us a baby rabbit, squirrel, chipmunk, and a woodpecker. Each one has given me a distinctive scream from my fiancee every time she discovered them (all alive).
That looks more like a chipmunk than a squirrel.
Any patent trolls that might want to patent the only chip that ran through linus' home.
Minky is bringing you (what is in it's mind) food, out of love.
+Linus Torvalds I'm just glad it didn't bite you - we'd have a bikeshed discussion forever discussing whether to change the FBdev logo in the kernel to a chipmunk...
Yew trully Adorable. Even the creator of linux needs some squirtle :) .... Did you Finaly set him free?
Looks like a 13 striped ground squirrel. They're hard to catch!
My cats never brought home another animal alive...
It's not for food, it is to teach basic hunting skills that are so obviously lacking. The fridge does not count.
Guys, yes, yes, it's a chipmunk. They are sometimes also called ground squirrels, don't sue me.

+Xoxe García: no idea. I wasn't going to sex it. The thing was already scared out of its tiny little mind, having been chased around the house by two humans and one very eager cat.

Besides, see above - I'm not a biologist, I call those things ground squirrels, not Neotamias.

+Dimitrios Desyllas: it's free. Trust me, if I hadn't wanted to free it, you wouldn't have seen that plastic container without a cover. Those things are fast, and they can jump too. It didn't stay long in the container once I took it out and we started taking pictures.
Ian Hex
Just use a Poké Ball. 
I remember catching squirrels with a bird cage as a child. Fun times  :-)
is'nt a squirrel a bit big for minky ?
May I know who is minky? do we have a picture?
At least it's still alive... hehehe...
couldn't POSSIBLY be a sugar-glider! Those things are in Australia!
That's like saying a wildebeest is too big for a lion.  It's obvious that Minky is trying to teach Linus to hunt....
At least linux is goot to teach to bugs a lesson. And nature got too mad that ordered the squirrel to take revenge for her ;)
Obviously Minky is an expert hunter. To bag prey as fast as a chipmunk is no mean feat, to capture one alive is a testament to Minky's skill
What an odd photo. What's giving it that water effect? At first it looked like the poor thing is swimming in a container that's oddly full to the brim but missing a "chunk" of water.
I hope this chip did not get away without a port linus.
BUT it makes for cute pictures. Doesn't that make it all worth it?
I'd like to see +Linus Torvalds on a future episode of Hoarders.  Besides various critters like the one shown here, the home would also be full of PCs with every known version of linux....
It could be a model for a new O'reily Media book.
in MN/USA where I grew up their called chipMunks
Squirrel? In Memory of Bob Ross...
Hey +Linus Torvalds, it's amazing how much strength and agility one has with the right amount of fear! 
Do you want to remplace Tux?? with ... this... ??
Is a japanese squirrel, I got three. Someone calls them russian squirrels or tamya too. Is a common pet, can be breeded easily and it becames very funny and friendly with humans (especially if they give them nuts and other treats...
These are mine:
I'm really surprised that it (apparently) can't climb or jump out of that container.
They're cute when they are small...then they grow up!
Most likely Neotamius sp., possibly Tamius sp.
If he's not killing them, he's bringing them home to teach you to hunt, so you'd better be on your game before he decides you need more practice.
Frightening! I was viciously attacked by a swarm of similar beasts when I was a child in Colorado. 

I was taking in the fresh mountain air and eating peanuts. Suddenly the woods became alive with all these critters running straight for me from every direction! They tore into my bag of nuts and even into my hands to steal those nuts too!

One got hold of my thumb and tried to run off with that as well! It was horrible. All the nuts I was left with are what is tied to my last name.

Be careful! Put a muzzle and mittons on the beast if you keep it. And watch your eyes with the tail; no telling what they might be able to do with a tail like that.

:)) the killing photo makes all the money. nice job linus :)
Oooh! Be careful! They have amazingly sharp teeth that easily get through heavy heavy leather gloves.
Well at least after they drive you nuts, you have something to feed them.
Phew, it's free. I love free. Free is good.
One of these guys crawled on up to my friend and I when we were in the city. It thought my friends shoe was its mother and kept chasing after his feet.
I love when I add someone to my circles because they have made  such an incredible contribution to the world of software, and they post about squirrels. Dammit Minky, indeed.
Hmm,  It sure looks like a chipmunk to me, but with a longer tail.
I do hope Minky sticks to mammals and leaves the songbirds alone.
Squirrels are a bad idea to have as pets they will get your throat at night if youre not careful o.0
Got 3 birds flying free here. No chance they will goto sleep back in their house at 1930PM (if I tell em). They will themself go at 1935PM (and say tröött). Same circus start at 6AM...alot of FUN!
After catching that thing what's the next challenge?
Now you have a release name for 3.6

