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He really seems to be a f*cking moron.

I suspect he'd crate his dog on top of the aircraft too. Because what could possibly go wrong?
Mitt Romney wants your airplane windows to open

I can't make this shit up. Romney said the following today: 

When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem. So it’s very dangerous. And she was choking and rubbing her eyes. Fortunately, there was enough oxygen for the pilot...

If you didn't know, his plane had to make an emergency landing recently because of a fire. You know, nevermind about being sucked out, cabin pressure, 600mph winds, the freezing cold, and the fact that there's hardly any oxygen at 30,000ft - those windows should open damn it!
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Um... in the event of a depressurization, you descend to an altitude where you don't need oxygen.  
I wonder what his solution for a fire in a submarine would be.  
He would campaign better with a closed mouth.
Don P
Didn't William Shatner (Twilight Zone) or Goldfinger teach him anything?
Andy Hemp
Not to mention oxygen is fuel for fire.
They do, in fact do that. I've been on a flight when they opened a cockpit window. After a crash dive from 30k to 10k because the cockpit and first class were filling up with smoke from an electrical fire.

I think I'll go have a drink now. Stupid memories. 
At least the anoxic atmosphere might put the fire out... but it'd put everything else out too >.>
They should make airplanes with windows that open for every multi millionaire who request it. I'm all for natural selection.
Meanwhile, Obama plans to campaign in all 57 states and Biden is going to visit the 650,000 troops in Afghanistan.

Shut up and code, monkey boy.
+Linus Torvalds you just made my day with your comment! I would love to see his face after he got off the plane! What happened to my dog?!
Are you sure there are brighter people where he comes from? I demand irrefutable proof!
I think we know now why Thurston Howell III was not the go to guy on technical solutions on Gilligan's island.  

Sorry, but I'm having pronoun confusion here.
He's bereft of mental faculties; but in his guts he knows his opinion is better than your facts.
Nate Cook
At least he knows how many states there are in his country. He also knows how to create jobs and wealth. Something his moronic competitor knows nothing about.
+Russell Miller - the only excuse I could think of is "It's a joke". But the only person called "comedian" in that story was Dennis Miller, not Romney.

But let's hope that Romney was actually on stage doing stand-up. Because otherwise he really is a complete moron.
if i was in a plane on the ground or something, and things were on fire, i'd probably appreciate having a window to poke my head out for a second to take a little breath of fresh air. 
i like my air fresh
What could possibly go wrong giving this guy access to 12,000 nuclear weapons?  
Dani R.
This has to be a joke, right???!!! 
Gary Johnson For president these two idiots are just puppets and owe to many favors and deals check you tuibe out gary johnson spoke at Duke last week blow your hair back not everything is what you want to hear but it is truth hes regular man it seams and is on ballet in all 50 states.
Definitely sticking to subtlety with your remarks, Linus eh?
Bryan May
Wow!  Tell you what.  I won't ask Mitt how to recompile my kernel if Linus doesn't tell me how to vote.

Next, I've flown in a plane with doors open.  It's not a problem at low altitudes.

Of course, rather than talking about how the Obama called the things that happened in Libya protests over reaction unplanned uncoordinated mob action terrorism, we need to talk about Mitt's lack of knowledge on physics.  Let's set aside how the President can't meet with world leaders for a minute because he's attending fund raisers for a political campaign or taking hard hitting interviews on "The View" and talk about Mitt's dog.  There is no need to worry about the deficit that's gone up over 50% in less than four years or the unemployment rate that hasn't dropped below 8% in the longest time in history and worry about Mitt's taxes.  We can forget that Obama called the death of an Ambassador and the tensions in the middle east a "bump in the road" because Mitt said 47% don't pay taxes and won't vote for him.

Worry about getting better 3D drivers for my ATI card and stop trying to distract me with political issues that don't really matter.  I honestly thought you were smarter than that.
+Tim Peterson: I know, maybe we could make a big window, and then make it hard to open so that it doesn't open in mid-flight? And make it of some shatter-proof and strong material, not just glass or plastic.

But then it wouldn't be see-through, so we should call it something else. I know, let's make up a new word for it. Something like "door" or whatever.

That sounds like an awesome concept. I like it.

TL;DR: Romney is a moron, stop making idiotic excuses for it.
He really seems to be a f*cking moron.  Hey, we can't all be wrong, can we?
+Nate Cook I really would like people to get out of the habit of thinking the problem in the US is particular parties or particular presidential candidates. Both are not standing for who they really are because they can't, and our views don't really count right or left wing. Until we take the corruption out of congress we will not be able to debate issues.
+Martin Owens
We can't debate the issues if fucking morons stop talking about senseless bullshit like this.
"Fact checkers come to this with their own sets of thoughts and beliefs, and we’re not going to let our [Physics and safety] be dictated by fact checkers"

Come on, can anybody still be surprised by what this guy says?
+Bryan May  "We can't debate the issues if fucking morons stop talking about senseless bullshit like this."

What if the continual stream of senseless bullshit, straight from the horse's mouth (no Swiftboating required) is the issue?
In the great tradition
of some quite recent U$-Am Presidents,
& Presidential Hopefuls
playing the IDIOT ,
or village-simpleton
appears to be a key part of
the getting elected equation
(imagine what that says about the voters !!)
Look back carefully
over the last twenty odd years,
and ask yourself
if I'm telling the truth here !
... joke or not.. anyone considered that Oxygen and Fire are a Great combination for combustion???
i'm sad now
partly because my only interaction with epic people consists of them criticizing me, and partly because you've missed the point
rich guy wants his wife to be able to crack a window or have some way to get a bit of fresh air when it's smokey and the plane's low enough, which is where most of the smokeyness in planes happens.
We could ask Mitt if he wants to let people open the window at 30,000 feet but I don't think we'd get the lol worthy answer we're looking for

i have an idea though, let's put less importance on the job of one guy who can't even pass any laws without the senate and the congress voting on them first, and try electing people to the senate and congress who aren't complete clowns

tl;dr choosing the guy who can veto bills shouldn't be a big deal
+Russell Miller +Joshua Kiley
57 states.  Can't change Washington from the inside.  Sending a giant "reset" button to Russia.  Sending an ipod with speeches of himself as a gift to the queen.  He sent fucking US encoded DVD's to the Prime minister of the UK for piss sake!  Seriously?  Does the guy not know how DVD's work?

Sorry, there is PLENTY of material to work with when it comes to Obama.  You just choose to ignore it.

Barack Obama: Too Much Pie For One Guy

And then we have Joe Biden
Great idea to open windows in airplanes. They could reallow smoking. Also throwing the barf bags away and the ppl could puke out the windows.
+Joshua Kiley Is that why the unemployment rate is at 4.6% like it was after six years of Bush?
+John N. Miller
Combustion or not, lack of oxygen means suffocation.  Given the option, I'll take the CHANCE of combustion over certain suffocation.
Ben Eng
I'm sure everyone who is criticizing the guy's comments would have perfectly intelligent ideas without doing an Internet search on how to respond to ensure themselves an adequate supply of oxygen to breathe, when the airplane cabin fills with smoke from an electrical fire, and the oxygen masks do not deploy so as not to fuel the fire.
+Ben Eng oxygen masks don't automatically produce oxygen.  If you've flown and listen to the stewardess explain the security procedure you'll know you need to "pull on the mask to activate air flow".  That's because oxygen is produced by a chemical reaction that is started by pulling the tube.  Maybe Mr Romney has never flown coach and doesn't know that.
+Russell Miller
I don't think it was a smart thing to say, certainly, and it may be a joke, or Romney may have flown in single engine planes that don't have problem of being unable to open windows. 

