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"On the internet, nobody can hear you being subtle"

.. and it turns out that apparently you can replace "internet" with "stage".

So I'm back home from LinuxCon EU in Dublin, and notice that most tech news sites who reported on me being on stage took the whole "Next year is the year of the ARM laptop" at face value. 

Which is fine, but it kind of misses the whole point I was trying to make (and clearly failed at). I've been waiting for widely available ARM kernel development machines for years now, but it seems to always be "next year".

So I'm really hoping that we'll actually see a real ARM (well, preferably ARM64) machine one of these days that you can actually develop on, rather than treat just as a development target. The Rasberry PI's, Beagleboards etc are all fun, and all the cellphones and chrome books are clearly sellign well, but as a developer I feel something is still missing in the market.

I guess the journalists in the audience weren't familiar with the "The year of the <select something that never seems to happen>" meme in the Linux community.
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I would love to have a "project ara" alike arm64 desktop chasis, from cheap 720p screens to multitouch 4k screens.

Why not make an agreement between a big GNU/Linux machines purchaser as it can be the Russian government - working on its own ARM 64 SoC - a cheap Chinese producer as Meizu, that also would be interested in chinese gov purchases of Ubuntu with Kylin DE in order to make it possible?

You can write all of them, even in a public letter, and make it happen, and or speak with some relevant people that can make it happen.

Last but not least GNU/Linux for tablets TOO
new GNU/Linux tablet videos G+ community. 
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Linus Torvalds

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I'm sitting next to +Steven Rostedt​​ at the kernel developer panel (in the audience - I'll be up there tomorrow).

Steven may have picked the wrong seat for getting any pictures. At least +Greg Kroah-Hartman​​ is tall, so you can see part of him (and Julia Lawall) over the big black block in front (speaker?).

I feel vindicated in not being the only incompetent photographer around.
Talking heads at LinuxCon EU. Julia Lawall being attacked by a shark.
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I really like your meta-photography statement, but I am not surprised. It fits with what I have admired about you a bit since.
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Linus Torvalds

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Just to show the difference in photography skills, here are mine. 

I tried to annotate the pictures with explanations. Because let's face it, they all need explanations.

This is why I have given up on underwater photography.
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Don't be afraid of steep learning curves! There can be more to life than plowing the same rut deeper.
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Linus Torvalds

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Today's poll is in honor of the homeopathy conference attendees tripping balls in Germany. Apparently they weren't very good at what they do, and didn't dilute their drugs enough.

So in honor of these people finally having drugs that did something, please fill in the blank:

"I believe in homeopathy, because I'm .."
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Selling water to the two other groups
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Dork. Too easy a target. Shame on you. Dork.
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Linus Torvalds

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I call this masterpiece

"Jetlagged and waiting for the kernel test compile to finish"

because I'm not the type to be up for sunrise for any other reason.
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I had someone hack my linux internet machine the other day... leaving a nice smiling fat Buddha in my terminal window... nothing worth hacking on it anyway that browser sniffers can't find... but; I found a few vulernabilities in investigations... tomboy notes and firefox, leave gaping holes to enter as a back door to using the largest gaping hole "User Groups" from there... people hop into Compiz and make you a virtual machine as a user on your own machine with virtual box; so you can be in the cloud and not even know it... there are some clues... such as when opening a browser and it flashes to open and then it actually opens; connection gets shifty and your clock always rests to odd times from the server it is stored on. I gave them some nice presents through that virtual cloud machine... aka the magical open with command for their command folders ; they revoke access too even from SU elevation. So take that as a heads up... Linux users out here; the flood gates are starting to open and as more shift in? It was built so they will come... guard yourselves... loyal Linux user for 9 years now. Cheers!
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Linus Torvalds

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I don't have the hi-res in-the-air pictures yet, but here's me looking cool.

