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So last year I was at the Women of Vision awards gala in the Bay Area. Almost exactly a year later, I attended a rather smaller, more local but more personal version of that: NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing.

Congrats to Patricia.
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Congradulations Patricia!!  Women have proven great excellence in all aspects of a life.  Graduating from "womanly duties" of cooking(etc.) and prevailing in computing.. Snap out of it everyone, it's the Millenium! Women Rule! ;)
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Linus Torvalds

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One of my pet peeves (and yes, I've got a lot of them) is how my grocery store that carries high-quality groceries also is all crazy about homeopathy. Apparently there s a sad overlap between "I like my foods not overly processed" and "I am a big moron when it comes to medicine".

Guys, Homeopathy is a scam. And when even the manufacturers know that and try to make their products actually do something by adding real medicine into it, you have to ask yourself just how stupid you have to be to believe these jokers/scammers.
They actually contain ingredients for a change, and that could be harmful.
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+leam hall
Lol science a scam...stupidy has no limit. Return in school learning what is the science.

I would add also about "the risk", life is the risk, if you don't take any risk you are dead.
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I'm combining elements from two very different projects I started..

In +Subsurface, I originally used XML as the save file format, because while it is probably the worst format ever designed, it's what other projects used, and subsurface wasn't originally really capable enough to stand on its own.

Now, I did the best that I could with XML, and I suspect the subsurface XML is about as pretty and human-readable as you can make that crap, but it really doesn't scale as a file format, and it's generally a complete disaster. 

So me and +Dirk Hohndel (who maintains subsurface, I long since gave up that role) have been idly talking about better save formats for months now. But binary formats are evil and generally not extensible, and besides, you want replication and network transparency, plus the ability to combine dives from many different sources. Binary blobs are just horrible for all of these things.

So I've wanted to use the +Git object database format, because it's actually very well designed if I say so myself. Not only does efficient deduplication and compression, it has the advantage that it still does a really good job at line-based textual representations, while allowing a very natural representation of multiple different events as separate files, with git itself tying it all together.

And you get backups and history for free, plus a lot of tools to look at it all, seeing readable diffs for format changes or just new dives etc. In fact, both I and Dirk ended up already using git to track our XML files, because of these issues, but it wasn't very nicely integrated.

So I've been thinking about this for basically months, but the way I work, I actually want to have a good mental picture of what I'm doing before I start prototyping. And while I had a high-level notion of what I wanted, I didn't have enough of a idea of the details to really start coding.

Until a couple of days ago, when everything came together.

So now I'm happily hacking on a new save format using "libgit2", and apart from the git_treebuilder interface being horrible I think I'm making good progress. 
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Muh Med
Hey I am in my ma house

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Linus Torvalds

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Whee, Netgear, you kind of suck.

So I have had a Netgear N600 (WNDR3700v2) for a while, and yesterday I made the mistake of upgrading its firmware. With all the router stuff in the news, I thought I should do it. Because newer is better, right?

The "upgrade" brought back the bad old days in the configuration setup interface, but hey, I remember those days, so I didn't mind too much.  It was prettier for a while, but I can take ugly when I look at that interface maybe once a year.

But then, several hours later, I start getting emails about my WiFi thermostats no longer phoning home. Unrelated? I don't think so (but see edit). 

And sadly, Netgear has removed the old firmware version that had the prettier configuration interface, and that used to actually work. Oops.

Are there any good routers that just work? And no, I'm not in the least interested in dicking around with custom firmware, part of the "just work" package is that the damn thing shouldn't need that.

Recommendations, people?

Edit: it seems that the thermostat problem wasn't in my network, and really was unrelated after all. So I guess I can live with the ugly configuration interface.

Edit2: Ok, switched to OpenWRT.
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Apple's wifi router is super sweet and reliable, but it is BSD based ;)
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Linus Torvalds

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Obey the penguin!
Judging by the size of linux-next for version 3.15, the next release is going to be one of the bigger releases (in number of commits) in some time.

And while the merge window has another week to go, what is in the current -git tree should be the bulk of the merges. There will certainly be more, but we've already cracked the 10k commit limit.

So if you are feeling adventurous, and don't mind compiling a kernel out of a git tree, and like the notion of starting testing early, I must encourage you to try now. The sooner we make sure we've dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's, the better off we'll be.

Get it first, get it fresh:
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Good news 
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Linus Torvalds

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Q: How can you tell when a kernel maintainer is European?

A: He describes some of the changes as written by "Alexandre Belloni, Jean-Jacques Hiblot and other French people".

.. because clearly it's too hard to keep track of all those French people that presumable nobody cares about anyway. 

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Btw Europe has 3 big parts, the part north of the alps, south of the alps, and then we have the French. We all love them for inventions like "Trottoir roulant rapide" ( its so cool, but in real life it just dont work...
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Linus Torvalds

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There is a real downside to working with a walking desk that the industry hasn't fully acknowledged. 

When you aren't sitting down, the cat cannot jump up onto your lap and lie there enjoying her human heat-source.  So instead, said cat will jump up on the desk and try to annoy you into picking her up by covering the monitor or batting at the cursor on the screen.

This makes the merge window "interesting". At least I haven't bought into the touch-screen crazy - another "improvment" to technology that people clearly didn't think all the way through wrt cat ownership.
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Touchscreens always have the gorilla arm problem, which can't be fixed unless arm support is added. A touchscreen will never replace a proper keyboard either.
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Linus Torvalds

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Minky caught a shrew. 


And brought it into the house.


And promptly let it go.

Of course.

Now the shrew sits behind our washing machine. 
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Has anybody yet mentioned the Taming Of Your Shrew?
Just a thought.
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Linus Torvalds

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Required reading to understand why Swedes are the way they are. I'm resharing this from one of the crazy bastards, and his reaction was to lament the fact that he can't get the really "good" stuff where he lives now.

They have this great PR department, and all people outside of Sweden seem to know about them always seems to involve hot women with blue eyes. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!
Now I need to place an order from Unfortunately they only have Röda Ulven, which is a pretty mediocre brand. But they have tunnbröd so it can be consumed like it was meant to.

As almost all reviewers of surströmming, this author seems to make the mistake of thinking that you just cut a piece of fish off and eat it. It's not how it's done, and yes that would be quite stomach-turning.
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I don't think surströmming is that bad, but my mom have eaten it a couple of times a year so I am used to the "aroma".
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Linus Torvalds

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Hey summer-of-coders! +Subsurface is a SoC project this year and looking for participants. There's a number of SoC project ideas for various skill-levels and environments.

Are you interested in closed-circuit diving features? We've got ideas for you! Or are you afraid of water and would never dive, but are comfortable coding for iOS devices? There's an app idea for that too!
Subsurface has for the first time been accepted into the +Google Summer of Code 
If you are interested in participating as a student (or if you are interested in general to find some cool ideas for projects to work on), please check our idea List wiki page
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I am interested in C programming,like you:)
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I've been to Fish 'n fins twice now, once during off-season (June), and once during high season (November). Very professional. They clearly get very crowded during high season, but seem to successfully juggle having multiple boats out. Good diving, good people.
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