At worst, it was dumb.  But was it as dumb as some of the things I've listed above?  Does it even matter?
I want a scientist or an engineer for a president.  Fat chance of that.
Oh, Mitt Romney and his weird Mormon science.
Next thing you know they'll be denying climate change...
Well the previous republican president was also a f***king moron so maybe they like it this way?
+Hayden Bridges - Oh, God, we're STILL hating him?! Isn't it clear enough now that he's mentally challenged and needs pity and medications?

I can't do this anymore, gang. I can't pick on someone who's as obviously and profoundly handicapped as this guy. I mean, really. Even  Sarah Palin had to be laughing at that.

And that's just sad.
+Joshua Kiley
The unemployment rate was rising in 2002 also, but it got taken care of in less than four years.  It was rising in 1980, but it got taken care of in less than four years.  Neither rose the deficit by $1.2 trillion a year.

But you are missing the point.  The unemployment rate started rising in 2007-2008.  What do you think happened in the 2007, 2008 range that ended twelve years of a strong economy?  Couldn't have been Bush because if he were the problem, it wouldn't have taken seven years to see the symptoms.
Well in 2002 there was already a lot of talk about Bush's planned jobs bill (aka the Iraq War).
+Joshua Kiley
Hint:  Who writes the regulations?  Who writes the budgets?  Who controls the purse strings and the economy?  Which branch of government changed hands exactly 1 year after things started to nose dive?
every day is like watching a train wreck in slow motion ... wonderful free entertainment. I can't wait for the debates, he'll probably hang himself before anyone else speaks.
All I know is that Barry Manilow writes the songs.
+Brian Paone
Yeah, because only a true idiot could be a Republican and win Massachusetts, turn around the Olympics, turn around Bain Capital, and make about a $250,000,000 on his own without inheriting it. 

Yeah, the guy's a real idiot.
I should also add that it seems Mr Romney has never made a BBQ either nor fanned a fire.  Jetliners fly at least 200 mph and pilot windows CAN be opened.  Of course opening their window (even at landing speeds) would produce such a huge air draft that it would actually benefit the fire.
At least Romney knows there are 50 states in the union. Obama thinks there are 57. Good Grief, Obama is lost without his teleprompter and sometimes even with it....Now how do you pronounce "corpsman". 
Absolutely, Bryan. I agree. A guy that ran Massachusetts so far into the ground economically that smokes are 8+ bucks a pack, doubletalks about accepting bailouts for corporations and somehow thinks being born into money and privilege means he made it "on his own" really is an idiot.

But we probably shouldn't have pointed all that out. I mean, since we both know the guy's an idiot and all. Whaddya think, ship him back to Massachusetts for his care? I'm pretty sure he can afford it.
+Joshua Kiley
Nope, Josh.  I have voted for a Democrat, more than once, actually.  Nothing wrong with Democrats.  It's liberalism that I have a problem with.  Redistribution only works until there is nothing left to redistribute.  Then you move down the ladder and start taking from the next financial class.  When they are gone, you keep moving down until you are taking from what was the bottom 10% to give the bottom 5%.  It's never worked and it never will.
Sure would help Obama win if he did manage to open a window mid flight..
+Michael Goff - Speak for yourself, buddy; I find trolls highly entertaining.

Especially the political zealots. The leaps of logic they can perform are incredible. 
So being that I fly for a living, I thought I would add that this post is ***ing stupid!  SO Romney doesn't know anything about pressurization of aircraft or the processes used by Pilots to land an aircraft safely.  However dumb you believe this Window comment is you may want some facts.  FACT part of the process of ventilating smoke and fumes from an aircraft is to depressurize and to open cabin valves fully.  If this does not vent the smoke or fumes overboard you actually do open a Window.  Usually the Co-pilot window.  Just throwing some freaking truth out there for you dumb ** Liberal commie spewing fools!
+Brian Paone
Actually, Brian, Massachusetts has RomneyCare.  You know, the model for ObamaCare, except it was passed at a state level where the people wanted it and it left those that didn't want it alone?  See, we could all have what we want, but instead we all get what someone else thinks we want.

Remember, Romney is the most liberal off all the R candidates that ran.  Now look at the left and t he media try to paint him as an ultraconservative neocon.  Don't you recognize when you are being lied to?  Do you not care.
Yeah, well if you vote for this guy you are dumber still. And if you vote for Obama, you are dumber still.
Not only does he seem to be a f*cking moron, he in fact IS.
"Sittin' in a 747 just watching them clouds roll by,
Can't tell if it's sunshine or if it's rain.
Rather be sittin' in a deck chair high above Kansas City,
On a genuine old fashioned steam powered aero plane."

The song is incredibly forthwith, little creativity beyond the original concept, but it's 1971's Aereo-plain by John Hartford that's always made me think rolling the windows down on the 747 was never going to be enough: I'd rather hang out on the wing, sitting on a deck chair, sipping a mai-tai. Someone pass me a lei.
And I really wonder why he got so much money...
+Michael Goff
Really, Michael.  DEregulation?  See, I thought laws that forced banks to give loans to people that couldn't afford them was a REGULATION, not DEregulation.  Remember when FannieMae/FreddieMac had to be bailed out and started all this mess?  Gee, if only someone had warned us about all this.  Oh, wait!  Someone did.  His name was John McCain:
"I join as a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, S. 190,to underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole."

What did Barney Frank say about it again?
''These two entities -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- are not facing any kind of financial crisis,''

Of course.  Barney Frank is a Republican, right?  Well, he IS from Massachusetts at least.
The higher their position, the lower their IQ. Most politiciana don't even know how radio works
Deja muchas dudas....
Now, how could the lady be choking? Everybody knows that women, when deprived of oxigen, have certain ways of shutting the lungs so that carbon monoxide doesn't impregnate the blood cells
Skipping the political comments, just noting that even if it the comment WAS purely in jest, he is still assuming oxygen would extinguish a fire. Mormon education at it's finest.
PLEASE make this guy a jet where the windows open.
become president? pshaw! getting flamed by linus is the "peak experience" of the web generation. please linus, call me a moron so i can die happy!
This is called humor. Grownups make jokes all the time that are subtle and usually somewhat self-deprecating.
+Joshua Kiley
Presidential hopefulls do not campaign in territories.  Actually, Obama meant to say 47.  The entire quote was something like, "We've been to 57 states with two to go.  I won't get to go back to Hawaii"
And yeah, he got a lot more hell for it than he should have, but not from the same people who say that he never makes a flub.  Did you see the pie video?  Classic!  That is what happens when you don't have a teleprompter. 

As for my politics, I'm a conservative Libertarian.  I like to call myself a 10th Amendment Conservative, if that's even a thing.

As for deregulation, the only thing that was deregulated that caused the problem was the allowing for mortgages to be traded like stocks.  That is brought down many in the financial industry and require bail outs.  But before that, it was FannieMae/FreddieMac that caused the problem as regulations forced them to give loans to home buyers to buy homes they really couldn't afford.  The only way that they could afford them was through an ARM.  The idea was to get these people out of home before the rate went up.  Many of these people couldn't afford the introductory rate and defaulted.  This put a stop to the rise in housing prices which cased the rest to default.  This caused Fannie/Freddie to crash, which also caused the financial markets to crash... and it wend down from there.

But the housing crash was no bigger than the dot-com bust or the economic hit we took on 9-11, and certainly no worse than both combined.  We should be out of this now and it should not have cost $1.2 trillion a year.  I can't point at Obama and say it's his fault for causing it, but I can sure as hell blame him for not telling Reid and Pelosi to get off their asses and do something about it!

We did well with Bush and a Republican Congress.  We did poorly with Bush and a Democrat Congress.  We've gotten no better with Obama and Democrat Congress, and frankly, I don't see Obama allowing a Republican Congress to do anything useful.  So, the only hope is to get Obama out and set up Romney with a Republican Congress.  Sorry, but what we have now is simply not working and I don't need four more years to figure that out.

