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Ugh. No. This crosses the anything-for-bacon line for me.

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Eeeewwww...yeah, that is worse than the chocolate covered bacon. 
I can imagine that being an ideal topping to some bacon....
Eff all of you....this is like the most perfect invention.....EVER.
My cat was sick the other day, it looked a bit like that.... where can I buy?
I'm thinking on scrambled eggs. For starters.
That might actually be good, mixed into Sloppy Joes.
Looks... Good and cool but maybe not tasty!
that is DISCUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ewwwww yuck. I really dont even like bacon. It only tastes good on a blt. Bacon lettuce and tomato
"Each serving is as (un)healthy as real bacon”

”shelf Life of 12 years and no refrigeration needed.” Because by year 12 this stuff has become petrified.
Betcha that would be fantastic on a salad!
If it grows on a plant it's healthy. If it's made in a plant, it's not.
Have you not seen the Bacon ice cream at Wendy's yet<?>
Next thing you know it'll be "eggs and bacon in a bottle" or "microwave meals in a bottle"!
omg thts nasty it looks like dog food!!
That does not look like bacon.
Squeezeable bacon? Yep that draws the line.
Excuse me while I go barf.
it looks like poop ewwww nasty
I don't consider that to be bacon.
i wonder if it tastes like bacon,... "EWW" looks gross wouldnt think bout puttin it through my mouth
OMG! This is likely the GROSSEST thing that I have ever seen. This is absolutely POOH (not Winnie the) in a squeeze bottle! NASTY!
+John Hersey Well, the what is this classified as, because this looks more like it was made in someone's stomach! Yuck!
it looks like raw shitt
Pigs in a blanket, now pigs in a bottle....yuk!
Good idea, Ashley!  "Dog food." I'd put it in my dog's Kongs as a treat. 
That looks disgusting. Looks like chocolate syrup gone bad!!
hey bria im shayla how are you
ok,  so they colored the pink slime a bit brown.............ewwwwwww
This country has really gone through lengths to self destruct through our diet! I thought the bacon sunday was a terrible idea, and now they've topped it off by creating a topping!
Yep, swedes put everything in a tube. Haven't seen this or heard of the brand, though. It says "American flavor.". Lol
Looks like it's all pink slime. 
ok, is that real or fake....ewwww.....ewwww
So that's where it goes when i flush!
b eep
Boy howdy! That was worth it just for the 'ick' factor :)
What are the ingredients? Who knew the bacon line could be crossed.
I'm gonna say that looks gross....but I'm still gonna try it
Even if it is fake, it's still eatable. I guess...
that's so gross.....i'm gonna throw up just looking at it
It might look disgusting but you won't know how good it is until you try , right?
Hell why not! Looks like potted meat w/bacon flavor 
it kind of looks gross in a way hahahahah
tht looks like dog crap mixed with ketchup
Yuck. I hate the idea, squeeze bacon kinda sucks.
Wow might as well make a soda too...Bacon America get fatter than a pig→¿($@$)
LOL I rather have real bacon!
Should be chocolate sauce......surely chocolate goes with anything!!
I would totally use this
That's isn't bacon!
i never thought bacon could look so nasty
I'm with you, that just doesn't look right at all.
It is better than chocolate chip cookies and bacon that combination is sold in new york.
wow! why don't they put the whole burger in a bottle? 
It's not real, it is an April Fools joke from ThinkGeek
Ugh I love bacon and I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. +lily mendez check this out!
Burger king has a bacon sunday
if it's real i would sue who ever did this idea if i was older
I live in truly amazing times!
Disgusting! Is it really that hard to buy a package of bacon and cook it?
thats so GROSS!! people need to stop being lazy and start frying the bacon, even shouda stopped at bacon bits
Gonna stroke out again just thinking about it
Jess M
At first I thought it was ketchup. So........ ew
Jess M
Why don't they make squeeze bacon, burger, and bun. Right into the mouth. Mmmm
It's totally fake but damn the thought of it made me sick to my stomach. 
+Roman Patrick ikr i mean i like bacon and all but to be honest i cudnt eat that cuz it looks like poo :(
This is disgusting, I like bacon but not this much 
this is why our life span is overran with illness looks like Sh*tfor a cockerpoo
ugh so looks raw 2 .......never would buy that
im in love with bacon but looks like barf + dog crap
eswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww disgusting i think........i..i...think im going to......barf!
Gross, gross, and even more gross!!!!!
your NASA tax dollars at work.
ok... you know when the mustard bottle sounds like its farting...its like that but taking a crap.
Leo T
Pink slime but pork instead of beef! :D
ya true pink slime not no bacon that looks like dog treats
Susan M
yuck. i'm really so sick of bacon.
that looks so nasty looks like its rotten ketchup but its bacon
12 year shelf life! Oh my, that can't be good
eew. That just looks horrible. I need to go wash my eyes out now.
Burger King now has a Bacon sundae. Squeezable Bacon is nasty on all levels. I like pig. Leave it alone.
This has to be the most objective thing I hve seen being passed off as food
Guess they took notes from McD's chicken nuggets paste. 
I'm scared to read the ingredients! lol
Ewwwww!!!! Uck that's gross!!! Looks like its Swedish I think..?
EWWW!!!!! Why do they have to make everything nasty??? :(
I just ate a huge bbq dinner and had frozen custard concrete for desert. I'm stuffed and wishing I hadn't checked G+. Sooo gross.
It still can't beat the real thing.....just purely by the first look.....
Do you guys now how awesome it is??
wow bacon makes everything better......... i think?
it looks disgusting i am never eating beacon again
What do we do now? Now...  we die.
They should call it" Already Been Chewed Bacon"