Although apparently +Jim Zemlin was laughing so hard when I did the thumbs-up sign that the camera shake makes that picture a bit blurry. Thanks, Jim.
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Don't lose the sense of your normal.
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Linus Torvalds

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Let's see how the whole FCC vs router upgrading thing turns out, but I'm happy to have been contacted by Dave Taht & co about at least trying to clarify that locking down WiFi routers isn't the answer..

It's not just that the various open router projects allow people to play with - and fix - their routers: the upgradable WiFi routers have also been instrumental in making it much easier to experiment with queuing algorithms and IPv6 etc.
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+Benjamin Henrion That sucks. I do know in their license they will send a cd or dvd via mail for $45 of the source.  Kinda a dick move, but technically obeying the GPL.
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Linus Torvalds

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So +Miika Turkia had some even more impressive pictures from under water.

Allegedly I was on pretty much all the same dives he was, but you'd never know it from the pictures. And I'd never actually realized that blennies (well, at least some of them) have "antlers". You basically don't see them without magnification. In Miika's case, that involved not only a macro lens but a wet diopter on top of that.
We had an enjoyable dive trip with +Dirk Hohndel and +Linus Torvalds in Bonaire. And here are my souvenirs from the trip for all to enjoy.

Shot with Olympus OM-D E-M5 and 60mm macro lens or 9-18mm wide angle. For some shots I had to use Nauticam's super macro converter to get required magnification. Lighting done by dual Inon strobes.
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I love your photoshoot; I'm an artist who loves creating from real living creatures
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Linus Torvalds

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I'm sharing Dirk's pictures, because as usual, mine tend more to "blurry fish butt" than anything useful.

In fact, I have really given up on underwater photography, and only took my camera on one dive for comedic relief.

There were three serious photographers on the trip, all sending out their photos by email to the group at the end of the day, so I felt I had to participate to lighten the mood a bit and make everybody else feel better about themselves.
Pictures from the latest dive trip with +Linus Torvalds and +Miika Turkia (among others).
Thanks to Miika with a much stronger than usual bend towards macro photography... enjoy

And since people are always asking about this... All pictures were taken with an Olympus E-M5 and Olympus 12-50mm lens in a Nauticam housing with two Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes.

We were diving at Divi Flamingo Bonaire +Divi Resorts with Serge and his wonderful team.
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Linus Torvalds

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Poor Samsung.

Even when they make a watch that is clearly better looking than the Apple thing, and get good reviews for how their bezel works well and is really functional and intuitive, they can't seem to catch a break.

Most of the reviews I've seen tippy-toe around the "better looking than Apple". I think my favorite euphemism so far is that the Gear S2 "compares favorably" with the Apple offerings.
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You don't think that normal humans care a crap about this do you? If so, you have lost your way, and have lost something that I have depended on from you.
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Linus Torvalds

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This one is possibly titled

"Dang, my laptop is slow to compile"

but that's maybe a bit unfair - I got that laptop because it's thin and light, not because it's the speediest thing ever.
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I ask Linus a meeting with all the developer to join a working one project. For example: Office, CAD, etc.
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Linus Torvalds

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My email spam situation seems to be all good.

But just to annoy me, we've had two calls today from the IRS phone scam (google "IRS phone scam" to get some news on it).

I wonder why those things are so hard to crack down on.  Phone companies really don't even check ID when you get a phone number? They sure wanted to get my credit history when I opened a line, but some low-life scammers who try to fool people can get one?

Anyway, if anybody wants to talk with the "federal agent" about their tax situation and how you want to give them money over the phone, the number is (276) 258-6019. 

Scammers like that piss me off. 

[ Edit: the number is apparently disconnected now. So don't call it - at some point that number will get re-used, and some poor sap will wonder why he gets all these people offering him their credit card numbers ]
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You idiot. I know you are being ironic, but still, be ironic, don't be a dick.
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I've been to Fish 'n fins twice now, once during off-season (June), and once during high season (November). Very professional. They clearly get very crowded during high season, but seem to successfully juggle having multiple boats out. Good diving, good people.
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