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Lindsey Wiebe
Journalist, online editor, social media coordinator
Journalist, online editor, social media coordinator

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This was a lot of fun to be part of:
Follow the latest election news from Canada in @MacleansMag explainers #canadavotes #MagsWeLove

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Having finally resolved some technical glitchiness, Maclean's Magazine is, at long last, on Google+. Follow us! (Link below.)

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Great round-up on the role of social media editors in Canada by +Tim Currie. (Disclaimer: I was among those interviewed for the study. No idea which number is me.)

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"If you were going to do that in an analog era, take film photographs of everything you ate and put them in an album, or whatever, that would be really, really obsessive."
- Favourite quote from my interview with author/radio host Nora Young of +Spark CBC. Full video recording at the link below.

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"We will let you know how many articles will be free at a later date, but most readers will not run into the limit on the meter."

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What jumped out:
"9. Giving somebody a +K is a nice gesture, but it has no effect on a Klout score."
- Are Klout users supposed to know this already? Do they? I assume that many of those +K tweets clogging up our feeds are being given out on the assumption they're benefiting the recipients, not as nice gestures.

"6. A Klout influencer who receives a perk (a gift from a brand) creates an average of thirty pieces of content about that gift."
- Thirty. That is a lot of tweets, or blog posts, or Amazon comments, or whatever constitutes a piece of content (the author doesn't specify). I guess I should be remarking on entrepreneurial spirit or the democratization of product reviews or some such thing, but honestly, this just feels a little gross.

“Paper is interesting. Once you commit to using something physical to display data, you tend to think about it more.”

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"Journalists who are defending an ego scoop are engaged in an intramural competition that has nothing to do with public service, and everything to do with bragging rights." Nice round-up by +Jay Rosen.
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