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What?? I haven't gotten over Colbert yet! Now this...
It was time. 
The AV Club is reporting Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show. Stewart, who has hosted the show on Comedy Central since taking over for Craig Kilborn in 1999. Stewart apparently let the cat out...
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Lindsay Donaghe

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This was a good read. I was prepared to disagree, but the distinctions made between shame, guilt and humiliation won me over. Shame is definitely a tool we need to wield to fix this social problem.
The best way to win a debate is to present your facts in a clear, respectful way. When that doesn't work, another option is incessant ridicule. Here's why we have to use shame if we want to stop the anti-vaccine movement.
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Everything I've seen illustrates that it does not break down upon politically ideological lines; so (IMHO) people trying to brand a political ideology as being anti-vaccination is not just being dishonest, but being grossly and dangerously malicious.
The other thing that frustrates me is myopic thinking of lumping anti-vaccine because of mercury / autism / etc. people with the anti-government should be able to forcibly inject you with big pharma products crowd.

Very different thinking - not the same and dishonest to say it is, IMHO.

Growing up - I remember our school bussing us to a nearby city for vaccinations. No big deal. There was one muslim kid and his family refused.
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Lindsay Donaghe

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If they ever developed gene therapy to "fix" this, I would be one of the first in line. I HATE getting motion sick. So frustrating and embarrassing.
I knew there was a reason why I got motion sickness and other's didn't. Now I know
The personal genomics company 23andMe has identified 35 genetic factors tied to motion sickness, according to a new study published in the journal Human Molecular…
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I haven't even been pregnant, so it's not that... 
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Lindsay Donaghe

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Hi all, anyone remember me? I think I am done with my Facebook experiment and decided to give Google+ a fresh look. I think I had a lot more interesting and engaging conversations here and hoping to participate in that again. In short, I missed ya'll.
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Welcome back!
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Lindsay Donaghe

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Yes, this.

Except that the older I get and the more responsibility I have beyond pure programmer, the harder it gets to block out the distractions. I miss the days I could sit in my cube "cave" and crank out 8 hours of code.
When coding, "one's attention will shift into 'a vacancy of utmost clarity, a space so devoid of the physical self.'"

"There are coders who can inhabit this trance for a dozen or more hours at a stretch. I never had that level of stamina, but there are countless stories like the one about game programmer John Harris, who was immortalized in Steven Levy's myth-making 1984 book Hackers. While working on an 8-bit Atari port of Frogger in the early 1980s, Harris said, 'I glued my hands to the keyboard.' One day he started programming midafternoon, losing himself in work. The next time he looked up from the screen, he was surprised that it was still light out, since he thought he'd been working well into the evening. It was actually the next morning."
These days I write more than I code, but one of the things I miss about programming is the coder’s high: those times when, for hours on end, I would lock my vision straight at the computer screen, trance out, and become a human-machine hybrid zipping through the virtual architecture...
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The coders high was never enough for me. I had to get into architecting entire advanced systems. 
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Lindsay Donaghe

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I think Bill recognizes the problem, but not the appropriate solution. We (collectively, but especially our representative government) need to start planning for this upcoming crisis soon. The wealth gap is already too big. What happens when suddenly the "working poor" no longer even have jobs to attempt to live off of? This reality is coming fast....

The 1% also needs to realize that it is in their best interests to be compassionate to those less fortunate and start financially supporting them (by paying more taxes to prevent the collapse of society). They may disparage us all as leeches, but if they don't assist, they will be creating a problem for themselves in securing their assets. They are effectively becoming the French monarchy right before the Revolution. 
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however a auto bots could go wrong with viruses or malfunction or vulnerable to crime.  you need to keep humans that know the business and can keep a eye on operations. 
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Lindsay Donaghe

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This had the best political counter-argument I have heard yet:

[[Remember before the midterm elections when Obama was blamed for Ebola — which did not infect people within our borders — and Republicans demanded he ‘close the borders’? Then they won the midterm elections and forgot all about the Ebola patients which have not been infected in this country.

And now there’s an outbreak of measles and they’re opposing vaccinations. The majority of people who have measles have not been vaccinated.

It’s highly contagious. See: Disney.]]

Vaccinate your kids!