With that Josh, I'm out.  I disagree with you, but you seem like a bright guy.  We'll pick this up when I don't have to work tomorrow.  The way things are going, that may not be very long.

BTW, posted from a Linux box.  Ubuntu 12.04 running KDE.  I hope Linus is not like the maintainer from Mint who doesn't want people he disagrees with using "his" software.  That's why I came back to Ubuntu.  At least now my search options are open.
Magic Mormon underwear would protect them in a situation like that.
Oh yeah smart guy? Mitt Romney has forgotten more about being stupid than you will eve know!
Now Snopes says he was joking... I have been down on Snopes since they blasted Michael Moore for being accurate on Saudi nationals flying before the aviation ban was widely lifted, in Fahrenheit 9/11, and then edited the page to hide all traces of their mistake and their vitriol against Moore. So YMMV.
+Linus Torvalds Your spelling is a bit off: Romney is a Mormon. To be a moron he would have to be human. LDS is extraterrestrial friendly. 

btw, a bunch of the Mittens defenders on this thread are from Utah and/or went to schools like BYU. Funny. Not funny ha-ha, but funny that's queer.
He said he didn't know why the windows don't open. What's the big deal? At least he didn't make up a reason for why the windows don't open. Also he is correct, a fire on an airplane is a serious problem, and it is in fact very dangerous. I don't think he is trying to say we need to change airplanes so that the windows open. I'm sure lots of people would think that if the cabin was full of smoke that maybe a slight opening would help vent out the smoke. The guy went to Harvard he can't be that dumb.
+Ken Barber I'm sure Linus will correct his ways now that someone he's never heard of has threatened to "decircle" him.
+Lisandro Lorea Only if it's legitimate suffocation.
+Aaron Yawn Yes, cockpit crew can open windows, but they understand the potential consequences of doing so and at what altitudes it's safe to do so. Romney seemed to be suggesting that cabin windows should be openable by non-crew (i.e., uninformed, often intoxicated and possibly panicked members of the public), That would be dumb.
What bugs me most is that rather than consider the possibility that the aviation companies and authorities have considered the structural and safety issues regarding something like this, he just implies that they somehow hadn't thought of it. It sums up what I see as one of the real differences between the US parties. Democrats seem to trust science and scientific method while republicans seem to be wary of it.
+Ken Barber threatening to uncircle Linus Torvalds is like threatening to turn down a free pizza flyer on the street. No one gives a flying fuck
+Joshua Kiley, +Justin Welenofsky, +Manish Sinha -- maybe, maybe not.  Dunno if he knows who I am.  We missed meeting each other by about five minutes once, back in the day.

Doesn't matter.  I don't circle Linux geeks to hear ignorant political rants.  I have a couple of "politics" circles for that.  And I keep my Linux Geek circles scrupulously clean of anything political (excepting, of course, the one thing for which I'm famous, but that was about Linux).

If he hears this from enough other people, maybe he'll get the message.
+Bryan May - This may come as a shock to you, but I'm well aware of Massachusetts' healthcare system. It's one of the reasons a simple pack of smoke is $8 a pack and the cost of living is ridiculous. But anyway.

It doesn't matter to me what Romney's political views are, Bryan. That's not important to me as a person deciding who to hire to lead this nation. What's MOST important to me is that we hire someone that uses some common f&^%ing sense and that's something Mitt simply does not have. Every time he opens his mouth, his foot flies in to fill the gap.

I don't want that in an employee. So no, I'm not voting for the raging idiot. If you want me to vote for your political ideals, submit a candidate that isn't so completely out of touch with everyday America.

Or, barring that, at least one that has more sense than to actively defend stupid decisions. 

But hey, you vote for whomever you like. 
I happen to find the mere thought of windows on a plane very, very dangerous ;-)
+Ken Barber - And who the hell are you to be delivering messages to anyone, sunshine?

If you don't like it, fuck off. Plain and simple. Though I gotta admit, I'm a little envious of ya.

Must be a pretty charmed life to get your shit in a twist over something like this. Good on ya, cupcake.

Now you said something about going away? I'm pretty sure that was discussed at some point. If it wasn't, allow me to raise the topic. :-)
for his solution for fire in a submarine, see him after the election
/me thinks they can make an exception for the Romney's, mkay?
Do us all a favour & let them fly with those windows open.
Wow, a lot of sheeple here!
This could be the best definition of a moron, I wonder if Encyclopedia Britannica will update their picture to Mutt Cruel Mitt
It's a perfect example of" we dont give a fuc who we put into office as long as he's one of us (republicans) and he doesnt give a shit as well" if we can get away with it, we'll back him.
Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel ;-)
+Linus Torvalds mate, you should be up there for president: Total logic and the ability to, you know, be logical and stuff? Apparently that doesn't count for much in the political scene in the US?! <face palm>
Romney is going to win the election and fix all the crap that obama has perpetrated on the american people.
Well, let's see...

Person oxygen supplies are standard on aircraft...
That thin, chilled air would effectively reduce the ability for a fire to spread.

And you wouldn't get "sucked out" of an airplane window.

I would expect the inventor of Linux to have at least passed high school physics. :/
This comment will be buried but I really feel that this man, being the best thing the GOP could come up with, is a party backed fall-boy for stupidity and in 4 years they will come back with a legit "thinker" who says, "Look how bad that guy effed up, but that's not me." Romney was a "nice to have" going up against an incumbent if he got elected but not the real candidate they have planned. I listen to both sides as much as any one man can, but I have distinct feeling that we're going to see an evolution (pardon the pun) of religious candidates in the next election.
+Linus Torvalds  The staggering number of morons that support this guy is embarrassing. I thought the worst election choice we have had was Bush, but sadly there was McCain, and now Romney. Does the free world want this diluted ass-hat in charge of the largest nuclear arsenal in the world? We are in serious trouble. :(
How anyone can support this "candidate" is beyond me...
I'm glad we had this conversation, guys. I'm sure it's given us a lot to think about, and will drastically affect our voting this November. Special thanks to Linus for reminding us of the crucial influence the FOSS community needs to exert on national politics to remain relevant.

Also, my hp folio doesn't suspend when I close the lid. It's a bummer. At least the rest works pretty good.
Policy is sometimes stupid ....
... or almost always?
+Ken Barber A few things

1) His statement wasn't ignorant political rant. Duh! He is actually making fun of ignorance. So making fun of ignorance is ignorance. 
2) His statement wasn't that political. It was more a jab at ignorance.
3) What is with that "Linux geeks making ignorant political rant". So you mean to say that those who are not linux geeks make sensible statements? Go down south and you will realize that most of the ignorance is placed there and geeks make a small tiny percentage. Actually geeks are more well equipped with reality as they know how to break free of FOX News
4) This is Linus's personal account. Just because he is a kernel developer doesn't mean he has to only speak about kernel dev
5) It is your headache to manage circles. Others won't stop writing their opinion just because your circles are messing up
6) If you are so aghast that Linus made a political remark, just uncircle. Most people do that same. The last thing anyone does is to put a threat of uncircle. It's like an ant threatening an elephant.
Before making fun of Romney you should listen to both sides. Time to listen to Romney's side -- "Why do you need science and common sense when you always have the magic underwear to your rescue?"
I'm sure this comment was already made but factually speaking it was Ann Romney's plane that had issues. We are nothing if not for details.
What I wonder is if they had tried turning it off and on again?
He should have had Dan Quayle with him (remember him?). At least then they would have "....been ready for any unforseen event that may or may not occur."
Soooo... Bush started giving classes did he? Bushisms have now become an American political must-have!
You know there are some people in the technology business that I look up to and then when they open their mouths it makes it very apparent how stupid they really are.
That raises the question: Where did he know living things need oxygen in the first place?
+Jeff Duncan I know you are butthurt but I am all ears to know what is so stupid in Linus's statement. Actually he is making fun of stupidity.
...And Obama once said he wants to be POTUS of all "57" states... I guess no one thinks THAT was moronic though...