Baconnaise Light did it for me.
This stuff is actually really good. I bought three bottles.
these comments are hilarious :D
As if bacon alone wasn't enough to clog your arteries..... Now they offer it in a squeeze bottle. Heart attack special coming at you.
No thank you!! I love bacon but I can not see myself trying that!!
They should call it"Already been Chewed Bacon"
that would actually taste bad
They needed that on the first APOLLO mission.
I like my bacon fired.
Rob Go
Basically diarrhea spread. 
looks like turd ( poop, shit)
Finally, squeezable bacon for topping vanilla ice cream.
Is it actually made out of bacon??
I must not lie bacon is my favorite meat and it goes good on any thing but this crosses the line
I must not lie bacon is my favorite meat and it goes good on any thing but this crosses the line
I must not lie bacon is my favorite meat and it goes good on any thing but this crosses the line
I must not lie bacon is my favorite meat and it goes good on any thing but this crosses the line
That is truly disgusting; some people will eat anything!
The only thing better than canned bacon is squeez bacon.
Just fry up some cheese, add some bbq sauce and belly up to the trough boys...yummy!
You've GOT to be kidding me! Americans will eat long as it's NOT good for you!
Yeah. Dont mess with bacon.(:
Not only does it sound gross, it looks DISGUSTING 
ugh u actually want that nasty lookin stuff
that is disgusting. i wonder what it tAStes like 
Only if people some people know what it is like to be poor and hunting for food to survive...The Squeez Bacon might not be appealing and might taste to your own taste but for the poor that would taste as good as Real Bacon...And Besides if you don't try it how would you know if it's good or not?
that's... disgusting.
So tgat wat happens when u shit out bacon
Just vom'ed in my mouth a little.  Hoping this is fake.
Finally!!! .... Now they can produce the film "2 girls, 1 jar of bacon"
But half the fun is in chewing it up. Pre-chewed bacon- maybe when I'm 90.
Jim A
This is disrespectful to bacon and all it's crispy goodness.
wait a second were did you get that stuff
No thanks, bacon is also about the texture, mouth feel would be lost with squeeze bacon. Fail!
No thanks, bacon is also about the texture, mouth feel would be lost with squeeze bacon. Fail!
They did it to cheese... doesn't surprise me that someone would eventually bastardize bacon 
I love bacon, but yeah that's going way too far.
why not i mean like it saves the time of all frying .-.
That looks amazing! the only thing better would spray on bacon
Oh sweds first it's meatballs then squeezed bacon! What next?! :P
Oh sweds first it's meatballs then squeezed bacon! What next?! :P
Oh sweds first it's meatballs then squeezed bacon! What next?! :P
Oh sweds first it's meatballs then squeezed bacon! What next?! :P
This is just as boss as spray cheese
We are truly a sick consumerist crazy society. Definitely we are but an animal impulse away from cannibalism.
Wrong on every level... Real Bacon Strips or Nothing for me!
Can't say I've ever seen one of those... Must be fake. We swedes aren't that crazy about bacon.
where can u buy dat at  i wanna cook some bacon
Wonder if they have turkey bacon LOL. Jk. Looks pretty gross
Kay C.
Ew!  Nasshhhty....
Is this genius or an abomination or just delicious ];)
"...Each serving is as healthy as real bacon, and equivalent to 4 premium slices of bacon!..." Wow.
BRENDON WOULD LOVE THIS! Last time I had bacon he got mad hah! 
Ewww,that doesn't look healthy and enjoyable!
that is so gross did he eat ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! im going to throw up
That is bacon blasphemy!
ewww even though im a vergin i'd perfer reg bacon than tht nasty stuff
Ewwwww.... but I seem to be enjoying the fake soy dry bacon-flavored  thing... hmmm....
ewwww There is no way that can be good for you to digest.
what is that !! i don't even want to say what i think it looks like
Have any of you tried it? If it was peanut butter, would it be disgusting?
yeah everything comes in a bottle these days
ok sooo gross i would like get sooooo sick
This just looks gross by itself (just from looking at the photo). Sometimes I'm glad I follow kosher now. 
Ryan H
We need to skip the middleman and grow pigs in squeezable bottles.
i think I am going to be a vegetarian now. and that hamburger patty looks horrible too.
Crunchy bacon reduced to a paste?  Yeah that's something I'd really want to taste.  Whoever came up with this should be stuck with all of the unsold bottles.  I'm sure the shelf life on the stuff is in the century range.
Nom!  Nom!  Nom!  Squeezable bacon?  I'm in!
I like the regular bacon, this is yucky
I think I will empty the contents and eat the bottle instead....
Hmmm, it would depend on if it had a real Bacon flavor. :-)
looks like something you find on the ground after winter....yuck!
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