Awesome trolling!
With an outbreak of measles infecting 100 people in 15 states and an anti-vaccine doctor declaring this week, “I frankly don't care if my child gets other children fatally sick,” a 2012 children's book “Melanie's Marvelous Measles,” written by an anti-vaxxer, is being mercilessly trolled.
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#QuestionsForMen: would you feel comfortable having a group of only women deciding about what kind of healthcare you could receive to maintain your reproductive organs and general health as a man?

[[California Republican Darrell Issa chaired the panel, and because Republicans hold a majority in the House, he was able to choreograph the entire proceedings. He thoughtfully assembled a diverse group of men who don't necessarily have any real, fact-based reason to oppose birth control except for the fact that it made them feel icky. Invited to testify were five men. And no women. The whole thing was, to put it as succinctly as possible, depressing as f*ck.]]
Today on Capitol Hill, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform assembled a panel to discuss the birth control mandate in President Obama's Affordable Care Act. Specifically, whether or not requiring insurers to cover birth control violates religious freedom of people who don't believe in science. The committee, chaired by a male, consisted of eight men who felt personally persecuted by the requirement. And that's about the least de...
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Greg S.
+tommy northam Link, please.
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Some good illustrations of marginalization here.

I have one of my own #QuestionsForMen: Have you ever started working for a technology company and, when attending a company social event, have people you meet automatically assume your wife is the employee, not you?
Sexism can be hard to point out when it's so engrained in our everyday lives. Clementine Ford, however, found an awesome way to highlight casual sexism with a simple hashtag. Ford, a columnist for Daily Life Australian, took to Twitter on Feb. 2 ...
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Walking a dog, changing a printer cartridge, loading anything into anything, lighting a grill, lighting a fire, trimming a tree, sharpening anything
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This is fascinating and beautiful. Our digital auras...
Digital Ethereal
The art and science of illuminating the invisible

+Newcastle University PhD student, Luis Hernan has once again shown that art+science=awesome in his Digital Ethereal project, trying to shed light, and colour and shape, on the invisible wifi that surrounds us.

Hernan describes the approach as effectively measuring and mapping the signal strength in different locations, coding red as the strongest signals and blue as the weakest, and then combining the false colour coded signal strength across time and space using long-exposure photography.

The effect is hauntingly beautiful.

#ScienceEveryday when it's not #ScienceSunday

h/t +James Intriligator

Photo credits: all images from the Spirit Photograph series by Luis Hernan (these and more at his website
Extra Credit Reading and Sources!

For more information on how the approach works, here's a section from Hernan's website, where you also can see prototypes of the device, and get information about an Android app he's developed to help you uncover the wifi world around you (

The Kirlian Device is an instrument designed to reveal qualities of wireless networks. The device is named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, who discovered and perfected a photographic technique to capture electrical coronal discharges. His technique has been associated with so-called paranormal research, especially that involving the study and capture of aura.

Its body is constructed in birch plywood following a stacking slices technique. The device was modelled using a 3D software, and was then converted in cutting patterns, which were then used in a laser cutter. Inside, the device is powered by an Arduino UNO board connected to a Arduino WiFi Shield. Both components process and map the RSSI values of a previously specified SSID network into colour using a heatmap colour scheme. The mapped colours are then passed to a Pololu LED strip. The operation is possible by the use of two 5V lithium batteries.

The device was designed to be used as a photographic instrument in a performative environment. The use of a 23-point led strip allows for a contrasting light, which can then be used in long-exposure photography under an array of different light conditions. The series of Spirit Photographs has been created by a performer describing the space using the Kirlian Device.

Check out also write-ups in
+Discovery :

and +ScienceAlert :

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Nice pics
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Even the consummate Republican knew that guns should not be treated like toys to collect and come with no strings of responsibility attached. Guns are weapons who's created purpose is to injure and kill and yet we let almost anyone have them with no justification, required training or licensing. We give more restrictions to owning and operating cars which only have the side effect of occasionally accidentally causing injury and death. It makes no sense.
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+Scott Beamer my browser doesn't render your <sarcasm>humor tags</sarcasm> 
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I have other interests like style and photography and Photoshop.  They all end up cataloged on the internet.

And now I have Google+.  Just plug me in, baby!

I want to make your G+ a little more organized... So tell me if you want to hear from me. Here are pages I've created about specific topics that I post on, so if you are only interested in those particular facets of my life, you will only see posts about them.  Clutter reduced!  Focus achieved!  

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