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Lazyweb update..

I've got a couple of days of actual results now, so maybe people want to get some early feedback on my attempt to get a virtual wireless network that looks like a single AP to clients, while having multiple APs to get better coverage.

So the reason I'm doing this is that we have this kind of rambling house, with my office above the garage, and just having a single AP has never worked very well for it. I've tried several different setups with multiple AP's, but they just haven't worked all that wonderfully. I ended up having reasonable behavior with having identical APs, but I still find that clients connect to the wrong one, and other clients get confused by having the same SSID with multiple APs and just connect to the first one they see.

And I appreciate the comments from people, but when looking at prices and availability, it was really a no-brainer. The Ubiquiti single-band UAP runs at about $60 a pop, so you can buy a three-pack off Amazon for $180. The other "commercial grade" APs that do this seem to be in the $800 range. For a single AP.

So with that no-brainer, I now have a UniFi zero-handoff network  at home. And as people told me, you really don't need to run the Java controller thing except for setup. Which isn't that big of a deal.

It all seems to work fairly well, except for the fact that the UniFi APs are apparently quite picky at authentication time, and really don't like clients that optimistically connect using authentication packets at high data rates. Which the Linux 802.11 layer does by default. 

So I'm blaming the UniFi AP for being fairly fragile at connection time. Tssk, tssk.

I have a patch to make Linux just connect at slower rates, and that makes it work well. That patch is almost certainly a good idea in general, and some drivers (like the intel iwlwifi one) already did it on their own because apparently driver writers had found other picky APs.

So I hope/expect it will be merged by the networking people soonish, but it is a black mark against the UniFi AP.

That said, $60 vs $800? Yeah, I think I can live with it.
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I use ubiquiti and nothing but good reviews from me.
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Linus Torvalds

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Test post, please ignore.
6,421 votes
I like online polls
Hurr durr I'ma sheep
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Linus Torvalds

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Oh, how I loathe thee right now, +Intuit.

Tax season is approaching in the US, and I thought I'd use TurboTax once more because it actually worked very well for me last year. I admit I wasn't thrilled about it, because the company is famous not just for TurboTax, but for its sleazy politics and paying politicians to screw up making tax prep easier.

But it's definitely a service I'm willing to pay for, and I appreciate the simplicity. 

Or rather, I used to appreciate the simplicity.

This year was supposed to be even simpler than last time, since I could just use my previous year and import the data rather than type it in.

And it started out well - not only did it have my old information, but this year my W-2 got imported without me having to even type it in. I don't think that was true last year. Yay, progress!

My taxes are actually fairly simple, and it probably wouldn't be that painful to do them by hand, but that's the kind of convenience that actually makes me think the service is worth paying for.

And then..

Today I got the final missing piece of tax information: my 1099-MISC for the royalties for my book "Just for Fun". They are not really all that noticeable, but hey, the IRS wants to know about them, and what the IRS wants, the IRS gets. They say "Jump", I say "How high?". And it was the last remaining information, so I got back to finalize my tax return.

Last year, that royalty thing meant I had to use "TurboTax Premier", this year it apparently means "TurboTax Home & Business". I actually knew about that (since I read the news), but I wasn't too worried, because the news had also said that +Intuit had apologized because of the outcry, and that there was a rebate.

And to be honest, I didn't even care that much, because I used to pay more to just have somebody else handle it for me. Tax season is not famous for being a happy time, and I'm willing to pay a bit to lessen the pain.

But it turns out that extra cost of the upgrade wasn't the annoying part. Maybe I hadn't read the news about the TurboTax outcry sufficiently well...

The annoying part about the "upgrade" is that it also made the whole stupid single 1099-MISC form go from "just enter the information" to a rather painful experience.

Because you now have to use the "Home & Business" version, TurboTax wants fill in the idiotic "Business" forms that weren't actually useful. And when I made the mistake to decide to see if I could avoid that somehow and went back, it had already created some kind of zombie 1099-MISC entry that it took me longer to find and delete than was really called for.

