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The Raid opens in select theaters tomorrow. Find out where and when it's coming to a theater near you and reserve your tickets now:
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Cool! Thanks LP Thanks For Everything ^^
cool, the raid is Indonesian movie by the way, thanks mike, AWEMAZING
omg.Its really awesome!!!
i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks awesome, and the music too.
sure look forward to it
great and awesome music in this film... Good Job LP..
Saw it Friday in Plano. Awesome movie. One of the best fighting movies in at least a decade. Very dramatic too, on edge of your seat.
i never forget how art of martial beginning :D
COOL movie and linkin park is still making some spectacular songs
aya nya film indonesia gen!!!!! mantep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
linkin park e minha vida eu tenho tudo deli poster roupa ...etc  eu amo eeeeeli
I love all of your songs especially NUMB!
An Indonesian man pride I can see this movie worldwide^^
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