Hey guys, NEWS FLASH: Everyone says idiotic things. Meanwhile, Romney was making successful businesses while Obama was out in the slums with Acorn.
"...everyone says random, weird crap. I'm sure if the press was following you or I around they'd have plenty of lame ammo too." - Devin Christensen
Of course he is... He's a politician...
+James Nelson In latest polls, 48% of americans of all ages and ethnicities, are pro Romney.  You are saying 48% of the US are idiots?  I argue more logically that the 47% that support obama are idiots.  Probably they are isheep too.  If you can't see how obama has completely fucked america, you have some serious mental issues.
Mitt Romney announces new SUPER BUDGET seats on the wings. He said "their the safest form of transport because it allows you to escape quickly in an emergency"
The question remains: Do stepford wives need oxygen in the first place and can you use them as a flotation device in case of a water landing?  
And the above commentary is why our nation is in danger. Too much emotion and not enough logical thinking. Not to mention the complete refusal to be wrong, regardless of how clearly you screwed up.
you're only mad because he didn't want to "open the linux".
that's funny!=)
From a fire-extinguishing perspective, opening windows might work though.. ;)
Yeah, I'm sure that a guy who graduated at the top of his class at Harvard B-school and achieved remarkable success in the business world is a f*cking moron.  Just like the current occupant of the White House, who had a great deal of difficulty recalling the number of states in the Union (he had it pegged at 57), is a f*cking moron too, right?

The determination of the identity of the real morons in this little internet story is left as an exercise for the reader.
Certain people talk just because they've got the mouth. Romney shouldn't speak about what he doesn't know.
+Sam Cramer He missed a single word in a speech about our 57 states and territories that I doubt even 1% of any of us could name off hand.  I can recall 4 US territories.    

Graduating with a Harvard MBA is about connections not intelligence.  
Oh, and as a follow up to all the f*cking morons who are finding this so terribly amusing: Snopes ( says

A review of video footage of Mitt Romney's remarks shows that he did speak the words attributed to him, but when he said "I don’t know why they don’t do that" (in reference to airplane windows' not opening), his tone and phrasing pretty clearly indicated that he intended the line to be taken as a tongue-in-cheek aside rather than as a serious statement...
More Leftist Lies, but why not, thats all they know.
He'd make a good star in my new idea for a reality show: Republicans Got Talent. 
Linus makes no bones about being a git. ;)
+Aaron Smith You confuse hate with making fun. If someone says stupid or does something stupid or there is a stupid ideology, then making fun of it is not hate. If Mormonism is stupid, then I can't help but it is stupid. Criticism != Hate.

Oh wait, I made fun of a movie Armageddon for showing stupid things. So, as per your logic now I am officially an Armageddon hater. Oh Jesus. That is so fucking scandalous!!!
If Romney was in a leaking dinghy he would probably drill a hole through the hull to let the water out! Courtesy of the Three Stooges.
+Arun Balan Snopes and Foxnews are the only two sources I can find that say he was joking, anyone else have any other sources?  

I watched the video, he looked dead serious. 
Haha never afraid to speak your mind Linus. I like it. Its what's puts you apart from everyone else.
+Merle Reine  So basically simplifying your statement "If you don't agree with me about a statement in which attack on Obama, then you have serious mental issue". 

Since you made the claim, you  need to provide evidence. That is how logic and arguments work. You make  a claim, you provide evidence.
Actually, this is the greatest triumph of democrats in history of USA. Convincing republicans that Mitt Romney is THE presidential candidate. Now all the democrats need to do is sit back and let Mitt do the talking.
Lo que quiere es una manera para que la gente pueda vomitar por la ventana sin tener que reponer las bolsas de papel, no sólo arruina el bosque sino que es un dolor logístico.
Timo L.
not sure if troll or stupid. how can he still a millionaire?
It's actually hilarious... You liberals are so desperate to find something to make fun of Romney (joke or not) with since your messiah has sucked so abysmally at his job...
+Trey Motes No one is desperate to find something to make fun of Romney. People have to just sit back and wait for Romney to speak anything.

I am not sure Obama has failed or won, but Republican cartoon Bush did fuck up US completely by the time Obama had to take over. I will blow up a building and ask you to make sure it does not flatten out and then claim that you are incapable of making sure the building doesn't fall completely.
+Ned Ousley Well, you can blame the two party system for that. Obama might not be really good, but what options does US have? None. For Romney all his solution lies in cut taxes for rich and increase taxes on middle class.
+Trey Motes, who said we are liberals?  I have not voted for Democrat in 20 years.  

Romney is such a horribad canidate that he has been an international laughing stock for over 6 months, this is either an indescribably bad and insesenstive joke showing once again his callousness or he he is scientifically naive like a five year old.

Which one is it?    
+David Stilson If you can make sweeping generalization for Linux community based on it's lead developer, then can someone else make a sweeping generalized statement on the republican voters based on stupidity of their presidential candidate?
Haha, only an American could say something so stupid
+Linus Torvalds While I do agree that what he said was incredibly dumb. I do think that most of us whether we know it or not believe or are naive about something that is utterly stupid.  One of the smartest people I know who I would say is far more intelligent and sharp than I am didn't know the capital of England was London.  It blew my mind. I was in complete shock for 20 minutes, I mean how does anyone not know that?  Well I guess geography was not his thing at all. He was really pissed at me of course for dwelling on it. I bet if we sifted through everyones brains we would find in just about everyone something really dumb.  I personally think in regards to the presidency this doesn't really matter much.  Nor does the 57 states comment or whatever had been said by Obama.(I don't really know what was said nor do I care that much) I think the things we need to worry about is when politicans think dumb things like Iraq was worth it, or our national debt can go as high as we want and we'll never see any problems. 
+Rarian Rakista Clearly I did not mean everyone posting here... But I think that was obvious that when someone says "liberals" they are addressing liberals only...

On another note, if you so dislike the idea of voting Democrat, then by all means continue to slam Romney... makes total sense...
+Mark Skinner Haha only a douche bag like yourself would say something that stupid. "only an American could say something so stupid" <- You're doing a pretty good job yourself dunce.
history would suggest that he's the perfect man for the top seat then huh?
Hey, while he's at it, maybe we can get him to finally enact a ban on dihydrogen monoxide.  That stuff can be real problem, too...
I thought Berlusconi was stupid, but this guy is worse!
This can't possibly be true right?
I just cannot believe this. He makes G.W. Bush look like a genius..
That has got to be one of the worst jokes ever. I feel sad for his wife and the 47% he doesn't care about.
Clear proof that plutocracy =|= meritocracy.
Last time I was on a plane and watched the security show, they told something about oxygen masks. US planes are not equipped with oxygen masks? Romney should fly Airbus. If you like, you can build in windows in planes that can be opened during flight. But those are a risk and could be misused for a terror act. How to protect against mid-flight presure loss by a terrorist who opens a window? Seats with handcuffs? 
You americans are really thinking about this guy to be your president? Well, we do not have the best politicans here in germany. But no one ...
are you fucking kidding me? mitt, open this fucking windows, and film this revolution, i wanna explain trough your video why "they don't do that"
+Linus Torvalds He don't seems a f*cking moron, HE IS!!!
What would be even mory funny is who or how the fire got started in the first place.
+Hauke Betz, the republicans have cut education to the bone in much of the country, 1 in 5 americans believes the sun orbits the earth.  

