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Going to be uploading more soon...didn't realize I hadn't shared them! lol
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I present this New Zealand airline's video of their flight safety & security briefing created for passengers in case of emergency...
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LOL!!  That is funny! 
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My next bday cake...
*One Cake To Rule Them All*

This is awesome... except for the Red Dye #7 taste that is probably there... :)

P.s. Eye of Sauron Cake ... from Lord of the Rings... BEHAVE.

#LOTR   #foodporn  
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Legolas in his full glory in the upcoming Hobbit trilogy!!! w00t!!! <3 to the elves :D
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It makes me suddenly reminisce back in the days using 28.8k dial-up, twiddling my thumbs having to wait for a single page to load since it was ALL about flashy/distracting/moving/glittery graphics spamming every inch possible like, "oh my god (and yes, before "internet slang" was used so the term "OMG" didn't exist) LOOK at THIS!! Graphics that are ANIMATED!! gotta get back to finding crap to decorate my MySpace page!"
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Oh, HELL yes! Even better the Animaniacs quotes compilation video I made years ago is featured. lol
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Heck yes!! Luv this site <3
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I embrace my inner nerd.
Tall, scrawny, loves animals, gaming, LOTR, paranormal, Yakko, art, bad movies, & elves. Looks forward to being the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood one day.
Bragging rights
Love pwning dudes on games like World of Warcraft proving not only do girls can play video games but we can also be awesome at it
  • Newark Valley High School
  • Pratt University
    Fine Art in Drawing w/minor in Graphic Design & Illustration, 2001 - 2005
Illustrator & Graphic/Web Designer
Started uploading my realism pencil drawings onto the web in 2001almost all done purely in black n' white graphite pencil portraying characters from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter, -From there did a total turn-around diving into illustration & began experimentating with the anime style but keeping my traditional means of using the traditional medias but going from black n'white pencil to the super-rich lively colors via the colored pencils by Prismacolor brand. -As time went on, I taught myself Adobe Photoshop & Painter creating pieces with a mix of realism meets illustration. -I just have that passion for creation & experimenting in all aspects of art & as technology progresses I not only accept that things are changing & am willing to dive into the unknown but also absolutely adore learning new techniques & programs in the never-ending progress of the artistic world. <3
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    Deviation Artist/Blogger/Beta Tester, 2001 - present
  • Black Sun Silver Moon, Blue Manga
    Published Manga-ka, 2009 - 2013
    My fan-manga contest entry was the winner of the contest held by the Del Rey Manga Publication for "Black Sun Silver Moon" in which my manga was published in the final volume (volume 8) of the official book. =^_^= Info://Del Rey Manga Publishers held a fan-manga-ka contest based on the official manga, "Black Sun Silver Moon", where any artist throughout the country could submit a 1-5 page fan-manga & the winner would have their winning entry published in the final volume of the manga! Del Rey would narrow the thousands of entries down to their top 50 & then display the finalist's creations at the NY Anime Festival in New York City & the attendees of the convention could vote on their favorite & the winner would be announced @finale of the convention where not only would they be published but also received additional goodies including an assortment of anime DVD's, 50 mangas, posters, autographed copy of Japanese Black Sun Silver Moon by the official manga-ka, certificate of declaration for being the published winner signed by the publishers @Del Rey, & other kick-ass stuff.:)
  • NYC Anime Festival
    Guest Artist/Workshop Host, 2007 - 2010
    Was a guest artist at this Anime Convention in which I was asked to hold an hour panel workshop teaching/showing attendees how I go about coloring & created my artworks.
    Top Ranked Artist/Blogger/Site Representative @NY Anime Festival, 2003 - 2013
    Have worked alongside the mastermind, creator, & owner of creating How-To tutorials on drawing various aspects of Anime & Manga characters. Was asked to be the "Official Representative" of the Anime Fan Artists on @the NY Anime Festival