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So the google pages thing might actually work as a reasonable place to do kernel release announcements.

I always felt like I wouldn't want to do them on my personal page, but having a G+ page dedicated to Linux makes the announcements actually make sense.

So if you are following me because you expected to see kernel announcements, and you haven't figured out already that I'm very spotty with that, you might want to unfollow me, and follow the Linux page instead.

Of course, I might be spotty there too. It's not like I'm the most organized person in the world. But at least there is one release announcement there now.
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Yay for G+! Its the first time +Linus Torvalds is using a social network actively for kernel announcements, etc!
Excellent use of pages, Linus!
Looking like Don Draper in the pic, Linus - er, Mr. Torvalds!
Have you done any public G+ Hangouts (/FAQ sessions) yet? I have only just thought to follow you!
Alan Cox
hooray, no more diving stories ;)
OK, this may sound weird, but I've used and enjoyed Linux (or GNU/Linux as some purists insist) for nearly a decade now, but I've never really thought of the man behind the genesis of it. +Linus Torvalds let me take this moment to just say, thank you!
And maybe people can stop spamming your personal posts with millions of off topic comments :)
+Anthony John well for now its alright as we are all going there from here... which is verified! But definitely worth doing.
And I was just thinking I should leave a comment to that effect-- why not just integrate it all under a single platform...But alas, +Linus Torvalds you're way ahead of me-- in so many respects, way ahead of all of us ;-)
Wait a minutes. Someone told me that if I followed you, I would be kept up to date on unicorn sightings! I feel robbed. ;)
The damnable thing about +Linux is that (right now) two pages show up; would be nice if there was a link to whose page that was, or alternatively to pages that (for example) +Linus Torvalds created.
Linus, you should see about the verified name thing for the +Linux page
Excelente.. con los links necesarios y listo, para estar informados de las versiones de kernel del pinguino y sus colaboradores..
+Mladen Mijatov - already did; these guys take "agile" to the boundary (i.e. design after prototyping;) +David Ford: as of now, only one Linux page; I've sent feedback to link creator to page (the "about" tab of a page would be a useful place)
Why always expect you to stop any advert kernel I prefer to know the person rather than change or do something semi achievement impossible. always ask for a child that there is no unix for my pc's response was to my 7 years there is only so expensive that it is not within our reach. only good at that age I thought Windows was the best but the time step and a young Firlandez makes that dream a reality many would tell me that there is no future I always see ... others told me that wasted time I always said we'll see ...
But look every day had a knowledge that was growing in this system as I was growing every year I see linux. and like all your fans thank you ...
I am sure that none in the world is so organized and so perfect but you will always be worthy of my admiration ...

Tony de Puerto Rico
Hurricane Red Hat - Slackware - Gentoo - Fedora 15
I want to follow you because i want to know more about the guy that made my life better and if there's more about linux I can't be more happy.
The "unfollow idea" was a bad one...
People like me are very interested in people like you.

Try again ... later ;)
I'm using Linux and I think there's nothing wrong in making friend with it's creator. Thank You.
I would love it if i could get the announcements here, thanks for the page:-)
I used to have a git hook to post to Google Buzz--isn't there an API to do that for G+ yet?
+Eric Jones As long as you're believable and have "sources" to back it up (as in, you can prove you're not a fake impersonation) I think G+ could make some exceptions (I know they did it for me after 1 weeks of complaining and showing "proof" that I was myself, after having my account blocked). They will certainly do that for Linux imo...
I follow you cause you invented linux, not for announcements!
I follow you cause you are talented and any wisdom you are willing to share would just be cool to hear from you personally.
That's a great idea Linus. Personally I followed you to hear stories about your cat ;-)

Ok well that and cool stuff that's going on in the kernel.
Stop following you? Are you crazy? You are Linus Torvalds! In the Holy Trinity of my religion are you, God and Jesus (in that order) hahahaha.
WL Wong
I actually followed you due to sheer respect, as I am a fellow computer scientist. What I am working on does not currently need me to dig into linux kernal, and I will admit I have no such ability yet lol. But I think it is a good thing to let you know that I am following you because you are a piece of living history of the computing world. This "approachability" offered by G+ of people with great contributions reminds me that all great figures that I look up to are indeed mere human. This in turn does give me hope and believe that we are capable of doing something great. Peace
+Wong Wai Lung spoke my thoughts exactly, the thing I love most about G+ is the connection I can get with people I admire and respect.
Well, I think most ppl here follow you not only for kernel announcements, but because you are one man who changed the world for good, with a good and honest work. This is the first time in mankind history we can be in touch with such men. Think about da Vinci, Galilei, Tesla, Newton... they are so unreachble now as they was in their time, to the masses. I admire your work, and I expect learn by your exemple on every post.
Keep up the good job, we greatly appreciate it.
I am following you because I admire you. I run Linux but in a MythTV box which I do not update. It is an appliance that I use every day. I have another Linux machine that I don't update either. So, no it is not for the kernel updates.
I truly just wanted to hear the inner workings of how you work and glimpses into what occurred to create your system. I studied it in school have used it in different levels of updates, never updated it myself. silly as it sounds just honored to be able to follow you
I don't code anymore. Can't keep up with the 'kids'. But I love design still. Like a child. Making stuff is more fun on a robust platform. I am told Linux is one of the best.
It's been a long time, and you almost never put personal stuff on LKML, so I was curious as to what you might put up here.

Not disappointed. Glad you have other interests :)
+Alan Cox is happy because he thinks that there will be no mix up of kernel development and your passion for diving.
In my case, the story is different, I prefer to stay in water more than on dry land, and I like cats, (though they are hydrophobic).
So I find no reason to unfollow you.
Undoubtedly, GNU philosophy and Linux kernel have changed my life, but open ocean and cats have equal impact.

