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Lindsay Donaghe

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This kid has a future in physical comedy!
This is how I do it.

#gif   #funny   #funnygif  
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Lindsay Donaghe

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This is a great cause. Donate and help the poor birdies!

h/t +Robert Nix for the post to remind me.
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Another one for #MathForVisuallyOrientedPeople
Though I am not sure what equation this represents.
There is no rotational movement

Each individual dot is moving in a straight line
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I once achieved this with a Spirograph. Let's just say the result is more interesting here.
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Lindsay Donaghe

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My eyes hurt from the rolling...
If you're in the mood to chuckle about a bunch of knuckle-heads... click the link below!  
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How can anyone believe that "Nature" made Mt. Rushmore?!?!?  WOW!!!
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Lindsay Donaghe

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We took a walk around the neighborhood today. I am still loving the Spring flowers and the green everywhere!
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The non-evil restyle of Comic Sans.  I like it!
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Still marching toward #TheAmazingFuture. When we can alter our genes we will have truly escaped the bonds of random evolution. Though that may create a whole new set of problems for us in dealing with the indefinite healthy lifespans that it would result in, and the potential for "directed novelty" mutations that could be dangerous or backfire.
An incredible advance for science. Amazing.
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Lindsay Donaghe

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What a great lesson and teaching series! I love that he has his kids as research assistants!
cut stuff.

didn't fool me.

#physics #physicsdad
When you have a balloon floating in a car and start driving, instead of getting thrown back, it actually flies forward. What? Are balloons immune to inertia? Is physics broken? Nope. As SmarterEveryDay explains, it actually makes perfect sense, as science always does.
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Lindsay Donaghe

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Can anyone tell me what kind of blossoming tree this is? Could it be a cherry tree? I will be very happy if it is a cherry tree!
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looks like a Flowering Cherry, most probably Prunus subhirtella... hard to tell without close-ups ;-)
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Bit Herder, Master of Widgets, Javascript Groupie
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, Web Development, Programming, Web Design, Photoshop
  • Go Daddy
    Senior Javascript Developer and Advocate, 2008 - present
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    Software Developer Consultant, 2004 - 2008
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Bellevue, WA
Phoenix, AZ - Wake Forest, NC - Baton Rouge, LA - Columbus, MS - Jackson, MS
I like the internets.  A lot.

I have my iPad within reach 24 hours a day.  Why? So I can always be on the internet.

I have a job where I get to build stuff that you use on the internet.  I love that.

I have other interests like style and photography and Photoshop.  They all end up cataloged on the internet.

And now I have Google+.  Just plug me in, baby!

I want to make your G+ a little more organized... So tell me if you want to hear from me. Here are pages I've created about specific topics that I post on, so if you are only interested in those particular facets of my life, you will only see posts about them.  Clutter reduced!  Focus achieved!  

There are a couple of things I'm still not ready to create topic pages for but you can still subscribe to topic posts by leaving a comment on the linked posts below and you will be added to my appropriate circles:
Since apparently Google decides what you're interested in by the things you put in your profile, I am adding a list of tags so others can find me.  If you have a circle for posting about these things, feel free to add me to it.

Photoshop, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Javascript, jQuery, C#, .Net, ASP.Net MVC, LINQ, HTML5, CSS, Web Development, UX, iPad, iPhone, iOS, Web Technology, Wordpress, Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Theme Development, Aikido, GTD, Organization, LifeHacks, DIY, DIY Home, Crafts, DIY Fashion, Fashion, Style, Fashion Deals, Thrifting, Vintage Fashion, Shoes, Scarves, Belts, Clothing Mods, Etsy, Jewelry, Jewelry Making, Beadwork, Kumihimo, Funny Stuff, Cool Stuff, Neat Stuff, Awesome Stuff
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Wife for 15+ years, mother to a teenage boy and a teenage umbrella cockatoo, nurse to an ailing shihtzu, developer for 17+ years, artist for a lifetime, student of Aikido, discoverer of style.
  • Louisiana State University
    Computer Science
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