Lightning-fast chipmunk
+Tony Luck ,  I was going to suggest Hunting House-Cat, but that might set the kernel up right smack middle in the sights of both Ubuntu and Apples legal teams. Then I briefly considered  Maimed Shrews, but your suggestion will appeal to a greater audience I guess. :D
My late great Max the Maine Coon used to nail those things.  Hmmm - Maxed Chipmunk has a good ring to it ... but only if you want the software dead on arrival.  ;-)
Minky,! good name for the new WinTablet free OS. (don't angry)
Better than that penguin LOL
Jay Lee
+Linus Torvalds I think this guy deserves a kernel release named after him for his troubles. Remember the days of Linux 1.3 "Greased Weasel"?
It's common squirrel in India too,with three stripes on its back. The old story is the lord Rama put his hand its back (stripes are his finger marks)as blessing for helping him to make an earth bridge to cross from India to Srilanka
You sir have just made my day!
Do we see the possible new Linux mascot...? ;)
be glad it was not a blackbird or something bigger with wings. A Cat and a Bird inside of a room - its horrible for the furniture.
Minky has a good taste in prey. That critter is cute.
I don't know how Minky managed to catch it in the first place. It can't have been easy. She deserves full marks for this deed, maybe an extra bit of dessert will do! :)
I caught a baby squirrel once ... it was pissed!
Give them some nuts, they'll go nuts about it!
Because it was running around fast and going nowhere, would you say it was using iOS6 maps?
Cats really do have a cruel sense of humor
We have a couple of psycho chipmunks living in the hill that boarders my house. They come out to tease the dogs and then run back into their little holes. Which I can see why you would call them ground squirrels.
whoops mv squirrel.mammal chipmunk.mammal
I would check if the cat is not made of chipmunk meat ;-)
Are you sure that isn't a chipmunk?
in russian it called as "burunduk"
My cat Devil (passed on now some 14 years) once brought in, among the plethora of other rodents that he caught and played with in the house, a flying squirrel. It could climb the walls and leap from corners gliding to different walls climb again hence leap & glide process repeated several times before we finally got a fishing net out and caught it on the wall just pre launch. Such a  funny long lived memory!! 
That just means they love you! My cat brings in at least 3 (dead or alive) mice a day. However, they are not as cunning and agile as that little guy.
I have cute little chipmonks like this running all around my place. They are really funny to watch. Their cheeks get all full and puffy as they store their food and then they run off to their little holes to empty their cheeks only to refill them again. If you sit really still sometimes they run right over the tops of your feet. LOL :)
Something similar has stolen a small bag with hazelnuts from my terrace... :^)
Don't grab one by the tail either cause the skin will come right off for their escape.
Chipmunks are cute, but they contain even less meat than a squirrel. Seriously though, cats belong indoors instead of terrorizing the local fauna. They live longer that way too.
Very cute. must be a young one. They're remarkably easy to tame.
I predict that you are going to code something and name it Minky at some point, if you did not do that yet.
Minky just likes to watch her humans chase small animals
My cat used to bring snakes in the house and let them go.
+Thomas Mc Your cat wants to kill you. It's probably searching for new ways since the old one stopped working.
Its cute! I always have had a weak spot for chipmunks. They're pretty easy to tame too, though I wouldn't keep one. I had one living under my deck that would climb up on me for a while.
Add collar with bells. More than one. Seen cat hunting and keeping bell not making noise using one paw.
+Ari Lemmke My cat sounds like a herd of buffalo stampeding when he runs thru the house.  Interesting how such a small animal can make so much noise.
Sounds like your dog(taking this is a dog) want to give you things for rewards.. and that it needs job to keep from bring in what it eat.. like Live food..IE real meat.. that or it wants more attention or some thing or some one to play with(MY other than being a tech is also a dog trainer for over 40 +years) We seen and had this many time.. cat's and dog look to us for food bring you a prey they catch is their way of saying "you fix it for me to eat" you are the alpha yo get to kill it(in their mind) and so you end up with wild life in your house.. Feed them raw they tend to stop ..well at lease the eat what they catch out side.. at most.. We haven't had and wild life in the house for some time.. the squirrels in area tend to stay off the fence these days but the family of owls that moved in seem to made also drop ranks. as well.. the dog seem very upset about that.. (I am not  as have 2 dogs one squirrel racing about the house full of computer  and things that break easy is not fun at all. find you dog a job keep it mind at work and it will keep the wild life out or at best lessen it  to once a month or less..  you can hope.. 
I have one squirrel, white dou. Nice pic.
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