Thanks everybody, all GNU/Linux developers, cats and open sunny sea, for making this place so interesting to live....
Why are people even commenting here? No matter what nonsense Linus posts, it's going to get 100s of comments in hours. No way he's reading any of these.
It seems like as good a place for release announcements as any other blog, with possibility for easily sharing related information. Especially if there's an SDK so people can automate receiving and processing the announcements.
I've yet to meet an intelligent person who studied what they've mastered. I know an intense programmer and logical person who is a quantum physicist.
Cant find the link to the kernel page :(
No I actually want to know what you had for breakfast and all those other things people put on their facebooks
i've received error warning 'cause Linus not found during circles adding
Just go over to Linus Torvalds' G+ profile; there you will see a post telling you about the Linux page. Add it to your Circles! Hope this helps.
+Rigved Rakshit the strange thing is that the other 2 browsers neither allow u to reach Linux account :
Profilo non trovato. (Profile not found.)
they report even if i've it's streming upon mine
Will B
Woooh, Linux Kernel release announcements on G+... It's getting more and more comfortable here. Btw, does anybody know what's going on with the worldwide mirror system (LKAMS)? When will it be back?
Love it.. keep up the good work!
It's a good idea to figure out a global vision, but I prefer download commit by git to understand better. What do they think?
The Genius in having a G+ page,it makes it possible to share in different circles Work and Private.
But I think there isn't a private message about kernel.
why not. you cannot separate yourself from linux ;-) and we want to know!
you're more than a linux developer for all us :D
+1, He is the Master, the Leader and our God.
david w
... well, just a person, actually :-) but someone who had a life and paradigm-changing role. To which we are indebted and thankful beyond our oem licences and closed wall window world. So from me, anyway, thank you Linus.
Thanks for everything Linus. I can't imagine a world without Linux!
You are a reference in IT, Linus. All you say is very important for us. I don't want to unfollow you ;)
I do not like diving. Thank you by the warning. Regards and sucesses Linus!
nah, we only follow you because of the scuba dive posts
I can only hope I will read those kernel announcements. When you have too much stuff on your stream, Google+ selects what it shows you, and some posts just never come.
Following linux is one thing. I always curious on the guy behind it.
G+ would be a good tool for these announcements. In this way my cat who is in my G+ circles will always know when the next unstable pops out.
Seguí con la filosofía de informar a los fieles del linux... es genial de tu parte.... estar presente y honesto de tu parte. Gracias.
I think that we all follow you to see a person with some
marvelous ideas such as the "open source" and not exclusively for Linux or the free software wich is great... that's how I see it.
Axel H
Thumbs up.
i follow you, because you are linus torvalds, not linux kernel
Organized. You know it's just about the results in the end. Done when it's done, announced when remembered. hehe :D
hello,you are my first friend in google+
You could have a general circle, and then have an announcement circle.
Thank you for all your the amazing work!
Linus, edit this post and add +Linux to it. Thanks for bringing it to G+!
Hey Linus you are my IT idol, you and Dennis Ritchie are just IT icons, that why i am following you.
hai mr. linus .... can you help ... how can I update repository my mandriva 2010 .... thanks
Where can I see a list of my pages btw? I created two pages, but I can't manage any of them!!
Sir I just want to use data dongle in Ubuntu OS............
Please give some tricks
I dont understand your support to google. I am not a GNU Taliban at all, dont misinterpret me. But, google?
+Linus Torvalds I'm using the translation, but I had to give a hello. I'm in love with Linux for many years. By the way, everyone uses Linux at home. Just have to congratulate you for this amazing creation. I hope that tells much of his life for us. That shares many images and videos. What makes me happy and who uses the internet, smartphone Android, among many other technologists also uses Linux. All use Linux even indirectly ...
I can only thank.
Welcome to G+ is a place that many people interested in tecnlogia. So you being our teacher, did very well be here.
Sorry my English (The is my friend)
+Linus Torvalds You might want to allow your google+ followers to send you private messages...Just got a notification you added me to one of your circles.... unsure which ones, because Google+ can never tell me that... I added you to my Ecoviso Circle - go to for more details on what my goals are with this site. In an attempt to raise money to pay for my continued treatments, for $100 or more donation to my healing fund, I will offer you a free security scan for your network. It's a $500 value, and funds will go to treatment so I can eventually find and obtain a job again. Go to to donate. The site also gives all the gory details of my "disease".

It must be hard, being Linus, to share anything not related Linux!
I can understand that it may be weighting over all relations you have with others.
It's OK if you want this page to be about anything else than linux : cats, diving, anything ...

I'm not sure if this is the best place to make this kind of comment, but I'm about to fork the Linux kernel.
are you the real linus torvalds? omg my digital god... nice to meet youu :D
excuse, but is there any chance to implant GUI into kernel? i think is not that good.
Good afternoon, I hope you are fine, I would like to know if you are interested in coming to Venezuela and give a talk about Linux and how it is used by some people as a political banner, its true purpose devirtualized
No, I started following you, as I find you an interesting world changing person. We need more people like yourself to help make this world a better place, and not just be dollar driven to make it a better place.
Linus, have you considered that 80% if not more of the internet economy is based on Linux?

What is your roadmap for the next 10 years?

Have you considered running Java inside the kernel?
What possible reason would you want to bloat the kernel in such a way?
I just watched that one for the holidays about time someone told that monotone SOB to shut it He rants on everyone.
Looking good, G+ seems to be a good new place to announce kernel releases.
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