Blueprint Homeschooling: Methods & Goals

So I was working through the Methods portion, and then just kind of slid straight into Goals. +Amy Knepper's conversational style will do that to you. (Why, yes, I even answer some of the questions out loud... XD) 

Methods was awesome. Honestly, it's the first homeschool planning resource I've come across that actually asked me how I like to teach. And then, of course, to compare that against how my kiddos like to learn. Talk about a much clearer picture of where we need to be headed!

The Goals section took me a day or so to get through, because I really wanted to take my time on it, consult the kids, and nail down a few things. Don't get me wrong, I could easily gobble this whole book up in about a day. But since I'm doing the exercises, since I'm using this as part of planning and it's a new planning method, I'm taking my time.

I love that we take a big picture, let's dream as big as we can, approach to the goals first. It's very similar to the process for distilling down core values, except we're breaking goals down from: big dreams, long term, short term, yearly, monthly, weekly. The easing-in down to the minutiae really helped.

Let me be clear: I'm not a planner in my writing, I'm not a planner anywhere except in keeping track of which kid needs to be at which activity and where. I was honestly skeptical when I skimmed the Goals section and got to "weekly" and "daily." I was worried I'd be writing that I kind of skimmed it because "it's just not us." But Amy makes it so easy and actually?

The process was enjoyable.

I've also got a running list of curricula she's mentioned that I'd like to check out. I haven't gone digging just yet -- I've been waiting til the curriculum part! But I'm excited to have so many other options available, or at the very least other avenues to explore, even if we don't use some or all of them. 

The most important part, really, is making sure we got down our "bare minimums." As a military family, hiccups tend to happen in our lives, and we needed to have down what the bare minimum is that we could do to call it a successful day.

I'd never done that before. And it feels so much more reassuring to have it done now.

I'm super excited, now, to get into the curriculum section! I know the goals may get tweaked to the curriculum, or the curriculum to the goals, and that's okay.

I've got my handbook. ;)
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