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We've posted a bunch of European tour dates for this summer. As usual, we'll be doing meet & greets with LP Underground members at the shows. If you're not an LPU member, you can join at and register for the meet & greets. See you on tour.
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hey guys love your music, would love to see you live in edmonton, ab! is there a canadian tour in the works?
When are you coming to India? There are lots and lots and lots of fans for u in India. You'll enjoy the crowd. Eagerly waiting for u....
plz dont come to india so soon...let me get thru high school coz i know i wont be able to attend it in this year. and i might just kill my self for many concerts have already been cancelled very just w8 for another..year =D....have been ever since the first song came out :)
Hey please come to india we r eagerly waiting for u....LP fanbases in india are among d biggest ones in the worlds...please come soon waiting for ya people!!!!!!!!!!
wow!!!!! we would love to have you guys up in South Africa!
Wait. when r u ppl coming to INDIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plz come india demands you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz at least read this
Are you guys going on tour in Canada any time soon?
hey guyz cant u go for ur tour in india too...........
we love u...
HAVE to get that! o_o
nAe,sEe U on tOuR.. ^_^ [bLink bLink]
PLZZ come 2 New Delhi in India Thousands of fans r waitin 4 u!!!
Don't hesitate to contact me if your band would like to have some Dance Choreography set to some of your tunes. All styles welcome. cheers...
I freaking love Linkin Park my fav band the best band ever
Hi guys, the lates concert in Brno at 2008 was energised it was so pure. I hope that you come near this city. I will see you soon. P.S. I look forward to new album :-)
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