The "one minute to fill in a 1099-MISC entry that had all the payer information already filled from last year" turned into an hour of trying to figure out what the heck TurboTax was unhappy about, and then extra time to just walk through the end result several times.

+Intuit - I'd have been fine with paying more. I even expected it, although I was admittedly hoping that there would be a rebate because others had complained.

But what I didn't expect was that your money-grabbing play would not just be about the higher cost, but also be a hell of an inconvenience.

And remember: the only reason to pay you guys in the first place is the convenience, so "hell of an inconvenience" is a big big red mark for you.

Remind me again why I should bother with you guys next year? Paying more for getting worse service? Sure, I see what's in it for you. I just don't see what's in it for your customers.
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+Spatry Spatry But some people might have problems with their build scripts (and anything that uses uname) when the kernel bumps to 4.0... wait, what were we talking about?
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Linus Torvalds

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Here's an update on the coffee situation, because I know you've all been worried about this disaster. 

I thank people for their support in these difficult times, although I have to wonder about the kind of people who suggested using boiling water, socks and coffee grounds. I realize some people seem to drink coffee the way if comes on airplanes, but really... Let's all raise our expectations a bit. Plus, if that was the kind of coffee machine that had broken, I'd not have had to call the East coast to get it sorted out, now would I?

As others figured out, I've had a Jura superautomatic for almost fifteen years now. Not the same machine for all that time - I'm on my second one, because the first one started breaking after ten years of valiant service.

Because while I'd like to tell you that I grow and grind my own coffee and use a manual press to get the required 10+ bar of water pressure, but I'd be lying.

I enjoy the concept of being super-serious about my coffee, and roasting my own beans, and grinding them, and just being very hands-on, but at the same time, the last thing I want to do when I'm bleary-eyed in the morning is to do anything that requires hand-eye coordination and any amount of concentration. So no, the kind of coffee machine I have, I press a button, and magic happens, and it grinds the beans for me, tamps it, extracts the coffee, froths the milk, and makes me a decent latte without me having to actually ever open my eyes.

Anyway, the Jura service center is apparently in Pennsylvania, and it seems that CNN was making a bit more of the East coast trouble than was really appropriate (no, really? I'm shocked). Because while the service center -or at least the service call part - was closed due to inclement weather on Monday, on Tuesday things were up and running again, on Wednesday I had my UPS shipping label, and today I got notified that the coffee maker arrived, got fixed, and should be on its way back.

Quite impressive turnaround +JURA. Despite the apparent collapse of civilization on Monday.

But I have learnt my lesson. I now have a backup. It's not fully automatic, and I have to actually wake up enough to grind and tamp my coffee and froth my milk myself, but I am making do and feeling very Robinson Crusoe about it all.

And am now ready for the next coffeegeddon. 
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+A El Haddi CoffeeBSD :v
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Linus Torvalds

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I finally dared look at my pictures.

And as expected, they all suck.

Except this one, which I find interesting.
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Looks pretty nice to me.. I think its gonna be my background for some time ;)
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The merge window being over, and things being calm made me think I should try upgrading to F21..

Not the smoothest upgrade ever, but it's not too painful either. Here are my quick notes to make it come out right:

The yum upgrade instructions suggested finishing off the install by installing "system-release-workstation", but that did nothing but conflict with the firewall rules.

Doing a "groupupdate" to "Fedora Workstation" seemed to work better.

Post-upgrade woes:

 - as usual, gnome extensions don't work, since the gnome shell "versioning" is a joke. But at least the Frippery panel favorites updated fine from And Gnome3 remains quite usable with that extension in place. 

 - The "Lock Screen Icon" extension by +Sriram Ramkrishna (highly recommended - yes, I know about cmd-L, but I'm just not a magic keysequence kind of person) apparently isn't up-to-date on, but editing the version information by hand to 3.14 makes it work again.

