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The Raid opens in select theaters tomorrow. Find out where and when it's coming to a theater near you and reserve your tickets now:
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Cool! Thanks LP Thanks For Everything ^^
cool, the raid is Indonesian movie by the way, thanks mike, AWEMAZING
omg.Its really awesome!!!
i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The RAid is a fiLm IndOnESia..
Looks awesome, and the music too.
sure look forward to it
great and awesome music in this film... Good Job LP..
Iko Uwais..I Like him..^___________^
Saw it Friday in Plano. Awesome movie. One of the best fighting movies in at least a decade. Very dramatic too, on edge of your seat.
i never forget how art of martial beginning :D
COOL movie and linkin park is still making some spectacular songs
aya nya film indonesia gen!!!!! mantep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
linkin park e minha vida eu tenho tudo deli poster roupa ...etc  eu amo eeeeeli
I love all of your songs especially NUMB!
An Indonesian man pride I can see this movie worldwide^^
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