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Doing some research for a piece that I promise will be interesting. Have you ever owned a printer you really, really loved? (No, really.) If you've used a Jesus Printer, or if you've always hated everything about every printer you've used, tell me more.
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I have and Epson RX595 that is pretty good and I had some Cannon printers that were good. The only bad thing about any printer I have every owned is the price of the ink cartridges.
Overall I've had decent luck with HP printers. I don't care for their computers but their printers and scanners are usually pretty good. But I wouldn't say "love" by any means. Printers for me have mostly been just meh or ok. If someone could figure out how to do this right they'd probably corner the market very easily. Agree with the above statement about the price of ink.
Wow... Spooky. Now my printer jams when I try to print photos. lol
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