Das ist nicht gut.  
At least, Spanish politicians are not the only retardeds.
Just imagine how lucky the US would be if he could have just opened that bloody window.
WHAT??!! And this idiot wants to be a president of the US?
And people thought Bush was a dumbass...
+Rarian Rakista Bad example, since education is a responsibility of the 16 states of Germany and not the federal government ;-)
sigh It's definitely an election year. Perhaps I'll have to rejoin the conversation in 2013. I have my own opinions about political matters but it is quite sad when people turn to name calling to get their points across.
I told that to my 9 year old daughter.  She said "He's an idiot.  People could die from doing that".  Nuff said.
This sort of thing really makes me worry for the US, and the World!
+Thomas Zolynski it has been over 10 years since I took German, maybe I should check out DW and brush up.  Thanks for the correction. 
Reading through the comments, I find it so funny that everyone and their grandparents' dogs seem to be hung up on this idea of the deficit.

Because we haven't been running a debt since, oh right, the United States has been in the black once. Back in 1835. All that other time the United States existed has been in debt. So suddenly after 170 some odd years, OMG WE'RE IN DEBT!!

Debt isn't a problem until you no longer can pay it. That's the fundamental break down here. Both parties want their cake and to eat it too.

Adjusted for inflation, the US has been in bigger debt than we are in now. Like during and slightly after World War II. You know that horrible time between 1945 and 1955 when Americans were living in hell on Earth because of our crushing debt. Never heard of it? Good because it didn't happen.

The most troubling thing about our debt isn't the debt itself. It's the yahoos we've entrusted it to. You know the fine Congress folk that can't even agree to breath the same air, much less tackle complex things like agreeing to pay our freaking bills. No that's not make more bills, they cannot even agree to pay the ones we already have! The only reason they all still agree to meet in DC is because it's the law.

Yes, that is what you all should be more concerned about. Not the level of the debt, but the level of disagreement in DC. Our debt has never (see AAA credit score we use to have) been a weak point. It wasn't until we all collectively voted in some crazy folks into Congress who wanted to play chicken with our debit ceiling, that it actually became an issue.

So I want to say "Thank you" to all the jokers out there that made one of the biggest non-issues, the issue de jure. I love it when people start questioning the United States about something that hasn't been questioned for the last little over century and a half. That's progress!! While we're at it let's all go ahead and just start second guessing all of our allies as well. I bet you those damn Brits are just itching to get those thirteen colonies back. France wants the middle third of the United States back, call it sellers remorse. Oh and Texas wants to be a Republic again, which really doesn't sound so far from the truth. Utah you can go back to being a part of Mexico, I bet Mitt will love that!

Seriously, can we all please understand that whoever you consider "the other side" is still a freaking American, unless we're talking about Obama, apparently. This country isn't going to go into ruin no matter who we vote in, why? Because we're the ones who shape it. That's what we do in this country. When shit hits fan, we really don't care who's voting who, we just band together.

All too often we forget that for the sake of the pure thrill of being right or whatever. It's not about being right but doing right by others.

Ah, but who cares?! We're in freaking debt!!! Those Muslims want to kill us and gay people want to eat our babies!! To top it all off, no one can find a job!! It's the end times my friend!!
All I can say is, god help you guys if this man becomes President!
+Ben Tasker Well, unless you live in a different planet... $DEITY help us all if this man becomes president of the USA!
Mitt needs a window in his head to clear out the smoke. 

Let him open his windows on the plane! I would like to see his nomination for a Darwin award.
Couldn't we let a teensy bit open ? Just for the cool breeze and the occasional fire, perhaps ?
Just make sure he won't be elected and the US will saved and safe! 
ASSCLOWN! The dude is a retarded, lying assclown!
How in the hell does he have so much support!
This is like 1000 times dumber than anything in recent memory.
I don't think even George bush said anything that dumb.
What an assclown! How can anyone with an IQ over 25 willingly support this douche bag!? Its not logical!
I wonder if the Republican part go out and find the most charismatic idiot they can? Bush and now this twat! What's even more scary is people will vote for him. 
Honestly I haven't been able to support any Republican or Democratic candidate in my entire voting life. It's like choosing Mac or Windows. Sure I may be "throwing my vote away" but I can't help but choose someone I believe may actually accomplish something.

Either way, I get to complain about the terrible job the guy that wins does and laugh as people try to tell everyone else how great their candidate is and how bad the other guy is. Just like the aforementioned OS debate.
Despite his total lack of understanding how science works, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I can't hear from his voice that he's making a joke, but maybe it just came out badly. But you never know..
What can u really xpect from someone who professes their life's faith to a book that was read out of a hat?!
When u base ur life around such an obvious crock of shit, its no wonder lies and idiocy come so easily and unrealized.
Vote for Romney and you will see the rise of the arms.
On Planet Romney, the air pressure is 14.7 psi at all altitudes.
why not......everyone wears their own spacesuit......then u can keep the airplanes glass-free.......such an ECO slogan.....yo man ^_^
Shouldn't he qualify for darwin award ? Looks like a good candidate, if not for some other responsibility.
Mitt Romney gives us an idea about what it would have been like to see Sarah Palin run for president.
fire on the aircraft, oxygen, open Windows why he said that?
Wouldn't that have been a dream ticket +Kristo Vaher 

Being a Brit, I have to be careful about commenting on US politics, but this is just too good to be ignored.
I wish Obama comments on it :D 
Well what to expect from half of Wallace and GrOMITT.

He is a momon errrm s/om/or/ after all.
He's absolutely correct. It really is a problem that he doesn't know why the windows won't open.
Say what!, is this guy for real?
He is just a normal "average american"...if there is enough money behind him, he will be president. Intellect has diddley squat todo with anything. Afterall, they had 2xBush did'nt they?
And that genius would be close to rule the world.... 
As much as I dislike Romney, surely he must have been joking.
At least he does not eat dogs like Obama, and gave 30% of his salary to charity and did not take a deductinle for it..... that is more than Obama and Biden combined...percentage wise.
To all the Romney-supporting commenters, and particularly those who think that because Linus is well-known for being good at something useful he should not be allowed to comment on politics:

Keep digging.
+Linus Torvalds Remember that Mitt Romney has a choice. I'm happy when Linux opens in the aircraft. But if Romney prefers Windows, it's his choice. ;)
I'm sure comedians are praying the Romney becomes president to provide a constant stream of material.
+David Reyes Romney not taking all of its "donations" off for tax deductions was just not to contradict himself, from a few months ago (He said he always paid more than 13% of its income in taxes, deducting more from donations would have make him pay less). Nothing nice about it, just politics..
he's a blond, there no other explication, probably his real name is Barbie...
I'm not voting for him. But then, I'm English, so I couldn't anyway :)
Facts annoy him. Physics is a liberal, so he doesn't care. The world is made up of 47% physics (or more?) and is against him.
The mood needs to be lightened here just a bit. I'm going with- "what does Mitt think should be done about all these motha f**king snakes on these motha f**king planes?"
People need to stop being obnoxious and taking everything at face value.  There is a good chance he was looking for a way to cycle air through the cabin of the plane.  It would stop the concentration of smoke and would make it must easier to land.  The planes already have smoke detectors, why not make them an active system to help prepare the plane for an emergency landing.
Well obviously, travelling on the Intercontinental Railroad would be much safer.
+Todd Lunter "People need to stop ... taking everything at face value"?! I'll stop taking politicians' comments at face value when evangelical Christians stop taking the Bible at face value.
But Ron Paul was dangerous.  <rolls eyes>
+Todd Lunter maybe, when you're not expert about something you can just act the way you are supposed to do, and not start blatering about things should be built/made.
This is just the attitude assumed by "saviours": people so full of theirselves they don't even think other people may know their job.
"Fortunately, there was enough oxygen for the pilot..." Was that an accident or a design? He doesn't even know, he doesn't even care.

