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What does a TM mean? How about a TE? Each industry has its own set of terms. The translation industry is no different! Learn to speak our language by reading Part I of our two-part blog series on common translation industry terms!

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"The discovery of Hawaii Sign Language in 2013 amazed linguists. But as the number of users dwindles, can it survive the twin threats of globalisation and a rift in the community?"

Read more via +The Guardian:

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This week, our team visited our friends at +JLG Industries at their HQ in Pennsylvania. Our team works with JLG to help translate training and safety content for operating their lift equipment. It was very cool to test out some of the equipment! One of the highlights - riding a boom lift 1850 feet into the air - what a view! #ourclientsrule  
LinguaLinx Visits Our Friends at JLG
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Happy Monday! What's new? eBooks and Tip Sheets are available on our website. Visit this link to download resources for eLearning, project management, casino localization, gaming localization, global policies and internal communications, non profits, human resources, and images!

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What Marketers Need to Know About Going Global

We wanted to share this +MarketingProfs post that provides tips for marketers on what they need to know about going global!

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Here is a little recommended reading: What kind of benefits does localization of social media posts offer a brand?

- Cultural sensitivity
- Customer-focused brand
- Encourages comments and shares

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Three reasons why you should localize social media posts
We came across this article wanted to share!

Localizing your brand's social media posts shows that you are more customer-focused, encourages comments and shares, and that you care about cultural sensitivities!

#localization   #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing  

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Meeting Global Workforce Training Challenges
Global workforce training is something that companies of all sizes are now tasked with. Today’s global economy means that employees are located across the country and across the world. This has many benefits for any organization, but it also poses challenges for training these employees.

Professionals in charge of global workforce training identify the following challenges:

- Cultural differences
- Language diversity
- Budget/training costs
- Time zones
- Consistency

#HR   #globaltraining   #corporatetraining  

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Looking at Cross Cultural Management & Training
Cross cultural management is very important in today’s global business environment. We recently read an article from Harvard Business Review titled "Research: The Biggest Culture Gaps Are Within Countries, Not Between Them." How can you connect with employees in their native language and culture to better train and communicate?

#HR   #training   #culture

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B&Q Welsh translation gaffe directs shoppers to US

This was definitely NOT the work of LinguaLinx!
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