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It looks like the IT security world has hit a new low.

If you work in security, and think you have some morals, I think you might want to add the tag-line

"No, really, I'm not a whore. Pinky promise"

to your business card. Because I thought the whole industry was corrupt before, but it's getting ridiculous.

At what point will security people admit they have an attention-whoring problem?
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It's already December 6th in Finland, even if we're a few hours away here in Oregon.

And for you non-Finnish people, that matters because it's the Finnish independence day - and an even one this years.

100 years, people.
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Resharing Miika's photos too from our recent dive trip.

Miika generally does only macro photography. So most of these things are tiny. The blennies with the antlers look fascinating, but they are so small I never knew they had antlers until I saw photos of them.
A couple of pictures from Bonaire, where we were collecting test data for Subsurface.
38 Photos - View album
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All done diving, but a new +Subsurface​ release to track dives with.

Lots of new features and cleanups.
Announcing Subsurface 4.7.1
The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.7.1 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Some of the changes since Subsurface 4.6.4:
- User interface changes
- New map widget. No more rotating globe, but much better support for the underlying widget -- so overall an improvement.
- Many small bug fixes and tweaks.
- Better support for importing dive data from Shearwater desktop, DL7, Datatrak and other 3rd party formats.
- Dive planner
- Improved and more user friendly cylinder handling
- Print delta pressure for minimum gas calculation in results
- Identify overlapping dives when calculating dive plan
- Compute plan variations: How does decompression time change when changing the bottom time by one minute or the depth by one meter?
- Faster planning for long decompression times
- Dive computer support
- Early and limited support for Bluetooth LE dive computers. Currently BLE isn’t supported at all on Windows due to lack of support for Windows in the underlying toolkit that we use. BLE appears to work reasonably well on Mac and works on Linux if Subsurface is built against Qt 5.9.2 or newer.
- Support for multiple tank sensors reporting pressure at the same time. We now correctly download these data from the dive computers that support it, store and retrieve the pressure data, and visualize multiple tank pressure readings at the same time.
- Add support for the following dive computers:
- Aqualung i200
- Cochran Commander II, Commander TM
- Dive Systems/Ratio iDive2 Deep, iDive2 Easy, iDive2 Free, iDive2 Tech+, iX3M Deep, iX3M Easy, iX3M Pro Deep, iX3M Pro Easy, iX3M Pro Tech+, iX3M Reb, iX3M Tech+
- Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC+
- Shearwater Perdix AI (only available where BLE is supported)
- Suunto D4f
- Add support for OSTC 4 configuration.
For more details, please see the full announcement
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I may have gotten the "Most Improved" badge for photography on this trip, but let's not fool ourselves, that's not really saying a lot.

Dirk took pictures too. I'll let them speak for themselves...
I'm trying something different as I've been a bit frustrated with the Albums on Google Photo. Here are my pictures from our trip to Bonaire, this time via Zenfolio.

Once again we stayed at the Divi Flamingo and went diving with Dive Dive Bonaire ( and the wonderful Serge De Groote...

Click on the mantis shrimp below to see the Album with 53 pictures :-)
Bonaire 2017
Bonaire 2017
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We went back to the octopuses for a night dive, hoping to see them hunt.

Instead, the octopus that had happily been just sitting out (well, at least not actively hiding in its hole) during the day went all "No, I don't want you around now, I'll go hide in my hole and pick up rocks to build a wall to keep the riff-raff with bright lights out"
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Any day you see three octopuses is a good day.
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Moar pictures!
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Google photos does these "stylized pictures" randomly on the pictures you upload.

And it really doesn't seem to work with underwater creatures.

That's a very funky scorpionfish in the middle of a rave.
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Blurry fish butt no more!

I am a new man, and that new man takes photos that are in focus, and of the right end of the animal.

At least (very) occasionally.
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