So, ok Romney, show me your planes for a better airplane. Until then, shut up and leave it to pro!
Are we sure he actually siad this?  It's outrageous enough to be an Internet rumor.
Now is a good time to also talk about the need for helicopter ejection seats.
I actually listened to the clip. It seems fairly obvious to me that he was making a joke. I know that doesn't come across when you just read the text. But, do you honestly think a guy who is smart enough to make millions of dollars wouldn't know something about airplanes and pressurization?

Actually, I think the desire people have to deride and disparage Romney just because they disagree with his political or ideological stance, says more about people than it does about Mitt Romney.

Vote for who you want. That's why we have democratic elections. But, we'd be better off if people would keep this level of childish and  immature commentary to themselves.
jajajajajaj holy shittt.. what a F"·$ing moron..
And here I thought our Canadian politicians were real winners, you guys have your hands full with this clown! Good luck in November ;)
and I thought that Dubya was the greatest jackass, I was wrong
Have you been listening to the things Obama and Biden have been saying for the last 4 years? And you call Mitt a moron?
+Linus Torvalds  the word is spelled "Mormon".

Besides, I think he tried to tell us what went though his head in this situation. And with a fire in an aircraft, we all may have some thoughts not so reasonable.

I don't like the guy either, but let's stay fair with him and his style of storytelling.
The constitution does not specify that you have to be smart to be a president. It only requires that you have to be born in the USA! Throughout human history there were plenty of dumb rulers! 
Yeah, thanks, Patrick. :-p You want him? We can ship him up there; he'd be used to the cold I think.
+Gianni Bassini won this thread a long time ago. Few people noticed.

Best comment, G. Nice. Very nice. XD
Watch the video clip, people.  He was joking.

Aside:  This is one of the fundamental problems with our political process today; it's basically confirmation bias turned up to 11.  I see the same thing from my conservative friends... if Obama says anything that could be misunderstood, they will intentionally choose to take it in the worst possible way.

The rabid partisanship makes reasoned political debate utterly impossible.
um...technically there is as much oxygen up there as below, it is just the the partial pressure is to low and so your lungs won't take any in. 
OMG this means Vim and Emacs both still suck!?!?
+Jon Burgin As a ratio, sure, you'd be correct, but because the pressure is lower, the molecules are far more spread out than down at sea level, so there's actually less total oxygen.
Well Romney, we sure can't fix it from the inside now can we...
It's a good thing aerodynamics is not a required field for the presidential candidates. Stick with the issues and possible solutions to the problems. Obama has done nothing but ruin the USA and it's standing in the international community. Dig into the real issues as if it were a kernel and you may see things a bit differently.
Ben Dow
Eh, he was worried about his wife, he said something dumb that has nothing to do with the job he's being interviewed for.  There are plenty of dumb (and even smart) things he's said that merit more discussion than this.
It is amazing how people will defend some comments. I understand that it is very easy to misquote a figure or misspeak a word when speeches are given. We are only human, but what Mitt was saying was a rant with (broken) logic. This is a window into his thinking, which scares the living sh*t out of me. Placing his dog in a crate on the roof of the family car shows me that he doesn't care about animals. This told me that he lacks compassion. The airplane window rant is scary because he has given this topic some thought. I do not want someone with flawed logic and little to no compassion as the figurehead for this country. IQ tests should be mandatory for all elected officials... 110 or higher, please.
What's absurd here is that I see numerous hateful comments +Linus Torvalds for having a political opinion of his own because he has another area of expertise.  Ironically, I'd rather trust a programmer telling me how to vote than a political science major.  In fact, just make that any professional that spends their time thinking deductively all day.  That doesn't make him right, we all get to make up our own minds on voting day, but bashing him for having an opinion is pretty damn uncivilized.
It was a stupid comment (and an even stupider engineering suggestion), but some of the responses were stupid, too.  It's very unlikely that you would be sucked out a tiny airliner window, and the first thing a plane with a fire will do is dive -- at 18,000 ft, the oxygen does get to 50% of sea level.  The wind wouldn't be blowing into the cabin at 600 mph through windows on the side -- airliners with huge hull breaches have landed safely, without passengers being shredded by extreme winds.  Pressurized planes _do_bring in outside air for passengers to breathe continuously during a flight, but because the air is pressurized inside the cabin to ~8,000 ft MSL, the oxygen density is acceptable (though it might leave smokers who spend most of their time near sea level sightly light-headed).

OTOH, how do you make a fire intensify?  Answer: feed it oxygen.  It's the grade-5 chemistry fail that's the real problem.
What's frightening isn't that idiots like Romney exist, but that a great deal of people vote for him.
+Bryan May "Couldn't have been Bush because if he were the problem, it wouldn't have taken seven years to see the symptoms."  And THIS, my friends, is why America is so screwed.  People are too stupid to realize that there are no quick fixes, and the economy has a fundamental latency approaching that of a Presidential term.

Bush spent 7 years building us up for one of the largest falls (if not the largest fall) in recent history.  Bush's policies put everything in place needed for the crash to happen, just like we are not going to see the full effects of Obama's changes until after this Presidential term.  Also, blame Obama all you want for lack of progress, but it's the Republican party that is at fault.  They clearly stated in 2010 that their goal was NOT to help the country, but to ensure that Obama was a 1-term president - and who cares how much damage they have to do to the country in order to achieve it.  Their behavior in the past two years has reinforced that they were serious about that statement.

In New York state, we have yet to even see the worst of the negative effects of the Bush era - The disaster of environmental contamination that Cheney rammed through so the company he was STILL a major stockholder of could rake in the cash hasn't hit us yet.  (However, it has contaminated groundwater and drinking wells across Pennsylvania.)
Thank goodness he's not running for President of the FAA. I've heard he has some very good business sense, and experience turning around the budget of one of the oldest states in the Union. I'm reasonably certain of this, regardless of the context of his airplane statement.  #RomeyRyan2012   
+Andrew Dodd in fairness to Bush, the housing bubble in particular had been being blown up since Clinton. These things literally run on decadal time scales.
Nobody is even making fun of the following points:

1. Oxygen would feed the fire, thus making it worse
2. Our air is 78% Nitrogen.  Only ~21% is Oxygen
3. The guy can't even handle the simple concept of a Venn Diagram... why would be be able to grasp the concept of vacuums?
The next USA president?? Lol it will beat bush's
I laugh at the lies and ignorance of the people posting on this blog including linus.  Its a shame someone so smart can be so dumb... pushing mute.
Yeah, pretty dumb.  Almost sounds like something Biden might say.
Well guys, you should listen to his wisdom, the guy is actually elected representative of US citizens and not just a some moron. And as elected representative, he is of course the best of the best and smartest of the smartest.
As a Canadian I have to thank the GOP for some of the best comedy in popular media we have ever seen or read. We don't need to chant bring back Bush anymore. 
Someone can give oxygen, to this guy!

Alguém pode dar oxigênio a esse homem!
Let him open his side window when he is alone and high ...
There's another joke about that:
2 prisoners talking:
x: What did you get prison time for?
y: I opened a window at my workplace.
x: Where did you work?
y: On a submarine.
He was that dumb jock that was constantly being outwitted by other dumb jocks
"I don't know why they don't do that. It's a real problem." Yes Mittens, it is a real problem that you don't know why "they don't do that."
I wonder if our sitting President finally figured out that there are only 50 states in the union...
jon c
That picture and statement are funny, I can not believe such a person is actually wishing to be President of United States. what a tool.
He's REAL american president! :-)
Even if you could open a window in an airplane at that altitude, the sudden gust of oxygen you let in would cause a backdraft, causing a massive combustion killing everyone inside in seconds.
+Manish Sinha "You confuse hate with making fun."