 - the new gnome-terminal seems to default into a new "Emo mode" (aka "Dark Theme"). I don't know who thought it was a good idea to make a terminal application have its own depressed theme different from all other applications, but I'm guessing they spend their days cutting themselves and listening to death metal, and thinking they are "cool". 

But after fixing that, F21 seems to be fine. Knock wood.
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just saying, just because it's black doesn't mean it's emo, and there is nothing wrong with people listening to metal, and metal <> emo, their not the same music, lot of metalheads really dislike emo music
also most metalheads are not very bragy people, they don't care if people think it's 'cool' or not, they just like the music
but i agree the dark terminal feels somewhat misplaced
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Linus Torvalds

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A white puppy may have been a mistake.

Perhaps not by itself, but when combined with "living in Portland" and "teach the dog to walk itself", it turns out that a dog that is more the color of dried mud might have been a better idea.

We got that right pretty much by mistake with our older dog.
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These issues never come up until the first proof-of-concept is complete. You'll know next time :D
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Lazyweb time..

Is anybody aware of zero-handoff wifi APs that just work? I know of Ubiquity UniFi, and I dislike how it needs to run that java-based controller with an open port. I don't want to set up something like that on my regular machine, but that machine gets re-installed, re-booted, and just generally does random things.

So with ubiquity, I'd probably need to set up some random other machine just for the controller. Which just seems a stupid hassle. Why they don't just sell a controller box (I'm sure a RPI could do it) escapes me.

And no, I don't want a cloud controller either. 

And don't tell me about automatic client hand-off. I have that. It's what I want to get away from.

[ Update: I'm trying UniFi without the controller, and it seems to work. One of my laptops doesn't like the UniFi network, but that one has been picky before. Trying to get that debugged. ]
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I've heard of pcell technology....seems interesting.
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Linus Torvalds

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So, I made noises some time ago about how I don't want another 2.6.39 where the numbers are big enough that you can't really distinguish them.

We're slowly getting up there again, with 3.20 being imminent, and I'm once more close to running out of fingers and toes.

I was making noises about just moving to 4.0 some time ago. But let's see what people think.

So - continue with v3.20, because bigger numbers are sexy, or just move to v4.0 and reset the numbers to something smaller?
30,756 votes
I like big versions, and I cannot lie
v4.0, 'cause I get confused easily
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+Matthew CLASSIFIED And we already have the commit SHA in hexadecimal! Problem solved! :-)

Linus Torvalds

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Life is good.

No more living like an animal, tamping my own coffee, frothing my milk by hand.
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+Michael Wieland 99.999% yes
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Linus Torvalds

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You people on the East coast think you have it bad, with snow-storms and whatever.

That's nothing. My coffee maker broke, and calling the service hotline says "we're not open today due to inclement weather".

You guys get a little snow, and suddenly civilization breaks down.

My coffee maker is broken and nobody is answering the phone.

And CNN just keeps talking about snow. What about my coffee? Priorities, people, priorities.

What am I going to do without my coffee maker? I'm going to sit here in a corner, crying, that's what.
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No coffee = no commits. :)
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Linus Torvalds

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Underwater pictures.

I had a camera with me too, and actually used it on E-6 (a dive site so named apparently because of the huge amounts of film used on it, and the process used to develop said film).

But I'm not sure I even want to take a peek at the results, because as usual, it's going to be full of just blurry fish butt.

So my plan is to instead take credit for all the photos +Dirk Hohndel​ took. Because that whole "make use of other people's work" worked so well with source code, why not do that in photography too?

I feel very managerial.
Excellent diving in Fiji with +Dive Wananavu 
Special thanks to +Trevor Wise for making the trip awesome.
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Glad you both had such an amazing post #lca2015 break
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I've been to Fish 'n fins twice now, once during off-season (June), and once during high season (November). Very professional. They clearly get very crowded during high season, but seem to successfully juggle having multiple boats out. Good diving, good people.
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