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Oh Penny, poor thing! Crying cause her adorable antics have already gone un-credited on the Internet at such a young age! ;) 

Lindsay Sheffield

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But if you did build a Tardis, that would be awesome. Good job not marrying into that family! I think a lunch "date" arranged and involving an exorcist-mom should not count as a date.

Lindsay Sheffield

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When will we know what the next Knit a Long is? I'm getting antsy!
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Lindsay Sheffield

YearLong AfghanKAL2013  - 
One of these squares is not like the other...

I really want to do well on this blanket but it's my weakest skills: knitting flat and crocheting edges! And blocking is a new concept entirely. :/ Well, onto number three I suppose! Maybe these will become wall hangings or something haha. 
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Yeah, good learning experience, but I am getting a little frustrated ;) I usually make things that are one piece, or at least part of same pattern...LOL. If I had made the right one longer, maybe...

Guess we will see what size number 3 turns out ;)
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Lindsay Sheffield

YearLong AfghanKAL2013  - 
My first afghan square is finally blocked! See the one stitch that's messed up, lest edge of the right large cable? No way to fix that if I don't see it until several rows later and don't want to frog right?

This is my first time cabling flat, and first time blocking anything. Any feedback welcome!

And a side note: I got a 12 pack of Disney Cars foam floor/blocking mats for $11 at Lowe's today. They are actually super cute. I like better than letter shapes because many don't have cut outs, and if they do, they are pretty big, like a large center circle or square - doesn't get in way of blocking large things, and is actually kind of nice to block smaller items separately :D
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+Lindsay Sheffield yeah I think the same hahaha
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Lindsay Sheffield

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She is precious! Love that smile :)

Lindsay Sheffield

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Friend's daughter pretending to be me (I use a wheelchair)
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Lindsay Sheffield

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Finished with the main part of For Joana this afternoon!

This is my first KAL :) I really enjoyed this pattern. I've only been knitting for about 2 months so everything is new - lots of Googling but I think it turned out pretty well!

This is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light - the colorway is most true in the picture of it blocked from above. A dark orange for fall.

I used size 4 circulars to make the whole thing because a few reviews said it was a bit too slouchy. I like the results - loose but not too floppy.

I'm not totally sure if I want the flower or not, but I think I will knit it up anyway and see how it goes - I need more practice working flat :)

PS: my bathroom smells like wet alpaca :/
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Looking good... Glad your having fun.
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Lindsay Sheffield

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