So did radical muslims in Egypt and Libya.  Again, do you mock all religions equally, or just a select few?  Either way, you only demonstrate your own ignorance in doing so.
That's why they have those cool little masks that drop from the ceiling...because there is no oxygen at 30,000 feet.

I gotta fact check's so bad I can't believe even he said it.
So, if you want more fresh air on those long coast-to-coast flights, vote for Mitt !!!  
He was obviously just joking around. You realize the political left tried to pass a law called SOPA/PIPA that would give them the power to shut down sites on the internet without warrant, right?
P.S. Linus, it's National Voter Registration Day!  Please remind your followers to register to vote!

(If you're in Oregon, like you and I, you can do it completely online at )
Never let it be said that politicians have a brain
And they are worried about Iran... imagine this guy with nuclear weapons!
Is it not possible for anyone to recognize a joke?  Do you honestly believe that he was being serious?  
And we want someone that stupid to lead a nation of 313 million people?
Someones religion has definitely failed their common sense, god must be giving us a warning sign.......
Actually, combined with the oxygen masks, this might actually be a useful countermeasure:  Fire needs oxygen to burn.  By severely reducing the available oxygen, fire can be minimized (think of the similar function of applying a vaccuum to a flame)  Flame can be extinguished with little threat to people (no running around with an extinguisher).

Besides, I think Romney was kidding.  Sarcasm doesn't translate to text.
STILL SMARTER than a man who gave $5T and didn't bring home so much as a handful of magic beans.

STILL SMARTER than the man about to turn in our freedom of speech for appeasement of Muslims who've been blowing things up longer than I've been alive.
Cute post, but where is the cite? Or is this more inane propaganda?
He's just trying to bond with the 47%

The Democratic Party was formed in 1792, when supporters of Thomas Jefferson began using the name Republicans, or Jeffersonian Republicans, to emphasize its anti-aristocratic policies. It adopted its present name during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson in the 1830s. In the 1840s and '50s, the party was in conflict over extending slavery to the Western territories. Southern Democrats insisted on protecting slavery in all the territories while many Northern Democrats resisted. The party split over the slavery issue in 1860 at its Presidential convention in Charleston, South Carolina.
Northern Democrats nominated Stephen Douglas as their candidate, and Southern Democrats adopted a pro-slavery platform and nominated John C. Breckinridge in an election campaign that would be won by Abraham Lincoln and the newly formed Republican Party. After the Civil War, most white Southerners opposed Radical Reconstruction and the Republican Party's support of black civil and political rights.
The Democratic Party identified itself as the "white man's party" and demonized the Republican Party as being "Negro dominated," even though whites were in control. Determined to re-capture the South, Southern Democrats "redeemed" state after state -- sometimes peacefully, other times by fraud and violence. By 1877, when Reconstruction was officially over, the Democratic Party controlled every Southern state.

The South remained a one-party region until the Civil Rights movement began in the 1960s. Northern Democrats, most of whom had prejudicial attitudes towards blacks, offered no challenge to the discriminatory policies of the Southern Democrats.

One of the consequences of the Democratic victories in the South was that many Southern Congressmen and Senators were almost automatically re-elected every election. Due to the importance of seniority in the U.S. Congress, Southerners were able to control most of the committees in both houses of Congress and kill any civil rights legislation. Even though Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Democrat, and a relatively liberal president during the 1930s and '40s, he rarely challenged the powerfully entrenched Southern bloc. When the House passed a federal anti-lynching bill several times in the 1930s, Southern senators filibustered it to death. 

Now let's look at the type of government that democracy is. One person, one vote, majority rule. Our founding fathers understood this to be known as tyranny by the majority. This is also the reason why the word "democracy" is not found in any founding document (Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Constitution of all 50 states). Our country was founded as a Constitutional Republic for a reason.

Support democracy and you support hate and tyranny. But you won't change as you have already invested all of your emotion into your current beliefs. How does it make you feel to support hate and tyranny?
Unfortunate that Romney has an obscure sense of humor, which is rivaled only by the obtuseness of the people who had taken him seriously
He'd get off the plane, find the dog dead, and after consulting with his advisors, continue with the same logic: "our dog couldn't find any oxygen from inside the aircraft to get out, because the windows don't open. I don't know why they do that. It's a real problem"
Romney fails to run the country (into the ground) he should become an aerospace engineer! /facepalm
So much hate, envy and bitterness from the "tolerant" left.  Wow you guys are so full of yourselves.  I'm sure if every single second of your life was recorded we would not find anything stupid that you have ever said.  This is nothing compared to the dumbfuckery that has come out of Obama and Bidens pie holes.  

Hey Linus - stick to what your good at.  Go write some damned code and improve your OS.  
All I can do is hope the Americans don't put this idiot in charge of the nukes. He makes Bush look like a genius
I watched the video. It seems clear to me that he was joking. "I don't know why that is" is the classic ironic twist when making an obvious statement. "I got a ticket today. For some reason, the police hate it when I drive on the sidewalk. I don't know why that is."

Sure, his delivery sucked, but his delivery always sucks, and this fact should be considered.  

I also don't think it was inappropriate to joke since: 

1) His wife did not die (nor did anyone else), so there's no particular reason to appear somber. In fact, Romney clearly appeared relieved and elated.

2) Joking is a well-known coping mechanism when decompressing from a stressful situation. Everyone does it. I know Romney does his best to appear less than human, but my best guess is that he is not actually a robot.

Romney probably is an idiot (or at least awkward enough to give that impression), but I'm afraid that taking this rather obvious joke as serious isn't exactly showing off one's own social brilliance.  
Good thing Romney hasn't spent any time in a submarine! 
"I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go." 
Barack Obama

They all say stupid things.....moving on.
+Joe Priode my favourite part of that quote was all the guys in the media lining up at the podium to explain that he was tired from campaigning and that anyone could say 57 instead of 47 and whatever
+Joe Priode I think the most comparable is the infamous lampooning of Al Gore's "inventing the internet" quote.  Anyone can read the actual statement in context and realize that he meant he helped with legislation and funding that helped bring the internet to the public.  Still, everyone who dislikes Gore (or politicians in general) jumped all over it and made the statement into something that intentionally misrepresented what Gore intended. 

We've also got the recent Obama quote "you didn't build that", which again, being awkwardly phrased, lent itself to intentional misinterpretation by his opponents. 

I find this practice to be annoying, counter to productive discourse, and frankly, quite dishonest.  Politicians say plenty that we should find ridiculous without any twisting of words or intent, many of them relevant to the future of our country and the world in general. We should focus on those things.
Vlad SK
Offtopic. Guys from US, (i'm from Russia), could somebody tell me what most people in US are thinking about Russia. Is it enemy or friend? Or nothing special? And what US people thinking about Russian people as well? (except a bottle of vodka in a hand all the time and fighting with bears))). Thank you in advance.
if he cant summon up enough common sense to understand why not opening a airplane window at 35000 is a bad thing then how is he supposed to figure out the debt crisis, the middle east crisis, the Iran/nuke crisis, or anyother crisis that pops up on the President's desk every day?
At least it is his honest lack of knowledge...  Not like the never ending lies from our current administration...
He was, you know, joking. The real story here is Mitt doesn't know how to tell a joke. I mean, talk about super lame. It's so lame folks would rather believe he was serious than believe that anyone could tell such a lame joke. Also, serious timing problem. If my wife were in a plane that was ON FIRE I wouldn't be joking about how she couldn't breathe.
+Vladislav S Kinshakov The current thinking about Russia probably amounts to "they don't look Muslim".  We tend to have very simplistic, black-and-white views of nearly everything, more so when those things are elsewhere in the world. So I expect you are now "good guys".  Except for Putin, who seems scary.

I expect some may have a foggy memory of the day when Russia was forced to surrender to capitalism after Reagan and Pink Floyd teamed up to knock down the Berlin Wall that surrounded Moscow ;-)
+Vladislav S Kinshakov Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the USA has found new enemies. I personally view Russia as a country ruled by gangsters today, which isn't any different than any other country really. They're just more honest about it in Russia I guess :)
I am not part of the problem. I am a Republican.

Dan Quayle
Seems is too easy of a word.   The thing that really gets me is that he gets some kind of credit for having business experience when that experience comes from buying and parting out companies, not from creating them, or even running them.
People, Romney was joking.  He wasn't serious.  At least, that's what several accounts by reporters who are certainly not right-wing loons say.

Sigh.  Conservatives are going to go on a rampage over press bias about the second-hand reporting on this, and they might not be wrong.  To me, it smells like jumping to conclusions by people who only skimmed the pool transcript. Honest mistakes - this time.

At least Romney seems to know there aren't 57 states.
If one reporter just read some outlandish statement from another reporter and repeated it without at least a little validation, that's not an honest mistake. That's at least laziness and maybe incompetence.
Ok. The Republican choose a joker.
I guess you (Linus) are not as smart as you think.
+Eric Raymond Watch the video... how much room is there for interpretation of his words?

People have been commenting from the video, not the pool transcripts.

Thats joking right? 

Either he is hopeless at both the timing and telling of jokes (bad taste) or simply Mitt talks but does not think about what he is saying (despite being - I hope - more than educated enough to know why windows dont open in planes).

Im inclined to go with the later.
Though it was a joke, it's true that he is a moron.
Erm.... Mor(m)on: correlation or causality?
Idiocracy pure! dumb people will elect dumb politicians!
We know he is a moron... finding someone that beats George W. Bush... not a easy task... and yes we can... we found Obama, but this one... priceless...
Maybe you should judge yourself with your last most out of character act.
I for one would gladly sell him a plane with openable windows. Heck - I would even encourage him to try them out.
As a long time supporter of Linus and Linux as well as the FOSS movement , Linus comments diminishes his standing  in the eyes of many people in the community , when you attack and call names how  are  your supporters suppose to continue supporting you ? keep your personal political shit to yourself . No one wants to here it from a person they had admired like Linus.
Listening to the guy who refers to our dead in Benghazi Libya as a speed bump.  I think I will take the Romney's IQ over the option.  
Hey Greg, do you want to open your airplane window too? Its not about politics... 
Joke or not, if will be voted u engineer have to make it real ...prepare for next election, submarines need it too !

Kevin Keijer upper statement , is brilliant :))
For the record, I think you are entitled to speak your mind regardless of what "community" you represent.  Some people just don't understand that the individual is first, any group they may belong to wasn't born from the womb with them!
Hey Linus, you know that Linux thing, guess what?  "You didn't build that".
I am actually in favor of more expletives being used in politics. It would change the tone of the discussion from one where nothing is said (politely) to one where people actually say something worth hearing (and so what if there are a few curses? )
+Greg Jetter: I don't necessarily agree or disagree with your viewpoint: particularly, with public figures who chose a career where the point was to get noticed (actors, politicians, et al), it's important for them to be more careful about their publicly stated opinions.

On the other hand, Linus is an engineer. He only became a well known public figure because he's a damned good engineer with a damned good product. In light of that, I don't believe Linus has a responsibility to keep silent about his, perhaps controversial, opinions of a politician who's volunteered more material with which to be ridiculed than anyone could have dug up behind his back.

Phrased a different way: how much would you care if, hypothetically, you found out that the surgeon who successfully performed your heart transplant has non-harmonious opinions about famous public figures?
Yeah, boy, that's some "leader of the free world" smarts right there.  NOT.
Wow, and I really thought he was just rich and uncaring. That's just... stupid just doesn't seem to say it.

Edit: If it's a joke... well, I'm not really sure if that's better or worse.
+Mitt Romney : Kidding about windows in airplanes? Definitely. Superb comedian? No. Master entertainer? No. Brilliant businessman? Yes. Qualified to be President? Absolutely. Going to be elected? Let's hope so. Can do better than Obama? Couldn't do much worse!

Romney/Ryan 2012
Linus just said what the most people in Europe think! 
If he becomes President:

"What's this red button for ...?  <push> Hm, it doesn't seem to work, dammit! <push> <push>"

"Mr. President, you just started 3rd World War. And the fourth and fifth too." (the advisers won't be so smart either)
Certainly, there are some technical reasons that explain why airplane windows for passengers can't roll down (some cockpit windows can be opened in airliners such as the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, or a vent in the case of the Boeing 747), but none of them are related to what has been suggested in recent posts (as far as I know). The argument of sudden depresurization fails for its own weight. If it was this of great concern the doors of the cabin couldn't be opened either, specially during flight, but on the contrary, the cabin doors do open. 

For some reason many people have assumed that the possibility to open the cabin windows would mean their practicability by any passenger at any time and under any conditions, but this hasn't to be necessarily the case. There are technical solutions to prevent passengers from opening the windows when this weren't advisable. Likewise, in certain situations the passengers are instructed on how to open the doors even though they usually aren't allowed to do so.

Further reading:
read my post: 
Linus, your recent flipouts (this is the third I've seen) make me wonder about your drinking water.
What do you expect? He's a fucking foreigner. 
I was teached at school, that u NOWAY open the windows, cause the fire will LOVE fresh oxygen !!! What a moron !
well as Jon stewart put it on monday night : How the hell did that guy get nominated in the first place : Because he is still the smartest republican who ran , which leads to the conclusions republicans are morons ( well i said it for a long time )
Love it!!

Call a spade a spade, most people that disagree is probably more mentally challenged than old Mit.

Seems to me America is getting dumber by the day ... 
I'd like to think this was either out of context or a joke. But if you listen to the audio, it is not out of context, nor does he deliver it in a flippant manner. Weird hehe.
if he realy gets ellected they should build one window into the airforce one which he can open, problem solved.... ;)
It is just absurd to think that a person who graduated cum laude with a joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration from Harvard Law School is a moron.  The hate and fear that drives such comments is the same that drives the silly Obama haters.  This election stuff is serious, turn on your brains and think.
The funny part is all you dems thinking he really was confused. WE are all laughing too, but at you.
Not saying he meant this, but this brings up a good point if air crafts don't have this already they should be able to suck the oxygen out of the inside of a plane and drop down oxygen masks for people.
It is bad enough that you assumed the worst of a man I suspect you have never met.  But you couldn't keep your erroneous assumptions to yourself, could you?

Fortunately, you didn't post it on the Internet and show your backside to anyone with a browser and an Internet connection.

I agree with the idea by Romney, when my wife is on that airplane or the "Top View Sheet" upon the airplane as you said.
well, don't blame that poor i...., he for sure doesn't know what he's talking about... one of his media consultants however realized that his speech-analysis-tag-cloud is kind of shady and that when you google for "windows open obama" you get a page about hope and children and a picture of obama on the first page, so action was required...
Look, the statement was taken out of context[1]. Analysis of his body language clearly indicates that he was joking[1]. I despise misinformation, even if it is about a person whose personality I loathe. The guy essentially hates the world's poor, holds on to archaic Smithian concepts of economics[2], and sends jobs overseas every chance he gets... yet we need to take stuff out of context to knock him down? 

Romney's people claim he was only joking.

See, he can't even do THAT right!
Thats gotcha media capturing select sound bytes and editing it to fit the profile.  I may not support this guy for president, but I strongly believe Mitt Romney is a pretty intelligent guy.  
People sitting are strapped in if they follow the captains words while in flight. A person in a seatbelt would not get sucked out of the plane. period.
He's right.  There should (at low altitude anyway) be a way to vent the smokey inside air with clean outside air in the event of such emergency.  I guess he just figured you'd be bright enough to assume that he was only talking about doing so at low altitude.
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